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Islam: Do as We Tell You to Do (not as we do).

'Iran officials send their children abroad for studies - report'

Tehran, Iran, Apr. 10 – A large proportion of current and former officials of Iran’s Foreign Ministry have sent their children to study abroad, according to a study. Among the senior officials and ex-officials at the ministry whose children are studying abroad are the former Foreign Minister, three current chiefs of operations, and two former deputy Foreign Ministers, and nine current and former ambassadors, plus a current departmental chief in the ministry. The officials have sent their children to countries such as the Untied States, Canada, Britain, Sweden, Holland, Belgium, and Austria.

The world has gone well and truly mad
(and I'm starting to get pist).

'Football Killing Fields'

Outrage and disbelief as world soccer body condemns Israel, not Hamas.

Israel is used to being singled out for unjust criticism and subjected to startling double standards by the United Nations, the European Union, much of the Western media and numerous academic bodies. But now FIFA — the supposedly nonpolitical organization that governs the world's most popular sport, soccer — is getting in on the act.

FIFA has condemned Israel for an air strike on an empty soccer field in the Gaza Strip that was used by Islamic Jihad and the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade (for terrorist training exercises). FIFA has refused to condemn a Palestinian rocket attack on an Israeli soccer field last week which did cause injuries.

As FIFA meets in the next few days to decide what action to take against Israel, the double standards involved could not be more obvious. Up to now FIFA, which sees itself as a purely sporting body, has gone out of its way to avoid politics, and has refrained from criticizing even the most appalling human-rights abuses connected to soccer players and stadiums.

When Uday Hussein had Iraqi soccer players tortured in 1997 after they failed to qualify for the 1998 World Cup Finals, FIFA remained silent. Uday, was chairman of the Iraqi soccer association, had star players tortured again in 1998, and in 2000 three Iraqi players were whipped and beaten for three days by Uday's bodyguards. The torture took place at the Iraqi Olympic Committee headquarters, but FIFA said nothing.

Follow Up 'FIFA to repair Gaza soccer field'

Those f*cking Jews!

'Saudi Arabia plans 560-mile fence on Iraq border'

SAUDI Arabia has invited bids for the construction of a security fence along the whole length of its 560-mile desert border with Iraq. The proposed state-of-the-art barrier is part of a comprehensive, hi-tech package to secure the Kingdom's 4,100 miles of borders. Saudi Arabia is concerned (about external) violence and terrorism. (Via

Failing Burglary 101

'Accused Burglar Takes Cameras, Leaves Tape'

ELKO, Nev. - A man accused of burglarizing a laundromat in Elko figured he made a clean escape over the weekend when he took off with the store's six video surveillance cameras. But it turns out he left - the video machine and videotape that recorded his face each time he stood in front of the cameras at the Southside Laundry. Elko police said they came away with several close-ups of the suspect, Robert Lynn White, 52.

That's some good bud there

'Telescope to Search for ET Light Signals'

BOSTON - A new telescope outside Boston will become a key tool in the search for extraterrestrials, as scientists try to detect light signals from distant civilizations. An optical telescope dedicated Tuesday at the Oak Ridge Observatory, 35 miles west of Boston, is the first to be used exclusively for a (S.E.T.I.) project. (For twenty two years) SETI has largely relied on radio telescopes to search for radio signals (from outer space).

That's some really, really good bud there.

'Cosmonaut Aims to Hit Golf Ball in Space'

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - It's a far cry from Augusta National, but the international space station could be turned into a driving range this summer. Cosmonaut Pavel Vinogradov, who took over command of the space station last week, hopes to hit a gold-plated golf ball during an August spacewalk. The ball, equipped with a tracking device, is expected to remain in orbit for several years.

The low drive from the space station - is a publicity stunt for Element 21 Golf Co., a Canadian-based golf club manufacturer. NASA officials met on Tuesday to review the safety of the stunt, which already has been approved by the Russian space agency. NASA is expected to make a decision at a later date.

Viral Marketing Spreads (Islam isn't the only threat to the civilized world).

'Theatergoers Sit Through"Live Ads"Before Plays'

When theatergoers at Piccadilly's Comedy Theater settled into their chairs last week to catch the comedy, "Steptoe and Son," they first witnessed a unique pre-performance "live advertisement." The commercial, which took the form of a mini-play, got just one run, but it will live on as the cast hits Dublin, Madrid and New York theaters in the spring.

The new marketing gimmick — which promotes London tourism, not the latest BMW or household cleaner — seemed to garner a positive reaction. "I'm so bored of the normal ads we see everywhere and usually I ignore them but I couldn't ignore this one and there was no escape — I couldn't switch channels!" said one American tourist in the audience.

I wonder ..... perhaps they read Anechoic Room? [ Just keeding :-) ]


LONDON [MENL] -- Western defense sources and analysts said Britain and the United States were preparing for the prospect of air strikes against Iran in late 2006. They said both London and Washington agreed to complete a diplomatic effort at the United Nations Security Council before they seriously consider plans to destroy Iran's nuclear facilities. "In just the past few weeks I've been convinced that at least some in the administration have already made up their minds .... (Joseph Cirincione)"

More Love


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