Monday, April 03, 2006

Dumb as a (Washington) Post

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Oh yeah, now that's inspirational there, in its originality der vuunderblogger herr Elmo (what can I tell ya?). The Post has been joltingly stupid the last while. With a couple of the most moronic editorials ever to grace this pair of eyeballs. Dumb as a post? Yes, and getting dumberer all the time.

LAST WEEK'S statement by the United Nations Security Council on Iran's nuclear program offered another example of the weakness of multilateral diplomacy. It took more than three weeks of effort by Secretary of State Rice to produce a nonbinding declaration. Tehran was given 30 days to respond: It rejected the council's request (within hours). Another month will pass during which Iran will continue to build a bomb(making) capacity.

So Lord of the Modern Newspapers ..... you're telling me that Iran is a threat. A serious threat, even a really big threat. And superficially something is being done (diplomacy!). But nothing is really being done, to actually stop Iran. Because Iran won't stop ("two years of negotiations by European governments with Iran, led only to more uranium enrichment"). And most certainly not because of some silly non-binding resolution (without so much as a pair of false teeth in it).

So, what do the keepers of Einstein's flame suggest we do? Uh huh, yeah baby .... some more diplomacy. Thazz rite. In order to (drum roll please) bring about some sanctions! Brilliant. But not just reg'lar sanctions ..... nooooo. Limited sanctions. Deese people ain't a playing. Noo. They ain't a pratending. Nope. They are the real thing. F*cking idiots. 100% pure unadulterated (no additives. No filler).

Someone please check the water over in the editorial dept of the Post. I have a hunch it ain't quite right (and maybe check the Capitol too, I thought I heard Pelosi say she was gonna catch Osama?).

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5:00 a.m.

Interesting and highly recommended read from The Officers' Club, about the media back and forth in Iraq, as relates terrorist actions, against the backdrop of Jill Carroll's kidnapping and release. I have no skill set that allows me to comment on strategy, but I rather like this piece's general nature as well. It's a long war, with the left infused MSM, painting pictures that are abstractions, decidely not from the modern painter's school of realism. Via


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