Sunday, April 02, 2006

Is Elmo Wrong?

'Carroll Rejects Statements Made in Iraq'

RAMSTEIN AIR BASE, Germany (AP) - Former hostage Jill Carroll strongly disavowed statements she had made during captivity in Iraq and shortly after her release, saying Saturday she had been repeatedly threatened.

Debbie Schlussel would disagree.

'More Big Hints on Jill Carroll's Extremist Views; Endorses Iraqi Islamic Party'

Possibly the truth lies somewhere in between? I don't know. I do know what I saw on the tube with my own eyes. When her release statement video, first aired on network. If she is speaking words she does not believe. Then the Emmy voting season opens early. We have a winner.

Those devious Jews.

'IDF cuts contact with PA forces'

The IDF ordered its field officers Friday night to cease all contact with their counterparts in the Palestinian Authority security forces. According to Israel Radio a senior army official said that the IDF would no longer distinguish between PA security personnel and terrorists.

At a Friday security assessment following Thursday's suicide bombing in which four Israelis were killed near the West Bank community of Kedumim, Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz said that Hamas was responsible for the attack.

Some had jokingly suggested (I among them), that Israel hoped for Hamas to ascend to Pale leadership. Other bright lights suggested they even plotted behind the scenes. So that the conflict could clearly emerge out in the open. All I can say is those Jews sure are devious!

1:33 a.m.

'Dalai Lama warns against killing Osama Bin Laden'

He warned that terrorists must be treated humanely, “otherwise, the problem will escalate. If there is one Bin Laden killed today, soon there will be 10 Bin Ladens. Awesome. Ten Bin Ladens killed, the hatred is spread; 100 bombed, and 1,000 lose members of their families”.

With all due respect Salvador babe, we'll kill whoever the f*ck we want. It ain't sport, it aint a game. It isn't philosophy, or an exploration of existentialism, or a delving into spirituality. Turning the other cheek only goes so far. It ends when you run out of cheeks to turn. This is the real world (not to be confused with the MTV "reality" dreckfest). So do your little chant, smile your little smile. Enlighten all the good little liberal actors (Hellooooo Richard Gere).

Crediting these insects with feelings and emotions is also factually wrong. They are bugs. To be squashed. So, if you wanna b*tch, call P. E. T. I. (People for the Ethical Treatment of Insects).

3:15 a.m.

'Iran terror response seen to US strike: Wash Post'

Not going to bother to link directly to the WashPost article. My old username and I.D. don't seem to work, and why would I waste my time re-registering with those c*cksuckers?

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Iran would respond to U.S. military strikes against its nuclear sites with global attacks by intelligence operatives and Hezbollah teams, The Washington Post reported in an article on its Web site on Saturday, citing unnamed "intelligence and terrorism experts." Iran would attack U.S. targets in Iraq and there is "growing consensus that Iran's agents would target civilians in the United States, Europe and elsewhere," The Post said.

Ooh Moo Moo, we are shaking in our boots. Like we are so scared (ya dipsh*t). Just one really big nuke is starting look .... well like the intelligent thing to do. No pinpoint bullsh*t this. No strategic or tactical that. Seventy million people. Bye bye. End of story. Game. Set. Match.

Excuse me .... what's that you say? Not all seventy million Iranians support Moo Moo's autosexual dance of death. Well you better get a move on. Down the road. A real hard rain is gonna fall. This ain't no disco, this ain't no fooling around.

Image hosting by Photobucket

5:25 a.m.

An American-led attack, designed to destroy Iran's ability to develop a nuclear bomb, is "inevitable." The Sunday Telegraph

The (British) Government is to hold secret talks with defence chiefs tomorrow to discuss possible military strikes against Iran. A high-level meeting will take place in the Ministry of Defence at which officials will consider the consequences of an attack on Iran.

It is believed that an American-led attack, designed to destroy Iran's ability to develop a nuclear bomb, is "inevitable" (if Teheran's leaders fail to comply with demands to freeze their uranium enrichment programme).

' offers 10-1 odds on American military strike in Iran'

WASHINGTON, DC, March 22 /PRNewswire/ - As Iran's uranium enrichment program continues, speculation about American military action is growing., the world's largest online sportsbook and casino, is now offering odds on whether the US will attack strategic targets in Iran on or before April 16th, Easter Sunday this year. Odds of a strike currently sit at 10-1.

7:20 a.m.

Cameras have begun rolling for the sequel to Brokeback Mountain. At a closed set, under very heavy security on the lot at Universal.

Brokeback Mountain 2 Via

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