Wednesday, March 29, 2006

War is here to stay

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It is not going away.

Today, tomorrow, next week, month, or year. And overnight militant radical Islam is not going to have a change of heart, they are not going to be the recipient of bequeathed enlightened souls. They are not going to start teaching their children that we all share this planet. Muslim, Christian, Jew, or Arab or American. They will continue to teach hate. They will continue to practice it. They will continue to kill. Against this backdrop are Arab nations balanced upon active war with either Israel or the U.S.. Versus evolving a thumb, and joining the rest of us here in the real world. Not waking in the morning, getting on our knees, facing Mecca, and chantingly praying: "kill the Jew!" ... "kill the infidel!"

We have lives. We live them. Afforded by luck, by hard work, by determination. And even by righteousness. We don't stand atop the mountain and proclaim, but we will climb up it and knock down those who rain blood upon us. Rather than turning away, laying down .... surrendering. The march and approach of the insect parade continues. Better they come with whatever weapons they can devise from claw and deranged existence. Than manufactured in the bowels of hell.

There is no magic. War is here to stay. This is the world. We however can make it clear just who we are. We can do whatever it takes to keep Iran from assuming the mantle, which they beg Allah every minute of every day for. Destroyer of Israel. The fearless Muslim spitting in infidel America's face. Ready to die for their hate. Ready to take the whole Middle East with them. Fantasy? Paranoia? But that it were so. Entertaining thoughts of self doubt, watching and waiting for that thumb to grow out of Mohammed's butt, doing nothing. Prolongs the day whence Islam attempts lordship over all.

The time is now. Yes, it would appear to many that we are lost in half measures, for them a continuing unpleasant unreality. Neither changing things, nor making them clearer. Unable to see a better today, let alone tomorrow (discussions of media aside). But make no mistake, have no doubt, daily dropping E-tab, nightly going to a rave, hiding from that which is real .... condemns four billion other inhabitants of this planet to hell. The world belongs to everyone, even ravers. Only fools and clowns think it not our place to say so. It does not belong to Allah, his prophet, or followers. Standing in the way of those who would sound out the call of two billion feet trying to find four billion heads to stomp? Your right.

We may be wrong .... though it isn't very likely (it certainly would be nice). Go ahead .... continue crying, crying that evil man Bush, that evil man Cheney, those nasty Republicans, Halliburton, Arnie, yadda yadda. All the while Hillary mocks you and Ahmadinejad rejoices. In a world at peril, crying children will not save the day. Run along little libs. Run along now and play.

'Rice: Iran a Menace Beyond Nuclear Issue'

"All seek to finesse war rather than win it." Danile Pipes, Human Events Online, Mar 28, 2006.

Mideast dictators try to "wait Bush out." They may be miscalculating.
OpinionJournal BY AMIR TAHERI. 'The Last Helicopter.' Long, but interesting, and of course .... recommended.

And finally, yes .... war is here to stay. But dang, it sure seems like stupidity is fookin forever. Jonathan Gurwitz: Peace isn't made when real wrongdoing goes ignored. Ummm .... do I need to mention this one is also recommended?


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