Thursday, April 06, 2006

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'Powerball winners donate to homeless'

Three of the eight winners who shared Powerball’s biggest jackpot walked into the People’s City Mission Tuesday to give money. The three winners made a surprise visit to the mission Tuesday evening and announced that they’d donate $6,000 directly. Once disbursed to everyone (staying) at the mission, it equaled about $40 per person.

“It was really a surprise and I want to thank these individuals because they’ve blessed some folks,” said Pastor Tom Barber, who runs the mission. Barber said the mission did not ask the lotto winners for donations. He also said one of the men who made the donation had actually stayed a few nights at the mission before winning the jackpot.


After the introductory bout of "executive laughter," the group warms up with more traditional yogic routines.

A passing jogger doesn't give them a second glance. They're the regulars from the Mini Forest Laughter Club, commencing their daily ritual of smiles, giggles, chortles and belly laughs that -- in combination with stretching and breathing exercises -- make up the quintessentially Indian discipline of "laughter yoga." Via


US Iraq War Veteran Urgently Needs Assistance

We have received a request for help for the wife of an Airman and mother of a deployed Marine in Iraq. She has been diagnosed with 4th stage cancer that has metastasized throughout her body.

The Airman has recently returned from Iraq to assist with his wife and her 8 year old daughter who has undiagnosed heart problems. They have a total of 6 children in their family.

Just because I can

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'Binoche to appear in Kiarostami film in Tehran'

LONDON, April 6 (IranMania) - Oscar-winner French actress Juliette Binoche arrived in Tehran in order to appear in Iranian director Abbas Kirostami's new film, which will be shot in Iran, the Persian service of IRNA reported. She will play a leading role in Kiarostami's film.

11:45 a.m. Just because she can

'Once-homeless woman spends $1,500 bailing out nearly 2 dozen Broward inmates'

On Wednesday Beverly Johnson, a formerly homeless woman visited Broward County Jail, spending $1,641 to pay the bonds of two-dozen inmates being held on minor charges. "I did this because I spent time in jail and know what it's like. It's awful in there," the 54-year-old former social worker said. "The food is horrible. It's baloney every day." The people Johnson set free were typically homeless and unable to pay bonds of $25 to $100 on charges like trespassing, loitering or disorderly conduct.
Via Fark.

2:45 p.m. But they left the kitchen sink

'Thieves Steal Church's Entire Roof'

The Lady Chapel of the Church of Christ the Servant in Bristol had its copper roof stripped bare during two raids. The 52-year-old building then flooded when rain poured into it through the gaping hole, damaging the electrics inside.

As well as dismantling the metal cladding, the criminals also took the guttering and drainpipes - which will probably be sold on for scrap. Vicar Gwyn Owen said he managed to scare the thieves off when they returned a third time.

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