Monday, June 05, 2006

What is Truth? What are Lies? Where is the Path?

Turning on the TV last night to settle down for the evening, was overwhelmed by the stench of network news. Instantly filled with loud anger. Made no difference which channel I selected, which program, which network. Every show as its foundation was pimping their own politics. And entire broadcast built around whatever meme defines the echoes of their minds. Stories leading, interspersed, or following. All lined up to promote any of the following:

1) BUSH'S FAULT. Revolving around the number of U.S. service personnel killed in Iraq. Makes no difference what event happened there today, or its cause. It will conclude with a somber self serving reference to this stat. This sad ass excuse for reporting or news is almost always employed by CNN. Daily. As if Bush himself killed these fine Americans, by his own bare crude Texas hands.. Not murdered by unholy warriors enroute to Allah's deflowering tent in the sky. It is always Bush's fault. In America, in Iraq, In the world. Makes no difference what so ever the event, the catastrophe. Either Bush did, or did not do something. Either causing or failing to prevent. Always Bush's fault (and don't you forget it/we won't let you).

2) IRAQ IS VIETNAM. A quagmire. A waste. Futility. A circus escapade. Initiated for the greed of a secret alliance of money grubbing amoral politicos. Who control American life, evuhl Americans using hidden strings. Ginormous master puppeteers. Manipulating, sending soldiers to die in order to keep Republican SUV gas tanks full. And this new Vietnam, a sickening folly which all good liberals must denounce. Rallying round the peace flag. That the former Iraqi regime, with its rape, torture, and murder was at least superficially stable. And Saddam was such a good citizen of the international community. Who the hell do we think we are, attempting to give basic human dignity to another country ..... some freaking nerve, why to even suggest that there even exists another century, one not resembling the dark ages. Sh*t don't bother me, I've got to load some new lossy compressed tripe on my iPod. Iraq is Vietnam, O.K.? Get it through your thick foukeen skulls already. Hey seus fuggedy chreest.

3) MEME DU JOUR. Changes/alternates/repeats. There aren't any new ones, just new packaging/window dressing. Last week? RFK jr telling us Bush stole the election. Later speaking on the tube with rushed, clipped, stuttering words, after his Rolling Stone piece' o ballistically raced up the blog charts. John Kerry, the purported victim, even felt compelled to sighingly speak up. Saying he saw zero evidence of such, that even that broke down fool of a liberal was unable to lend support to a Meme du Jour that was simply too stupid. Too stale, too old, too empty, too worthless. Without the Meme du Jour there would be nothing but blank space, empty airwaves.Thirty minute broadcasts of scary silence.

The truth is what it is. Regardless of how one feels about it. Or where they would like policy headed. Support your ideas, promote them on the open exchange. But don't confuse lies for facts, propaganda as being decended from on high (heaven or bong sent). You don't like Bush, fine. You don't like war, welcome to the very same world we all live in, Dem or Repub. Believing the stupid bullshit? Sloppily eating every morsel MSM tosses on your plate, smacking your lips and wimperingly begging for more?

Pathetic. There is no path. Only choices made daily. Giving up? Surrendering your mind to a bunch of MSM hacks with pricey (hair) do's? Life often numbing, sometimes brutally so. In truth, there is beauty. Seek it, find it. A priceless cherished gift. Free to every citizen of a Democratic society.


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