Friday, July 21, 2006

Euphemisms on Parade

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"When hostilities began"

"When the conflict began"

Hostility began when the worshippers of the moongod evolved a thumb, and had their very first thought (kill the Jew). Today's conflict began in a more formal fashion (as it were), after the establishment of the State of Israel. Fashion being hijacking an airplane, kidnapping/taking hostages. Explosives stitched to a vest, fitted to the torso of a follower of Mohammed. Who then proceeds to a crowded restaurant, cafe, or nightclub, or boards a crowded city bus. Then releases the trigger. Detonating twenty pounds of high yield explosive, embedded with an array of shrapnel and blood thinning compound. Hostility is singular, not plural. We just want them to stop. We don't have to hate them in order to try. If we hated them, all the flower children would know, as much as they want to believe in their collective self deception, that we do. Militant Radical Islam is a pustulous gangrenous cancer on the arse of life. To be excised then flushed down humanity's toilet. Nothing more.


You know, just like the Red Cross, the Salvation Army, or Habitat for Humanity. Not a bunch of flesh eating bugs holed up in a cave, eagerly awaiting their next drink of Jooo blood.

"Cease fire"

"Immediate cessation of hostilities"

A chance for the insects to find a new cave. So remember (if you would) ..... Please be nice to the bugs, they haven't finished killing the Jew yet.

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