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Rebels Without a Clue

Reconquista ..... a movement? [Or something the nurse asks you about while in the hospital (pertaining to bowels)].

D.T. has some truly lovely political art up on his site.

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Art by D. T. Devareaux

I'm still not in the biggest blogging mood, after getting some rather disappointing financial news yesterday. So, instead of commenting over there, as I had promised D.T., I'll take the lazy weasel route, posting here, in lieu of hunting down something else to blog about (and hope that I'm forgiven).

In my junior high school, there were a few flaming libs (though I had some interest in politics, I had not yet attained that status). And one or two of them politic'd on campus. Rebels without a cause. Just as I see the chants by today's disaffected youth, of white man go home.

Then, it was Vietnam. Today it is anything that moves. Booze schuh waw zee kiddies with nothing really better to do. Pawns of commie fruitcakes A.N.S.W.E.R., code pink eye, and all those fifth column c*cksuckers over at CBS, CNN, WashPost, NYT's, Reuters etc. ad infinitum.

Yes, many of those protesting in the streets may not be melanin deprived. Their parents may not have been born here. And they may be seriously delusional. But they are protesting as members of our American society. That they call for the downfall of an established existence, that lets them do what they do. Is of course completely lost on them.

I don't see them as thinking or speaking for their parents. Who have provided them with the chance to grab at the brass American ring. Through their oft brutal labors. I have never met a single working Mexican immigrant who had even a microgram of energy, after a day's work, to have any interest in politics. Other than that of survival (green card, or amnesty).

I see no toe hold for these young flaky nihilists to chisel even a flake off of America's foundation. Our country is strong enough to let them yelp. To even entertain the sounds and images of them doing so.

Buld that border barrier. Make it secure. And please do clarify existing immigration policy. But I don't think that these whining children, with a fruity liberal bent, are anything to worry about. They're children. Ignorant of their own ideals. As I once was, back not too long ago. Before making the crossing from left, to center, to right.

All this worry to me is misplaced. So much fuss. With all that is going on today in the world, all the truly nasty characters, both here and abroad. Some misguided kids, participating (as it were), in the politcal process, to me is a good thing. It is American. I see nothing to fear in their romance of liberalism. As deranged as it is. Let 'em squeal. Let liberal media hoist them aloft to exalted plateaus.

If and when they engage in the fire bombing of homes, condominiums, recreational resorts, and automotive dealerships. Like the white bread Earth Liberation Front. Then I'll be alarmed. Abbie Hoffman once sparked some trepidation of Pentagon brass, when he announced that he was going to levitate the building.

I do not see the reconquista clowns as speaking for anyone. Not their parents, nor immigrants lined up around the Home Depot, or standing in the greasy steam cloud of a dishwashing station at hundreds of thousands of restaurants, or behind a million or more lawnmowers.

Those individuals are not here to plant a flag, take a stand, or blaze new trails of existence. They are here to earn a living for themselves, their families. They want to live in America. They want to be citizens of these United States. They want that which we take for granted.

That those of little age and experience are being corrupted by pink dildoes holding a fresh Starbucks blended. Simply points to a greater ill. Disnformation in a time of both wonder and change. As well a time of war.

I do not confuse these elfin with our true enemies. Though they certainly be misguided.

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O.K. .... gotts me zipper up. Flame away.

Yeah, sure ..... no depth, no specifics. But to me this issue, a large dimensional one is not an abstraction. To me it is about people. People I have known. People I have worked with. People who were my friends, neighbors, classmates, business proprietors whom I patronized. And yes, even women that I have dated. It has never been 'them and us' for me. It was always we. We fellow human beings, members of the same communities. Sharing and participating in each other's lives. In this wonderful nation of ours.


Blogger D. T. Devareaux said...

I can’t argue with your sentiments. Good-intentions and warm feelings, however, have consequences all the same, and as I’ve outlined those consequences previously, and stand against them, I stand by my original response. Between us, let’s hope that you’re the one that is right.

Let liberal media hoist them aloft to exalted plateaus.

As they lift the agents of jihad to the plateaus of civilization; and in doing so tacitly approve of and justify their tyrannizing? And so, similarly applied, where might this then lead?


10:42 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Hopefully, I can get into some specifics of your initial reply. And of course all those in your comments column (but sometimes the density of thought overwhelms). So, I'll reply again without doing so, until I can pare/distill a bit (and not still be talking in circles).

No one is forcing anyone to live here. If they are citizens, they can work within the system for whatever change (?).

For those who attempt the overthrow (violent or otherwise), of our govt.. I'd be happy to volunteer for the squad charged with carrying out the sentence penalty, for treason (Plame and Wilson).

Not citizens, and advocates of toppling our government? Yep, kick 'em the f*ck out.

Here in the Southwest, the general overall culture has always involved mulitple elements. In my lifetime it has always been thus. A dash of Native American/Old West [both fictional and real]. The glitz and sparkle of Hollywood/movie stars, the music biz, amusement parks, freeways, suburbs, the weather, car culture. And people from Mexico.

I do strongly feel that Mexicans have contributed to our Yamato class economy, and overall way of life.

Is immigration currently broken? Yeah. Are new locales panicking as they deal with issues that first surfaced in Los Angeles three or four decades ago. Obviously.

The border needs to be secured. And the country needs a break from the size/speed/scope of the influx. On this I agree with Buchanan. Without qualification.

But excising with a scalpel, those that have been an integral part of the motor, driving the economy. I find unrealistic.

And well ..... one would be hard pressed to ask any of those individuals who have toiled for the greater good. To remain silent in the face of such calls.

While some locales in America, struggle with the issue for the first time. Mexicans have been more or less welcomed with open arms in California, for nearly forty years.

Despite official policy, public policy, it has been de facto policy. Lots of blame to go around for things becoming uncontolled.

While some focussed on malevolent elements, in the many hundred thousands strong marches here in Los Angeles a few months back.

I saw them as peaceful celebrations, expression of yearning. To be a part of America. To be American.

To our north, Canada has perhaps thousands of Militant Radical Islamists, courtesy of Canada's own goofy legal immigration exceptions. And a foul and virulent Islam is preached in our prisons.

Let's fix the broken parts, but keep our eyes on the true event horizon.

4:59 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...


We have many others from within.

Who have acted to undermine the duly elected government of these United States.

6:12 AM  

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