Monday, July 24, 2006

Fun with Headlines

Beirut bombings violate humanitarian law: UN

We of course would change that to ..... U.N. bloviations violate obscenity laws: Elmo.


Hmmm .... because there are Islamists there? What did I win? The opprobriation of lilly liver'd libs? Fabulous!


Of course not silly. Why they even bother is beyond me [every liberal knows and loves the futility argument (surrender to Islam, save yourself, save the world, surrender now)]. And ..... since it's only Jews the Islamists are killing in Israel, with their continuous nonstop rocket fussilade into the State of Israel's population centers (with the occasional Arab thrown in for good measure). I really don't see any reason to try and stop Hezbollah. Do you? Allahu Akbar.

Fun with Liberals

Rice makes surprise visit to Beirut

F*cking brilliant Condi.

No Fun for Elmo

Recent changes in the atomic world of this blog's host, have taken their toll. While the implantation of a pacemaker a couple of months back. Did slow us down a little, and changed the lens of life a bit. It sapped our spirit more than we would have thought possible.

And new revenue streams that we've been nurturing for some time, are slower than a snail with a flat tire, in arrivng. Prolonging the onset of a much desired vacation, and even relocation to some more cosmopolitan digs. And well, trying to continue to blog on this Windows 98/Pentium II box is a brutal exercise in masochism that I no longer wish to engage in.

Driver Eight is gunna take a break for a while. I'll be back ... a few days .... a few weeks, a few months? With no promises of bigger, or better or any such fluffy nonsense. But hopefully a little more relaxed, rested, and with realigned spirits.



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