Monday, August 14, 2006

Why They Fight

In an effort to join the few other billions of us here, on Planet Earth (currently living in the new millenium). Different models of career training are now being explored by Islamists in the Middle East:

1) JournaMuslim. Sh*t ... if CBS, CNN, NYT's, WashPost, and the L.A. Times can do it, fuggit, so can we! (Does anyone know what a starting employee in the mailroom at A.N.S.W.E.R. makes?).

2) Fauxtography, Art & Propaganda. And here you thought da Joos controlled the media ..... (bwahahahaha). We're not terrorists, No Sir of Maam. We're digital artistes! (In training).

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3) CAD/CAM. Learning current manufacturing and design. In the area of transportable, field deployable rocketry, and guided missile systems.

4) War Tourism. The new thing, the now thing.

5) All the Good Enemies are Taken (poverty, hunger, disease).

6) Because They Love Their Children. Many Muslims in the Middle East are taught to kill the Jew.
And, being fine upstanding Muzzy parents, they do as they are told, and teach the same. To their children (why even American Muzzies love their children. Go figure).

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Photo by Zombie.

7) Clitorectomies for Everyone!

8) Nothing Good on MuslimTV (except the same ole kill the Jooo cartoons).

9) Peaceful G*ds are sooo passe.

10) Because when Nasrallah, Meshaal, Ahmadinejad, and Bin Laden are all dead. They've still got Mel Gibson (woo hoo!)

11) It's all a Jooish plot. What kind of plot? Who planned it? What its goal and purpose are? No one knows. But, apparently it makes the Muslims angry. Really, really angry. And likely the Jews do it (plot), because they feel the Muslims don't actually hate them enough (boy thoose Jooos sure are smart!).

12) To give fairyland residents something to do (let's have a Muzzy parade!) Faux photos? Who needs 'em. We ain't proud (of being Hizzb*tchallah supporters), we just don't have a clue (but we does luv a parade) [Actually we do it for the children .... "Israel needs to stop bombing children," said 9-year-old Raylena Anderson, who stood on the fringes of the crowd with her grandfather and four cousins].

14) Generous humanitarians that we are (!), we also want to give hope and encouragement to second rate neocon bloggers everywhere. That yes, televison news and 'old' news, really do suck.


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