Monday, November 09, 2015

Spittin' right in Satan's eye

But that I now, was as brave. As absolutely fearless. No, pragmatism isn't a bad thing. No it isn't (ain' no young buck anymore). But reality, she is one really (really) mean, nasty, ugly b*tch (and each and every day, it gets so much worse). Do the linky. Read. The. Link. All of it.

'Russian activist sets fire to FSB Lubyanka door'

"A Russian artist and political activist has been arrested after setting fire to the Moscow headquarters of the country's security service, the FSB.

Pyotr Pavlensky set the door of the Lubyanka building alight and was (intentionally) pictured standing in front of the blaze holding a petrol can."

We need a million Pyotr's.






This isn't fiction. It isn't a children's fable (lil elmoboy .... crying islamocommiejuntawolf). No it isn't.


I'll say it again ....


All you fat fookin' Ray D. Oh talkin heads, sittin' on your hands (YEAH YOU!).



For things to get better [all the while, writing book, after book, after book (after f*cking book). Then pimping, promoting, peddling .... book after book after .... or launching website after website (when they're not regaling us with their policomplishments/patting themselves on the back [over and over and over])].

The time is now. En, oh, double u. Ya do nothing freaks.


Lemme know, if you need help? (Correcting the semi-permanent recto-cranial-insertion that plagues y'all).

Utterly f*cking clueless. And ... with millions of listeners/followers.

We're f*cked. Plain as day. Cuz no one. Is going to do anything. No one is even trying. They're all going to watch. This Country. Slip under the waves.


Maybe even send out ... for a pizza. As this Nation dies. So does my heart. My soul. My spirit. It's a snuff video. In real time. A Nation murdered. Before our very eyes.

Since Aunt Nessie, knows what time we wake up. What time we go to sleep. When we eat. When we sheet. What we read. What we write. Where we meander en el coche. Knows more about all us TEAp's, than A N Y  of the world's Jewblood-drippin jihadi's. Pragmatism does in fact rule (the roost).

So. Each of you, must find a path. Determine a means. Of stopping evil. In its tracks. Literally.

Lie down.

In the street.

In front of King Pigsh*t's gilded carriage.

Scream. Shout in the cockroach's face. Bring pocket airhorns (available at many 99c/dollar stores). Or EN 394, high pitched emergency whistles (eBay/two for five bux). Let them see our faces. Let them hear our voices. Let them feel. Let them know. We're not (ya know) umm ... "discontented."

We're at the end. And we are mighty f*cking tired. Tired of the lazy, do nothing Conswervomedia. Tired of watching Lady Liberty die. We are at the end of this Nation.

We are at the end of the road. There is no looking back now.

What did you do in the war? Huh .... what the f*ck did you do?

[Aw, who'ya foolin elmo (just kiddin' yo'self). Ain't no one, gunna do nuthin. I'll send y'all a postcard, from the Negev (haven't begun the Aliyah process yet. Have another major, invasive reconstructive surgery, on tap [the current eight week old scar, quite the lengthy Frankensteinian affair] next month [they weren't able to complete the job, in September, too much swelling/inflammation]). Comments here, at Anechoic, will close at that time/December (until we're resettled, sometime next year). Have half a dozen "last post(s)", already in the can (wrote one yesterday, as a matter of fact). But don't know if I'll have the energy to pick one, or edit the whole lot (into one). Just so much yet to say. Too much].


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