Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Militant radical Islam approaches/it comes for thee Pt. II

Live Free or Die.

Paul Belien in the Brussels Journal, has more purposeful nuance form the early battlegrounds of World War III.

The second conclusion to be drawn from the present cartoon case is that Europeans are apparently no longer free to do and say in their own countries what they want to do and say. The Danish cartoons were not published in a Muslim paper. They were printed in a privately-owned, regional newspaper in rural Denmark, addressing Danish subscribers, to illustrate an article about the freedom of expression in a multicultural society with a Muslim minority within its borders. The article and the cartoons were initiated by the complaint of a Danish author that he could not find an artist to illustrate a book about Muhammad.

Yes, certainly would agree there indeed are moderate Muslims in the world, The Brussels Journal publishing a nice interesting post just a couple of days ago, testifying to such (in/from Denmark). But moderates are not screaming, shouting, burning buildings, preaching hate, planning, building bombs, murdering people, or cutting off their heads for a laugh. No, just because moderates exist doesn't mean there is no problem. Or that the problem is getting smaller or going away. No, it grows. It grows by minutes, by days. by leaps, by bounds.

But continuing on, Mr Belien does not disapoint, coming out swinging .....

It is 1933 again and the SA is marching in Europe. This time they are not shouting “Heil Hitler,” but a creed I will not quote for fear of provoking them to kill a poor priest somewhere in Turkey, Palestine or Lebanon. Six years from now it will be 1939 and our future looks bleak. A war is about to begin, but Europe is in even worse shape than it was in the 1930s. It will not only have to overcome its islamofascist enemy, but it is dying because, when it lost its own religion about two decades ago, it embarked upon a protracted suicide by ceasing to procreate. The coming of Allah to a continent with an increasing population of elderly natives is inevitable. The young Muslim hordes are arrogant. Who can blame them? They smell victory. The Danish cartoon case shows us what deep down we know is going to happen. Soon we will be slaves. Christianity has left a religious vacuum in Europe and Islam is filling the void.

Here stateside, persons of less political ideal are huddled. Quizzing how the approaching war will affect their portfolios. Funny. Sad? Realist? Who knows. I do think it's going to be an interesting ride. How rough only the future will reveal.

I thought the Holocaust was fiction .... created by dem Joos?

Finally, the most salient point that I wanted to make, me myself. That lost in all the bologna about cartoons and insults to Muslims. Is that it is merely a cover for the hate which already exists. The cartoons merely a pretext to begin the end of quiet days. Of indifference. Of ignoring the earth wobbling on its axis. Militant radical Isalm comes for thee. Not your comic books.


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