Friday, June 16, 2006

The 100 Most Stupid Things I've Ever Done

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Haven't been sleeping well the past week. Getting to sleep O.K., but waking after four hours and unable to return. I'm not too worried (about the sleep). And I'm most certainly not about to join the zombiens (Ambien). No matter.

Presented for your amusement, an ongoing series of indeterminate length and interval. Inspired by an event (presented below), that first occured some twenty years ago. Starting with:

Number Ninety Nine

Was living in the then oft referred to central coast resort town. Noon, and on my mountain bike (fitted with Michelin foldable slicks), headed to the pool for my daily couple thousand meters. Beautiful bright blue sunny day. At the time there were three different ways to get there, even though I lived only a mile away from the fifty meter fountain of endorphins. Depending on a number of factors.

That day I crossed the highway, only to be held up by the Amtrak stopped at the downtown station. I sat, I waited (no way to go around). Eventually the train pulled out of the station heading north. I jumped on the pedals, wound up the crank, and slipped around the still down crossing gate. Only to be blasted by the 130 decibel airhorn of a southbound freight, on the second track. Which was visually and sonically masked by the northbound train.

The locomotive was maybe a hundred feet away, and fortunately not travelling too fast. But the horn nearly froze me. My momentum carried me across the second track with room to spare. But it was hard to believe how stupid I was. Inspiring the notion of writing a book with the title: The One Hundred Most Stupid Thing's I've Ever Done. I'm lazy, likely will never write any books. So, this post, in this blog, will have to do. And ...... I'm not a hundred precent sure I can scrounge up a hundred episodes [but we'll see].


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