Saturday, June 10, 2006


Without it? Life becomes quite difficult. Existence, survival. Not living life, enjoying life. Breathing in its magnificence. Celebrating its majesty. I've experienced troubling times. The five years I was married to the glass pipe brought no joy. An extended trip through darkness. The two years I had debilitating knee pain, which finally was brought down after a number of procedures and operations.

Lately of course, my new tribulations. And the feeling of my world growing smaller, closing in. Sh*t, I'm forty eight. New beginnings aren't necessarily the sign posts along the way. But I'm a dumbsh*t, always believing, always hoping. Better times, better days. I'm alive, and that's a start. I'm not elated to have an electronic device sitting atop my chest, stitched into its muscles. I can feel it there, and it is strange. But I'm not going to give up. I'm going to keep taking pleasure in the simple things. Through the uncertainty, the doubt, the anxiety.

Like Iraq. To me the death of Zarqawi, on Wenesday, June 7, 2006 a landmark day. A day to note annually. To shout with true joy. A magical day. For in his demise is hope. That more than a handful of human beings still believe in right and wrong. Still believe in attempting to bail out the water that rises over the gunwale, flooding the promise of a new day.

Life has become so complex. And of course with each day that passes, ever more so. Though many things change, others will never. Evil is unaltered, and it has returned. Now. It is the duty of all who claim to be human, to fight it, to destroy it. As it always was. On Wednesday, humankind triumphed. Bringing joy, giving hope. That one day we can return to the tranquility we had known in the garden, before the insects arrived. If not for us, then for those that will follow. They will not beat us, they will not beat us down, they will never win. I have hope. And that is all, that is everything.

'No Posthumous Victory for Zarqawi'

Don't let him achieve in death what he failed to do in life. by William Kristol

Sir Basil linked with Picnic 2006-06-11: Anechoic Room says sometimes the good guys win.


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