Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I'm Bored

A little tired, even a little depressed. Had a nice snarky Patrick Kennedy post lined up yesterday, but really who cares? He's an easy target. His defense yesterday, that even if one of his detractors were to believe the D.C. waitress, wherein she states she remembers him having only one drink, while in her establishment. He pretty much saying he's not lying ...... but, even if he is, he has evidence that he wasn't smashed while at the bar. A lamefest of epic proportions.

Yo Patrick, she has no idea how much you may have consumed before arriving at her place of biz. Or how much after. Besides, I thought you said you don't remember anything? A categorical denial therefore is contraindicated, Sir. Myself, I had a short stint tending bar. Some patrons would come in to get a healthy head of steam on, before going to their number one spot. So as not get cut off there, when their tally of tumblers got too high. It doesn't take any great skill or prowess to sit upright and hoist a drink (though there was that one indidividual who left the counter with a stunning speed and stealth when my back was turned. My curiousity aroused, I went around the bar towards the door. Only to discover he had done a tree fall off the stool).

So, what will we spew about today Elmo, huh? Maybe I'll get all philosophical on your patoots. A little over three weeks ago I had a pacemaker implanted. Not due to any significant heart disease, but a bizarre condition relating to a gland that is charged with feedback/moderation of heart rate. It occasionally going haywire, and instead of slowing heart rate as part of its normal activity when appropriate. It stops it. Completely.

I was coming to with my face planted in the keyboard, waking up on the floor of the shower with the water running. Awaking horizontally on the kitchen floor, or regaining consciousness while in bed while watching TV. Only with an added pounding headache and being drenched in sweat.

So, it would seem I've lost some enthusiasm for plinking the keyboard. Whether politic, snark, whatever. My life the last number of years having been quite sedate. But apriori, quite dynamic, exciting, fun, sometimes even spectacular. I've introspectively debated sharing personal aspects of my life here (even just the above recent turn of events). And for a number of reasons. Now, I don't really care if you know I was a bellringing member of the booyah tribe (in good standing). For five years, during the nineties. Before that, the Everestial mountain of time and energy spent chasing skirts. Or the couple of years I earnestly pursued dreams of formula car glory, in my early twenties. Part of which I worked on an offshore oil rig in Alaska in the wintertime. Trying to fund my first ride (but failing). There were a lot more adventures, those only a few.

The journey defines me to a degree. But I'm nowhere near arriving anywhere. And yet I still have many destinations. I can't say what I'm going to write about, its content, its intent. Only that I'm going to write about whatever I damn well please (ooh, that's a change). Whenever I want to. However little. However much. I'm not going to give up on blogging, or making any promises of change. Just that I have a little more interest in the atomic world.

I'll hoist one in your direction later in the day, Cheers, Elmo.


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