Wednesday, June 14, 2006

We couldn't have fewer readers if we tried.

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Yeah, we had a couple of peaks over the last month with daily readership in the hundreds. Aggregation links from posts (Topix above the fold, and Technorati as well). But this and the past week pretty sorry. If you're here, give yourself a pat on the back. We don't enable entry to our Site Meter stats cuz then a lot of people's privacy would be violated. We will say that as of this second we've had 13,673 uniques since opening day, and 32,380 page views. So, what's your point Elmo? Ummmm, don't have one. Ooops :-)

But we won't let that stop us from rambling on ..... or as Steve Martin said: I'm a ramblin' guy (man). Quite an incedible week for news, and watchers of the media. Outlets stumbling over themselves to praise the left, denigrate Bush or our soldiers, or paint Israel as the second coming of the Third Reich. Amazing really. In the case of the BBC, simply on the air unaware. Now not even bothering to mask their disgust. Quite sickening. And yet they haven't a single clue, not a one.

ABC last night covering Bush's waltz into Iraq nicely, but then unable to contain themselves another minute. Finishing the story with an added little bit of editorial at the end, that stood out like a sore thumb. Somehow they must rationalize their failing as a presenter of news? No longer being such. Perhaps they are of the belief they've been ordained. Charged with the holy task of saving the world, and saving us from ourselves. It's just too easy to call them stupid. And yet .....

I don't know why I'm here, I just am. I do know that my journey is nowhere near complete. And even that I've undertaken some new beginnings. Where I'll end up? How this part of it goes?


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