Monday, June 12, 2006

Things You Don't See Very Often

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1) Large ferocious cats on leashes, with spiked collars.

2) Albino game show hosts.

3) Hybrid powered Corvettes.

4) Martians.

5) Yugo's (though I did see a Pinto the other day at WalliMart).

6) Gay gangsta rappers.

7) Elmo reading the NYT's in a Paris cafe, while wearing a kaffiyeh.

8) Taco Bell serving wine.

9) Michael Moore eating a salad.

10) Alec Baldwin living in Canada.

12) The Palestininans actually doing the right thing.

13) Iran actually telling the truth.

14) Someone coming up with a better name for a blog than Brain Surgery with Spoons.

15) Elmo unable to come up with a caption (for this link).


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