Sunday, June 18, 2006

Got a Call From a Friend of Mine in Hell

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We chatted for a little while yesterday, and reminisced about old times. He said that things are still warm there. After a bit I mentioned Zarqawi, and asked him if he'd seen him around or heard anything. He said no, that Hell's a pretty big place. But that he could take a peek on the intranet if I wanted, and maybe there'd be something there? Sure enough, he managed to come up with the work assignments. I asked him about that ...... were they random, or were they assigned? He said both, depending on the individual. And that sometimes the jobs are selected for that "extra special Hell."

So I said out with it ....... what's Zarq's job? So he tells me that Zarqawi has a job as a lounge singer, at the Ramada Inn, in downtown Inferno City. Cool sez I, maybe if he has a chance, could he go check out a show for me? He said sure, no problemo, but that he had just heard a rumour while we were talking, and that there might be an mp3 already circulating. Of a bootleg recording from his show the previous night. He was able to lasso the link, and I just thought I'd share it with ya this fine Sunday morning.


It's possible/likely the clip may/will default to non operation, in which case go here to the home page, and scroll ...... select/click: Classic Clips, Ring of Fire.

Most assuredly will put a lovely smile on your face.

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