Saturday, June 17, 2006

"A New Direction for America"

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Democrats Unveil New Domestic Agenda

Washington, June 16, 2006 — On the same day the House voted in a nonbinding resolution to essentially stay the course in Iraq, Democratic leaders from on Capitol Hill unveiled a new domestic agenda under the slogan "A New Direction for America."

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"New Direction" replaces their old slogan "We can't do it better." And focuses on raising the minimum wage and lowering health care standards. While at the same time including access to low cost dental bling. "We want to lock up the urban vote" said Nancy Pelosi. "Those that aren't in lock up anyway ..... and well, we're working on that too."

Democratic leaders said they would pay for these programs by increasing the cost of gasoline to individuals, and increasing costs for big business as well. The agenda, announced today by Reid, Durbin, and Pelosi, is entirely domestic though it is modeled on foreign commie type governments.

The Democrats still have no party agenda on Iraq, though the war did figure into the "New Direction" press conference. Taking questions from reporters, Democratic leaders spent more time talking about Iraq than they did about their new (same as the old) agenda .

To wit, the death of Zarqawi, Pelosi: "decapitation is not the end of a movement, just the end of some stupid mofo who doesn't know that Islam is the religion of peace."
Democratic leaders seem to disagree on what the country should do in Iraq. Reid said: "Where's the plan Stan?" His voice raised.

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But Pelosi was in agreement with Democratic representative Jack Murtha, who called for the pullout of American troops back in November 2005. "It's time for a new direction in Iraq." she said. "Run away, run away is the direction we should be going. And well our operational political template: 'Going round in circles', is different from the Republicans too."

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Pelosi went on further: "We're going to target all of the disenfranchised voters, the ones who eat at independent restaurants not part of a national chain."

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Howard Dean, in a lighter momment said: "Me and Olberman are gonna feed that Malkin b*tch to the sharks ..... ummm I mean fishes. No, alligators. Yeah, alligators. Of course I'm joking" he added.

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"We ain' a jusss whistleeeng past the graveyard, no Sirree Bob. We mean bidness, serious dookie." Concluded Howdy Doodie.

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