Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Last Post

Everything old, is new again. Joohate. Is here now. And it will stay. For quite a while. Will grow, and expand even. Buraq Hussein in the Membrane, didn't so much as let the genie out the bottle. As devoting all his time and energy, to making ABSOLUTELY SURE, that it esaped.

Bibi's in town. And to welcome him (and in turn give an oh so joyous sendoff), every libturd media platform known to man. Is celebrating. In their usual spayshul way. As only they can. Most all the last twenty four hours.

Yesterday aft/eve, NBR, devoting a quite large portion, of their broadcast, to the Goldman Sachs/J.P. Morgan hack. You know, the story (and arrests) .... FROM JULY! [That'd be five months ago (to you and me)]. Oh sure, King Pigsh*t (long planned)/first directed his SS/Gestapo underlings (many months ago). So that they could, drop trou and squat first, yesterday (before enemedia followed, like clockwork). Announcing "new" indictments (what, you think the left media just makes stuff up?).

Jews, Israel ... Israel, Jews. NBR, with full screen global map even. Showing location [just in case you weren't sure (that it was Jews, from Israel, that were involved)].

Smelly Pelley/CBS, had it as lede, yesterday. NBC, second story (after private jet crash). ABC, same (second, after crash). And NPR, this a.m., gettin' positively jiggy with it. A reg'lar celebration it was.

It all now, nothing more. Nothing more than the nightly blitzkrieg. Against Israel.


This will be my last post, for some time. And the quantity of notes, thoughts, and ideas left to say/present. Overwhelming. And I'm just not up to the attempt (seemingly futile). As much as I'd like to. And as much as they need illumination.

Know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em.

Gotta be heading on down the highway. To a new life, in a new land. And, I've got to do that, well .... now. And in turn, take the time, my time, to gitt'r done.

No point, in Thanking/giving shout outs, to all my brothers and sisters. Out here, on the one zero, one zero highway. Or even trying. Just too many also. Who are deserving of such (Bless you one, Bless You All).

But I would be more than derelict. For not mentioning, Victor Khomenko/BAT (my blog Grandfather, some dozen years ago). Or the beyond generous Joseph Curl, whose shoulders I stood upon (for a recent couple of years).

Will I write again, after I finally get to the Negev? Don't know. Or (even), about the same nonsene? But gone I am, from this blog, for a while at least (six months ... a year?). Though yes, I might (?) ... soil a blog/two/three. With a comment/two/three, in near future (Lucky Doug Ross!!). So, no Roy and Dale/YouTube ... Happy Trails (it isn't the day, secondary embedded post, follows).

Goodbye for now my friends. Comments will now close (when I get around to it, next twenty four hours).

This here, is my last post (as it were).


'The story of the Last Post'

"The Last Post will be played all over the world on Remembrance Day. But as Alwyn W Turner explains, its origins had nothing to do with mourning.

Arthur Lane was a bugler in the British Army when he was captured by Japanese forces during the fall of Singapore in 1942. He spent the remainder of World War Two in PoW camps and working on the notorious Burma Railway.

But he also had a more melancholy duty. He still had his bugle with him and it was his task to sound the Last Post for each of his comrades who died during those years.

"I'd have to go and set the fires at the crematorium. The lads would build them during the day, put the bodies on, and then somebody had to be delegated to set fire to the funeral pyres, and see that they were properly burnt, so I had to do that."

For the rest of his long life, he was haunted by nightmares. And he never played the Last Post again."


Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Friday, December 4, 2015

Wait for it ...

Here it comes ... the lawsuit, by Syed's family. For police culpability. In his death. Because, you know (12-3-15/3:30 p.m./KNX-1070), "a motive has not been established" (now being repeated, 632x/ad nauseum. All platforms/every single last freakin' one).

Bbbbbut, lemme guess?

Joosfault [If them freakin' bagel eaters hadn't killed Christ, there'd be no X-mas! ("Holiday party attack" [where "terrorist tactics" were used (bbbbbbut .... they're not terrorists!!!)])].

But (as I've only said a thowsun times before), it's only getting worse ...

Moselimb mucky muck (hey Loretta Lynch, sugg me deek, suggit hawd beach)/speaker/going all kumbaya [KNX/1070, 8.a.m., Fri., Dec. 4 (now, just like another thousand media outlets)]:

"muslim millenials who lost their own lives in a hail of police gunfire" (you know, Syed, and his lil stankho).

I did say it's getting worse didn't I? (yep elmo, a thousand times).

Cuz ya know, the killer, Syed, was a victim! "Grew up poor," "abused by father." You know .... it wasn't his fault (see Joo's).

KNX/1070 .... Propagandists most impressive (for their continuing/unrepentant derangement). Goebbels' got himself one righteous stiffie/and is giving a shoutout from his grave. After recently hearing KNX's description, of the Paris wholesale slaughter:

"Shooting incident" (Fri, Nov. 13, 6 p.m.). "Because an American band was playing."

Want more? (You know you wanna)

KNX/1070, Mon. Nov. 30, 8 a.m.:

Psychiatrists: "watching TV terror attacks leads to anxiety." "Don't watch."

You know, nothing to see. Move along. Move on.

Is it noon yet?

10:28 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Friday, December 4, 2015

KFI/640, 2:00 p.m.

"possibly find a motive"

I'll take Nikoula Nikoula for a thousand please, Alex.

9:51 PM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Sunday, December 6, 2015

"possibly find a motive"

Quite the raging sh*tstorm. A blinding whirlwind of excretia ... being launched out the pie holes, of the Reich Ministry/enemedia.

A ceaseless torrent: (you know) how "kind," how "sweet" the Burqa Killer was. And how bullied poh poh lil Syed was [you know, his beard (and I even hear a Jew, worked at the same facility [the horror/say it isn't so elmo!])]. And, even though they found a dozen (viable/fully functional/ready for deployment) pipe bombs (and materiel/tools/supplies for DOZENS MORE).

Neither, was actually a terrorist. No. OR ... a member of ISIS (who ya gunna believe .... your own lying eyes, or the IslamoCommieJunta?)

Hint: ISIS doesn't give out membership cards, or badges. But joining ... IS ever so easy [say All Who (to the) Ock Bar, out loud. three times. And then bingo/presto chango .... you're a goatf*cker! (just like that)]. Why some even get to join ISIS, at only twelve years old (no age discrimination here). Kidnapped Christian girls. Get to help out, and provide services. To the caliphate too!].

Hey Lowrenta Lynch-Whitey (yeah you, stankhole), Islam doesn't need a reason, to kill ("bullying," "islamophobia," "criticizing the profits Moe, Ham, & Ed," etc. ad infinitum).


It is their (the Baby Raping Moong*d Death Cult/B.R.M.D.C.) prime directive [but ya know grasshopper, King Pigsh*t (with the soiled nappy) said, ONLY whitey hates [cuz (ya know) it's in his DNA)].

Taqiya and Hudna, are foundational [concrete (not little tiny helix strands)] to the fascist political movement (masquerading as a religion).‘how-to-stab-jews’-clip-video/#

(What they do!)
They smile in your face
All the time they want to take your place
The Palestabbers ...
They smile in your face
All the time they want to take your place
The backstabbers

Greater war is coming. To the very streets of America. Real war. San Bernadino is just the start. I already told ya, it's gunna get hairy out there, real f*cking hairy. And, in defference, to the horror this Nation now faces, King Pigsh*t's going to give a speech (say it isn't so elmo!).

Today, at five p.m., he's going to mount his lil pink sparkle pony, and romp around.

The text of his speech, has been surreptitiously obtained, by your very own TLD blog host (hey elmo, I thought this site was dormant?). Just a few minutes ago:

"Eye izz duh pwezzidunce. Anne eye saiy izlom guud. Yummy. Joo's iz bad. Fisheater's ... bad. All them pasty white folk ... bad (real bad).

Eye izz duh pwezzidunce. And eye havv spowken. All Who (to the) Ock Bar!

By the way, eyeam givin' a passel'a extry food stamps, to any of my Syrian refugee homies. Who are now being resettled, all over America. Who will kill a Jew for me!

My name is Buraq Hussein (in the Membrane), and I approved this (oral) massage (of the caliphate).

10:28 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Billie Holiday - Strange Fruit (1939)

And it is everywhere. It is all around. It surrounds us. (So called) Conswervo media, is now largely indistinguishable from enemedia. Fox's (bottom vid frame) scrolling news ticker, now pretty much exclusively AP (wire excrement). Loaded and launched at you ... by Fox. Without any edit what so ever.

Watching, seeing evil scroll by ... in real time.

Fox, giving a front/center platform, to the AP's proud/tumescent moral equivalency [terror attacks (by the Baby Raping Moong*d Death Cult), in Israel, on Jews. Same as Israeli's, defending themselves ... from death. From murderers. From blood swilling insects: "Palestinian Israeli violence." (i.e.. ... there is no difference)]. Or Fox, three weeks ago (Bream, in for Baier): "Homegrown violent extremists" ... (Syed & stank). You know ... just like, exactly like the TEA Party!

I told'yall a lil while back, the Murdoch's are now just another voice, of the caliphate. And anyone who stays (at the network), is party to evil. Sure, people gotta eat. And FRS needs a new set of Pirelli's. But muhself, could never rationalize such.

Though sadly, far too many of the beeg time Conswervo bloviators do. Self agrandizement, quite a number of places ahead, on the list (of things to do to save the Country).

Saving the Country ... coming after writing a book, endlessly pimping a book, launching a website (endlessly pimping website). Hosting/pimping Conswervo lux ocean cruises. Then writing another book. On. And on (and on). Europe endless. Their personal wealth/media empires .... THE prime directive (no matter how much spittle's on the mic).

I (also) toldya a while back, we desperately (gasp) need new (Conswervo) media leadership. We ain't gunna get it. Sorry, just ain' gunna happen. Simply, merely business as usual (as usual) ... for The Legends in Their Own Mind (and their eager supplicants). Who won't let a little thing (like losing the Country). Get in the way. Of their ego's (tisn't just clay feet that plagues them). And, I'm just mentioning OUR wheelhouse [and I won't waste my time, taking individual potshots (why bother anymore, really)].

But, (collectively) taking Hussein da'Membrane/IslamoCommieJunta, enemedia, the filthy GOPigs, and the befuddled, beclowned Conswervo media together?

We're f*cked.

Plain as day.

And it's killing me (forget my personal physical health).

It's all so unreal. A foreign born, dog eating, mooselimb traitor. Lives (large) in the White House. And just gave the shii caliphate, a hundred fifty billion dollars. A N D .... an entire nuclear arsenal (Nuclear Obomba). After which, Congresscritter Nunzio Pusslousy, brings a chamber orchestra and wine, to the House chamber to party. To celebrate.

11:14 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Continued ....


Our social, political, economic, and military alliance (now sharing intel !!!!). With pure f*cking evil. Celebrate, in the House chamber. Just f*cking bugs. Stanky, scummy lil roaches they are. And their latest unreal, awful offal volley?

While our sweet dear Booshmonkey Dubya, spits and sh*ts on us all: "I just don't like the guy." And yesterdee, Rico Santorumini [with Bream (in for Gretta), on Fox (surprise!)] also takes his (Cruz) penker out, and furiously plays widdit too (on TV): "Cruz not a true Conservative" [try that sh*t to my face, creep (I've had your deranged/delusional/elitist/looking down your nose at us ... number since the 2010 election [hint: pissin' in da stream, is not the same as a contribution to the flow, Sir)].

And well, there aren't enough hours in the day (week, month, or year) for me to list/recount all the crap spinning/flinging out enemedia's endless raging sh*tstorm (against G*d, and reason):

"Trump's words ISIS recruiting tool" ... "sending terror and chills through the immigrant community."

Or, playing the fake/faux/Palliewood vid, of St. Trey Vaughn, gettin' limp with it. ON ENDLESS LOOP, as the verdict is read, in Baltimore.

Or the "child" Rice, merely playing with a toy gun (you know ... blinding, dayglo neon orange, plastic pool/water toy). And not sportin' a full scale black (metal bodied replica) 45, while pointing it, at people in the park. Reads only: white cop/dead black [like ALL "news" stories now (there are NO others, now. Not a one). And is the only "news" you're going to hear, from now on [ok, mebbe (?) you'll also get izzlom's duh religion a'peace [and anyone who says diff, is going to jail/lose their job (see above Creeping link)])].

No need to wait anymore, for history to be written. Nothing now presented by media, is real (greatest pwezzidunce evah!). And all the (past) history extant, is being rewritten. In its entirety, as we speak.

11:16 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Continued ...

L.A. Times (atomic)/AP/Carola/Dec. 27:
'Putting names to faces from WWII' ....

"Photos saved by a Japanese clerk who helped people escape Nazis are identified."

"shed new light on the role of the Japanese in helping Jews flee Europe" ...

"assisted Jewish refugees making the voyage in the period before the bombing of Pearl Harbor."

[See, if them Jap's hadn't bombed Pearl Harbor (that is ... when they weren't gettin' busy widdit, raping/enslaving Korean women), they (the Japanese) woulda still been saving Jews! (Gosh I love [rewritten] history!) Alt: the Jap's didn't bomb Pearl Harbor. No. The bombs did (we better close that bomb show loophole now mudderhubbard!)].

Or Kamala Harris, being "proactive." F*cking cops in de arse, any way/everywhich way (she can). Building/assembing a melanin database. Assembling a rat squad, to go hunting white cops. Taking badges. Pushing, emploring the throngs. To take white lives [becuse only black lives matter (unless, like 90% of all black murders, it is by another black. Then? Not so much)].


I didn't read Alice Cooper's thoughts, a little while back, regards same. Wherein he says evil has always been here (though yes, I did once deliver him a pizza). Maybe, I just didn't notice. Like just now learning, that the Vatican Bank, was open for business, during World War II. Open. For. Business. With. The. Nazi's ("we didn't know which side would win").

But evil is here. Yes it is. Evil. And it isn't going to settle for just/only Jew blood. Or Christian blood. No. It's going to take some cops with it too.

Enemedia trees bear strange fruit
Blood on the leaves and blood at the root
Cops in uniform a'swinging in the southern breeze
Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees
From syphillis infected libturd minds gone south
The bulging eyes and the twist mouth
Scent of magnolias, sweet and fresh
Then the sudden smell of burning flesh
Here is fruit for the crows to pluck
For the rain to gather, for the wind to suck
For the sun to rot, for the trees to drop
Here is a strange and bitter crop ... American cops

Evil is here, and it isn't going away. Not today. Not tomorrow. It's going to be here, for a while. Terror attacks, by Barry's homies .... goat fookin mooselimbs (hey Loretta ... sugg me deek/lick my *ss!), will increase. Vertical scale. 'Berdoo was just the start [well, Garland actually (but it was on a Jew [who was armed/prepared], so it doesn't really count)].

Evil is here. And the Big Guy's on vacation (along with all the beeg time Conswervo bloviators). Get you a clue people. I'm buying.

11:19 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

And they mock me so ... (it's all so cruel)

Hemmed and hawed, 'bout posting (again). Like the world will stop revolving, if I don't get the words out ... (or even quickly) right? But, it's still gotta be done, yeah. Freight gotta be paid. I have no choice in the matter, none [just the way it is (cue Hornsby/Range)].

Not too long back/two-three months (a couple of posts?), I wrote about the end of borders, in Europe. And how it, Europe, now just one (singular) large no go zone ["rape, rape, and more rape" (ya really went out on a limb, with that prediction there lil elmo!)]. And thus, furr yurrup, tis over. Done deal. Finis (at least ten million more rapefugees, are expected to continue washing ashore!!!). Now, Europe, is just one beeg bucket'a mooselimb sheet. And ... there isn't even anything funny about it [though yes (even though it isn't halal), the goat froogers are indeed laughin' up one ginormous hurricane gale ... of side splitting bwahaha's].

My verbiage/snarkery, also included the applique [regards the massive, uncontrolled (but indeed all too well planned), hijrah]: (tis merely a) "cultural exchange." And .... Lara Logan, she merely a cultural exchange student.

And now, Merkel (Thurs., Dec. 7, DW tv), speaking about the mass/gang organized, digital rape (fingers-anus/vagina), assault, and robbery. OF 600 WOMEN. New Years Eve, in Cologne, Germany. By hordes of Syrian "refugees" [minutes off the boat ... (but they're not islamists ... noooh)]. And same, other cities, New Years Eve, all over Europe as well.

And now Merkel, she mocks me so.

Gettin' all Hussein in da'Membrane widdit (the two now utterly, completely indistinguishable, in their use of doublespeak). Speaking of the need, by Germany. For >>> "increased cultural sensitivity training" <<< [to be given to, the brand spankin' new Euro's (oond no, I didn't make that sheet up [it just is not possible])].

9:46 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Continued ...

'Police: Most of Cologne Sex Attackers Were Newly Arrived Syrian Refugees'

In an interview with, the officer reveals that 15 men were arrested, of whom 14 were from Syria. The men had arrived in Germany within the last few days or weeks.

The identity of the culprits is now “under lock and key and secret,” ... authorities keen to keep the information under wraps.

(There is already) evidence of a police cover up. Authorities issued a press release on New Years Day claiming the previous night was “peaceful” and without incident. It took the German media D A Y S to report on the story, with broadcaster ZDF, later apologizing.

As we previously highlighted, German police have been accused of covering up crimes and sexual assaults committed by migrants so as not to “legitimize” critics of mass immigration.

Some offenders in the crowd even tore up their residence permits in front of police. One individual reportedly grinned at an officer and said, “You can’t touch me. I’ll just go back tomorrow and get a new one.” Another man reportedly told police, “I’m a Syrian! You have to treat me kindly! Mrs. Merkel invited me.”

And out of this now ever expanding pit of evil, yet again more madness escapes the maw [with help, from the Caliphate News Nework (of course)]: CNN, Sat., Dec 9, 1:08 p.m., scrolling news ticker (re: Cologne):

"alleged mob sex assaults."

Now, THE serial RAPE (robbery, and assault) of 600 WOMEN [Not 1. Not 6. Not 60. SIX HUNDRED. In one evening!!!!!! (do the math, if you can?)]. By organized M U S L I M gangs. Is merely alleged [oond thus, it never really happened, at all (alt: Italian gangsters, on vacation, in Cologne, [maybe?] gettin' jiggy widdit)].

Then again, maybe CNN is afraid? Of going to jail.

No, really.

You know, part of the new U.N./global governance (see also HR-569). Another one of them thar treaties (that isn't). Signed by King Pigsh*t (his veddy cockroach self).

Against criticizing islam (under penalty of jail). So, to avoid any misunderstandings, with our new U.N. overseers. Everything now. Everything. Is "alleged."

9:48 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Continued ...

(No need to say it .... bbbbut) Gettin' worse, things are. All the time. Yes. All to sadly. Want more CNN? Do ya? OK young whippersnapper ... how 'bout coverage, of the rally/march, in Germany. IN SUPPORT, of the COLOGNE RAPE VICTIMS.

CNN, not done. Out does themselves, with coverage.


Counter demonstration? What the f*ck are they demonstrating against, the vic's? ... In support of the perps? My G*d.

Not too diff, from any of the Caliphate News Network's other dreck, endlessly on parade ... 24/7. Like three days ago, Saturday the 9th (again), early a.m., on endless loop (no less). The (turquoise blue) hijab wearin', calpiphate queen, Rose Hamid (at the Trump town hall).

Gettin' all Kumbaya widdit (sing it with me now, sing it loud): "they shared their popcorn with me" [before Trump's jackbooted thugs physically removed her (oh the freakin' humanity!!!)].

CNN, teaching us, all about H A T E. What haters we are. Hate. Hate. Hate. Hate. On and on (it's in our DNA dont'cha know). Over, and over. Hour after hour. Again, and again. Broadcast after broadcast, Rose Hamid. CAIR (potted) plant (oooh, now that's a surprise!).

CNN positively overjoyed, to bring us that blue hijab wearin' stankfest [had to disinfect my TV, I did (gawd the smell!)]. And, if you looked real close, you could see the title of the book, sweet dear lil Rose was carying, in her hand: 'To Serve Man'.

[And not forgetting the truly evil, heinous misdirection and obfuscation, inherent in the sizeable Juden Yellow Star (first introduced to civilization, by Islam. Many a century before, being resurrected by the Nazi's). That our sweet dear stanky Rose, was prominently wearing (her's, an eight pointed star/reading muslim!)].

But the (well planned, mapped, organized) digital L O V E festival, in Cologne (just walk right up there leel refugee Khalil, shove your fingers all the way up that little girl's vagina or anus). (And) ALL OVER F*CKING EUROPE. Everywhere. On New Years Eve, as well.

And CNN's coverage?

Crickets (oond more ... crickets).

And as this psychic rape, of all that is decent. All that is kind. All that is just. All that is moral. Continues. We pass the point of no return.

"Muslim reformation"?

Well, if you have oh say .... mebbe a thousand years? It's possible. Not very likely of course. But, still possible [I guess? (Of course, after all the Jews, and Christians, have first been slaughtered. Raped. And beheaded. Or burned alive ... or drowned in a cage ... or)].

9:50 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Continued ...
Reformation? Reform what? That's some serious clown sh*t there. Yeah.

And, the Convention of States? We don't have five years. Nor ten, or fifteen. And, that also a s s u m e s a positive outcome, uh huh [hold hands, sing kumbaya (real good luck)].

Pipe dreams.

There is no magic fairy dust, to be sprinkled about. That instantly restores this Nation, to a state of grace (where everyone lives happily ever after).

They. The islamocommiejunta, they kill people. In order to achieve their political ends. In order to stay in power. Murder them. Without any compunction, what so ever.

Like our brave soldiers, in Benghazi. Willy nilly ... feeding six Americans into Moe, Ham, and Ed's giant wood chipper. Without a second thought, or a look back (it was all so foggy ... bbbbut I see a video ... it looks like some guy from Reseda .... Nikoula something ....). Proudly dropping trou. On their families even, f*cking sh*tting right in their faces!

Or, the records clerk, in Hawaii. Who oversaw the planting/forgery of Nuclear Obomba's birth records. She dead. Dee. Eee. Aaye. Dee.


Single passenger plane crash (ain' that a pisser. The only person alive, who can verify the authenticity, of the fake birth certificate!).

And you people think, there's going to be a valid election? Sh*t.

And ... you are waiting for it? F*ck.

Trusting. In a fraudulent govt. completely devoid of reason. That wears its duplicity and destructive treason, like a badge. For all to see (like the Chinese. The Rusky's. The Persians. And the Norks. Yeah, even ISIS. They all C L E A R L Y see it).

They all know. America isn't in decline.

It has already fallen.

Or trusting EVEN ONE, of the GOPigs. For anything, other than to schtupp this Country. In de arse. Every chance they get. Every single chance.

While Chucklehead Odorama busies himself. With his post office affairs. Lining up all his endorsement deals ..... Pepsi, Taco Bell, Grinder, Transgender Surgery Clinics, latex dams, scented/flavored lubes, bath salts ...

The insanity of it all. And yet the madness continues unabated [while the Conswervo Media Cartel, grimly hold tight the reins (in their teeth). Riding shotgun, on their own personal herd of pecadillos]. While the cost of toilet paper, has risen 50% in the new year! (that'd be the Sunday, atomic LAT's, to you and me).

Or, watching the Rose Parade replay, New Years Day. Tuning in, for only just a few minutes. And, as I manage to find the local channel 5 (with the replay). There. Yammering. In small inset frame. Is Moochelle! (Don't discount her, for Hussein da'Membrane's third term. DO NOT).

9:52 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Continued ...

Got your obomacare policy guut little citizen? OK, good. But your problems, they now. They, they are only just starting:

'Russian viral video of doctor hitting patient who dies'

Sunday, Dec. 10, Meet the Press, some libturd talking head (of six): "voters in Iowa are a blight on the process."

Sunday, Dec. 10, Local Fox/Ch 11, scrollling news ticker (file under: ya cain't make dis sheet up):

"FBI investigating if Philly gunman is connected to a larger group"

Hey Feeb's, I heard a rumour (but it's only just) .... 'bout this new large group. Somethin' izzlom, or like that? Yeah. But, it's only a rumour (the shin bone's connected to the ....).

How we took it all for granted.

King Pigsh*t IS the single greatest threat, the single greatest enemy. This nation has ever known.

(And) we don't have a thousand years [for Islam to evolve a thumb, out its butt (it is a beyond fascist military power. It is to be defeated in battle/crushed underfoot. Only. Repeat. Like the dung beetles/bugs they are [I know ... far too complicated])].

Nor do we have five, ten, or fifteen years. For a magic States Convention (to convene ... successfully!). Neither [nor endless lusty daydreaming, how things usta be (back when, during the Reagan years, or during the time of the Founders [hint: in 1776, they were on the front lines in actual war. Embracing the suck. Not watching football, on TV. While yammerin' bout Sean Hookers n'Blo Penn. And running away])].

For seven years now, it has been open season.
On the Constitution.
The citizenry.

And what exactly, has the Conswervo Media Cartel accomplished, in that time?

Raging Passivity. In the face of treason. In the face of an uncamoflauged, unrepentant Jihadi. In the Oval Office.

What we do need. Is a convention of ideas. Ideas on how to stop this madness. Now. Stop it now mofo's. Now.

Not looking past, to the November election.
Not looking past, to the January inauguration.

Nor do we need Letticia Baldridge, telling us, to be patient, polite, and civil (F*ck Off). While the (mythical magical moderate muslim) Rose Hamid, together with enemedia, call US Nazi's. We. Not the insects who (with the flick of a wrist), mow down five hundred human beings, in minutes. In Paris. Killing nearly a hundred and fifty of them.

And in turn, not getting on our knees, and willingly surrendering to them, the caliphate. And sugging that muzzy thingy. And we certainly don't need Le Donnie, with the light orange hair, telling us. Who is and isn't ... an American [F*ck Off, Creep (cuz ya know .... that is EXACTLY what we do need ... another completely unhinged/deranged demagogic narcisist, in the Oval Office! You bet)].

Though I scream
Though I shout
There is no restoration about

No bustle left
In the heart
No muscle left
At the bicep

No dreams
American spirit now bereft
There's nothing left
With which to heft

That which has been destroyed
Won't be restored
No matter how deft

The time is now mofo's




9:54 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Normally, common sensically, rape, as practiced by the Baby Raping Moong*d Death Cult.


Yeah, even though Chucklehead's BFF, Merkel. Think it [the RAPE of SIX HUNDRED WOMEN (in Cologne, in just one night)], merely the indicator, for an increased need, for "cultural sensitivity training."

But, it has a name. It does. In the taqiya/hudna goat f*cking society, that is islam.

'German police: It's an Arab rape game called Taharrush, and now it has come to Europe' (via Directorblue)

"In addition to the events in Cologne, police in Berlin, Hamburg, Bielefeld, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and Stuttgart have reported of similar incidents. In addition, police in Vienna and Salzburg in Austria and Zurich in Switzerland have raised the alarm about similar mass assaults against women by newly arrived Arab migrants. Also Sweden and Finland experienced the same on New Year's Eve.

- The attacks range from sexual molestation to rape, says head of BKA, Holger Münch.

The 'rape game' Taharrush is about a large group of Arab men surrounding their victim, usually a Western woman or a woman wearing Western-style clothing, and then the women are subjected to sexual abuse.

They surround the victim in circles. The men in the inner circle are the ones who physically abuse the woman, the next circle are the spectators, while the mission of the third circle is to distract and divert attention to what's going on."

I giss Hussein da'Membrane, musta left that one out. Of his many recent speeches (just like the "capture" of ten US sailors, by Iran. During his State of Denial). Wherein he proudly, joyously enumerates izzlom's great/grand contributions, to the World.

And oh yeah, almost forgot, they ain't terrorists no. Nor killers. Nor murderers no mo.



Ya know, kinda like something by Stravinsky (... or mebbe a Strauss waltz).

It never ends, this madness.

6:48 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

@ Monsieur Luhvin ....

Sarah Palin hasn't been worth snot. Since she stabbed Bachman (and us), in the back, in 2012.

Floating a leel tiny trial balloon, a few days/week after Ms. Bachman had won, the Iowa Straw Poll (right after that screaming dildo, Rick Perry announced his candidacy. Just mere seconds after Bachman won).

Then Palin, sittin' on the pot, for a while. Hemming. Hawing. "Deciding" ... if she was going to run? Essentially kneecapping Michelle's early fund raising efforts. Until Palin finally bowed out (though never actually in).

Ms. Palin carried some major tonnage, of our water, for a couple of solid years (once 'pon a time). During which, I stood back/behind, on guard. Resolutely (believe that).

After her brain dead display, I never considered her anything more, than what she is. A two faced political opportunist/carpetbagger. And nothing more. Period. Other than ideology, she is essentially indistinguishable from Jesse Jackson. Utterly.
And now?

She f*cking stabs us in the back .... AGAIN! Cripes.

Palin admires/respects us, about as much as Obama does. And also equally/similarly, think us stupid. Once again, that stankfest, conspires against ME. To deny me. MY choice!

Go away Sarah.

We don't like you anymore (and we just can't wait for your new book!).


(Yesterday/Today?) Trump: (Cruz) "worse than Hillary."

So Sarah, FOAD ..... if you would ... please.

I gotta believe, even Trump is surprised, by his showing. And once he realized, he was not only gaining traction, but altitude. His cranium filled up, with yet even more air. And in thus, the great grand narcisist, absolutely could not bear. The humiliation, of losing, in Iowa.

Country be damned/Iowa full speed ahead. He decides to f*ck you and me .... by doing same .... all the way up Ted Cruz's back, with a red hot poker.

So, Sarah, sweetie .... just f*ck off, and die (already). You ain't foolin' me. But like all too many (far too many) of the other GOPigs, you are only fooling yourself.

There is no truth anymore. EVERY thing now, is fiction. King Hussein, synchronously orchestrating the fake/faux Iran/US patrol boat debacle. Risking US soldier's lives, for a dram of political gain/advantage. You know, exactly like Fast and Furious, Gitmo (you can take the islamist out, the third world sh*thole. But you can't take the jihad out, what came out. The third world islamist sh*thole), and Benghazi.

Killing Americans. Killing Americans. Killing Americans.

It's what these filthy islamocommie cockroaches in the White House do. And it isn't fiction [though reality, under Obama, does play like really bad fiction (and why no one believes it is happening)]. Times far beyond dangerous.

I was going to try, and float a comparison, 'tween Palin, and the Uber passenger, who beat the car driver. Raining a parade of right crosses, down on the side, of the driver's head. From behind (and with the vid evidence, hopefully he should do some real time).

But here's the thing ... that passenger, that lunatic, that filth. Is now suing the driver (that he could have easily killed). In a tearful TV interview (Dr. Drew? Dr. Phil?): "anxiety, humiliation, and fear."

My hope?

You experience that every S I N G L E moment, of every day. That you are in prison.

You peeps'll have to fit Sarah, in that sh*t pile some how, on your own (well, they do both smell).

10:38 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Saturday, January 23, 2016


alt: and this year's Academy Award/Nobel/Pulitzer, for KafkaKabukiDoodie goes to ...

'Teaching migrants how to behave'

Migrants arriving in Finland are being offered classes on Finnish values and how to behave towards women. Johanna is one of those energetic, animated teachers whose cheerful energy lures even the most reluctant pupil into engaging with the lesson.

"So in Finland," she says softly, "you can't buy a wife. A woman will only be your wife if she wants to be - because here women are men's equals."

Her pupils, all recently arrived asylum seekers (ed: "asylum seekers" ... you betcha) at this reception centre hidden away in the snowy depths of the Finnish forest, watch her carefully - and I watch them. Some of the young Iraqi men, who already speak good English and passable Finnish, nod sagely. Others, particularly the older men, stare at one another with raised eyebrows as Johanna's words are translated into Arabic for them.

A Somali teenager pulls his woolly hat over his ears and cradles his head in his hands as if his brain can't cope with all this new information.

Please L*rd, make them stop.

5:33 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

continued ...

Over at NNDB/Dr. Sputnik's Society Pages ...

"It turns out that Google paid Apple one beeeelion dollars to be default iPhone search engine (Anechoic Room ed: no prosecution there. Nope. Apple ain't the only ones gettin' Brin/Page beeg bux, nooh) ... Students at Rice with too much time on their hands have created Trumpscript ... Chess forbidden in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ..."

Not even curious, 'bout the humor, of the Rice/Trumpscript (hey elmo, your cynicisim is showing). And chess, forbidden ... what's to snark? Five hundred different Saudi Princes, in line to the throne. And when watching them (on occasion), in public, the only thing I ever take away? Looks like they are ALL on junk.

Sitting at a long conference table, with a couple dozen other keffiyeh'd/white robed goat froogers. At some mooselimb confab or other. Holding their head up off the table, with their hands, trying hard not to nod off. After just taking their afternoon snort/rip/toot/spike/blast.

Just because I can (via Doc Sputnik)

The New York Times has a fascinating profile of Donald Trump’s older brother, Freddy, who died from alcoholism at an early age.

An interesting tidbit: “Then came the unveiling of Fred Sr.’s will, which Donald had helped draft. It divided the bulk of the inheritance, at least $20 million, among his children and their descendants, ‘other than my son Fred C. Trump Jr.'”

“Freddy’s children sued, claiming that an earlier version of the will had entitled them to their father’s share of the estate, but that Donald and his siblings had used ‘undue influence’ over their grandfather, who had dementia, to cut them out. A week later, Mr. Trump retaliated by withdrawing the medical benefits critical to his nephew’s infant child.”

Best two comments, in (three week old) thread:

This will only endear Trump even more among the old line republicans. So heartwarming when greed becomes a personal god.

"They devour widows' houses, and for a show make lengthy prayers" Mark 12:40

He screwed the losers. That's just Donald being Donald.

5:34 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

continued ...

I think pretty much everyone, tired of "The Donald," this week. Tired of hearing about, tired of talking about. Tired of seeing (about). Enemedia are the ones who (inadvertently) promoted him to (another) saviour/messiah. Knee jerk/empty headedly bashing him 24/7 (and then some), for a forever (which crossed the Atlantic). Essentially turning into ... earned media/instantly earning him a following (see how that works?).

I'll tell you this.

If Cruz's name, isn't on the ballot?

I'm not in the booth.

How you creeptastic lil Trumpmonkeys like me now, huh? [And that applique, is NOT for the average Joe/Jane (in the street, who like/support the Orange One). But ONLY ... for the greedy GOPigs, who actually do know better).

There are NO circumstances under which, I will vote for a man of such low moral character. Ain' gunna happen. Ain' NEVER ... gunna happen.

Three/fo' weeks ago, I had figured out, Trump's path to victory. Welded my mouth shut. Deen't tell a soul. Didn't bother to write it down, put it in an envelope, and mail it to myself.

All Trump had to do, back when, when he F I R S T started to take digs at Cruz? Was to stop. And praise Ted. Take zee high road. Easy peasy/simple simon/nuttin tuit honey. Instead, his gargantuan ego, got in the way (imagine that). Got in the way, of common deceny, and respect. As reason flew right out the window.

Forced Trumpsh*t, down his own freakin' rabbit hole.


He isn't going to be elected. Isn't going to happen. At all. Period.

5:37 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

continued ...

Even if, he gets the nomination. In November, he'll end up with nothing more than a beeg bag'a spit. From America. From Americans with eyes wide open. Freely given (no charge).

Trump, somehow advancing towards/approaching/gaining the nom, WILL ONLY LEAD TO MOOCHELLE'S CANDIDACY.

The libturd aparatchniks, firmly of the belief, they can still ride the hate whitey express, to the White House, again. On the back of the Great Mooselimb Hate [that is le Donnie (to them)].

Creating/cutting/manufacturing/opening a door, for Moochelle.

It's the contrast (stupid).

What/how are they going to contrast (that piece of filth Moochelle) with Ted? Really. They don't have the ammo, or the firepower. To deny us, or G*d. Therein lies the fruit of it all. Will they jiggle another election? Will the GOPigs let them .... AGAIN!

Trump's (lower than a snake's belly) attacks, on Ted. Taken with his mediagenic prominence, this, some are calling ..... leadership!

Wo elmo ... who???????

Jesse Waters (on the Five, Fri., Jan. 22). And this lil (oh so proud) turdmonkey, gets up on his very own lil pink sparkle pony. And calls me an "ideologue" and D I R E C T L Y impugns MY patriotism with "partisanship" (over Country). What a fascist lil butt f*cking *ss to mouth maggot.

Hey Jesse ... Go F*ck Yourself, Creep.

der Trumple, le Donnie (with the light orange hair), is a showman, a buffoon. This isn't a game, Jesse. A pastime. Or a parlor distraction.

It is for everything that ever was.

Or ever will be.



With evil.

Want to impugn my patriotism, to my face Jesse? Huh ...

ANY ring in town, ANY f*cking time (lots of people have my email, shouldn't be too hard). Hint: have someone else drive.


Sarah Palin: (Trump) "someone who can win."

Hey Guv .... Obama won. Twice. You filthy backstabbing stanknasty moron (cue O'Jays).

5:38 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Saturday, January 23, 2016

It's just staggering. The death of this Nation. There are countless reasons. Many recent. Some, in the past.

It would take ..... (wait for it) ..... a book. Just to list them all (and we all know, I'm not going to write it). I'm not much intersted in autopsies.

More interested, in saving America's life. Before then.

What the future holds? Darkness. Foreboding. A whole bunch more blood, flowing in American streets. Courtesy of Obama's homies, ISIS (whom he could have taken out, in less than half an hour. While they were on the road to Baghdad, now two years past. ISIS is Obama. Obama is ISIS).

They are one and the same.

Sunni, Shii. Makes no froogin diff to Hussein d'Membrane. As long as they take it to America (and even kill them a Joo two three four, on the side).

With enemedia's help. And the kneepadded GOPigs (with Barry's schlong, in their mouth). Far too many people, haven't a single clue. Citizens, unaware of the storm that gathers.

In mosques.

But of course, every channel has the D.C. weather (OMG ... snow!). Not the storm, that will kill simply far too many thousands more (the toll in the Middle East, is already millions).

Me, was a libturd much of my life. If you live in South Cali, your identity is largely removed fom the rest of the Nation. Largely removed from reason. Morality. Even ... reality.

I credit a very kind, patient, and generous soul. Who took the time, and gave me lil bits of Conswervo baby food, to nibble. To taste. To show me, what an ignant sort, I was. Letting me see, my own indefensible ignorance.

It's been a long journey.

It has been trying.

I'm not interested in politics. I've only been pushed along, by my love, for this Nation. This land, this place. Could not leave the hammer, on the ground. No. Could only pick it up. And swing it. At those who would seek to destroy us.

From without.

From within.

Along the way, I gained some more knowledge. Some more insight. Some more understanding.

Even a peek, into the sock drawer of some of the Conswervo Media Cartel. Sadly, too many of those drawers. Don't contain drawers .... men's undies.

Panties, they contain panties.

Cunts and pussies. And just so we're all on the same page?

I'm talking about the "men."

4:17 PM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

continued ...

I can''t be bothered, taking individual potshots. I want a way forward. Not the directions to the mud pit. For a slog. Though yes, fair to say, I ain't shy, no. About a virtual scrum now and again (how I got my start, on the Conswervospehere.).

So, am dumbfounded, aghast, stupified. Though I shouldn't be, cuz there are more than murmurs. More than rumours. And though I haven't visited Breitfart, in a forever (believe that!). Thought I'd mosey over, for just a lil peek (murmurs and rumours being what they are).

At 2:28 p.m., this Saturday, January 23, 2016. I, WITH MY OWN EYES, COUNTED ... T H I R T Y

Three oh.

Thirty articles, On the Main Page (startin with the lede, Megyn/Throwdown).


That have Trump in the title. Are directly about. Referencing, mirroring, mentioning, or closely related to.

I think it is fair to say. I won't be visiting again.

For a really, really long time. Well ... like never.

It's not like my time is so valuable. I just don't have it to waste. Watching people jerk off (though if that's your thing?).

I don't begrudge people their like of Donald [Sundance can vote for Trump if he wants? (He hauled most all our water, the last two years. For which I give unbridled Thanks)]. Le Donnie was an instant hit, with a great number of regular everyday Americans [who don't inhabit the Conswervosphere (and could care less about)]. I saw it, within days of his Great Mooselimb Hate comments. People talking/singing his praises. It was a timing thing. People could no longer wait. To be rid of Obama.

4:18 PM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

continued ...

But this panicked rush, by Breitfart, to embrace him. Is another reality, that is all too scary. It's chilling. To the bone.

It's wrong. It's so wrong. But then I don't own the site. Don't work there. And though I did, haul summa Ratt Sludge's water, yes (well, quite a lot actually), for a year and a half. And, in respect for the work, of then Editor J.C.. Not cuz I wanted to be Matthilda's bottom.

I Thank G*d, I am not a member, of the Conswervo Media Cartel [and no, I won't give you the list (it isn't very hard to figure out)].

No one pays me.

No one thinks for me.

I never met Andrew Breitbart. Didn't know him. Haven't clue one. So, I don't know what he would think?

Me, I don't have to worry about it. Don't have to think about it. And I don't have to visit, don't have to read, let alone acknowledge them (though the Cartel oft "play" among themelves. And their reach is quite long and far indeed).

Don't let them infect your mind. Pick and choose your own websites, your own sources. There are plenty (really). If you want traffic (to your site)? Well, you'll have to play ... go along/get along. I'll pass. I have a Country to save. Not watch Banon and Marlow, spank der monkays, together.


There's a whole nuther world out there. There really is.

The Conswervo Media Cartel, is incapable of leading.


Of saving the Country.

It's up to you! Not them. And, there's no money. No glory. Not even a Thank You (they get much of their milk for free).

But when the day comes, and you finally shuffle off this mortal coil. The angels will sing your praises. And you get a puppy, And a kitty. In heaven. Of this, I have no doubt.

Pick up your hammers people.


4:21 PM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Sunday, January 24, 2016

What a tangled web we weave ...

Was going through some old posts, out on de ole Conswervosphere (say last six months). Then ... old school, clicking through those post's links (and in turn, the comments at, as well).

I just didn't notice. How many sites (surprisingly large number). Over the last five/six months. We're already in the tank. For Trump. Shame (on me). Shame (on them).

For not being honest.

Many a year ago (well eight to be exact), I was a reg'lar commenter on one website (just like I have been, on a dozen or more. Over the last ten-fifteen years). And was flummoxed, when the site's co-host, came out. In favor of Obama. Stating they wanted to "vote for the first black pwezzidunce" (yeah, the joke was on them .... his genotype is Arabic).

I wasn't angry. No. Impressed actually. Yes (though they weren't voting, with their mind). Impressed ... with their honesty. Cold and brutal honesty.

Now, we find ourselves in the midst, of a swirling dirty stenchful sh*tstorm. Being whipped up, by millions of people (many of them, Conservatives). Doing the E X A C T same thing. Doin' some sorta feel good vote. But not for the first black prez (of course). No.

But for the first punk *ss b*tch prez.

(The first gyno-American prez, first hermaphro-American prez, first tranny-American prez, first Martian-American prez .... well, they will all still just have to wait).

Lemme break it down for ya .... even spell it out for ya (ummkay?).

WE (you, me, TEA).

Defended Donal Trump. Forcefully. Against virulent, scurrilous attacks.

On general principle (you remember those don't ya .... principles?).

Only for der Trumple, to attack us, in scurrilously attacking Cruz.

Hey f*ckface with the orange hair (yeah you!). You Sir, can point a gun at me (won't be the first time, the second, the third ...). I still won't vote for you.

Not today.

Not tomorrow.

Not f*cking ever.

3:55 PM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

continued ...

Ooond no, I ain' Glenda Beckster [why the fook would I vote for Bernie? (I'm not on acid)]. And yes, the whole NRO (late to the TEA Party) teeng, queer. But, that isn't to say, I don't love me some Loesch, or Sowell, and (most certainly) a few others as well (won't bother to revisit, to then scan/edit which of the "22").


'Ted Cruz Ad Hits Trump Over Eminent Domain: Bulldozed A Widow's Home'

It's a crappy TV ad, anyone [even me (was quite the film cutter, in my day [believe that])], could easily do better. Having said that, I remember that particular, individual eminent domain fascism well. Quite similar it was, to the one at the Pacific Design Center/Big Blue Whale [that one, much more "entertaining." In the solution, the fascist filchers came up with (they simply built right on around, the single family residence). It's really something to see].


Just because I can ....

'The 2016 Teddy Bear Picnic Has Been Cancelled'

"One would have thought, the 2016 election be a cakewalk (yeah ... just like 2012!). A lock even."

And so it goes ...

4:00 PM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Monday, January 25, 2016

The saddest part of the whole entire affair?

Is the cross correlation, 'tween "Breit" sites (sharing however much DNA: father/son/uncle/nephew/cousin/step sister/half brother/etc.).

And those sites, that have been "Trumped."

And, I have my suspicions, 'bout a few other prominent Conswervos as well.

You people need be aware, of the very distinct possibility, that something is in play. And you are all being played .... like

No conspiracy theorist, me. Reality, just is. The Country indeed has fallen. Get your houses in order people. We now are lost, alone. In the wilderness of time.


I beg you.

9:51 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Caught a few minutes, of the John Batchelor show, last night (he, referencing T.O.I.). It would appear that the money. That hundred fifty billion dollars. That Hussein d'Membrane, handed over to the World's Number One State Sponsor of Terror?

Has already begun flowing. Into Gaza, the West Bank, and Lebanon. Minutes, that's all it took.

T H O U S A N D S of new rockets, new missiles, the very latest in UAV's, major tonnage of rebar and concrete (new tunnel construction into Israel, is now taking place at warp speed). All coinciding with a (vertical) uptick in stabbing attacks (four, in just a couple of hours alone!). One, stabbing a woman to death. Right in front of her horrified cluster of small children, inside their home (but they're not a terrorist! Nooh).

And France, has largely lost control, of its domestic security. Attacks there, on Jewry, now commonplace (as well). Now numbering in the thousands per year. Exodus. Has. Begun.

While this week, Dear Leader, will meet for an extended period, with Field Marshal (Paul) Ryan [ed: to work out details. Look over plans/designs/blueprints for a major new works project ... large scale industrial ovens (I guess Trevor Noah was brought onboard this week, to also help sell the program, to the masses)]. (All) helping to complete the task, that our new economic, social, political, and military ally, Khameini (and Khomeini before him) ... has begun.

While indictments are handed down, against JOURNALISTS. For exposing the harvesting, of baby parts, from l i v i n g babies (tain't yur Mum's 'Merica nomo).

Yeah, Hope'n Change .... (you bet). X-lation?

To Serve Man/hope I can exterminate them Jews. Once and for all. And (the best part) .... keep their change (it's good to be King of the Goatf*ckers!). Need any more proof, the Country has fallen. And won't get back up. Huh?

Try this post, A N D thread [stone wall ignorance/transparent propaganda abound. It will make you sick. It will frighten you. It really really will (my G*d)]:







Wow. Just wow. There's nothing left to say. I already told ya, watch your six. Everyone's brains are melting! My G*d .... more knee jerk, paranoid, conspiracy theories. Yeah, that's exactly what we need (you bet). And Sundance, not thinking past the smell of the bait, swallows whole (in just one rapid big gulp).

Hook, line, and sinker.

Now completely owned. Pawned. By McConnell.

You NEVER heard me say, Sundance was smart (dedicated, hard working, courageous P A T R I O T, sure. Absof*ckinglutely. No question). But that lil trick, only cost two mil. (merely pennies!). What an absolute f*cking bargain. Sh*t, amazing. Dog whistles. And everyone (including Sundance) jumps (right on outta their freakin underwear).

Clowntime ain't over people. But it certainly looks like it is curtains, for America. I'd like to think, Sundance's heart, is in the right place [even if he's (unknowingly?) in the middle of the Breitswirl/ConswervoMediaCartel/feces fest/sh*tstorm]. His mind however, has flown out the window. Now gone, gone, gone (off the rails). Sorry, for him, sorry for us.

Just sorry.

I'm gunna miss this place. What a glorious Country it was L*rd. I just can't take the time, to blog anymore. I do not have it. I need to start my journey, yeah. To Israel. You all, on your own now. I wish you G*dspeed, on your journeys. I won't be here.


9:23 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

In comments, at this below (utterly deranged) thread, is this wuvly little tidbit [and actually, the post/thread I was referencing (in my previous comment). When talkin' 'bout Sundance being completely owned/pawned, by McConnell. Sundance, jumpin' all the way out his undies, when he hears the (McConnell blown) dog whistle]:

zzschnops says:
January 26, 2016 at 1:16 pm

ConstipaTED is not anti establishment any more than he is anti anyone else.

This is all part of the plane for a world wide government with a world wide religion with pastorTED as a theocrat… government and church uniTED.

we need a Hinkley

Trump 2016


Wasn't going to post again. But, as anyone alive, anyone breathing knows. The word of the week is "disturbed/disturbing." Indeed. And well, have nowhere else to post, this lil bwain dwop a'mine:

Rosie O'Donald Trump

(no attribution required, free to use, go for it).

Watched a bit of same (Rosie O'Donald Trump), during his Megyn meltdown, last night. It's over for le Donnie, with the light orange hair.

TAKE IT TO THE (freakin) BANK. F*ck yeah!

And yes, watching Megyn, open/lede, last night. More than comically bizarre. She, the lede story. And, she's covering, herself!

(Cue youtube/twilight zone/theme song)

The totality of derangement, of the Trumpmonkeys. Coupled with the tone/tenor, of their Breit headmasters [Banon, Marlow, Sundance, Hoft (I'd paint/tar Drudge as well. But he's been far more circumspect. So ... not quite as obvious, or cut and dried. Though highly possible ... even likely)].

Finds us right in the middle of a hyper-kinetic neo-fascist bum rush. They, trying to bull nose us, right on out of the election. Before there is a vote. Even one, single, solitary ballot is cast. Fascism ... look it up b*tches

Evil IS here people. Yeah.

And I don't think, the Country will get out alive. From bad, to worse it gets, each and every day now. And it's more than I can bear. A great sadness washes over me. For it seems, America is no more.

3:08 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Going down with the plane ....

BJ Clinton/No Sex,
Trump/Going Down With the Plane [last night's disastrous speech (after Lewandowski's morning arrest, yesterday), from inside the flying Trumpmonkeymobile (Trump simply unable to Alinsky/Rahm-vantage the crisis. The Orange Messiah, he ... no longer walks on water [sneef])].

As the world whole, becomes a killing field [in case mebbe ... ya haven't noticed? (and that's another post now isn't it [systemic enemedia gross under reporting of actual casualty totals of 300x-500x per terrorist attack (as well any/all Cruz electoral victories!)])] ... Hussein d'Membrane's killing fields. While his psychic and atomic rape of America (and Israel), continues. With wild abandon [and in such, the planet is turned to dust (don't blink)].

The Trumpmonkeys, now attacking their fellow citizens pell mell. Under the guise of "national unity" (kin'ya say Fallada/Everyman Dies Alone?). As their banana distributor Fox, plays video whackamole (Cruz). (White knuckled) waiting .... waiting .... waiting (for the neo-fascist coup de grace). Waiting, hoping for "reports" of internet rumors (to magically appear), claiming the existence of a video. Of (someone who looks like) Ted Cruz, beating a puppy. To death.

Me, no longer amused (yeah, not news). And wish I were wrong (pray G*d, even), that the point of no return has passed, for this Nation.

Got a million notes scribbled, some of 'em even worthy of print. But I'm not up to the task [still awaiting (six months now) major invasive reconstuctive surgery (can you say Obamacare? Thought you could)]. And well, they're just words. But events of the last 24 hours, have nudged me to sit in front of the 6.4" cell-puter/blu-kybrd once again.

Force Vector Video

If you haven't watched the *right* enhanced vid (of Lyin' Lewandowski)? Then you have not clearly seen events unfolding [who ya gunna believe ... Trumplestiltskin (spinner of yarns and tales). Or your own lying eyes?].

And tis likely, many of the highlighted/shaded/circled/cropped vids. Are designed (yeah, on purpose). To misdirect/obfuscate. Letting the viewer believe , nothing much of anything took place, in the realm of physics (Corey Lewandowski: "I've never met her. It never happened." Trump: "the bruises were already there").

This is the same guy, who last week, was talking about his 1st ammendment rights being impinged, by protesters [and any Trumpmonkeys in the crowd, should rough 'em up (no dissent will be tolerated)]. The same guy, who blamed Garland, Texas.

On Pamela Geller.

And not the Islamofascists, who went there. To actually kill her (go f*ck yourself Donald, ya creep)].

4:24 PM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

continued ...

And the reader will please forgive (thank you) , lack of specific attribution/which net (CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, CNN?), produced the enhanced vid, that I am pushing (t'was only after seeing however many vids, however many times, that I then realized ONLY ONE, informs, illuminates, illucidates. Just one).

In that vid, Lyin' Lewandowski's v i o l e n t assault and battery (of Michelle Fields). Is simply unmistakable. The progression of his actions are broken down, into about six distinct movements [via freeze frame indexing, of short, slo-mo individual/isolated/separate segments (of an event, that in its entirety lasted only a couple of seconds). Rather than merely spooling the blip, over and over (in real time), trying to deduce wtf is going on, with squinting eyes].

Watching that vid, unmasks, delineates the (capital "F") Force vectors (it wasn't a little thing, of no consequence, and ergo Ms. Fields, a whiny liberal).

And why this morning, after last night's (crap weasel) Going Down With the Plane speech [methinks last night, mighta been a good time, to start "acting Presidential" (though maybe that's just me)]. As the sun was a rising (if not before), we hear from Ronald McDonald Trump (ON EVERY FREAKIN' CHANNEL & PLATFORM KNOW TO MAN), an entirely new tune [that was already thoroughly debunked yesterday afternoon!!! (Levin, caller/guest [in the know] 'bout Secret Service modus operandi)].

That L'Donnie (with the light orange hair), was in mortal danger [hint, view alternate/secondary camera, entirely d i f f e r e n t video/reverse angle, where it's all too clear, Trumplestiltskin displayed NO fear of any kind, none. He knew she was a reporter, not an assassin, tyvm (and why you then saw the Secret Service throw Ms. Fields to the ground. And arrest her [what, you didn't see that?])].

And well ... fook me, 'cordin to Trumplestilstkin('s ongoing rally/gathering libretto), he woulda beat the crap out of her/inch of her life. If that were the case.

But it isn't. It wasn't. There was no threat.

4:27 PM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

continued ...

As anyone who has spent any time, (attempting) mastering any of the fighting arts knows. Some responses (after the requisite training). Are automatic.

Only a matter of time now.

(Yes, we have waited a half a year!), before it is offically over. For Trumplestiltskin. Though of course, when he actually does leave the stage, remains to be seen? (Just like Chucklehead Odorama's pledge to stick/stink around D.C., after leaving office).

And you can bank on L'Donnie, doing same. Continuing to sh*t on Ted Cruz and his family, the Country, you & me (I guess until he gets bored with the whole thing? Or everyone simply passes out/are overcome ... by the stench. But no one will tell the Emperor).

Certainly not those with the sh*t eating grins .... Drudge (I assume, haven't visited in months), Breitbart (I assume, haven't visited in months), Fox, indistinguishable from Gawker or the Enquirer now.

Just too many there at Fox (far too many), have sold/traded their very souls to Beelezebub. Bream was the biggest/saddest disappointment (made me sad, was kinda skeery). Schtupping Cruz, in de arse (in case you haven't heard, the network IS changing their name to: "On the phone with Donald Trump"), Palin, Christie, Santorum Huckabee, Carson [now "spiritually aligned" with his BFF, Donald Trump (not only would I not slag Doctor Carsons' wife. I would never dream/contemplate. I can't even imagine?)].

ad infinitum ...they all love 'em some eau de Trumplestiltskin.

Currently, there is only one man suited up, mounted up, and riding (mighty fookin' strange that). Unafraid to call 'em ALL out, BY NAME (and though I'm not in the mood to forgive past transgressions) that would be one Glenn Beck. John Batchelor's ouvre is of course different (he not a flamethrower), but he IS also in the saddle (Thank You, Sir).

As Medved exclaims (a month or two back) ... "Cruz unelectable" [don't quit your day job (on second thought ....)].But he thinks John K. Schitz, is a viable alternative (if you're living in an alternate reality). And, Prager (same time frame), was pimpin' "Rubio only one who can win." Why a month ago, I heard Rush sing a Rubio praise also ["brilliant conservative mind" (and no, I cannot bring/force myself to listen to Rush, anymore. Period)].

While Bill Handel, was spouting/spreading the Cruz, "dirty tricks" meme. Even Pete Tilden, when atomic evidence was placed front center, of his face/pie hole. That such really are lies. Played blind [why do they all (mortally) fear an honest man?]

4:29 PM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

continued ...

Clowntime ain't over peeps (did someone say candy?).

While Monsieur Levin, sadly, often can't bring himself to do same [as Beck (name names)]. Pulling his punches, speaking in vague generalities ("those websites/those other hosts"), with his standard raging passivity (you know ... what with the launch of his new 4K video empire/don't rock the boat toooo much).

Yeah, we'll take what we can get, aye. Yes. We. Will (with gratitude). Not to knock Monsieur per se (he's carried a ton, two three'a our water. Make no mistake. None). But half measures ain' gunna bring it. No. Sawry. Either you are all in. Or ya ain't.

If you got time Mark (if I may be so informal), for book. After book after book. Website after website. New TV studio after .... then you've got the time. To stand. And actually deliver.

Something more.

More than spittle on the mic. Dude, who the fook would wanna listen, AND watch you. For S I X hours a day? Come on now ... there's a disconnection there, Sir. We don't need someone to hold our hand.

Three hours. You can't get it done in three?

Gunna "bring us history" you say [I change the station every time ya pimp the new network, on and on on end (how I was able to catch up on Beck)]. We don't care about the PAST. No, really, we don't need context.

We are living history,
In real time,
right before our very eyes.
We want to stop the Country, from becoming history [and in turn, then read about it in future/past tense (I did say Now, didn't I?)]

But hey, the (French) Revolution will be televised, by Mark, in 4K, via duh innernets! During hours four, five, and six (break out the popcorn, while the global civil society collapses all around. And America, burns. To the ground).

Think for yourselves people. Please. I beg you.

Don't count on anyone. As in no one. To save the Country. Put down the f*cking remote, and get YOUR fat fookin *ss, down to the nearest Cruz campaign HQ.

Grab some gloves, clean the turlit. Plug in the vac, clean the floor. Windows? Bring a squeege b*tch (couple dollars at Walliemart). Get to f*cking work.

Or shut the f*ck up already.

Words ain't sh*t no more.

Y'all show me something. Any f*cking thing at all.

It's twilight now in America.

What did you do in the war.

Huh, what the f*ck did you do?

4:31 PM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Couldn't bring the link up, at/on WashCompost's site, so ... stuck with (the likely to expire) MSN hosted.’t-involve-violence/ar-BBrRWwV?ocid=spartanntp

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said Sunday that he hopes a contested Republican convention in July "doesn't involve violence" if he is denied the nomination during second-ballot voting.

"I hope it doesn't involve violence. I hope it doesn’t. I'm not suggesting that," Trump told reporters on Sunday here in Staten Island. “I hope it doesn’t involve violence, and I don’t think it will. But I will say this, it’s a rigged system, it’s a crooked system. It’s 100 percent corrupt.”

Trump said Saturday that the Republican National Committee is in for a "rough July" if he does not receive the nomination despite his overwhelming delegate lead.

Hey Donald, sugg me deek ya filthy freaktastic turdmonkey. And hey, while you're down there? Lick muh *ss too bitch. It'll be hotter than July, in Cleveland. By the fires YOU have lit [and Bernie/BLM/Soro's will be standin' by ... with the extry large bellows. As well all the Trumpmonkeys, swingin' liplocked from your deek (I giss I'm just not patriotic enough [?], to do same). Balkansas here we come (I gawrantee!!!)].

Ooond while I was lookin' (for the above link, over at WashCompost), spotted (smell't), another steamin' pile (imagine that). Unread (why bother, sh*t smells, that isn't news, no).

And yeah, they can get in line (after Donald), and sugg muh deek too!

KNX/1070, Tues., April 13, 2pm

"Muslims now living in fear"

LAPD 'outreach officer', after visiting a local mosque! What with all that hate on social media (he/they say).

Hillary: "White America must do a better job" (I assume, speaking at NAN event).

Me, I'll miss the old America.

The new?

Not so much.

In the blink of an eye. Just staggering how quickly the whole entire world can collapse. Under the weight of the Baby Raping Moong*d Death Cult's global advance/hijrah.

Funded, fueled, fed ... even armed, by Rebel Commander Hussein.

Me, converse with lots of people. Near everyone I meet. Yeah, politics. And 99% of 'em, don't care, don't know, haven't clue one. Zip. Bupkis. The big nada. Nothing. Zeeero.

This sh*t's going down people. You better f*cking get ready. But then, I'm repeating myself.

2:29 PM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Monday, April 18, 2016 (2x, via Lucianne)

My G*d!

'Hundreds in Clifton cheer raising of Palestinian flag'

"CLIFTON – Hundreds of people cheered loudly on the lawn in front of City Hall on Sunday afternoon as the city joined a handful of North Jersey municipalities in raising the Palestinian flag.

Those in attendance waved miniature American and Palestinian flags above their heads and cheered city officials, who helped add Clifton to the growing number of northern New Jersey towns that have had flag raising ceremonies honoring Palestinian Americans."


'Top Trump aide lobbied for Pakistani spy front' ... Michael Isikoff

"For more than five years, Donald Trump’s new top campaign aide, Paul Manafort, lobbied for a Washington-based group that Justice Department prosecutors have charged operated as a front for Pakistan’s intelligence service, according to court and lobbying records reviewed by Yahoo News.

Manafort’s work in the 1990s as a registered lobbyist for the Kashmiri American Council was only one part of a wide-ranging portfolio that, over several decades, included a gallery of controversial foreign clients ranging from Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos and Zaire’s brutal dictator Mobutu Sese Seko to an Angolan rebel leader accused by human rights groups of torture. His role as an adviser to Ukraine’s then prime minister, Viktor Yanukovych, an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, prompted concerns within the Bush White House that he was undermining U.S. foreign policy."

Cuz ya know, Ronald McDonald Trumplestiltskin, he is such and outsider. Yep. You betcha. Righty'O!


And, in case you missed it (haven't been online for a while, don't know all recent coverage?):

LAT'S/atomic/April 3/Spagat & Batrawy

'thirsty crops still find market'

Our friends, the Saudi's, making a MAJOR play for land/water rights, in Southwestern A M E R I C A.


It's all just so unreal. And everyone carries on, as if nothing was there. And America, she hovers like a fly, waiting ... for the windshield on the freeway:

12:14 PM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

From Your scum drippin' lips Donald .... to G*d's ears!

Heard a mention, this a.m. (870/Morning Answer), of an interview, yesterday. With Ronald McDonald Trumplestiltskin. Wherein, tis said, he said (about the nomination): "If I lose, I'll take cyanide."

And yesterday, I heard (with my own ears) Emperor Trumpmonkey say: "We'll come together." Ummkay. Shoyr (we'll leave the obvious gay orgy joke out).

Yeah, united, together. EVERYONE (cept the Trumpmonkeys, of course). Hands together. On the handle. Of the giant turlit. That flushes your sorry stankbutt, all the f*cking way down the sewer (that you somehow crawled out of).

More Trumpmonkey?

OK, I'm easy .... Trumplestiltskin [also yesterday (what a busy little chimpanzee he be!)]: honor/spirit/heroics of 7/11 (well, maybe he was talkin' 'bout working the graveyard shift at the 7/11, in a tough neighborhood?).


Yes, you really really do..

Not read about it. Nor audio only. Thank You.

In it, you can clearly see, the (quite dim) light's on, but no one is actually at home. It n e v e r dawns on him. He has NO clue. How far down his throat's his foot. On the air, completely unaware. The audience gasps are chilling. Can you imagine four years of this freak, after eight years of King Pigsh*t? [And no, I didn't mean to cause a mass, spontaneous emission, of the Trumpmonkey Nation].

His Royal Highness, Emperor Trumpmonkey, never set up a ground game (in order to win delelgates). Because he never intended to stay in the race. Never expected it to go/get this far. His candidacy a lark, a fluke. Like him. That is, if he even understood how (to set up a campaign, or to run one). You know ... what a maverick!

You want more ... Trumpmonkey? OK .... (though we all had enough, six months ago!)

'Donald Trump’s Employees Reveal If They Are Voting For Their Boss'

Donald Trump insists that he’s a great boss and job creator, but what do his employees think? Last week “The Chris Gethard Show” went around New York to many of the businesses Trump owns and spoke to people he employs. Can you guess what they think of big boss Donald? Are they going to vote for him? Let’s check in and find out: “I’m Spanish. So you already know your answer right there."

Sure, I could use a laugh (can't we all). I guess I've just become too jaded/cynical, to actually click/watch the vid.

1:00 PM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

continued ....

As diff:

NPR, this a.m., covering the TEA Party, War on Women:

Tehran - Marked/heightened/stepped up/increased surveillance/enforcement (canes/whips) of ... The Veil. Via the Govt., Police, IRGC. Of women, in cars, not wearing (the veil).

While King Pigsh*t heads to Riyadh, "to reassure" the Saudi's. While his diesel pusher, currently sits atop them, idling (with the A/C running full blast). A massive hyperkinetic push is now underway, to demonize the Saudi's (together with da Joo's, of course). Pulling out ALL stops. They're throwing everything they've got, at this one. (I mean) Everything.

Before Israel, and Saudi Arabia, bomb the never ending f*ck out of Iran. (All the way) back, to the freakin' stone age (cuz ya know, it's a reg'lar Renaissance there now!). So book your Air Fwance flight to goatfookerville (Tehran) now (while it's still there!).

It's gunna get hairy out there people. People are going to die. So many, too many [so many more than the hundreds of thousands, already already fed into Moe, Ham, and Ed's ginormous wood chipper in just the last couple of years alone (]. They are going to be murdered. Sliced and diced. Blown to smithereens. With weaponry bought, using the money, that the (shii) IslamoCommie govt of the United States, handed over to their brethren shii murderers. But then, I'm repeating myself.

1:06 PM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

continued ...

Some moments, I feel like an actual character, in an actual episode, of the Outer Limits (like waiting in the checkout line, at the supermarket, and having the cover of The Enquirer, jump in your face with Cruz, a regular Hugh Hefner, philanderer extraordinaire) .... T H E Y/lib media, and conserv media (not the citizenry) control the vertical, they ... control the horizontal. Control what we see. Control .... the truth.

And in such, the odds of ending this madness, restoring the Constitution, and this Nation. Now simply too long.

As each day, we lose yet another voice. My G*d, Monsieur Luhvin, now nothing but a carricature, of himself. Shoulda broke the stopwatch out yesterday, in order to provide the over/under metric: how much completely wasted (air) space? Devoted to: pimpin' the new network, pimpin' Mom'n Pop's new tome, whichever/however many pocket websites, whichever past books? There is no respite. IT NEVER STOPS. Just business as usual (as usual).

So please, Mr. Levin, if you would. Stop pretending, you're carrying the standard. Are leading the parade. When actually, you ain't. And that's fine, really. You don't want to be on the front lines? Great, your choice. No problem. But the delusion, it Sir, is all your's.

The answer is in the atomic, not the virtual. What you (Dear Reader) do, with your own hands, sweat and toil, to save this Nation. Not who you listen to, or watch. We call that a clue. The Nation isn't going to save itself. Let alone be saved, by any talking head (certainly not the crop we got).

I'm no martyr (yeah, for all the good it would do), said it before, yep (and I'm not going to be). Though certainly, largely martyred my own existence (here's a hankie for ya' elmo). How many lives, American lives. Already freely given, in the cause of Liberty? A million? How many m i l l i o n s of casualties?

And everyone just sits, on their fat fookin' *sses, squandering the greatest gift ever known. And preserved, lo these two centuries, with/by the blood of MILLIONS of AMERICANS. Their blood, given unto you, unto me. Now, no one is even trying, to save this Nation. Faaar too many just going through the motions. It's all just ... umm ... politics. Nothing to get worked up about [and ISIS? Just a JV (slo-pitch softball) team].

Yeah Rush, the buildings ARE still standing. But America's heart, America's soul? Now simply dust in the wind. And idea, that is no more. And I cannot bear to watch the entropy centrifuge, continue to pick up speed. Reality is such a harsh mistress.

The future's so bright, I need welding goggles (double entendre). We have reached a singular moment in time. That is repeating. The world HAS been here before, twice (why not even seventy five years ago).

This time? You'll have to place your own bets. I've already placed mine. In the Negev (when I get there, of course). My only regret. I didn't do more. Did what I could. Wasn't good enough. And, there just aren't enough hands on deck, now are there.

Some, are waiting for the Fed-Ex guy, and a ginormous shipment of ceegars. Some, are busy putting on make-up (ring ... ring ... telephone call for Mr. Demille). Some are ....

You get the idea. That is, no one has any. Ideas. On how to gett'r done (save the Nation). Only how, to butter their (French) toast. It all ends not with a bang.

........ but with a whimper

1:18 PM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Oh well, looks like it weren't L'Donnie (with the light orange hair), who's going to take the cyanide (wishful thinking/projection). It's that other fruitloop/cake ... Peter King [hey, we'll take what we can get! And, yeah, I'd pay to watch (ummm elmo, bribes/elections are illegal [ooops])].

Donald's a populist now (isn't he?), maybe this sort of thing, will catch on with him (a blogger can dream)? And Peter, pwease ... don't make promises you aren't going to keep (you know, like your sainted idol does, Emperor Trumpmonkey).

2:12 PM  

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