Saturday, March 11, 2017

It's Trumpcare Now

They've merely shaved its butt ... and are now teaching it to walk backwards.

Kept my powder dry, yeah [been a while now, hasn't it (aye)]. Wasn't any need to stand in L*rd Emperor Trumpmonkey's (L.E.T.'s) way. Or backbite/nip at his heels. While he's trying to .... you know ... make America great again.

But the pudddin? Well it's rancid, it stinks, smells ... bad. Like the dookie it is.

Rethuglican Cowards. Bugs. Most certainly not men. Vermin (with accompanying mouse sized scrots). Shivering/shaking afraid of the libturd nation. Freakin' afraid ... of their very own shadows [but most certainly not afraid to plan their re-election around their ACA cowardice (good luck with that. Real good luck, scum)].

F*ck 'em, these F A U X conswervo political/media freaks. Allthewayupwitharedhotpoker (usual offer: to your faces? Any freakin' time. Anywhere. Any place).

If you don't know, don't understand ... what ACA is? Let alone have real world atomic experience, with the evil it truly is [if I lift up my shirt, you can see for yourself (while wincing and recoiling in horror)]. Then just shut your f*cking yap already. Really. If YOU aren't willing to bury it ... alive (and then nuke it from space)? Then just lick my hairy *ss.

Get rid of it.


Government out.

Out our lives.

Out our doctor's exam rooms.

Out our surgical suites.

Out of the health care biz.

Out of the insurance biz.



Persist in this sick, evil, twisted charade? And I pray with all my might, summoning the cosmos. To violently let loose with the mightiest bolts of lightning to ever strike this mortal coil. Vaporizing all your sorry stankbutts, not even an oil stain left. Less than the bacteria (that you now are), living in the bung of a dung beetle.

There's no magic here.


[I know, waaay too complex (and ooh soo skeeery [for all you butt slamming maggots])].

They didn't assemble this Frankenstinian monster, whole, in one day. They spent eight years vigorously destroying this Nation. And all of those eight years? You stenchful six legged freaks ... maniacally choked your chickens (with one hand). While oh so bravely pounding your anti-Obama chests (with the other).

Just kill it. Kill it now. But ya know what .....


They let a foreign born, mooselimb traitor, be Prez., for eight years. Let (yet) another deranged narcissist, rape us in the *ss (again)?

The truck convoy of KY Jelly, is rolling now (breaker breaker). Spending A L L  their time and energy telling The Big Lie (and yeah, they are repeating themselves. Often). Lyin' Ryan: "as close as we're going to get to repeal" [well, he actually spoke the truth there/accidentally slipped out (let's see how close we can get to a successful petition/Ryan recall campaign?)]. Or Upside Down Spicer, having the unmititgated gaul, to use the word "hope"! Cowards (though yeah, in the not too distant past, I have used the moniker/descriptor neo-fascists).

Just f*cking cowards [remember when L*rd Emperor Trumpmonkey (L.E.T.), rather ineloquently called John McCain, a peacetime coward? Hey Donald Cheetoh, Kawksucker Banon, Prince Reamus .... here's a freakin' mirror (hint Congresscritter Ryan: working out at the gym 24/7, doesn't make you a man either)].

Me, I ain' eatin' even one more Boehner/Ryan Sh*t Sandwich. Nope. Sawry (do enjoy yours though. Maybe with some Grey Poupon, on your poop sandwich ... uh?). Y'all just FOAD already [bone cancer sounds 'bout right (though Ebola works for me too)].

Yeah, L.E.T. has waged a rather impressive media battle (well ... it now IS a requirement). But that isn't the entire job. Nooo. Playing a President, on TV, just a wee bit different than actually doing the job/inhabitting the space.

And these bozoids job is what exactly?


That's it.

It's OUR Country. We decide. WE the people. We. Tell. Them. What. To. Do.

But, just like the libwuhls, Exactly like. They think they know what's best. Are smawter. Great seers. Great thinkers (so great, that when L*rd Emperor Trumpmonkey fluffs in their face. They all genuflect, and say: Thank You L.E.T., can we have another!)

Like Larry Elder, part of the lede of Wednesday night's broadcast (three days ago). Was how L.E.T. (just by spouting out his blowhole!), has saved and completely restored the U.S. economy. And the larger part of that lede? Was International Woman's Day (no, really). Not a single mention of the repeal of Obamacare. Not a one. Neither a tease nor a whisper. Needless to say, I didn't tune in, for the rest of the broadcast. Nor will I, again.

Or (RINO poster boy) Michael Medved, yesterday, Friday. Spent his airwaves, making all of the left's arguments (every one). For supporting Trumpcare. And NOT killing Obamacare. Evil little b*tch [does anyone (other than Medved himself), think he's a conservative?].

So, I can acknowledge L.E.T.'s media performance. Yep. But you're all as delusional as the day you voted for L.E.T. (thinking there was some difference, any at all. 'Tween him and Hildabeast). Was unavoidably obvious to me, nearly a year before the election. He couldn't be trusted FOR ANYTHING. (persons of no character are like that).

Why I voted with my feet this time, and stayed home. It was quite an easy decision, for me [and watching all the mental gymnastics, the faux conswervos twisted themselves into (spineless jellyfish). In order to rationalize their votes? Made me nauseous].

Drain the swamp? 'Case you haven't noticed (?), they've built condos, cabanas, and concessions on the shore (maybe I should write that in Braille). Mostly, Tumpmonkey just talks out the side of his mouth. Joyously telling us how great things have become (since he was inaugurated). How much greater they're going to be [because of the Cheetoh revolution (maybe I'm just projecting, cuz I never listen to the freak)]. The operative word here is: He [he IS just another deranged narcissicist. Absolutely nothing new or novel there (other than the obvious tangerine tonsorial).

I would have dearly loved to have been wrong. Prayed daily, with heart and soul (I beckoned to be wrong). Would have been ever so lovely, to now put up a post: "I Was Wrong." Man that would have been f*cking great!!!

Now ... the future has arrived. EXACTLY AS PREDICTED [and no, that's isn't a self pat on the back/tyvm (thad'be my Limburger shout out)].

Man Without a Country ....

It's not very likely the Country will survive the fourth estate (now known as Social Justice Warriors)/fifth column's non-stop propaganda/endless inculcation. The Union will not hold. It isn't possible. The fortress' embattled by all manner of mindless functionaries, "educators," bureaucrats, S.E.I.U. thugs, members of the U.S. Intelligence Community, fake titty valley (Zuckermaggot et al), and of course Hollyweird (not to mention the endless parade of an infinite number of other loose marbles rolling around).

But there will be no Country left, for the left to continue to destroy. If L*rd Emperor Trumpmonkey does it first. As he is doing now (in spite of his rather deft media uppercuts and roundhouses). Doing the right thing by G*d and Country, ISN'T A CRIME. No. It. Isn't.

Unless of course, you're a real conservative and are opposed to Trumpcare. As well being up for re-election the next cycle? Then you better flag down that aforementioned truck convoy (cuz they're about to run a train through your *ss).

But now you, L*rd Emperor Trumpmonkey, wear the blood of Lady Liberty. Just like Obama .... exactly like ... Obama.

Standing behind her fallen fallow form. Holding a dripping dagger.

Donald Cheetoh has no intention of restoring freedom, and liberty. Nor of course, the Constitution. Only the blind (and the previously mentioned delusional), would fail to see. That L.E.T. spends his politcal capital/will, continuing Obama's legacy. Doing Hussein d'Membranes work, of wresting control of this Nation, from out its citizen's hands. Presiding over its demise.

Trump isn't a leader. He just plays one on TV. And y'all follow. The greatest gift ever known, now washing under the waves.  And all you faux conswervo's still (!). Are swingin' liplocked, from his ginormous wang (while grabbin' a handful'a dirt yo'self, to toss 'pon Lady Liberty's grave).

83% of the counties in America [thad'be out of 100% (the  other 17%? ..... San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, New York, and Miami [that's who voted for Hildabeast])], put Ronald McDonald Trumplestiltskin in power.

To put an end this madness. Not to cement or enshrine it (f*ck your red line, L*rd Emperor. And you too). It was the only reason they voted. Why for a moment there (oops, you blinked), they even had hope.

I condemn all you, who foisted this monstrosity upon us (while his meat was valet parked aaaaaall the way down your throats), to Hell .... throughout eternity.

For I now am, a man without a Country ......

earth to earth; ashes to ashes, dust to dust ...

(end transmission)


Personal note/nonsense, which you can skip, in its entirety.

The Negev isn't happening. Not today, tomorrow, next month/year. Though I most certainly have not ruled it out. At all. Don't currently have the health (HALF DESTROYED BY OBAMACARE, and its real world/atomic death panels). To traipse half way round the world, pell mell, on a moral lark. And be fitted, for my tailor made hairshirt. And is most prudent, that I now tie up some loose financial ends (first). Cuz things can change. In the blink of an eye, oh yeah (the goatf*cker, who went out of their way, to get in my face, at the supermarket. WAS A WAKEUP CALL).


Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

They sent a fried cheese doodle (Donald Cheetoh), to do a man's job (restore the Republic).

Everyone madly/helter skelter fell in love (couldn't sugg his salami fast enough), with his promises (of two Maserati's in every garage). That he had NO intention of keeping (I warned you. Over and over, and over again). But tis all just biz as usual (as usual ... in the Beltway). They've merely patched, then mowed the lawn. Installed new drapes on the front windows, and painted the trim (see Titanic; deck chairs).

The revulsion staggering. The sense of loss, overpowering.

The cowards didn't even bother. To author an actual repeal bill. Ya know, to actually repeal Obamacare (and then of course, vote on it).


Because then. Then ... they would be on record. And anyone who voted against repeal (and restoration of the Republic/yanking the Constitution out the whirlin' turlit)?

Wouldn't be re-elected dogcatcher.

No greater cowards, ever, in the Nation's history (and I do mean ever). But dear lil blog reader, it gets better (it does). Now L.E.T. (L*rd Emperor Trumpmonkey), is blaming Conservatives. For "not repealing Obamacare." Wow.

I guess if they tell this lie enough, they themselves will start to believe it. It's just sickening. And so cruel. The orange haired simian, inculcating hate. Hate against Conservatives.

So lemme aks'ya uh kwestion (if I may)?

How then exactly ... is he different from Hildabeast?

Hint: her balls are bigger.

Eight years, of the Oborg/paleo-fascists. America, now on her last breath (buildings don't "breathe"). Now, there is no hope of Lady Liberty surviving ... the Trumpmonkeys/neo-fascists [and THEIR unhinged virulent hate of Conservatives (don't criticize the Emperor), is truly something to behold (DON'T get too close, word)].

Civil society is gone. Democracy is now a contact sport. In this abyssal vortex, resides the collapse of the greatest gift ever known.

It's out of G*d's hands now. Thanks for what you gve us L*rd. Sorry ... we f*cked it up, beyond any/all repair.

(Imaginary YouTube hyperlink here: Taps)

9:21 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Tuesday, March 28,2017

Trump lied ... America died

(yesterday's comment, timestamped Monday, March 27)

12:24 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Wednesday, January 16, 2019.

Test tickle. Have hard copy post, in can. As yet unedited. Covering a very wide range of subjects. And as always, taking no prisoners. Immediately cutting to the chase: quite rather impressed with the Job, Trump has done (and Grateful). The media war, foreign policy. Yada yada. Obviously, getting good advice, and taking it. None the less, sans an actual effort? To repeal ACA. I'll vote with my feet, again. And stay home. Politics (winning or losing). And of course hack/partisan politics BE DAMNED.

I'll not suborne the end of the Constitution. That's a non starter. No change there. And yeah, a fifty fifty chance. "Senator" Ingrown Kamel Hair, will be our next prez. Now iff'n I lived in most any other state. I'd at least reconsider. But I don't. My time on earth, now finite and limited. And I'll face any foe, to save the Constitution. Bear any burden (already proved that now, haven't I). Trump doesn't have to succeed, no. He merely has to try. Actually try, left foot, right foot.... march! Should by some bizarre inversion of the universe, the Taco Bell Supremes. Give the Constitution, back to us? Sure, I'll vote to reelect (call it a free one).

4:00 PM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Sunday, January 20, 2019

P.S. My accuracy in political predictions, is not major league. Not even peewee. You could probably use it, as an opposite barometer [think Gen. Custer (actor portrayal) and Dustin Hoffman's character. In the movie Little Big Man].
So, while Senator Ingrown Kamel Hair, is in play, this federal cycle. This afternoon, I couldn't help but think. She merely a stalking horse, for Moochelle. You been warned. YES you have.

9:29 PM  

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