Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Hero


Noise pollution can increase blood pressure.

Don't know if on a personal level, this officer likes skateboarders less than myself? I despise them. Eco-vandals. Wantonly destroying property. Condeming the world to egregious noise in perpetuity. Scum. F*cking scum.

But Elmo, they're only kids (you say). Yeah, and just like the good officer, go ahead and try and get them to stop. Be as nice as you dare please, as many times as a truly bad version of Groundhog Day allows. They'll lie to your face as a matter of course ("we're not doing anything ... we weren't skating"). Proud to say from experience ... the only way is to physically take their board.

Works like a charm.

And umm yeah, I do like kids. Even the sound of them playing (that there would be called life). But in the automotive inspired architecture, of a large condo complex. In its driveway box canyons. The sound of a skateboard destroys all semblance of peace. Echoing, reverberating. The structures .... unbroken linear walls, paralleling empty open concrete drives. Serving as giant acoustic amplifiers.


Seventeen percent of sixth-graders drink

MINNEAPOLIS, Feb. 28 (UPI) -- A U.S. researcher .... found sixth-graders drinking. The study, published in Health Education and Behavior, found nearly 1 in 6 sixth-graders is already an alcohol user.

Keryn Pasch of the University of Minnesota School of Public Health said many of the users of alcohol in elementary school believe "drinking is normal."

Tuesday, March 4

Sad ...


A young man from Webster Groves, leg was cut off by a freight train. The nineteen year old teen was airlifted to a Hospital, where he underwent surgery. "There is no hope for attachment" said Jennifer Arvin (hospital public relations manager).

The incident happened near Gray and Baker avenues. He was found on the ground, his leg and skateboard were found about 50 yards west of him.

About the time of the accident, an eastbound train had been traveling through Webster Groves. The intersection is marked with flashing-light signals and gate arms.

[via Fark .... with (accompanying ghoulish snarkasm)]

And well them teens is just so dang cute ... (from immediately above link)

YouTube search: "train dodging" (who knew?).