Monday, May 10, 2021

Remember When?

When the good guys, they wore white hats? And the bad guys, they umm, wore black [oooh .... what a racist you are! (and you are using some kind of system, I can tell)]. 

Remember when there was right and wrong (in the world). Remember back when Traitors, after their trial and conviction, were shot? Instead of Traitors (in uniform), shooting people of conviction (in the back!). 

Now? Dumb rocks pretending to be people (DRPP), have bumper stickers on their cars. P r o u d l y displaying their allegiance to the Islammocommie Junta (who have successfully staged a coup, right here in these United States of America). 

Remember when such goings on were well ... pure fiction? And if you mentioned such and the real world, in the same sentence? You were considered a paranoid delusional loon. Cuz well ... fascist dictators, they are like history .... ancient history. And they might as well be fiction, so far removed from the minds of the youth of today, the WokeCoke generation (that they don't even know they've just voted for one).

And well to King Hussein in the Membrane, the Holocaust is fiction too. Everyone knows them Joos, made the whole durn thing up. Clever sunnofaguns. Because everyone knows ..... Hitler was an artist, a painter. And Leni Riefenstahl? That's right, she was a dancer. 

Never forget? Never again? Evil is here people. It has returned in full force. It struts around proud, in the light of day. Why it even has has a preprinted nametag, Jordan Burnette (even a parking spot next to the Mayor's). It is now a crime, to not genuflect before the fascists. Or fail to throw bricks, through the windows of all of the Synagogues. 

How quickly people forget. It IS 1938 all over again. I am so tempted to leave. To hide my head in the sand (in the Negev). But I am not a coward. And I'll not live out my days in my own shame. 

With what comes to hand, to mind. I shall battle this resurgent evil. With every ounce of my fiber. With every neuron that still fires. With every beat of my heart. I will not surrender. I will not bow. I will not join the vile loathsome insects, in their joyous worship of Satan. Sorry, no can do. I ain't a part of Beelzebub's crew. 

In me occasionally misspent youth, I had never been a fan of the sport of golf. In middle age however, I had come to understand its gestalt. And was looking forward to puttering around the greens some day. Now? It would seem so callous and cruel, while this war is going on. 

So much has been taken from us. The art, the spirit, the pure joy of living. Life as art. Our world entire, has been turned upside down. Bam! Our freedoms, our liberty. Our health, our wealth. Our well-being, they have all been fed into the jaws of a stampeding herd of six foot tall cockroaches.

Pure evil, pure filth ..... Zuckermaggot, Bozo Bezos, (Do Nothing but Evil) Brin and Page, Cook, Jackwad Dorsey, Schumer, Schiff, Buraq Odorama. Many, live in a swamp in DC, some in highrises in Manhattan, or sedate lugzhurious estates near Silicon Valley. For mere amusement they've devoured our happiness. Our entire way of life. These bacteria in the bunghole of a dung beetle. 

Whence Commie-la Harris, is Coronated Punk Rock Queen of the Universe (of Utopia). And vast herds of pink sparkle ponies run wild (farting rainbows). Everyone with a brick in hand (or for those that can't afford? Moochelle will provide for free). Will proceed to the nearest Synagogue. Remember kids, Kristallnacht isn't the title of a Disney song. Oh wait a minute, hold on. On second thought .....I hear Minnie and Mickey are rockin' the snuff-out snowflake chorus. 

And I gotta believe, that when Biden's brain begs for mercy. And pleads with Cucksaki, to please stop slapping him around (it hurts). And says he doesn't want to play President anymore (oh he's in trouble now). 

Then, when Commie-la Harris is inaugurated. And places her hand on the kuran. And swears allegiance to Mao. The Iranian, ambassador, to the UN, will have a very prominent seat, at the ceremony. And I'm pretty sure later that evening, King Hussein in the Membrane, will a take victory blunt puff puff, round the Truman balcony. With his racist ho, Samantha Power. 

They have taken this Nation, and destroyed it. In their greed. In their avarice. In their runaway madness. In their devout worship of Satan. They are not human. They are not with mind or thought. Neither reflection nor introspection. They just and only feed, feed upon us all. Feed upon our flesh, our spirits, our very souls. Gluttony is their redemption, in the eyes of their dark master. 

A bacchanalian feast unlike any come before. Insects, vermin, scum. Who will not stop, until we stop them. Get busy, or die trying. There is nothing else. They have taken everything. Everything ... except our will to fight. 

And they will take that too, if you let them? And don't you dare. For if we have not this Land, this Nation, this Country America. Then we are bereft of the joy and beauty of the greatest gift ever known. 

Between the unlimited running of the Heidelberg printing presses, 24/7. The wide open increase in the money supply. And the massive inflation tax now on its way. Or the unprecedented wide open Southern border. Or the unprecedented wide open alliance with the world's largest State sponsor of terrorism. Or the unprecedented wide open spying, on citizens. 

The wide open suspension of individual rights. The wide open suspension of law and order. The wide open suspension of science and reason. Or the wide open hatred (and soon violence) being spread, by the lie of systemic racism/racist cops.

Wide open War on America and Americans ... from within. By the Democrat party, by elected Democrat officials. By our Judiciary, and plethora of security apparatuses. By unelected media moguls and tech overlords. War. 

No foreign enemy, has ever done as much damage to this Nation. Or in as short a period of time. There will be no joy in our World, until these insects are banished from it. 

And not just the damage they are doing now. But their long term/range plans. They want to permanently cement their grip on the populace. To keep firm their grip, they plunder the minds of children. Completely empty them of thought and reason, and fill them with nothing but propaganda and hate. 

I believe currently, the path they have chosen. Is a hyper-speed push. To vaccinate all teenagers. The amount of planning, energy, and resources now being devoted to this push. Is dumbfounding. Indoctrination and allegiance to the Islammocommie Junta:

"Among the myriad crimes of the Third Reich, not least among them is how its leadership went about the mass indoctrination of innocent German children, to turn them into obedient and hate filled cogs in their monstrous machine."

Tuesday, May 11th, Eight a.m.

Stand an Deliver 


F*ck CCP Bidensky, Commie-la Harris, Pusslousy, Schmucker,, Schiffty, Chainey, Buraq Odorama, all of these truly evil bugs. And their handmaidens in the FNIC and the CTO's. ALL the WAY UP WITH a RED HOT POKER:

*****  'Border crisis: 5 unaccompanied migrant girls found abandoned in Texas' 

"A farmer said he discovered the 'baby girls' hungry and crying"

"FIVE abandoned migrant GIRLS , all UNDER the AGE of 7, were discovered Sunday by a Texas farmer on his land in Quemado, near the Rio Grande River."

"Rep. Tony Gonzales, R-Texas, spoke with the farmer who said he found the 'baby girls' hungry and crying. He said one was naked and was crawling because she was TOO YOUNG to WALK."  *****

Not in my name, do you feed the little baby children to wolves. To slavers, to narco-terrorists, to sex traffickers. In my life, I have never been witness to greater evil. To such treachery, to such Treason. So such an affront to G*d Almighty. You must all act to save the Republic. You must summon your power within, to dispatch this attack on all that is Holy. And you must do it Now. 

Whatever you can bring in this moment, to this battle to save the Republic? This battle for all Humanity. This battle that has rocked our world. And turned it into a living waking Hell. 

I beseech you. I beg you. In the name of the Righteous who have come before. And gave their all, their very lives. To protect us and our Freedoms. We cannot, we must not surrender to Evil. 

Now is the time.

Now is the moment. 

You must stand. 

You must deliver. 

Destroy evil. 

Destroy it now. 

War is here. Anything less than full frontal assault in full battle regalia. Just won't do, will not bring it. War is here. We did not invite it. We do not welcome it. But we will not run and hide. We will turn and face these monsters. We will stand, and we will deliver ourselves from Evil. We are being tested, of our core, our makeup, our very souls. Failure is not an option. This isn't a drill. 

Stand and Deliver 


Sunday, May 02, 2021

Hunting Season Has Begun

So this is it people. This is the actual moment, where the full throttle descent into Hell, begins (for all of us, and this great Nation). So you better start practicing your salute. So that people don't look at you funny, in public. And then maybe ... report you? (Bet you think I'm joking).

SIEG HEIL !!! (zeek -hahyl) SIEG HEIL !!! 

And now, with an affirmation ... quickly snap the heels of your black leather boots, together. Then thrust your flat right palm, skyward. And then bellow:

SIEG HEIL !!! (zeek -hahyl) SIEG HEIL !!! 

'DOJ Puts Grandma on Wanted Poster -- While Sealing the Records of Antifa/BLM Rioters'

"Note well that the federal government is currently holding around 50 to 60 people accused of being Four Hour Insurrectionists in solitary confinement and unending pretrial detention -- prison without any conviction. They've been held without trial, without bail, since January."

(ed: existing evidence shows that some of them have been beaten). 

*** "federal courts, at the direction of Joe Biden's Justice Department, are denying bond to nonviolent protesters as their cases continue a slow slog through an intentionally overloaded D.C. judicial system. 

The presumption of innocence has been suspended for Trump supporters involved in the January 6 protest largely based on a supposed 'thoughtcrime' of doubting the legitimacy of the 2020 election." ***

And any ANTIFA/BLM Rioters, whose records weren't sealed (sealing is effectively a dismissal)? Are financially compensated, for any inconvenience caused them.

SIEG HEIL !!! (zeek -hahyl) 

*** “The intelligence agency for the state of Bavaria said last week in its new report that the Islamic Republic of Iran has not ceased its drive to obtain weapons of mass destruction during 2020.” Iran has never slowed down, and no deal will stop it. Its violation of the nuclear deal by its own admission is long established. The whole deal was based on lies." ***

Links via the little engine that could (while I was the defacto co-editor of Drudge in 2013-2014, I never failed to check Doug Ross' site, at least once a day). 

SIEG HEIL !!! (zeek -hahyl) 

And if I keep spouting off? One would certainly expect a visit from Dear Leader's jackboot thugs. Or possibly some (random disposable) meat puppet, accidentally running over my puppy (while backing out of the driveway). Though they were "kind" enough to leave a note of acknowledgement on the door, and scribbling sorry. 

As it is, for the past week, my wireless connection, has been throttled back. Everytime I inhabit the virtual space. As in no 4G for me. So [after talking to the service center a week ago (located in the second world doodie hole of your choice)], I do a manual restart, which restores the connection's speed. Until the next time I'm online, and again I'm staring at reduced speeds. 

I imagine this BS to be no coinky dink. As I've never had a single burp, in the connection, in EIGHT straight years. Not a one. Neither a hiccup. Y'all been warned. And smart money would be to pay heed (elmo today, you tomorrow). 

And all too frightening, this is also no coincidence (below link). More of the unseen hand of Obama (the greatest Joohater this Nation has ever seen. Yeah, really. No hyperbole required). More or less running the show (the Destruction of these  United States), from a home office (a few miles away from the White House). The hand up the meat puppet (Biden) arse (of course ... with the help of all of the countless other traitors, in the Islammocommie Junta).

(Excerpt from New York Post) 

*** A Bronx judge went rogue on Sunday and set $30,000 bail for the alleged vandal charged with terrorizing Riverdale’s Jewish community — even though the man was set to be sprung under the state’s new bail reform laws.

Jordan Burnette, 29, was hit with 42 charges, including a number of hate crime-related offenses for smashing windows at various synagogues. But none of them are on the so-called “bail eligible” list, prosecutors noted at his arraignment in Bronx Criminal Court.

“Given the number of attacks, we probably would have asked for substantial bail. ***. 

His release is not random or nonsensical. However the FNIC (fake news industrial complex) reports the story? It is a loud and clear pronouncement. To one and to all (with sign language for the deaf). 

That hunting season has begun. And licenses are available (at any 7/11), to go hunt and kill Jews. Licenses are issued on a first come, first served basis [no  identification required (a racist rant or tirade will do just fine)]. And for the first five hundred thousand people, who apply? The twelve dollar fee has been waved, by Jack Dorsey his very self.

Monday, May 3rd, Eight p.m. 

It's no accident, the sheer number of Joohaters, in the Biden administration (for clarity only, we will sometimes refer to the Islammocommie Junta, as thus).

As if Samantha Power wasn't a big enough clue? So what's your point elmo? My point? Make no mistake, this IS Obama's third term. Every Joohater in the deranged lunatic Left, has been brought onboard (lured out from under their rocks. With promises of money and power. And the ability to inflict harm upon the Tribe). And the only person possessed of such a deep and abiding hate, and who could make it all happen? 

Is the one and the only ..... King Hussein in the Membrane. 


They say that the first person, to go accusing Adolf (Hitler), in a political discussion. Has already just then lost. Me? I'm just overwhelmed by the still pic's, from the (below) Fox link. Of Biden visiting a class of fifth graders.

It'so creepy and unreal. Like being transported back in time. And pictures of Hitler, portrayed as a smiling Everyman (of the people).  Though I don't recall the Feuhrer directly saying, that he was doing it for the kids. But Joe's visit, drives the point home. 

For those who need pictures in their news? To be able to follow along with (and not miss the subtle nuance). See, Biden really (really) is doing it for the kids (and we have the pictures to prove it!)

Wednesday, May 5th, Ten a.m.

Smile, You're on Kawksucker Commie Camera  

Everytime I see some of this nauseating offal, from Zuckermaggot. I wonder, and ask of the ether .... when?

'Facebook deletes 120,000-member group where people posted stories of alleged adverse vaccine reactions [[[Facebook Blocks Messages with this URL!!!]]' 

Everytime I see some of this nauseating offal, from the FNIC. My head explodes.

"Disturbing video has emerged of a woman in a wheelchair being viciously attacked by a large group of Black Lives Matter protesters in Minneapolis as she attempted to stop them from looting a Target store. Mainstream media outlets, of course, scrambled to defend the looters as victims."

'Asian woman attacked with hammer in NYC's Times Square

Suspect attacked victim with a hammer and hit her on the face, police say'

But it's her fault. And if you think it's the fault of the perpetrators, striking her head with a hammer? Well you are a racist. And you need to be canceled. Forthwith, post haste. 

Smile, you're on kawksucker Commie camera:

Smile, you're on kawksucker Commie camera:

The Democratic Party’s Stasi

The Biden Justice Department is “the shield and the sword”—the motto of East Germany’s Stasi—for the Democratic Party, protecting its own corrupt ranks while terrorizing any and all detractors.

The agents had kicked down the front door of their home in Homer, Alaska where they also operate a day spa and inn.

The pair were quickly handcuffed along with a few houseguests, including a teenager. Paul and Marilyn, who had attended Donald Trump’s speech in Washington, D.C. on January 6 and then walked to the Capitol, were interrogated for at least three hours by federal investigators.

“They said they had a search warrant but didn’t present it to us." 

Smile, you're on kawksucker Commie camera:

You all are going to have to come to terms. With your place in the new Fascist World Order. 

What you can and can't accomplish. What you are actually willing to do? If you aren't willing, to give your all, your everything? Then step aside. 

Lead. Follow. Or get the f*ck out of the way. There is much work to be done. 


Not doing, or not trying, is surrender.

Friday, May 7th, Eight a.m. 

 To Smite Evil or Perish of This Earth 

I'm listening to the Dan Bongino show, the bottom of the five o'clock hour (Wednesday, the fifth). And I'm astounded, his retelling of the corruption in DC. How limitless deep ... the swamp is, the interrelationships of all the traitors. Who have been using the FISA Court, to spy on Americans. 

Spying specifically on anyone and everyone associated with Trump. Giuliani, General Flynn. Ad infinitum. These Traitors have no shame, no modesty, no limit to their evil. They are true believers in Satan. And to hear Beelzebub tell it, they are most worthy disciples of he, the Dark L*rd. 

I can't emphasize enough, how on point you all need to be. How aware of your surroundings, at all times. And the bad actors walking down the street beside you. At the least provocation, they will attack your being. You mustn't let them. Get out of the city. Those aren't just words, they are your very survival. 

The laws of G*d, are higher than the laws of man. But to Zuckermaggot, Brin and Page, Bezos, Dorsey? They spit on G*d. And to them, we wish the L*rd, to demonstrate his displeasure. How long this darkness lasts? How long will we slog through this Hell upon earth? How long these insects prey upon this glorious Nation? 

Where are our supermen and superwomen? Where be you? Our superheroes, to banish evil from our sight. Dispose of all of these evildoers, like so much odoriferous garbage. Our Boondock Saints. 

I no longer possessed of the firmament to wage atomic battle. But that I could, I would (past tense even). Left to call out into the darkness, that soon ye shall be ground into the earth like so much dust. We are two hundred million. We shall be heard. We shall be avenged. We will never surrender to evil. Not ever. Fear us oh followers of Satan. Fear us, we come for thee. In this raging darkness, we bring G*d's might. To smite thee, or perish of this earth.

Saturday, May 8th, Six a.m. 

Oh, and if you aren't scared, I mean really scared? 


The way forward? I'm of the firm belief, that firm measures are required. And will yield quite noticeable and tangible benefits (and if you've been following along, I don't have to paint you a picture). 

Others? Take a more intellectual approach. Theoretical. Media tactics, behaviors, blah blah. Long view, long battle. Neverending.

The moments pass, the moments fade. The longer the snakes are at home in the garden. The more difficult their removal will be. Talk, talk, talk? 


Action, action, action. 




Ten a.m. 

Today's word: Horror 

I warned you. And I'll keep warning you (until my dying day, I will do my job. You know, like Sigourney Weaver's character, in GalaxyQuest) .... 

GET THE F*CK OUT OF THE CITY [just and only three more weeks for me. After sixty plus truly glorious and magical years (they take paradise, and put up a Commie parking lot), adios California, goodbye scuzzy mofo's, goodbye]

If you haven't left yet? Pay strict attention to your surroundings at ALL times. Leave yourself an out, AT ALL TIMES. This isn't a game. This is your very life, and the lives of those whom you are charged with keeping safe. 

'A driver was reportedly beaten and held against his will, another had his back window destroyed and shots of some sort were fired by the AK-47- and AR-15-wielding terrorists. Multiple sharp sounds were heard followed by the sound of whooshing air after the militants flattened the tires of a car, (that) the gun-wielding crowd had forced to stop. The man was “aided” to the sidewalk, as a live-streamer put it.'

'The driver in the video above had his keys, gun, and tools stolen out of his truck, according to Portland police, who finally showed up to take a report.'

Oh yeah ... that's news. Well it is, if your diet is 100% FNIC propaganda. And you voted for the Joebama Fraudulency. In which case, you are too stupid to know, let alone understand truth. F*ck, you can't even spell it! 

Horror. That is today's word, horror. Real Traitors, for the love of Satan, have nearly destroyed this great Nation. And unless they are S O O N  brought to heel? Any bets, all bets ... are off. Unbelievable madness, runaway lawlessness, pure insanity, wanton violence, murder. That is the new reality. 

Today's word? 


Wednesday, April 28, 2021

The Inversion is Complete

The Country I S Gone. And a little too many (for my taste) in Conswervo media, act like all that is needed ... is a little Bactine and a Band-Aid. And the boo-boo will heal itself just fine. You are just fooling yourselves. 

The truth? Yeah it is damn freakin' difficult to wrap one's head around. But reality? She's a beach. In order to fix the problem, you have to first identify it. Ignoring the severity and the magnitude? Will not (magically) make it go away (like the squeaky front suspension on my ride. So I replaced the ball joints. Rather than have the front end collapse, while making say a bonsai run). 

Without a full frontal assault on evil? These fascists will be ordering more and more drapes, for more and more of America. That they have taken over, and are now are remodeling (in their own Commie image). The longer Evil is at home in America. The more it is interwoven into the fabric of life. The harder it will be to unravel and undo. 

It isn't business as usual, sorry. Unless of course, you are a guut leetle Joohater [and you want to see the mass slaughter of Jews, again (say giving Iran the bomb)]. Like John Fookin Kerry. 

"Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif claimed in recently leaked audio that John Kerry, when he was serving as Secretary of State during the Obama administration, informed him of more than 200 Israeli (covert) operations in Syria." 

(above excerpt, from below link)

And if you think Kerry was going commando? Think again. It was at the direct behest of the Greatest Joohater of All Time, King Hussein in the Membrane. You know the guy who is (shadow) running the whole show now! 

Why else, how else could you have so many Real Actual Traitors (RAT's), in Government, in Intel, in the Judiciary, and in the current "Administration." They all to a bug, swing liplocked from his thingee. Installed during King Hussein's First Reign. 


I believe there is a concerted effort now underway. By the deep state/Creepfilth Tech Overlords, and the FNIC. By all of the insects together. To shadow ban, deplatform, deligitimize, or otherwise shut down. ALL Conservative conversation, communication, television broadcasts, email, and websites.  All of it. Everything. Disrupt or destroy anything that they can (while the Islammocommie Junta is still in power). 

'Judicial Watch: Documents Show CA State Officials Coordinated with Big Tech to Censor Americans’ Election Posts'

I believe that a push is now on, for complete and total control of the flow of information. The deep state, Jackwad Dorsey, Zuckermaggot, and Bozo Bezos. All trying to outChina, China. Absolute control, over not just the flow, but the specific content (as well).

All those past mentions (by me). That things are only going to get worse? Are now unfortunately coming true. Fascist Traitors now control most all of the levers of power.

And after erasing the First Amendment in its entirety? They won't be sated. The physical enforcement of all of their insane edicts will be next. At the start of the pandemic, people were being beaten and arrested .... for not putting a diaper on their face. 

Those beatings were just the start. They've planned for the possibility of large scale mechanized, industrial solutions. Anything you got? Now is the time to stand people. Now is the time to deliver. Yeah, drop your kawks, and grab your socks. Monkey spanking time ... that is over. 


They aren't words, they are reality. Bending a knee to this evil, is mailing out the invitations to our own demise. Let the battle Begin, NOW. Anything less. Is a guarantee of failure. A formal end of America. And we all signatories to/too.

There is no future, no way forward without all of you. Every last one. Standing. Delivering. Anything less is surrender unto an eternal shroud of darkness. 

No one voted for Biden, he isn't the president of the bowling league. Let alone the president of his own disposable undergarment. The Arizona forensic audit results? Will be reported by exactly Z E R O outlets, in the FNIC (fake news industrial complex).

And if they can't bury the Arizona audit story? They will start burying people (who do report it). YEAH THEY WILL. And in the interim, will do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. To prevent it from going further. Power outages at the facility. Doxxing or otherwise threatening the participants.

The Inversion is Complete:

(Many links via Rantingly)

(From above link) 

'Government Official Who Approved Improper Spying On Trump Staffer Tapped For Spy Court Advisory Role'

(From above, link) 

'Man pictured in Pelosi's office during Capitol riot released from jail'

(From above link) 

'Larry Kudlow: Biden will 'weaponize IRS,' as capital gains boost wrecks workers

FBN host warns federal contractor minimum wage hike would also hurt US military'

(From above link) 

'BREAKING: Biden Cuts ICE Arrests 60% As Border Crossings Hit Record Highs' 

Kamala? She will never be able to polish the turd that she is. To get it to shine. No matter how much she practices in front of a video camera (acting all Presidential and sh*t). Getting ready for when the puppet flounders, and falls (literally). And can't get back up (they are the ones practicing elder abuse, not me). She will bring even more madness, and more derangement to the equation. As if that was even possible. But she will, my G*d will she ever. 

They won't have the slightest hesitation in taking any of our lives. Me, I'll die standing. Thank You Very Much. I will not remain silent. I will not bow. I will not bend. I will not become one of them, not now, not ever [I'll break you off a piece of that Kit Kat, uh huh. All you little maggot gunkeys, hiding in your deep state hidey holes. Come get you some beaches (Booh!!!)]. 

Ashli Babbitt was just one of future thousands, possibly millions. All too sadly, this is real. You heed my words, you get busy, and you get busy now. Stand and deliver with everything you've got. Be willing to give everything that you have. Yeah including your life. No badges, no ribbons. Saving the Country is your only reward (or stupit remixes of the Streets of Laredo). 

Oh bang the drum slowly and play the fife lowly

Sing the dead march as you carry me along

Take me to the valley then lay the sod o'er me

This ole Joobrat knows they've done great wrong

Come sit down beside me and hear this sad story

Filthy Fascists shot me in the back and now I must die

Before Liberty's return her spirit had left us

Gone to the dark side and now she is dead

Oh bang the drum slowly

Thursday, April 29th, Four p.m.

The Inversion is Complete (afternoon edition)

We went from having the most effective President, in US history (wherever in the top five, you may personally rank him?).  

To the most malodorous, malignant, destructive, dishonorable, maniacal, criminally corrupt. And savagely Treasonous .... President, in the entire history of this once great Nation (we would say incompetent too, but they are succeeding in their mission. Destroying the  United States of America).

And yet Biden is shored up, by the Fake News Industrial Complex. In this case, CNN's Jim Acosta, on Twitter. And boy did he have a pudgie going. Happy to have been selected, to divulge Fascist State secrets, by the Islammocommie Junta themselves (ahead of diaper boy's Junior High School Graduation ceremony. Where he was the valedictorian). To Jim and Joe's adoring masses (of rancid pudding brained bots).

'Jim Acosta-Biden to refer to Jan 6 insurrection as “the worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War” in speech tonight' 

If such Goebbelian excretia is coming from this White House? Chances are pretty durn good, that doodie prattled out of the pie hole of Obama, first. While he was texting Biden (or whomever changes Biden's diaper, and answers his phone).

And the division, the fueling ... the fanning of the flames of racial hate?

Tim Scott responds to 'stunning' assault from the left: 'They're literally attacking the color of my skin' 

Biden (and the hand up the meat puppet's ass), are unmatched in the generation of hate. They are masters, who take great pride and enjoyment in hate. No one before, of any stripe. Has ever been so successful at generating hate. With ONE exception only, Adolf Hitler. And he was nowhere near as fast, as quick ... in the evil deed, as these stanknasty filthy scum. 

They are masters of this darkest of evil art forms. And in thus, we should expect the Nobel committee, to announce their latest nominees. With Joe heading the list of course (of potential Peace Laureates). 

What with Joe's masterful water walking performances (to always thunderous seal clapping applause, by the FNIC). Cuz well, we should expect nothing less (than the ability to actually walk on water). From the meat puppet, who got more votes than that other guy, who walks on water, Obama. 

And Tim Scott? He's too stupid to think for himself. Only an idiot (with black skin), doesn't support the coup/Islammocommie Junta.

Sunny Hostin 'very disappointed' with Tim Scott's rebuttal, says Republicans 'used' him (title of link on Fox) 

Ms. Hostin, is Leni Riefenstahl without the talent. Last year, she was telling people who were sick. Not to receive treatment using hydroxychloroquine. Because Trump has a financial interest in the company that manufacturers the drug. And profits from sales of the drug. 

What an evil turd she is.

Even More The Inversion is Complete:

REVEALED: Feds 'had secret backup plan to ARREST Derek Chauvin in court for police brutality if he was cleared of killing George Floyd

Friday, April 30th, Twelve noon 

Don't be Afraid to Whup it Out 

Business as usual, I queried? I mentioned that it is business as usual, only for Joohaters like John Kerry. For everyone else, it is the nightmare of all nightmares. The reality is that hate, and the destruction of this Glorious Nation. Are their all, their everything, their only thing. 

So this is the new norm. And each day, there is no change in the path they have charted (kill whitey). They continue on, straight ahead. Driving the Country off a cliff. At ninety miles an hour. 

This honkie cat has been screaming wolf, wolf, wolf. For quite some time now. Though we will NEVER become them, filled with Hate. They can keep their hate, all of it. It's their's, forever and all time I will have no part of it. Neither today, nor tomorrow, not ever.

You can't make me, nor can you pay me. Though certainly, some of these BLM haters, are getting quite rich, very. And buying million dollar houses, in richie rich enclaves. Their ideology runs only skin deep (show us the money honey. And if you paid them more? They would absolutely love and adore whitey). 

Though certainly I found it amusing, for this Joobrat to be called a NeoNazi, a White Supremacist, even a member of the KKK. Just as Tim Scott, now finds himself in the same (unbelievable) predicament. Tim Scott, KKK Grand Wizard?!

(Many links via 

Y'all now have a target on your back. Get out of the city (I'll be out of Cali in exactly four weeks. After sixty plus years). 

Stay away from metro areas and crowded city centers. At no time do you ever attend a major concert or sporting event. Do not go out alone, at night. And be aware of your surroundings at all times during daylight hours. In traffic, leave yourself an out (let them honk). 

I used to find it amusing, the few times I (directly) encountered racism, pointed at my person (and my unbobbed, pronounced schnoz). But what is now underway, dwarfs by scale. There is no comparison. And violence will follow. As it now has already begun, our journey through darkness. 

You all know what to do. 

None the less, avoid confrontation for the sake thereof. As tempting as it is to reply to hate in kind. Do not get sucked up into their evil. It's their's, let them keep it, all of it. Step aside, walk around. Stay away. Leave the haters to themselves. 

The rest of the time, you be ready. At the drop of a hat. Throw down when you have to. Don't be afraid to whup it out. We walk with the L*rd G*d Almighty. If someone wants their ticket to Hell punched? So be it. I hope they enjoy the ride. The TGV window seat, in the direction of travel, is on me.

Saturday, May 1st, Eleven a.m.

Filthy Freaks

So I'm watching the first twenty minutes, of Zero Dark Thirty. And I realize, NONE of these people do their job anymore. Not a one. And those in the FBI or CIA, who aren't down with the doings of the fascist State? Are now traveling through life incognito, lest they lose their jobs, and are then unable to feed their families. 

The hunt for, and capture of any (Islamic) terrorist. Is no longer of any interest to them. Any WHATSOEVER. The FBI the CIA, they now have a different mission statement. Giving money (Billions $$$) and real time Intel, to the fascist Islamic regime, in Iran. Lending succor to our sworn enemy.

No longer do they protect these United States, from hostile foreign enemies (WIDE OPEN Southern border). And that is truly most unfortunate. They now exist as the political shock troops of Dear Leader. That is who they are. And if you don't think so? You yourself are a danger to those around you. 

I let out a pretty good belly laugh, when I realized the changes to the world (while watching Zero Dark Thirty). Though certainly, there was nothing funny about it. The laugh of course, was to my age and health. And yet I am who they hunt. I am who they persecute, crush, destroy, prosecute and imprison. 

And no .... I wasn't in DC, on January 6th. So I'm not a first tier domestic terrorist. Who they should lock up (and then throw away the key). But should I plan a protest? Should I attend one? I imagine I would now be guilty of a crime, in mine Feuhrer's Amerika. And be arrested and jailed (for a forever). 

Or if I communicate with, or donate funds to anyone who has. I'm now guilty of a crime. At minimum, I will be doxxed. And my life threatened or destroyed. Because in the eyes of the Islammocommie Junta, and their adoring followers. I am the enemy. I am a terrorist. 

I am a bad man [completely physically falling apart, sixty years old Conswervo Joobrat. Soon to be scheduled for my THIRD pacemaker! (and that's the least of my health issues, yeah really. But I WILL stand. I WILL deliver. Just try me motherf*ckers. Double dawg dare you f*cking cowards. Pull that Roger Stone sh*t on me. F*cking pussies)]. 

I, me ...... are now who the FBI spends their time trying to encarcerate. For being an enemy of the fascist State. Which as I've already said, is most unfortunate. Because that means the REAL terrorists, are soon going to have a field day. My G*d, what Evil now approaches (my G*d, what Evil is already here!). 


Getting out of California, just in time (less than four weeks now)

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — With little notice, California on Saturday is increasing early release credits for 76,000 inmates, including violent and repeat felons, as it further trims the population of what once was the nation’s largest state correctional system.

More than 63,000 inmates convicted of violent crimes will be eligible for good behavior credits that shorten their sentences by one-third instead of the one-fifth that had been in place since 2017.

That includes nearly 20,000 inmates who are serving life sentences with the possibility of parole



Getting out of California, just in time.

‘Let’s kill people’—Secret recordings of California Antifa group leaked by infiltrator

A Trump supporter has infiltrated an Antifa group in Sonoma County, California, and released recordings of an online meeting between the far-left militants who had discussed killing cops and doxing targeted individuals.


FLASHPOINT .... You be ready. 

George Floyd death: Prosecutors seek higher sentence for Derek Chauvin

Chauvin is expected to be sentenced on June 25


Kill Whitey.... It's here. It really is. My G*d.

"Rape the White Girls. Rape their Fathers. Cut the Mothers’ Throats": Biden Nominee Kirsten Clarke Promoted Work of Racist Anti-Semitic Black Supremacist


Watch: Biden Mass Spending Sparks WARNING Of Hyperinflation And Looming Market Crash, Gas Prices SKYROCKET - Tim Pool - TimCast

Yeah, buy hardware. Extra hardware. More than you want or need (in varying calibers). It's value will be priceless, future forward. Trading for food or water, or even something (ammo) to feed your own personal hardware. You should of course be stockpiling rounds, as much as you can afford. When a sale opportunity presents (hint: sign up for the Ammoland daily email briefing). 


Is the Islammocommie Junta this stupid? Yeah, unfortunately they are, obviously (Hint: buy cartons of menthols. The price will skyrocket, vertical scale, to the moon! You will be able to trade for just about ANYTHING. Nicotine addiction is a a mutha).

"The president on Thursday ordered the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ban menthol cigarettes, a plan first reported on Wednesday by the Washington Post. Since it's a regulatory change, Congress has no say in the matter."

It will be nice when the MAGA rallies return. As much as they are trying to discourage people from participating in the body politic. I imagine they will actually try and jail every last individual who attends one (bet you think I'm joking. Hint: have a lawyer on retainer. And their number written on your hand). 

F*ck the Islammocommie Junta, the deep state, the FBI, the CIA, DHS, and the IRS. 

Take our Country from us? Wait, watch and see. We aren't going to roll over and spread our cheeks. Sorry. You'll have to play hide the salami with your own kind, filthy freaks.


Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Peace Like a River Ran Through the City

For a few hours, we have calm. For half of a day, we have quiet. Until at the very least, Chauvin's sentencing (in two months). And then, if the punishment handed out isn't severe enough? The cities will be in peril, once again. Or of course, the verdict is overturned on appeal.  

All to a bug be, these Democrat insects spout off in unison. How much further they have to go. Chauvin is just one conviction, just the start. Of more societal inversion, in the name of Equity (all cops are bad. Racism is systemic. Blah blah blah). 

But what we have, at its most basic. Is the end of law and order. The end of a just and free society. After 245 years, it is well and truly over. 

A non racist (white) cop, is convicted of the racist killing (of a black man). Who simply had a MASSIVE, and in turn fatal drug overdose. During a traffic stop. And his death is then transmographied, into the Left's wet dream (and his family is awarded almost thirty million dollars). When the only thing that the cop is actually guilty of? Is not being a paramedic, or an ER physician. And in thus, Chauvin just didn't make the medical diagnosis. 

If he had recognized the signs, and then administered Narcan? Floyd would be alive, and Chauvin a hero [like the Chicago (?) officer on patrol. Who raced to jump onboard a delivery vehicle (moving in traffic). While the driver was slumped behind the wheel of the still moving truck. And then administered Narcan. Saving the junkie driver's life].

But then, we do have an actual racist (black) cop, in uniform, on the job. Who murders a (white) woman. Shoots her in the back no less. In cold blood. And he goes scot free. There isn't even a public inquiry. 

So for ONE day of peace? They lynch one white man. And everyone breathes a sigh of relief. Instead of decrying the complete and total end of our once glorious society. 

The only question that now remains. Is which white man, will be next? Who shall be so lucky? As to be sacrificed upon the altar of Equity. For how long, will these impromptu hangings in the town square take place. How many sacrifices will need to be made. When does it end? 

Sadly, it has only just begun. A house devided against itself, cannot stand? Hell, we've moved on past merely being divided. We've moved on to war. The battle lines themselves, are not clearly drawn. And the uniforms are not easily recognizable. But the FNIC (fake news industrial complex) and the CTO (creepfilth tech overlords), will publish your name and your address. Even a photo (of your porcelain complexion). So that people will know who you are, and where they can find you.

For one day, false peace ran through the city. How nice of them, how generous. I guess all that we have to do now, is to keep feeding the beast? Offer up a fresh sacrifice, everyday. That should keep us safe .... right? 

First they came for the Conservatives 

And I did not speak out

Because I was not a Conservative 

Then they came for the Christians 

And I did not speak out

Because I was not a Christian 

Then they came for the Cops 

And I did not speak out

Because I was not a Cop

Then they came for the Whites 

And I did not speak out

Because I was not White 

Then they came for me

And there was no one left

To speak out for me


Wednesday, April 21st, Nine a.m.

Law and order? F*ck that. Oh ....  f*ck cops too!

F*ck cops 2

Free speech, here yesterday, gone tomorrow.

Masks DON'T work. Spread the word.

The FBI doesn't work. Spread the word.


Me, starting to question the wisdom of staying here, in America. I believe it is within the realm of possibility, that we will never get her back. 

But this (not Israel) is my home. My beloved sweetheart. Since the moment of my birth. And I have so little time left. My chassis just completely falling apart. Though I CAN still stand, and still deliver (just try me .... punk *ss bitches. Go ahead). 

The only real world advantage (of moving to Israel)? You know who your enemies are.

(Links via Whatfinger, and Free Republic) 

Six p.m.

Black Lives Matter? 

Who exactly do they matter to? Certainly NOT other blacks. Let alone that filthy piece of garbage, LeBron James. 

Ma'Khia Bryant, trying to kill another human being. In the street, in the light of day. And is stopped, by a police officer. Stopped in the act of killing. 

The intended victim? Was black. The officer's actions, saved her life. And for his skill, and the performance of his job? His life is threatened, by the filch known as LeBron James. I gotta believe that IS the final end. Of the NBA. Adios mofo's.... goodbye. 

Black lives matter? Right. What are the stats, for the city of Chicago alone? Fifty thousand casualties, in the last ten years?  Of which five thousand died. Murdered. And of those who were black? Ninety percent of those black murders, were committed by other blacks. 90% (and less than 3%, by whites!). But we don't hear a peep out of the piece of sh*t, who appropriated Jordan's number!!! 

I got your systemic racism for you. 

Reality? Black on brown/white/Asian racism FAR outstrips any other. It isn't even close. And the light skinned black, on dark skinned black racism. Is very, very well documented. 

Hey LeBron, don't want your (filthy stinking rich) children, shot by the police ... huh? 

Then tell them not to try and murder someone else. In the street, in the light of day. But then maybe that's just me? (A different breed of honkie cat). 

But then the cop who stopped Bryant, from committing murder? Yeah, he is white. There is no redemption for him. Nor for any other of those pepto panzees. We gotta kill them all.

Hey LeBron, take your hate. And shove it up your *ss. All the way up, with a red hot poker. Oh, and I got some more advice for you .... don't quit your day job, Sir. Which should last oh ... maybe a few more months anyway. Since there won't be anyone left, to watch. 

Let alone anyone who will want to spend stupid money, on tickets to an NBA game (and ridiculously priced parking and concessions as well). Not forgetting Team merchandise, or (slave labor) Nike's. Congratulations LeBron. Look how much business you've destroyed, all by your lonesome. Keep it up. And the other 427 players in the NBA, won't be able to make the payments on their Lamborghinis. And that's a real shame. 

But since whitey won't be wasting any more money on sports? When the Repo Man comes around, to pick up all of those Lambo's. It will be just more systemic racism, right? 

What a f*cking idiot. And to think that piece of stink LeBron, will likely be running for Governor? Jiminy. I'll be getting out of Cali just in time!

Thursday, April 22nd, Seven a.m.

The Death of George Floyd, the Gift That Keeps on Giving. 

The reality of George Floyd's last minutes on earth, likely was fueled by the basic paranoia of someone engaged in criminal activity. In this case, Floyd was driving around town, with his dealer. His drug dealer. The person he buys drugs from. And in the back of the vehicle, was his drug buddy. The person he uses drugs with. 

And this is right after Floyd tries to get some money, to buy some dope. By passing a counterfeit twenty (at a convenience store?). Where the clerk had called the police, and gave info to the police. Enabling them to identify him/vehicle. 

So when the police pull the vehicle over, soon after George leaves the store. The (normal) response of all of its occupants, is to get rid of the drug evidence. No one wants to go to jail, if (?) they can avoid it. And maybe George most of all. In this case, the most likely scenario is that George simply ate the evidence. All of it. Enough evidence, enough Fentanyl .... to KILL four people. Not enough to get four people high, no. But enough to actually kill .... four. 

In this case, George Floyd's death, took place in front of a video camera. While he was on the ground, subdued by the officer who made the traffic stop. 

And there is nothing pleasant in watching a human being die (in this case, of respiratory arrest. As is the norm, in a narcotics overdose). And of course, in such agony (his lungs are shutting down. He can no longer breathe. He is being starved of oxygen). And with not the premonition, but the understanding of his own impending demise. Incapable of communicating his actual predicament to Chauvin. Having no desire to admit to the drugs, to save his own life. A tragic end. 

His drug dealer, could have been offered immunity. Then the truth? It would have been revealed (imagine that). But the deep state will have none of that, no Sir. And of course, all of that money that the city gave to Floyd's family? That buys lots of silence too. 

And on the day that Floyd (accidentally) killed himself. The deranged lunatic Left, the FNIC, and the CTO, they all together .... intentionally murder America. Call it a Satan Special, a twofer. 

Rahm Emmanuel's manual of Propaganda and Political Assassination. Never let a crisis go to waste. In this case, never let a corpse, go to waste. Without planting your political flag, upon it. And then exploiting Floyd's death, for any political advantage to be gained. 

Even Pelosi, genuflecting day before yesterday. Kneeling before George Floyd's corpse. And thanking him profusely for providing it. Over a year after he overdosed. The gift (of his corpse to exploit) that keeps on giving, and giving, and giving (to the destruction to America).

April 23rd, Eight a.m.

GERONIMO! (Time to pull out the pin) 

The world, our world, has become something unrecognizable. A nightmare, whose horror grows exponentially. Horror unendurable. Some moments, it is just all too much. So it was good to see Tucker Carlson, engage in some defensive (mental) health practice (last night, Thursday night).

Tamping down his anger and disbelief, at all that is now transpiring. Giving himself a little distance, from all of this madness. Handling it with a ten foot pole, as it were. By doing his opening segment, in a manner most flippant. Good job Sir. We lose you (burnout, whatever)? And we will no longer be able to field a winning team. 

How it all turns out? Will we ever get the Country back. Or will it disemble into chaos and madness unfathomable and unending? Spinning ever faster, increasing, racing centrifugal forces tossing us out of our lives. And into the maws of an ever expanding Hell. 

But for now, I took comfort in the thought that our star quarterback. Is taking care of himself, for the long season (of evil) ahead. 


And al Qaeda Propaganda, is preselling the Chauvin sentencing riots. You know, why isn't he (actually) being strung up (with a real rope, and real noose around his neck). And actually hung? What's the deelio .... oh right, systemic racism/white privilege. 

'EXPLAINER: Why is Chauvin unlikely to face maximum sentence?'

"Even though he was found guilty of three counts, under Minnesota statutes he’ll only be sentenced on the most serious one. For all practical purposes, the maximum he would face is 30 years, and he could get less."


The (faux) Insurrection that keeps on giving, and giving [more and more propaganda. To lend support to all of their other propaganda (it's kind of a circular [jerking] thing)].

BipolarBob, in Free Republic thread, on the linked story:

What if everybody said the same thing on the internet? Can they arrest us all? "I am Spartacus"

We are most definitely going to need some new tactics. Some different tactics. As in winning tactics. If we are going to have any chance of saving the Republic. Any chance at all. Otherwise this vertical descent, will continue to pick up speed. As things are now racing, spiraling out of control. For every known example of these (maggot gunkey) jackboot thugs, getting jiggy with it. How many other people are now rotting in jail, on manufactured charges. That we don't know about?

Me, I'm not trying to get arrested, no. Or completely deplatformed. But I am beyond surprised, that I can still access this blog, and post. Very. But then likely there is something that I am missing. You know .... more will be revealed. 

Obviously, many have already begun to self censor. So as not to lose their Twitter or Facebook accounts. I do know, I myself speak a little less freely. Less emphatically. Speaking indirectly, cloyingly. Real fascists have successfully staged a coup, of this Country. Yeah, they have, hellooo. And are now doing everything they can, to permanatize their grip. Around our necks. 

Oh how I wish it all were a fiction. But reality is we've only just begun to see the depths of their madness and evil. This is only the beginning.

"While acid attacks are commonplace in certain Muslim countries, they were not normative to western ones. Until immigration reshaped the UK.

Acid attacks in London rose from 162 in 2012 to 454 last year. There have already been 199 acid attacks this year. Five acid attacks just happened in London in the space of little more than an hour."

Like past (temporary) residents of work camps, seventy five years ago. I sometimes ask, where is G*d? That Satan now lords over us with such an iron fist. We need to find a path out of our predicament. Some way homeward through the haze. 

It is only a matter of time, before large scale mechanized/industrial solutions, are introduced. Final Solutions (they already have taken complete control over all of our domestic security, and international security apparatus'. Even most all of the Judiciary!). Now is the time to stand. Now is the time to deliver. Now. Not later. Now mofo's, NOW. You stand and you deliver whatever you got. Whatever that may be. Or we all shall soon perish of this earth. 

Me, kicking and screaming I shall be, as they try and drag my sorry ass to hell. And maybe even a sight more. Silent in the face of evil? Not in my repertoire. Even if I don't give a direct shout out (to the USPS, the IRS, the FBI, DHS, or the CIA). Even if I don't tell them to lick my doyty runny b-hole. As much as I'd like to. Cuz, well.... they might enjoy it. And .... I don't want to catch anything.


Sunday, April 18, 2021

Only Whitey Bleeds

Got around to reading the second half, of the Al Qaeda Propaganda (Associated Press) link. About the FedEx shooter. And the AP is up to their usual bag of (clown) tricks:

"Coroners released the names of the victims late Friday, a little less than 24 hours after the latest mass shooting to rock the U.S. Four of them were members of Indianapolis’ Sikh community. The attack was another blow to the Asian American community a month after six people of Asian descent were killed in a mass shooting in the Atlanta area and amid ongoing attacks against Asian Americans during the coronavirus pandemic."

Does the job of Fisking itself, all by itself. I've come to believe, all of the members of the FNIC (fake news industrial complex). No longer are possessed of the capacity, to do the (basic) job of reporting. They've been slinging doo doo, for so long. They've simply forgotten how, how to provide for the reader. And are now permanently incapable, of disseminating truth. 

Propaganda baby, 24/7. They of course now take pride, in out Pravda-ing Pravda. It's seems to have become a contest. To see which among the filch (Wash Post, CNN, MSNBC, Facebook, etc.). Can tell the biggest lie, with the straightest face. And then get away with it. Scot-free. 

The most ludicrous lie. The most politically vainglorious. Or the most damaging (to the Nation). Or even who among them, can wield the biggest sword, with which to stab America in the back. Without ruffling even a single feather of their's (see, I can destroy America. With just my pinkie alone!). 

They so drunk, so stoned, so high on power. It is the very air that they breathe. Like those morons, who steel a large cylinder of commercial grade nitrous oxide (during a nighttime burglary, of an industrial warehouse). And all of the thieves get in their car, together. They then roll up the windows, then open the valve on the nitrous cylinder, twisting it wide full open. They then sail away (within moments, to their final resting place). 

And they just won't take this Country down, to maintain their grip power. No, they will destroy the world, to keep tight their grasp. The whole world entire, they will destroy. For in power is their only joy. 

One life [the too many C H I L D R E N gang raped while enroute to our Southern border (while traveling from Central America). And then thrown from a moving train (discarded like so much trash)]. Or even gang raped stateside, in "holding facilities." One life matters not, to the Islammocommie Junta. 

Nor tens of thousands (of nursing home residents). Discarded by Governor Cuomo (like so much garbage). 

One life, ten thousand lives, a million (or more). They care not. Not a whit. Not a whim, nor a second thought. Whether it is Whitey, here at home, in America. Or however many millions, in Israel [Biden/Harris/Obama are in the Mullah's back pocket. Bought and paid for. J. F. Kerry, being the current bagman for their evil schemes (well yes, Obama works for the shii caliphate, for free. So deep does his Joohate run. The Netflix money, is just a token of the Left's gratitude and esteem)].

Anything to stay in power. However many lives are lost? In the preservation of their power. That's just the cost of doing business/running a criminal enterprise. And they don't even have to pay that bill, no. The FBI/DOJ are in Their back pocket. They will never be prosecuted. And well, it isn't their lives that are being roundfiled, or doing the dying. 

Giant vacuum cleaners. Sucking up all of the power. Such that the entire grid collapses. In a fantastic shower of sparks, filling up the entire night sky. And they then all pat themselves on the back. While excitedly cooing ... ooh, look at the pretty lights. 

They will never accept individual Americans, they will never accept that we ARE entitled to partake of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. That we, as individuals are entitled to think freely, and to think for ourselves. And are even entitled to express those differing opinions and points of view. 

To the Left, there is only one point of view, Their's. And there is only one way to run the Country, their way. 

Different thoughts, different ideas are not only not acceptable. They are not to be tolerated. They are to be stopped, completely, stopped totally. Free thinking is verboten. And any discussion thereof. The fascists will only stop their jackboot marching across the continent. After they have steamrolled every last individual, into submission. Until then, you are nothing but an extreme white supremacist. And that is the only thing you are. And the only thing that you are entitled to? 

Is to be gang raped in prison. After your arrest and trial. For being overheard reminiscing about days gone by. When Whites were allowed to go out in public. Without their (required) bright fluorescent yellow jumpsuits. Romanticizing about going out anonymously? Equity Security deemed such an admission of actually having gone out in public, sans jumpsuit. Which is a serious violation of the Equity Justice Act of 2021. Punishable by up to thirty years in prison. 

It like the old joke, and the heathen island cannibals. And after being captured, the shipwreck survivor is asked .... Death o' bunghee? (gang anal rape). The implication being, you will be allowed to live. If you choose bunghee (instead of death). 

So the shipwreck survivor of course, enthusiastically replies bunghee! 

And the Chief of the cannibals nods his head, and exclaims: Death .... by bungee! 

There is no middle ground. There is no Us, no We, no fellow Americans. No members of the same community, the same Nation. The same hope, aspirations, and ideals. And there never will be again. Remember one planet, one people? There now is just only one reality. There is nothing else. Kill Whitey. That is all that there is now. It is the only thing. Melanin modification clinics in 3, 2, 1 ...

Oh, a naysayer .... you don't believe me? Kill Whitey IS on the menu my friends. All too sadly, the killing fields approach. Got lead?

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Friday during "Cuomo Primetime" said that police and gun reform won’t happen until  "White people’s kids start getting killed."

Speaking hypothetically? No, the little turdmonkey is speaking wistfully. Dreaming of the day, that is all too rapidly approaching. When it is open season on Whitey. 

I used to suggest in moments dark and despaired like these. That the L*rd has gone on vacation. Nowhere to be seen. Well, he most certainly does not live in the hearts and minds of these G*dless insects. "All G*d's creatures"? If you say so. Doesn't make it true. Just like everything out of the mouth of the Islammocommie Junta. EVERYTHING that they say, everything ....  IS a lie. 

Sure, I trust in G*d. Doesn't mean I'm holding only my Johnson, when they come for me. Got lead? Trust in yourself, to save yourself. Stay away from civic centers. Stay away from large crowds and gatherings. Pay attention to your surroundings, at all times. Avoid crowded thoroughfares, always leave yourself an out. And please, I beg you. Get the f*ck out of the cities NOW! 

It is now only a matter of minutes. Before the cries and screams and shouts among the flames, are heard: Kill Whitey .... Kill Whitey ..... Kill Whitey. Don't say I didn't warn you. Don't say I didn't do my job. Don't say I wasn't on station, calling the ball. Save yourselves while you still can. 

Carry the L*rd with you in your heart. But carry a lead delivery device, in your pocket. Trust in yourself, your family, and your friends. Stay safe if you can. For Hell now approaches, with blinding speed. And they won't be happy, until Whitey bleeds. And only Whitey ... bleeds. 

Five p.m.

Got Hammer? 

Got big f*cking hammer? Sick. I'm so f*cking sick of these racist pieces of garbage. Tired. Ever so tired of these putrid people giving me dirty looks. Because I'm white. In the light of day no less, on the streets of the city where I live (and I've only got five more weeks left. And then it's adios .... Los Angeles. Goodbye mofo's, goodbye. You'll have to give stinkface to someone else, sorry). And I got news for ya ... things are only going to get worse. Much. 

They've been peddling this evil shite for a long time now. And it is coming to a head. When the verdict is returned, in the suicide/overdose of George Floyd. The lid will come all the way off (of a giant can of venom, rage, and destruction). 

For now they will have a license. A license to kill whitey [and it goes without saying. That is also an express license, to loot the local 99¢ Store (before burning it to the ground)]. 

More news? 

I'm confident that others a little miffed (at this turn of events). But that they are actually enraged. Enraged beyond themselves turning back. And they will stand, and they will deliver. Will deliver the hate (that these maggots have served up), right back in spades. And I'll save you the trouble [of looking up the meaning (of same)].

They will respond to this approaching evil, WITHOUT RESTRAINT. 

Me? I want my Country back. I want the glorious life given unto us, by the L*rd Almighty himself. This once blessed land. That they have destroyed. And turned into a boiling cauldron of Hate.

That at any moment now, w i l l boil over. Then all bets, will of course be off. Yes, some will welcome the arrival of this bloody conflagration. I'm not one of them [though certainly, I wouldn't turn down a (locked) cage match. With either Jackwad Dorsey, or Zuckermaggot].

The deranged lunatics have modeled this, gamed it to the n'th degree (the Creepfilth Tech Overlords, the Deep State, the FNIC, as well the Islammocommie Junta). They've run sim's, until they were confident of the outcome. The Country will be completely gone. But they will still be in power. Safe, behind the gates of their fifty million dollar estates. Safe, behind their armies of well paid and well armed security. Safe from the roaring flames of Hate and fire, that they have blown across the land. 

There are no consequence that acrue to any of them, because of their actions. Their creation of this blast furnace of Hate. No price paid, because of their selfish madness, none. LeBron James, already has a bazillion dollars, in his bank account. What does he care, if no one is going to ever watch basketball again? (Because of all of the political turds he has flung, directly at the audience). It affects him not at all. He's already got his. He doesn't give a rat's ass, about the other 427 players in the NBA. 

LeBron James, can even casually, nonchalantly talk about Jews and money. As if he were referencing a particular page, out of an atomic copy, of the Encyclopedia Brittanica [you know, just like Nick Cannon (merely acknowledging known "facts")]. 

And LeBron can keep his job, and collect a fat paycheck. While happily spewing racist stereotypes [imagine ... if I were to say watermelon, and a particular race. Use the stereotype in conversation? Wouldn't be outside the realm of possibility, for a couple of uniforms, to come and knock on my door. Sh*t, even arrest me. At the very least, a mob would magically arrive, and set my house on fire. With me in it.

There is now money, in hate (it buys a nice little house in Malibu, Topanga Canyon no less). Hate is now business. Just like it was an accepted part of the fabric of society, in Berlin, in 1933. 

And Hunter Biden? He will still be sending out for high dollar Russian ho's. [With or without first smoking a tall pile of crack (though it's an absolute guarantee that he will relapse. And it couldn't happen to a nicer Traitor)]. 

Jackwad Dorsey will still be ever so madly in love, with what he sees in the mirror. And he will still think he's the smartest man alive (by a country mile). Or the coolest cat that ever was. Even if Mark Zuckermaggot might disagree, oh just a little.

Both thinking they know more than anyone else. More than anyone past, present, and future. You know, you have to completely destroy America, in order to save it. And then turn the Republic, into a shiny socialist utopia. With pink sparkle ponies running wild .... everywhere (and farting rainbows as they galavant across the land). 

These are dangerous individuals. Who must be stopped, all of their evil machinations obliterated. Their ignorance is beyond staggering. How many will die? How many lives will be destroyed? Behind their transparent lies, and epic unbelievable idiocy. Unfortunately, we are soon going to find out. 


No, you help yourselves people. You and your families get ready for what is coming. You prepare, to stand and deliver ... whatever you got. Deliver unto this onslaught of evil. That all too soon, will come a knockin'. Destroy evil with extreme prejudice. And then? You pound a wooden stake, right into it's heart. Just to make sure. Absolutely sure. This isn't a game, and evil isn't playing. This is for everything that ever was. Or ever will be. The fate of the Universe. The actual fate, of the real/known Universe. 

It isn't a fictional episode, borne of a Hollywood screenwriter. And whence we awaken, discover it was all just a dream. No, the only way out of this nightmare. Is to destroy that which has brought it. Smash it into crumbly  bits. Take out the big hammer people. Swing with a fury that pulverizes Evil into dust.

Got hammer?

Monday, April 19th, Six a.m.

I told you he was a racist. It was the only information, that allowed all of the puzzle pieces to fit together, into a whole (narrative). 


US Capitol Special Agent David Bailey Who Murdered Ashli Babbitt is a Brazilian Immigrant and Black Lives Matter Militant — HE REPEATEDLY THREATENED TO KILL TRUMP SUPPORTERS ON FACEBOOK FOR Months! 

My anger, my rage. They've flushed the Constitution down the toilet. Wiped away our laws, our ordered society. Destroyed a Nation whole. Behind their grizzly ignorance. 

Kill Whitey

Kill Whitey 

Kill Whitey 

THAT is the new reality. That is the new America. And it will be on your very doorstep, in just a few days. 

Pure F*cking Evil 

Seven p.m. 

I don't want to be right (an' that ain't no pop song). And we shall all pray, that I am wrong. 

If you are having trouble, wrapping your mind around the concept. That it is over, that the lights are going dim in America? And she ain't never coming back together (again). And blood WILL flow in the streets (in just a few days. Possibly hours). 

Merely look to the staggering ignorance, of the Left. Coupled with their towering derangement. Minds turned to mush .... rancid pudding. Under the neverending, pounding onslaught of the most vile propaganda. 

But the most salient point, that should have you preparing for real actual war. They have no moral compass, at all, period. No ability to distinguish between right and wrong. They don't even have a desire (to do the right thing). It isn't even a consideration. The end of America, our America. Even amuses them. 

The "breached" database? An American, a citizen, a child of G*d. Would decry this, in all its manifestations. Decry it for the evil that it is. But a deranged libturd? Gleefully sees it as an opportunity, to score points. Street cred in the lunatic universe. There is no second guessing themselves. There is no remorse. They have no qualms whatsoever, about jeopardizing the life of another human being. It doesn't even register. It isn't even a faint passing thought. They have no concept of evil. Or that evil ... is them.

Only that Whitey is bad. And only Whitey hates. No one else hates, just whitey (it's in whitey's DNA, said King Hussein in the Membrane).

*****  "A local report in Utah faced heavy backlash over the weekend after tracking down a paramedic who donated to the defense fund of Kyle Rittenhouse and attempting to confront him at home. 

The Guardian reported last week Rittenhouse, the Illinois teenager accused of killing two protesters in Wisconsin in August, received thousands of dollars in donations for his legal defense, including from public officials and police officers.

Jason Nguyen, a reporter from ABC’s Salt Lake City affiliate in Utah, discovered a local paramedic donated $10 to Rittenhouse and headed to his home seeking his 'side' of the story. The decision to track down a private citizen for donating $10 was lambasted nationally once Nguyen tweeted about it."  *****

And compared to the hatred and rage, that others are possessed of? This is actually only a mild indescretion. There is so much anger and rage, against Whitey (fueled by television "reporters "). Stored in a jar. Waiting, just waiting .... for the verdict against Chauvin. Whence the lid comes all of the way off  .... of this giant jar of hell on earth. 

People are going to die in the next few days. In the streets, and in their homes. BECAUSE of the COLOR of THEIR SKIN!! How many? I don't think anyone is prepared for those kinds of numbers. But Hell is coming people. Yes. It. Is. It isn't going to turn back now. Satan will get his due. They have been cooking up this witch's brew, for a looong time. 

I hope and pray that you all have made proper preparations. I hope and pray that you all will be spared any of this (fast approaching) demonic destruction. 

Pick up an EXTRA fire extinguisher or two. Pick up a real time video security system (if you haven't already). So that you can watch your actual six (even at night). Even install a few rather inexpensive, perimeter alerts (from Harbor Freight). Have a chat with your neighbors. About your common defense. Send the kids, and Fido to go stay with grandma, for a week or two. Postpone any appointments, or trips into city centers. Don't go ANYWHERE at night. Hell IS coming people. My G*d, it really is. 

We shall all pray, with all of our might, that I am wrong. While the Left drools at the prey, that soon they shall prey (upon).

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Monkey Let Them Hogs Out

We have to get used to these times of great peril. With great evil, now walking freely among us. Understand that times have r e a l l y changed. Our situation is not hopeless. But until we actually vanquish, crush, destroy, and obliterate evil? We are nothing. We are nobody. We are Men and Women, without a Country. And that is no (historical) fictional novel. 

Evil must be dispatched from the Land. Before the return of hope (and joy and beauty). Battles won, on the road to victory. Will bring the promise of hope. And I wish for nothing more, than a skirmish won. Then another. And another. But without some success, some movement towards our goal? They are nothing but words. And I'll not cheerlead hot air. 

I wish there were more signs of progress. Some proof of life (to the resistance, and following restoration). To remind me, that hope will return. 

But I can't emphasize enough, how deranged these heathen beasts are. Devoid of reason. Any at all .... while deliriously drunk on their own power. Semi-automated bugs, bustling round an insectary. That communicates with its workers by smell. Imparts directives to them, via pheromones. Not by words, traveling through the mind. 

The proudness with which they engage in this debasement (of all that is Holy)? That is just killing me. And how I know, our challenge is beyond great (and seemingly hopeless). The smugness of their all, their everything. But that they could see, for just the tiniest moment? Who they are, and their unwelcome place in this world. A big dose of reality, existential smelling salts. 

The propaganda campaign, that has been waged for decades. Has really paid off. And we are dealing with beasties who truly are less than human (regardless their physical life form). Their minds taken from them. And replaced with a large chorus of chirping parrots. To wit, the bumper sticker that I just saw, on the back of a car. In large print it read: Biden Sucks. In small print underneath: Less than Trump. 

Wow. To be so deranged, so mindless, so facelessly absorbed into the sea of kneeling Socialist's. Bowing before their fascist masters. And then to advertise your lunacy, and devotion? L'lllook at me, how smart I am. How cool, how sophisticated. How with it I am, how omniscient. Us Biden folk, we are the saviors of all humankind [dont'cha know (see, we even have a sense of humor too ... Ha ha!)].  

My hat is off to those who have the patience to make clear, and reasoned arguments, against any of the Left's freshest inanities (and a few of them are deservedly well paid, for their work product). But I'm sorry, I see that bumper sticker, and I am both scared and angry. It's as if the species has de-evolved. Running away from evolutionary gains. Running at breakneck speed. 

But in reality? They've only just drunk the Kool-aid (well gallons of it actually). So they haven't changed physically, into some other life form. But their minds are gone. And in such, they truly are no longer human. And cannot make any claim to being same. They are gone, gone, gone. Electroshock therapy maybe? 

Arguing with any of these beasts of no mind? Is a waste of time. Anthropomorphic dalliance. And you are just fooling yourself. Something other than mere words, appears to be needed. 


When I was still in my teens, my pal was sporting dual quads ....  on a high rise manifold, bolted to a hemi. It would do whiplash effortlessly. Back in the seventies, gasoline was still under a dollar a gallon (here in Cali). So, if you got six or seven miles a gallon, BFD. Having that much power, on tap. Was a permasmile all day long, every mile (when I got a turn behind the wheel). 

Of course a little later, when I was in my early twenties. I had me one of those 1979, six banger motor scooters, from Honda (though the 1980, had a significantly improved frame). Inline six 1047cc, 24 valves, six carburetors. Zero to sixty .... in 3.2 (never leaving first gear). Them's were the days (though she was better as a GT machine, than a canyon scratcher/carver). 

Those days are gone. And they aren't ever coming back. I mean these vile, disgusting insects .... they've taken baseball from us too, wtf? America, without baseball?! Far beyond belief, and yet .... here we are. 

A few minutes before the first pitch on opening day, last year in 2020. Is when I turned off baseball for good. When the Dodgers were all lined up, behind home plate. Caressing a giant, continuous black flag, all kneeling together (in reverential worship of BLM). I didn't wait to find out, if the National Anthem was about to be played? I've never watched even one single minute of baseball .... since. Not a one, and never will (and I'm fairly certain Vin Scully, is pretty froogin pissed off too).

Baseball, is now in the past. Just like the First Amendment (and they're working pretty hard on destroying the Second Amendment too). We gotta get right, with this moment. The one, that is here now. Monkey (yeah .... that's you chief/boss) let the hogs out. The wild feral beast with razor sharp tusks. 

Bring it my friends. Bring it Now. Grab yourself a handful of throttle. Crack it wide open. Throw your weight round, herd these traitors, lasso the Left's attack (on this once blessed Land). Grab some horns, twist the mofo around, snap 'em to the ground. 

Monkey .... let the hogs out. 

Do what you can people. Make it happen. Whatever tiny little bit is left of this land? We shall rebuild, with our own hands (upon the free space, that is devoid of the fascist zombie clan). But first? First, we gotta stop their evil plan. 

(Razor) sharpen the edges of those tusks (would ya). And then let them hogs loose. We're in this to win, and save the Country. There is no losing. There is no more politeness no more Mr Nice Guy. 

Liberty needs individuals with an understanding of the times at hand. And how far we've actually traveled .... down this road to Perdition. Propriety will damn US to hell. We are at War. A real War, to save the Republic. Start. Acting. Like. It. Without taking care of business, n o w ? There is no future. There is no hope. 

No coulda, woulda, shoulda's. No do overs. This is it ... on planet earth's big stage. Starve them hogs into voracious, before you release them. That they shall feast on evil. 

Monkey, let them hogs out.

Saturday, April 17th, Eleven a.m.

It Never Stops! 

How much evil can they exhaust upon us. Choke us with. How much can we endure?

In times past, evil often wore no cloak. It was there for all to see. Though they certainly were aided. By those who chose simply to ignore the giant billowing clouds of sulphur. And in turn, failed to call out the approach of the dark l*rd. 

Now, evil is here once again. Towering evil, earth shattering. But this time, things are a little different. Instead of driven by a beastial ideology. It's is just and only unfathomable derangement. Pure greed, for pure naked power. By monkeys who get drunk on a mere taste, a tiny wisp of a sip (of power).

So now? Today, evil is beneficent. The Biden/Harris/Obama Junta, are Saints. Bark the heralds (FNIC) throughout the land. And we the people. Who don't sing their praises. Men and women of G*d, are to be destroyed. Not even worthy of spit. Though that will have to do, for now (at least until the verdict is read, in the death of George Floyd). 

I'm pretty freaked out by the whole thing. You wake up one morning, and your Country is gone. Whoosh. Vanished. And your neighbor? Thinks you (a Conservative), are an agent of doom, who is spreading "false election information." And you need to be silenced, shunned, and banned (deservedly so). Because you are a very bad man (so many brains now hopelessly scleroted by propaganda). 

It all reads, it all feels like an installment of Rod Serling's vivid fiction series. Except it is real. This savagery is really happening. It isn't make believe. Each day my frustration grows. Each day, their evil empire expands ever more. Each day, we are less. 

And as this Country soon will be at open war. Its citizens, in battle against each other. With the deep state, joining the war against Americans, on the Right. And all too soon, other countries will be at open war, with this one. 


F*CK the FBI ..... all the way up, with a red hot poker!

"FBI says it interviewed FedEx mass shooter last year" 

"INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — The former employee who shot and killed eight people at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis was interviewed by FBI agents last year, after his mother called police to say that her son might commit 'suicide by cop,'  the bureau said Friday."

So,obviously..... he is a Biden voter. Or a member of ANTIFA or BLM. I bet you think I'm joking. Their database of Conservatives or Trump voters. Is the ONLY criteria they now use, to investigate or prosecute crimes. That is now their only purpose, their entire mission statement. The persecution of the political right, that's it. Even murder is now allowed, by Leftists. Shooting a woman of five feet two, in the back (she needed to be put down. She voted for Trump. And get this... she believed in the Constitution too!). 

More AP (al Qaeda) propaganda....

When is a riot not a riot, but a mere political protest? When it's ANTIFA or BLM of course. 

'Fires, damage at Oakland protest against police brutality' 

"OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) — A protest that began peacefully in California ended with multiple fires set, several cars damaged and numerous windows shattered.

The protest against police brutality in Oakland began calmly Friday night, news outlets reported. A subsequent march drew around 300 people with some setting fires and breaking windows."

But it is still a peaceful protest. And get this, the accompanied picture, is of a building on fire! 

Associated Press ..... Al Qaeda Propaganda, All Propaganda, all the time. 

And then there is the Commie Broadcasting System....

'CBS News Edited Police Body Cam Video To Mask Teen Holding A Gun Before He Was Fatally Shot' 

Times beyond any belief. Satan has arisen, truly. And he is not content to just and only open the border. To create more Democrat voters, no. They now, are physically manufacturing them! What, you don't believe me?

'A Team of American and Chinese Scientists Announces Human-Monkey Hybrids Have Been Created'


"A team of U.S. and Chinese scientists have produced a series of human-monkey hybrid embryos in a study released Thursday that is raising critical bioethical questions about its experiments and their implications."

To quote Sam Kinison...... IT NEVER STOPS!!