Sunday, February 28, 2021

Enemy of the State

Such feeble minds, the Left is populated with. Though to a man, woman (he, she, it). They (all too smugly) believe that those whose scores are in the tippy top,  of  any given IQ test. Are beneath them .... mere/ordinary dingalings. The brains of Jackwad Dorsey, Zuckermaggot, Brin and Page, and Bezos the Bozos. Are unmatched museum quality specimens. 

And in thus is their reward. For their boundless Treason. Feeding their ego. Gobs of prideful arrogance, to revel in (better than sex). The financial wealth of the CTO's? Isn't the prize, nope. The wealth is merely a prominent metric to display, that attests to their brilliance. In ALL matters.  

They are smarter than everyone. And they bathe in the glorious reflection, that everyone knows it. 

Their personal derangement, as great as their political. 

They have no grasp of reality. Or connection to it. And yet they seek to completely destroy our world. And remake it in their own image.  

(in many parts ...) 

Monday, March 1st, 2021. Four a.m.

I fought the paw, and the paw won (the title of Jeffrey Toobin's new book). Seems to be a quite common thing now, while chatting on the video phone, during a virtual group meeting. Zooming ya'self, while on Zoom. 

I guess that it is just another part, of the great reset? The successful destruction of a Free Republic. And the rapid installation of the Fascist State. And everyone's just so dang excited to be a part of it. Celebrating their good little hitlery. That they simply cannot contain their emotion. All the guut leetle heetlurs, drinking from a wonderful potion. Oond spanking der monkays. 

As the World we have known for the duration, descends. Vanishes into the gaping maws of Hell. 

The lunatic hate cult, have no intention of resting upon their laurels, none. Savoring the spoils, of the destructive hand, that's swept across all the land. The Left will continue to consume ever more. Of anything that is America. Anything that was America (for the last three hundred years). Or ever will be. Even the very idea ... of America. Their derangement has no end. Knows no limit. 

They are unable to tolerate individuals. People who think for themselves. And those who do? Had better be stopped. Shadow banned, deplatformed, fired, evicted, or arrested (if need be). The CTO (Creepfilth Tech Overlords), will do everyone's thinking for them. All the time [so pay no attention to the corrupt, feeble, mumbling antique political hack. Behind the mask (that he keeps forgetting)].

As the libturds stop, stomp, crush any ideas of individuality, or independence. That (much) more than half of the Country harbor. They will keep these ideas from escaping into the consciousness and souls of others. By any means. Forcefully smothering Conservative thought, Conservative ideas. Aborting their dissemination. With dense clouds of sulfuric vapor. Everywhere, their quest for more power has brought them (and their stench right along with). 

11:00 a.m.

These insatiable bugs, in their ideological greed. Their unbreakable embrace of  CCP, ANTIFA, BLM, Socialism, embrace of nihilism, anarchy, even shii islam [before truckloads of Techno-dollars, bought scores (and scores) of politicians? You could buy a fair number of them, using just Tehrans's petro-dollars (John Fookin Kerry, Joe Biden)].

 The Left's everpresent hatred of this great land. Hate for most of its inhabitants. Past and present. The constancy of this hate. Never letting up, never dissapating.

 Junkies, riding the dragon's back. Hate for breakfast, hate for lunch. Hate for dessert. Hate before going to bed. Hate forever, hate for all time. Hate, hate, hate. As if it were the highest ideal, the highest evolutionary plateau. And they now, in the throes of ecstasy. During their intravenously fed orgy of hate (can we impeach Trump a third time? Oh man, that feels Ggggreat!). 

And each day, I daydream of the Lord's hand, as my own. That I would destroy evil, with a sweep of the back of my hand. Sweep away these (too) many locusts. These demon seedlings. That King Hussein (in the membrane) planted for eight straight years. All across the entire land. Everywhere. 

In every nook every cranny of our security apparatuses. So that they too now stink of Sulphur,  and hiss of serpents. And now at the ready, on bended knee they are. For the duration ... of Obama's third term. Supplicating, oh Dear Leader, please,  may we have another (fluff in their faces). There isn't anything they won't do (for him, and his treasonous agenda). Everyone of these bugs, drunk on the power that their codependency yields. 

'Frightening’: Devin Nunes Says FBI Informant ‘Made Up A Bunch Of Lies’ About Michael Flynn

That soon, they all might get to openly act upon the hate. Which they have suckled upon for more than a dozen years now. Ashli Babbitt, is just the start. Merely the beginning, of the war between the blue states. And everything that G*d in his wisdom and glory, hath created.

Kill Whitey. Openly kill Whitey (with smirking impunity). And shucks, well it isn't even worth mentioning. Who actually did pull the trigger. Wantonly, into Ashli Babbitt's back [a magic trigger it was. But it only works when you don't index (you itchy fingered racist turd)]. Why that (white trash) b*tch, she deserved to die. 

And the Commander of uniformed American troops, nearly implies it. Staging a big show, to announce that he's going to go hunting (through all of the ranks). For any of her ideological kin folk.

People who believe in the Constitution. Soldiers who take pride in the oath they are given (to defend it). So that they can be drummed right on out of the military. Or at the very least, scrub their minds (using sandpaper and bleach). As if you can erase the very idea, of Ashli Babbit's beliefs (no one said fascists were smart). 

And one assumes that any new members of the military (if the military is not first replaced with a global art/music/gardening therapy program?). Will be required to sign a loyalty oath [but not to G*d, or Country (of course)]. That is after they pass their first intake interview (which is conducted after the administration of sodium pentathol)].

1:00 p.m.

Nothing is funny anymore. Nothing. Especially when we enter the realm of ordinary, perhaps even soon. Daily mass casualty events. Human Slaughter. You teach White hate long enough? And you teach enough people, over an infinite number of platforms. And them genocidal chickens they will return. They will return and roost.   

ANTIFA, BLM, the Deep State [Brennan's quite high on his own wind (come up for air CIA Diver Dan. You look pale)]. As well however many others in the (relatively new, just added to the original three branches) various, unelected (partisan) extra/additional individual Executive branches [CIA, FBI, NSA, DOJ, DHS, IRS, (and of course, goes without saying....) the CCP]. Deep State, now the Fourth Branch. 

And the Fifth Branch, of our newly remade society/world/Government? The CTO (creepfilth tech overlords) of course. Who by volume, and weight of their own arrogance. Now readily comprise at least a third, of our current total operating Federal Swampocracy (and we can't fire any of those nasty filch either). 

The Citizens? They don't figure into any of these/the fascist's equations. Not anywhere. Though we'll see if we can squeeze all them pasty MAGA mofo's, into re-education camps. Before we're forced to squeeze them .... into ovens (you should have thought of that before you voted for Trump! Ya little crybaby. Elections have consequences!!). 

Four p.m.

And as time marches on. Rolling over the lost glory, of the greatest gift ever known. Expect some tussling behind the scenes. Some pushing and shoving (as what little was left of Biden's brain. Turns completely to pudding. Rancid pudding). And each of these groups and maggot clusters and puppeteers. Assert themselves, amongst themselves. Who's the boss of us, of all the fascists? Who is now thee mostest clowniest prince of the new Monarchy? 

There was already plenty of cross pollination, before the election. Prior to this Homecoming Dance [for the (Joe Bama) Fraudulency]. So there might be some unexpected births of yet even more deranged fascist ideologues. Some of these political clusterf*ck bastids, will rise higher in the Treason hierarchy. Gain more power. Some will become less fashionable [among the traitor crew (sheet, Ducklo thought his deek was da biggest!)]. 

It is so unbelievable. One be labeled a (racist) loony conspiracy theorist. A Supremacist even. For speaking Freedom and Liberty aloud (careful elmo,  those now are code words of white nationalists. Bizarre). Or even in private (they are daydreaming about putting secret cameras, in your biological back door. They don't want to miss anything, future forward. Spying on citizens, arouses them).  

For rest assured, every spoken word, every written word is now metered and measured. As part of your assigned social credit rating. Which will be embroidered on a patch. For you to stitch onto your outerwear garment. Don't worry about opting out. The CTO have opted you in. For life (even in death. Where will you be allowed to rest? After you kick off this mortal coil. Yep, that's right. The return of segregated cemeteries. No joke). 

And while we haven't been formally deplatformed here, at this web address (yet). Much of our virtual being, was shadow banned, quite some ways back (the very first three years of this blog's existence. We were completely delisted from Google search results). And now currently seen in current (non existent) greater web metrics (where people started on the net, before arriving here at Anechoic Room). So if somehow you are reading this? Congratulations mudder hubbard, consider yourself lucky (indeed). 

And should ultimately, we finally be completely zeroed. We will be surprised if any suitable virtual real estate still exists. Or will be available to rent in future? 

They won't be happy until they have silenced every single last Conservative voice. Both big and small. Until they have actually taken Tucker Carlson's, very life (in an accident, of course). Unless somehow, they manage to silence him or the Network first. And a Staggering quantity of resources, have already been devoted.

Five p.m.

And I don't think they will be able to wait. Wait for the formal Kill Whitey Days, to begin, the executive order. I gotta believe King Hussein (in the membrane) is on the Truman Balcony, right now..... this very minute as we speak. Hanging with Samantha Power. Each with their very own personal bottle of Taitt, and knocking it back OG (with a long, deeeluxe, lighted plastic straw). While proudly, arrogantly bogarting blunt (mofo). And celebrating his third term. Wee weeing their panties. And drunkenly commanding the other: pinch me! No, you pinch me!! 

Because I'm sure Samantha will claim a percentage of African American blood. And she has the (professionally) faked DNA lab test,  to prove it (I mean if Obama can claim to be American. With the faked birth certificate). 

Killing Whitey, will become perfunctory (and of bland interest). You know, like calling the exterminator. Won't barely make mention on the evening news. Something of the day's mild amusement (what today's body count is).

Though certainly in the beginning, there will be a lot of cheering going on. A whole bunch (but they'll settle down. When they have to devise ways. To deal with all the corpses). 

Marjorie Taylor Greene, is just the appetizer, last week's snackitude. They, moving from (trying to) influence (winning hearts and minds). Straight to why even bother. And right on, straight past to (manufactured in China) with very large scale industrial solutions.

Whether it be another, newer even more crippling virus, or just simply loading Uyghurs on trains. They want this over with. Sorted. Settled. Tidied up. Gift wrapped. Utopia ... delivered. Just one push of one button, once. Easy peasy (pink sparkle ponies for everyone!). 

So loyalty oaths should start appearing any day now. On the Event Horizon, for Whitey. Whether it is to obtain new housing or employment. Or to maintain current housing and keep continued employment. No matter how long you have been previously employed there. Or the quality of your work product. Or the steady nature of your monthly housing payments.

Loyalty oaths for admission to private social settings. As well what is your Covid status? Plus some other (Zuckerberg, Dorsey, Bezos provided) X factor. And voila, you have arrived at your social service ratings! And yes, some/many will have to display that metric. Prominently on a sleeve worn badge.

Others, smarter than me (much), will think to completely and totally mask. Their political beliefs. And assume the virtual trimmings and trappings, of the national socialists. Disavowing the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and G*d Almighty. In order to stay alive (or just merely employed or housed).

Using anonymous search engines, and encrypted communication. Though entirely possible, we no longer enjoy the blessing of the Almighty. And no devine intervention will be forthcoming, to preserve this Nation. And save it from complete and utter destruction. 

Bezos' "replacement" isn't there because of the quality of his work, or his skillset. He was chosen because of his nose. Parked all the way up .... Bezos' butt. His proud adherence to the new G*dless, fascist world order. Just like Bezos' loyalty to the CCP. Makes no matter to Bezos. The destruction visited upon the lives of the citizenry, the destruction of our world whole. By his beliefs and practices. He lives in his own insulated world. Which bears no resemblance to ours. We aren't even a second thought. We are a complete abstraction. And of course, not human (white nationalists). 

So the Country is gone. And its return highly questionable, at best. Living, art, music, joy, beauty, wonder. All gone as well. But, we got plenty of worthless plastic crap from China, to sell you. For you to buy. And have delivered ... in the blink of an eye. Makes no matter, that it was manufactured by slave labor. Yours for a penny, a song. Why yes, you can have two.

Eight p.m.

The Left's disconnect so great. That if somehow industrial aerosol adhesive is sprayed in your hair? Via own your own hand, your own unbelievably towering stupidity. It isn't actually your fault, nope. That's right, it's whitey's. 

And in thus, make him pay a price. Get in his face. When he is out to dinner, with his family. Especially then. Deny whitey basic rights, basic courtesy, basic respect. Deny whites peace in their own home [Senator and Mrs Hawley]. Deny them a place in our society. Let your hate flow. It's time to kill Whitey, don't you know. 

Me, I'll be a free man standing. No bended surrendered knee here. Let alone remain silent. They may have destroyed America. As well the idea. And crushed too many hearts and spirits in the evil deed. But they will not be able to destroy every single last free heart and every last free mind. And in thus blood will flow in the streets. And in the homes of American patriots. You won't need to enlist, and then in turn travel overseas to fight the Evil Axis. They will come to you. You have already been drafted. You now are poster children, for their target practice.  Both virtual and atomic. 

This anti fascist war on lethal Traitor propaganda. Requires all hands on deck. Of those who ARE ready, are willing and are able. To man the gattlin' to the last. Willing to give your all, your everything However many romantic souls left, that may be? So smoke em if you got'em [me, finally gave up the gum (after three years)]. It's going to get real hairy out there people. Some of you really are going to die. So that Lady Liberty, may possibly live. War, at home. War, in your homes. War is here. 

I will never know peace again, in this life, until they are vanquished. If ever of course. But I cannot walk away. Cannot ignore this evil. Whatever the filch who cancel, may yet erase. Whatever they may do to me, in the atomic (in the small Southwest town I'm moving to, into just a couple of months. F*ck California, adios, goodbye). 

More specifically, I think of those whose voices were all silenced, all canceled. On the very same day. More an nine thousand souls, now resting. In linear ordered rows. Atop a groomed verdant bluff, overlooking the English Channel. In a place known as American Cemetery, Omaha Beach. 

Though they are silent, I can still hear them. Hear them loudly call. And in thus, you can have my silence, when you can cut out my tongue. And rip it from my lily white face. Not before. I'm not afraid of you. Never have been. Bring whatever you got. Whatever evil that may be. However much horror you can launch. 

You ain't taking anything from me. Not now. Not ever. As in never. I am not, nor will I ever .... surrender. You have already taken the one thing. That is more precious to me, than anything. This land, this country, this Nation. That was entrusted to us, by G*d almighty. There is nothing left to destroy. Nothing left to lose. 

What little time I have left, I give unto the memory of those who already gave. Gave their all, their everything. Through time, through distance. From another world away, they gave their lives, for me. Fighting fascism, seventy five years ago. Across the Atlantic. As the American Neo National Socialists gain steam, here at home. This day, this moment. Gleefully, spitting upon all of their graves. And I say not on my watch, I'm still breathing. Motherf*ckers. I'm still breathing. 

Ron Kim, New York State Assemblyman. Wow. Someone on the other side of the aisle. With integrity, with basic human decency (yeah, the exception that of course proves the rule).

 Remember when (a million years ago), when people agreed to disagree? Were polite. Simple basic respect for one another, was the norm. Accepting people as individuals. In a collective that forms just and only one Country. One shared ideal (though infinite ideas). 

Not automatically rejecting half of this Nation. Canceling all those whom they have labeled villains (because of the color of their freakin skin!!!). And then? Massive mobs atrample their front lawns, threatening them, threatening their children. Even their pets! Threatening their very lives. For having, for expressing a point of view different from the daily scripted, false narrative. Or even celebrating the agonizing demise of a storied Conservative, from fatal lung cancer! Swilling Champagne, and dancing in the studios of the FNIC. 

We once  had a Constitution (remember when?). Different ideas were welcomed, celebrated. Having a discussion of different topics, problems and solutions was normal. Was American. Wasn't a crime.

 Our families, G*d, and Country came first. Politics? That crap came later. Now, Left/progressive/Socialism, fascism. Isn't just the new religion. It is the only. 

And if you don't slavishly worship their false techno G*d? Well G*d help you. Because you are really, really going to need it. I'm jeopardizing what very little I have, my (already dwindling) future. By merely thinking these words. And in turn plinking this keyboard. By not caving, caving into the fear. Shutting up. Me, little elmo. Enemy of the State. 

No one voted for demented CCP Biden and racist Kommisar Kamel Hairris. No one except Jackwad Dorsey, Zuckermaggot, (do nothings but evil) Brin & Page, and [five foot seven (in heels)] Bezos. With a handful of other fascist trillionaires for good (overpowering) measure. Certainly not a majority of Americans. Most certainly. 

So I get a little frosted, when people (every single last person in the FNIC) pretend he's the president. That he's the leader of the free world. Rather than what he is. 

Biden as president, is the biggest lie so far. In a galaxy of unbelievable whoppers. And it now has been told enough times. That people who say different, are assumed to be nothing more than blood swilling (Islamic fundamentalist no less) terrorists. Killing using unapproved words. 

And why we must prosecute people, people who speak up or out. Hunting them down (like rabid dogs) on Facebook and Twitter. As well every other place they leave a virtual trail, for the thought police to follow [though being (an Islamic fundamentalist) terrorist, would be a pretty neat trick, yep (for this hook nosed bagel eater). But hey, it was just part of the research, for my new book: "My Jihad" (ululation heard in the background)]. 

 Joe is doing it all for the kids (what a surprise). He emphatically likes kids more than people [he's not doing it just/only for the CCP  (and Iran) no Sir (what a swell, what a Saint!)].

The meme weeks back was, Biden is "fundamentally decent." (when he isn't nodding off. Or asking: where are we?). And why you are seeing informal videos, that feature Dear Leader unwinding at  the nest. Smiling ... playing with the family dog. Reminiscent of other (b&w) home movies, from other leaders dear (past). 

There is a time for every purpose under heaven. And somehow killing whitey is now on the agenda. And they are going to make real sure, that clock gets wound. For in their heaven. Is our Hell.

Thursday, December 31, 2020

I Thought for a Minute There I Was Dreaming

"In the interview, Gen. McInerney publicly calls on President Trump to realize the seriousness of the cyber-war attack on America by invoking the Rebellion Act, removing Habeas Corpus (as Lincoln did) and initiating mass arrests under military authority." 

I thought for a minute there, I was dreaming. One individual, one. Who understands the magnitude of the situation. The mortal jeopardy of it all. And where we, as participants, in this great grand experiment. Are. 

And of course, the land of our fathers, and our forefathers. Itself, in the most dire jeopardy. Since before the day of its birth.

Wednesday, January 6th. Four p.m.

Say Her Name 

I don't know her name. I would like to. The name of the woman, assassinated. In the name of Freedom and Liberty. Who when she left home, to attend the march in DC. Never thought that she would not be coming back. It's senseless. They shot her through the neck. How big a threat was she. If I thought for one moment, martyrdom would save the Republic? But she wasn't given the option. Witness accounts peg it as a stone cold killing.

Thursday, January 7th. Eight p.m.

The Criminalization of Speech, in 3, 2, 1, 0 ... 

Nothing the Left does anymore surprises me. It's all evil. And merely a waste of time to comment on it. Their actions regards Ashli Babbitt, hitting a new low, even for them. It only took a year, for the end of the First Amendment. And even that isn't good enough for them. They want complete control, of the inside of your mind. 

You are no longer entitled to think independently, es verboten. No free exchange of ideas. No comparative analysis. Just and only moronic fascist dogma. 

It is hard to see how we once triumphed over two major imperial fascist powers. When now we cannot chase them from the square, everywhere. And the tech titans have more power than Hitler ever dreamt about. 

Monday, December 28, 2020

They Don't Get Their Tribute

What makes the propaganda, being spiked into people's veins, so willingly accepted? Is that too many people, are too busy. To decline the passive ride, to information Hell. They don't have the time, to nibble or snack, or to digest. To sit back or slowly reflect. And inform their own opinions. So they by default, settle for what comes their way, by whatever manner of means of transmission. Even if it is injected, straight into the veins in their arms. 

The problem of course, is the hypodermic's contents. You have no choice, regards the selection. It's not their way (and their contents), or the highway. There are no other highways. They own them all. There is no choice to even consider. 

They are actually in control. Of the minds. Of tens of millions of Americans. And that is no fiction. That is no lie (though I'm fairly confident, their fact checking machinery, would disagree. And why I'm surprised, this blog is even still up). 

99% of all those information superhighways. Are owned, operated, run, maintained, guarded, and gate-kept. By a handful of deranged lunatics. Who have Trillions of Dollars. With which to entertain and amuse their beyond hard-core, obscene pornographic political ideology. 

And the bus of social justice. Is driven by a trashcan of stupid, idiotic feel good political ideas (Socialism, Utopia). That bear no resemblance to the real world. But it makes them feel good. And, yes, that's right. They are doing it for the children (no really). Who just aren't safe from the Orange Hitler. They are in danger. So we are going to take it upon ourselves, to save the children. We aren't doing it for ourselves. Heck no, in fact, we are aren't just Saints. We are heroes! 

And well, their might makes them right. Governor Cuomo, is over the moon with pride. That his evil pinkie alone, took the lives of ten thousand mums and dads, and grandmums and granddads. With just a flick of his little finger, he condemned to death. Those who lived. Those who were loved. Those who loved back. Their crime? Not knowing that one of the deranged lunatic Left, was going to kill them. 

And the CTO (creepfilth tech overlords) had precognition, that Beelzebub. Was one day going be on their dance card. With all of the alliances that they had forged. Before their tanks rolled around our mental Maginot lines, with ease. 

They have become part and parcel of too many individual's very basic, most simple thought processes. People bouncing their thinking off the web, or via the cloud. Not even thinking, just asking their virtual assistant (to do it for them). Devoting no energy, to the laborious task of thinking. Their entertainment, their relaxation, their finances, their health, their enjoyment all. Fed through an external portal. A portal controlled by pure f*cking evil. 

And these bugs, these leeches, literally feed upon our brains. Taxing most everything that rolls down, the information superhighway. Have something to sell? Try doing it, not on eBay. Want to buy some small item, that isn't necessarily common or in great demand? Try and buy it somewhere else. Want to hail a cab? Want to order a pizza? Remember way back when, when you used to place your order, over the telephone. 

Want to send a letter to a friend? Are your thoughts different than the CTO narrative? Are you a Conservative? Your email is now routed to your friend's trashcan (how efficient is that. They don't even have to open it). Want to casually talk about the issues of the day, with a group of folks that you don't know (the local bar being closed and all)? You get branded a racist, or a great dangerous societal obstructionist, or a conspiracy theorist, a rumor mongerer. And if you dare try that nonsense again? We'll tell your boss, and post your home address, out on the internet. 

You were planning on quitting, and moving to a new town anyway. How nice of them to lend a hand. How thoughtful and considerate. And that fifteen year old girl, who had just bought a new car (three years ago)? And was so happy, she goofily mimics the idiom of the day. When she recorded a video, expressing her happiness. And is then canceled, back to the stone age, three years later (being forced to resign from her cherished new college. Before she even starts her first year). 

These are dark times people. Bleak. Scary. Frightful. Horrific. I don't think CCP Biden, knows how truly prescient, his prescription was [Covid 19 .....  "A Dark Winter" (ahead)]. Though in this case, (he) Joe Biden, is the disease. 


Anywho, I figured out why so many GOP Senators, are against the larger stimulus. 


Just that simple. The aid only goes to those it was intended to help. Not diverted, to however many other different fingers, in the pie. It goes straight to the beneficiaries. To them, THAT is wasteful. To these GOP folk, a day without pork, is like a day without sunshine. It is their sole purpose in life. They are society's middlemen. And they are being cut out of the equation. And they aren't happy. Nope. 

They don't get ther tribute. You know, like in the movie Goodfellas. Because in that pork. They can say Thank You. To all of the lobbyists. Who buttered their toast, this past year (with however many tributes). And award this billion, two, three. To that special interest, two, three. Who got you a "date," two, three.

That just isn't how things are done, uh huh. And why President Donald J. Trump, had to hijack the truck. In hushed secret, in the dead of night. He wanted to deliver ALL of its contents. To the American people.

Tuesday, December 29th. Ten a.m.

How I Wish I Were Wrong 

(via Freep)

"this year, gives me grave concern for mankind as we approach the New Year. I see nothing that bodes well for the future, despite what people may desire to believe. 

America's God is no longer the Lord; America's thieves and the debauched are elevated to positions of admiration. They are heralded as models of Citizenry. 

A nation whose governors and mayors order the arrest of people for going to church, but keep liquor stores, cannabis stores and adult bookstores open cannot be blessed by God."


I can tell you this, if Donald Trump does not take the oath of office, on January 20th? Then you no longer have the rule of law. And you will have lost any and all of the moral underpinnings. That are the foundation of a free and benevolent society. 

And after you have crossed that threshold. You can only expect the rapid disintegration of public order. The breakdown of norms. Of public safety. It's a very big Country. And if lawlessness spreads across the whole of the continent? It will be Hell on earth. In the blink of an eye (if not sooner). That's twenty two days away, to you and me. 

There will be no going back. No do overs. No chance for a return to normal. It will be a giant bachanal of death and destruction. Horror upon horror. And that is just and only, twenty two days away. 

A perfect storm of Evil. Brought forth by the active Treason, of far too many. Including the CTO, the FNIC. Members of Congress. As well members of the Judiciary. Including the Supreme Court. Even the FBI, and the CIA. Even of course, foreign bad actors. It is hard to see, how they all think that we will be silent, in the face of such criminality, cowardice, and Treason? That we will just go quietly, into that good night. To the contrary. But then linear thinking, has never been their strong suit. No. 

It's too late, to make all of the preparations that you need. Too late to get all of your affairs in order [expect the prices of weaponry and ammunition to skyrocket, vertical scale. In the next few days and weeks (and with McConnell just now indicating his support for the increased stimulus, more so if people receive those funds quickly). At absolute minimum, have the car fully fueled. And a couple spare gallons in the trunk as well]. But not to late to pick a side. And join the battle, which likely will start on that very day. Whomsoever shall take the oath of office?

G*"d I hate Traitors. And I know I'm not alone. Blood will flow in the streets. So at minimum, GET THE F*CK OUT OF THE CITY. If you can. Anywhere. Anywhere you can shelter away from the flashpoints of madness and pure Evil. Even if the only thing that you are able to take with, is your GO Bag. 

For on that day, if Biden is inaugurated? G*d will be on vacation. And the kingdom of Satan will be formally inaugurated. And millions of people, will not go quietly into that good night. It will merely be the beginning, of Hell on Earth. 

Should Trump, be rightfully returned to office? Then we can of course expect ANTIFA and BLM. To engage in their usual nonsense. Only this time. The pushback will be overwhelming. And not just law enforcement. But citizen soldiers, who will not stand idly by. To the contrary. They will stand resolutely on guard. Not taking any chances, on the Republic slipping away, again. They will take the preservation of the Republic, into their own hands. And employ deadly force, as and when required. 

This is the world. Our world. Day for night. The approaching darkness. That will settle all over the land. Some are looking forward to that day, with glee. I am not one of them. No I am not. And have done everything in my power, to stop it. The boy who cried wolf. Over and over and over again. And then over again.

I am not without sympathy, I am NOT a cruel man. But yes Rush, you didn't do enough. Not nearly enough. Sorry, reality just is. And the one approaching, is horrific beyond any measure that I have ever known. 

For on that day, the ties that bind us together, as a Nation, will dissolve. And it will be every last man, woman, and child, for themselves. Twenty two days people. Twenty two days. 

Oh how I wish I was wrong.

Eleven a.m. 

Hell here we come, in 3, 2, 1 .... 

Looks like a head fake. G*d what Evil scum (as much as I support repeal of section 230, etc, etc., ad infinitum).

Calling McConnell a turd? Is an insult to feces everywhere. With his latest spineless, political wrangling? He is simply impaling a good chunk of America. On the sacrifial altar, of his own towering political deviance. 

Sadistic and cruel, that is what I labeled it, just yesterday (if they dangle the $2K, in front of the faces of the truly desperate. And then yank it away). And with McConnell's latest knife in the back, of Americans. I would be hard pressed to think anything, other than that the $2K, is dead. Finished business, done deal. And more so, any political cooperation, of any kind. Even among those on the Right. At a time when political infighting on the Right, is absolute suicide. 

Into a cauldron of pure Evil, we now travel. Got your seatbelts on? Hell here we come, in 3, 2, 1 ....

Ten p.m. 

The Future's so Bright, I Need Welding Goggles

 CCP Biden, talking about the (Trump) vaccine, today. At one of his stand in front of the blue screen, and (try to) look Presidential (and not weak and feeble) thingees. Doing one of his usual (benzedrine enhanced) yammer yammer in a manly fashion (then literally run away from the podium, without taking any questions) deelios. He, Biden, today, reading off the teleprompter:

"President Elect Harris, took her's today, for the same reason."

In order to build confidence, in the vaccine. The vaccine, that Kommisar Kamel Hairris, all but shat upon. While Operation Warp Speed, was well underway, and making truly great strides. 

Though she is the embodiment of it, she's beyond evil. And why my mental health, future forward. Would be in great jeopardy. Watching her inauguration, on January 20th, if we fail. I then would feel the need to expatriate (in a desperate attempt to preserve. What little would be left of my spirit and my sanity). It would literally blow my mind, that America is gone. And that a handful of (ultra wealthy) fascists, quite easily succeeded in destroying it. That, and the Queen of the Jew Haters, Samantha Power. Would (excitedly) be returning to the White House (in Obama's third term. Ergo the Obama/Harris/Power administration).

But even Biden, reading off the teleprompter? He just cut straight to the chase, saying she Kamala, is the President Elect. Not him. It was easier for his pudding brain, to speak truth to power. Than the mental gymnastics, of doing the hard work ... of reading (and maintaining the facade of it all). What I call terminal brain fade. Biden couldn't lead a seeing eye dog. Let alone a Country. 

And here we are. Truth more strange, than (the most fantastic, unbelievable) fiction (and getting more strange, with each passing minute). And why I have my questions, about the Patriot's ability. On the field of battle. This is real war, not a blockbuster Hollywood (fictional) movie (starring the action hero of your choice). 

We, as a Nation, have had fairly easy lives. Even cushy. With little or no hardship. Nothing has prepared the greater number of individuals (who know that the Election was a massive criminal fraud). Nothing has prepared them, for real actual combat. And my concern, is that there aren't enough Patriots, who are (prepared).

But then some have expressed great confidence, in the abilities of those who are going to show up. And they will more than carry the weight. More than shoulder the burden (kind of a quality over quantity thing).

If I had the physical health, to join the (if needed) Resistance? But I don't. And seeing the cold blooded murder, of Lady Liberty. Would weigh so heavy on my heart, my soul, my everything. Once they assume power? It will be like a Hollywood movie. Your worst f*cking nightmare.

They will instantly mobilize, to crush any and all dissent. Dissent in all forms, virtual or atomic. Whether you are ready or not. They will be on the offensive. Their shock troops will move lightning quick, to reinforce and consolidate power (who knew, that the California Department of Consumer Affairs. Had its own armed police force?!). They have a mandate after all. 

And they will have the full power and reach, of the entire technology and internet infrastructure (including space and satellites). The full backing, and apparatus of the FBI and the CIA (believe that). They are preparing dossiers as we speak [wave, smile, say hellooo to the nice people from the deep state [maybe you can turn that into a cute little song ditty? (I'm getting a Lionel Ritchie vibe)]. It will be something nearly impossible to undo. And once it has begun, things will only get worse. And from there? To full goose (psycho) bozo killing .…. with badges (they have a mandate after all. And The Big Lie, that Biden won a free and fair election, in a historic landslide? Has been told so often. That they themselves, believe it). 

Eighty one million (fraudulent) people. More (fictional) people than in the known history of the Universe. Voted for the Great Uniter [of Leftists, racists, haters, fascists, socialists, communists, environmentalists, Traitors [Bolton: no systemic voter fraud (and Frontpage Magazine, called him an envious dwarf)], rapists, nihilists, anarchists, atheists, globalists, progressives, anti-semites, skate rats, jihadists, bestial-sexuals, and baby killers (wow, that really is a diverse cabinet!).


The future is so bright, I need welding goggles.

From above link:

'If VP Pence was about to “pull a Jefferson” on January 6th & refuse to count contested electors in order to elect Trump for a second term then why would Rep. Gohmert feel the need to litigate the issue now?

He wouldn’t. Evidently, Mike Pence is no longer interested in politics.

Before Vice President Mike Pence was sued by a Republican congressman from Texas in a Hail Mary attempt to reverse the November election, their lawyers held a private meeting in which they disagreed about how the Electoral College vote is formally accepted.

Rep. Louie Gohmert, who claims Pence has the power to hand President Donald Trump a second term by rejecting Democratic electors from swing states, described the failed talks in a Tuesday filing in federal court in Tyler, Texas.

Wednesday, December 30th. Nine a.m.

Quitters and Surrender Monkeys ... The New York Post 

So you don't think that Trump will prevail? Great, good for you. Really. And it certainly is long odds. That's for sure. And getting longer, with each passing hour. As the window to save the Republic, narrows. As the days left on the calendar, dwindle down. Soon approaching nil. 

And so you yourself, have given up. And are no longer going to invest anything of yourself. In what you believe, to be a losing cause. More applause. 

And that's all well and good. Perhaps you think that your life, won't be materially altered. Living under Chinese Communist rule? (Strange that). And so what's the big deal, what's all the fuss about. 

Get over it. Get over yourselves. Move on.  That is what you are dictating, to others. In essence, you haven't just surrendered, no. Guess what? You have become them! 

It isn't a little deal. Of little or no consequence. It is the biggest thing that ever was. Or ever will be. And, we could disagree about that. But you aren't agreeing to disagree, no. You have become a good little fascist, your little ole self. Now telling others, what to do. What to think. How to act. Which for the New York Post? Is incredibly creepy. As all of this monstrous event horizon, that is playing out, is. Creepy, creepy ... and more creepy. 

And well giving up, and surrendering? Is the path of least resistance. Seemingly bringing peace of mind. A return to normal. No more bullets whizzing past your head. No more canned mystery meat, and small concrete bricks, masquerading as a packet of crackers. You have surrendered, and acceded to their demands. And in return, you believe they won't kill you. You give up your rifle, and get to go back home. Back to your life, and the way things used to be. 

But you are deceiving yourself. You only want others to surrender, to validate your own decision, to do so. Exposing your fortitude deficit.  You don't have it in you, to go the distance. You want it all to be over already. And you believe, that in surrender, there is closure. 

I mean what's a little Communism, among friends, right? CCP Biden, says the Chinese Communists, ARE our friends (but then maybe that's just the fifty million dollars in bribes. From the Chinese Communist Party. On Hunter Biden's laptop, speaking?). If we could just end all this uncertainty, all of this madness. And by surrendering, the insanity will end? 

"Stop the Insanity"

"You Lost" 

But see, the thing is. Trump didn't lose. No. Because Biden didn't win, he didn't win anything. They injected hundreds of thousands of votes here, there, and everywhere. In repetition. Until finally, after giving millions of additional votes, to Biden. He "won." 

You may think Biden won, you may believe it. But that doesn't make it so. And you declaring something which isn't true. As true. Is propaganda. Which is a tool, employed by Communists, and Fascists. 

So trying to gain meaning, from your actions? Trying to understand your change of voice and vision? Perhaps a dossier of compromising photographs? Or of course, a beyond embarrassing video? Who knows. It's a mystery. 

But you are no longer interested in the truth. And trying to deduce from whence this great grand Machiavellian election flip flop. From Trump to Biden, came from? 

Who did it? Who exactly! And well it's fairly likely, it was a number of individuals. As opposed to one person. But, you New York Post, aren't interested in the truth anymore. Where it seems, though once you were. 

Surrender to the CCP? Won't get you that warm (Geneva Convention) blankie, that you covet. Or the meltproof chocolate bar, either (or wishfully, an iPod loaded with songs, and a pair of earbuds). What it will get you? Is what Surrender to expansionist, murderous (even genocidal), fascist regimes on the march, always bring.

Good luck with that. Real good luck.

Eleven a.m.

Of the people, by the people, and for the people (alt: It isn't over yet! ... By a longshot)

WASHINGTON (AP) — Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., said Wednesday he will raise objections next week when Congress meets to affirm President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in the election, forcing House and Senate votes.

Five p.m.

The Perfect Ending 

Cowards. They won't have a straight (stand alone) up down vote, in the Senate. On the Stimulus. What are you afraid of? Neither side will buy, the other's poison pill bill. That's not going to happen. The only way this Bill, has the slightest chance of succeeding? Is a straight (stand alone), up down vote.

That’s it. Anything else? Is just your normal, business as usual. In the Swamp so vile. I was watching one Senator [in a brown suit (Cornyn?)]. AND with not one single hair, out of place. Not a one. Or even a single thread, on his crisp, hand tailored suit. I'm guessing his annual hair budget, greatly exceeds, the $2K. That he ever so easily, so well practiced, and so reptilian, dismisses.

And the hill, that you are planting your political flag upon. Stabbing it into the earth? Are the very lives, of too many. The loam which is tilled to breaking. But then Mitch McConnell, thinks it can be tilled some more. Turning it into dust. With his smirking subterfuge (springing the Bill in surprise).

For he knows this Bill, will not survive his Poison Pill. They simply are not going to swallow it. It's a stunt, nothing more. And he doesn't care. The Swamp breeds such vile loathsome creatures. Perhaps Mitch is settling scores, and has a vendetta, that has been festering?

It's the perfect ending, to the year 2020. 


And this latest Covid strain? Labeled as a mutant (oogy, boogy boo ... run away, run away!). I guess he listens to a different kind of music. And wouldn't get caught dead, on anything other than a Harley. 


Nothing to see, move along ....

Thursday, December 31st. Ten a.m.

To thine own self be true ....

Massachusetts cop buys Christmas dinner for family after​ they get caught shoplifting

A kind-hearted Massachusetts police officer is earning recognition for his Christmas spirit after responding to a call about shoplifting at a Somerset supermarket.

It was five days before Christmas when Somerset Police Officer Matthew Lima responded to a call for his help.

A local Stop & Shop grocery store reached out to police after they claimed two women had been caught shoplifting..

According to WCVB-TV, loss and prevention at the Stop & Shop accused two women who were shopping with two children of only scanning a few of their items at the self-checkout but bagging all of their groceries anyway.

Officer Lima was dispatched to the supermarket after police received a complaint.

The two children with the women were the same age as Lima's own children, and he felt compassion for them. He issued them a trespassing notice but decided against filing charges.

After escorting them from the store, he turned around and went back in.

"I just made the decision that I was going to purchase the gift cards and they could go to a different Stop & Shop and buy their Christmas dinner for their girls," Lima said.


Some Congresscritter, mouthing off this morning. That objecting to the Electoral College vote, is a threat to Democracy? 


I mean how stupid do you have to be? Or a vacuous partisan parrot. It's not an attack on Democracy (you waste of space). What it is, is a required full throated roar. On Fascism. An attack on actual real world Treason. And the next to last line of defense. Against the end of the Greatest Gift Ever Known. After 244 years. 

It's a wonder the Republic survived as long as it did? With such a torrent, such an infestation,  of insects like you.


Eleven a.m.

Is it just me? 

I'm watching the video, of the bicycle attack, in NYC. On the BMW suv. I have never seen such anger, such rage, such naked unrestrained hate. EVER! 

And then it dawns on me ... oh wait a minute. Though I can't see. But, well I gotta believe, that the occupants were um .... White? In a world gone completely mad, makes zero sense, that the occupants were Black. 

And so they have succeeded. In destroying the heart and the soul of this Nation. All that is left. Is to do it, in an official capacity. 

And certify a fraudulent, criminal, Treasonous election. As legal, as factual. 

And so, even if by chance, by miracle, we save the Republic. Restore the rule of law. We won't mend this Nation's broken heart. 

It is over. And it is never, in my lifetime, coming back together. And only through force. By the power vested in the Second Amendment. Do we have a chance. Of creating the space future forward. For it to then survive. 

So even if Donald J. Trump, is returned to office? It will only be the beginning, of armed conflict. To preserve what is left. And head off any further destruction. 

Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 26, 2020

No Sympathy for the Devil

Yeah sure, the people we are now fighting in this war, were once Americans (past tense). Your neighbors, the checker at Walliemart (who wants to make sure that you know. They have a big time college career going. And this Walliemart gig? Isn't the real them). Or perhaps, even a friend. F*ck, even your very own, real life atomic Brother (and if you haven't experienced same? It will scare you. Chill you. Rock you to your very core). 

And how could these people, our fellow Americans, possibly be our enemy? 

Well they are. And they aren't going to change. And in their eyes, you are a subhuman piece of garbage. To be discarded. Cast aside, thrown alive into a vat of sulphuric acid. They will smile in your face. And pretend to be your friend. 

There is nothing to be done. To change the hate that consumes them. There is no pill of truth, you can offer. There is no US, anymore. Just as there is no America, anymore. It is gone, gone, gone. 

The land hasn't disappeared. The mountains or the valleys. Or of course, all of the buildings. The Amazon warehouses are still standing. Waiting, standing by twenty four hours a day. Standing by to ship you some more worthless crap, from China (but man, look how cheap it was. Look how fast it got here! Man o man). But the idea? The heart, the soul, the spirit. Disappeared. Vanished in the night. 

And the Nation isn't coming back together again. No it isn't. WE, is finished business. Done deal. They truly are no longer our fellow Americans. As U.S. Grant said: there are just two parties now. Traitors and Patriots (American traitors, and American patriots).

Don't be mislead. Do not be deceived. To them, you are vermin. That's what Jeff Bezos thinks. It is what he teaches the readers of his newspaper. Loudly, proudly he displays his hatred. Just as Goebbels depicted Jews, as rats. So too does Bezos, depicting Conservatives. Portraying them as a large infestation, a scampering colony of vermin. 

This is evil. And it has gone on for far too long. And in thus, their hatred for you and me. Knows no bounds. And will not magically dissipate. They will not suddenly have a change of heart. So should it come to pass, that we retain the White House? Expect violence on a massive scale. In every major city. In every state. And don't think you are safe in the suburbs. Please no. 

And be prepared. Prepared to defend your person. Your family. And your home. Using deadly force. They built this war, with their own hands. And their own keyboards. For years now, they have busied themselves with the shredding of the Constitution. And busied themselves, with the preaching of hate. 

And they have been dreaming of the day, when they can lord over us. And that day they believe, is now at hand. When violence will be out in the open. Acceptable, allowed (Kyle Rittenhouse has no right to self defense. He's white). When my large hook nose, is a death sentence. A flashing sign, pointing. Leading the way. To shoot me (and my white privilege) on sight. 

And they can hardly contain their overflowing giddiness. That the demise of Freedom and Liberty, is now here. With swagger, with joyful glee, and with swinging (spiked) truncheons. Or even swinging spiked (paid for by George Soros) prosecutors (with judges in their back pocket) .....

"You cannot be pardoned for future crimes and each of those people, Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, has evidence in their head," Weissman said in an interview Monday on MSNBC's "Morning Joe." 

No sympathy for the devil. None. 

Get straight (with the L*rd). Get your affairs straightened out. And get strapped (with a stop at the range. So you are shooting straight). 

We don't have to hate. We don't have to be consumed by it. We don't have to become them. Not in the least. Not ever. They can keep their hate. Keep it all to themselves. But we do have to have a clear understanding, of where the world is at. It's going straight to Hell. Real f*cking fast. With real death. With real dying. With real blood and guts. 

Satan will offer his hand, he will smile in your face. And he will look you straight in the eye. Right before he lops your head clean off, with a sabre. And then actually drops trou, to sh*t in the hole. 

That is who they are. They are hate, and nothing but. Hate, hate, hate. Unthinking soulless bots. Uncaring, G*dless automata. Morning, noon, and night. All day, every day, hate. 

They have destroyed our Country. And are now filling the rest of the world whole, with even more hate. As if that were even possible. There is never enough hatred for them to breath. To take comfort in, like a blanket. While sleeping, hate fills their dreams. It is their all, their everything.   

No sympathy. 

No sympathy for the devil. 

Not now. 

Not ever. 

We weep for the loss of Freedom, of Liberty. We grieve for what they have taken. We despise the destruction of the Greatest Gift Ever Known. 

But for them, there is no redemption. There is no return to innocence. There will be no reconciliation. There will be no reconstruction. They will never, I mean NEVER let go of their hate. That they so cherish. That they so love, they so adore. In thus, they are not welcome in the Land of the Free. And the Home of the Brave. 

Where they go? I care not. What becomes of them? I care not. They can go to Hell. Henceforth, it will be Red Zones, and Blue Zones. And I don't much care, where you draw the line? Just as long as they stay on their side. Forever and all time. Be gone with you Traitors. Be gone with you destroyer of worlds. Be gone. 

No sympathy for the devil.

Sunday, December 27th. Nine a.m.

Without a Single Shot Being Fired 

It isn't just the end of the First Amendment. The end of free speech. Like me, being unable to send an email even. Which is the current state of affairs (and without a single shot being fired). Or the end of free and fair elections, from this day forward (and without a single shot being fired). 

The deranged lunatic Left, ANTIFA and BLM, the CTO, the CCP (and the leftover remainder of fascists, socialists, commies, and other assorted loose marbles). Running the show, forever and all time. The end of the Nation whole (all without one single shot having been fired). The end of America. Surrendered, by the likes of Mitch McConnell. 

But that some are going to get rich, in the process. Filthy stinking rich. Kinda like the Denzel Washington movie, Inside Man. And the wealthy and powerful gentleman, who owned a large, prestigious Manhattan bank. And how he made his initial fortune. Trading with the (fascist, genocidal) enemy. In World War Two.

If the worst happens. And the Fraud is not stopped. The entirety of America, and American life. Will change in the blink of an eye. Not just policy. With Executive edicts, without the rule of law. And the deep state, unrestrained (without the rule of law). But they will try all manner of methods, to upend the totality of our world. Not just merely transform it. But erase all of it, In one evil fell swoop. And replace it with a flowering spring meadow, filled with pink sparkle ponies, running wild. As if America never happened, never was. 

In the atomic? It will be open borders. Open prisons. Open Citizenship [for everyone (and their brother)]. Open gender, open college, open bathrooms. Pack the Supreme Court, pack the Senate (District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico statehood). And of course, the whole entire virtual realm, all of it as well. They will erase, then rewrite all of American history. Call it a virtual mass book burning. 

The CTO, and Kommisar Kamel Hairris, will share the White House, with the Amazing Ozama. As he begins his third term. And still walking on water (they will be sneaking him into the White House, unseen. Obama who?). And they won't need four years to erase America. Erase it, as if it had never been. Gone. A fading memory. 

And if you try to look for America's past, via a search engine? You will land at an islamist, black supremacist Marxist, Communist fantasy (thoroughly fact checked, of course). It's like something out of a science fiction movie, the Book of Eli (also a Denzel Washington movie). Come to life. And how important it will be, to have actual atomic history books. In the movie's case, it was the Bible.

12 noon 

Stuff You Just Can't Make Up 

And yet, it is true.... 

(via Freep) 

"Suicide bombing suspected in Nashville explosion as investigators search home south of the city"

In above link:

"As the investigation continues, officials will meticulously search the area for any trace of physical evidence, according to Andrew McCabe, a CNN law enforcement analyst and former FBI deputy director."

The same Andrew McCabe, who was part of the deep state's failed coup. The FBI, spying on American citizens, for partisan political gain. Conspiring with Obama. The same Andrew McCabe, who isn't in a Federal prison, for Treason. Isn't serving a life sentence (because of AG Barr's unmatched cowardice).

That Andrew McCabe? Is now raking in the dough. As a paid analyst (spelled anal cyst). For the Commie News Network, CNN. 

No Sympathy for the Devil! 

Time is closing in on us. And me in particular. There is no way, none. I will live in a failed Nation. Under the "leadership" of fascist scum. And Obama's third term. It's a non starter. 

And of course, I don't have the health. To be an active participant, in the (atomic) Resistance. As much as I would like to. As much damage as I would like to inflict. Putting Traitors down, like rabid dogs. 

I couldn't stay. It would be more than my heart, my soul, or my spirit could endure. This is it. It is now. Save the Republic, now. Or it will never be again. I know that Trump is going to give everything he has. We will find out, if it is enough?

Six p.m.

Ghost Train 

Thus far, they have been batting a Thousand. It's remarkable. Every pitch thrown their way, is a homerun. Like evil isn't just here. It is here, there, it is everywhere. In the stands. The umpire behind the plate. Even the peanut vendor.  

The mountains, the valleys, the cities and the parks. Everything, is painted over, with evil. Behind everything, is evil. Underneath everything, is evil. And of course, every bit of cyberspace, is brought to you by, is sponsored by ... evil, 24/7. Click on the link, and go straight to Hell (after watching this short video). 

To us, Freedom and Liberty, are everything. We know, we understand. We quite rather enjoy the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. We are grateful for this gift, this America. The greatest gift ever known. 

The Left on the other hand? Have no love for this Country. They were never taught to love it. They were only taught, to hate it. Some are merely content, to cheer for its destruction. But others, are not satisfied with only a passive role. And will take the Country's destruction, into their own hands. And so if the greatest miracle in my lifetime occurs, on January 20th? The defeat of those who are trying to destroy Lady Liberty, and the Nation whole. Then some of those sitting on the sidelines, will join in the fray. And the cities in the blue zones, will burn a bright yellow orange flame. 

We've gotten no relief from the courts. To the contrary. Trump's tweets, about the Supreme Court, are spot on. "Totally incompetent." They act like adjudicating these cases, is beneath them. Why are we bothering them, with silly parking tickets? They've got better things to do (than preserving the Constitution. Or saving the Country). 

Barrett? Worthless. Vanity, how would history portray her first major vote? So she can't be seen as an ideologue. Let alone a Constitutionalist (heaven forbid). 

She casts aside all her beliefs, so she can be seen, as a moderate. She viewing her own vote, through the prism of a lengthy career. Instead of a dying Nation, moments away from its last breath. 

That is what drove her vote. What others would think of her. Sad. She had a chance to shine. Instead she was content, to go with the flow. The weak, cowardly flow. Daring not to rock the boat, on such a peaceful calm, do nothing stretch of river. Or blemish her (future forward) historical record. 

So Rudy is promising fireworks, before January 6th. We'll see? We could really, really use some good news. Some red meat, for the political soul (we'll worry about the chicken soup. After January 20th). 

And breaking just now, Trump signed the $600 stimulus bill. Accepting promises, that they (the Senate) will draft legislation, to increase the amount. As well take some action, on the Section 230. Me, I wouldn't call that good news. Or of course feel anything other than crestfallen. But I don't know what happens next. Certainly, it would be ever so easy to snipe. Accepting a promise from those freaks? I don't know if I'm going to make it to January 20th? 

Each day is a roller coaster ride. A loud bumping, jarring, clattering, banging ride. A trip through the day's bad news. A journey through the battlefield, of the Country's demise. 

I wish I had good news to share. But it is all bad news. I've never been a rah rah cheerleader. Toting neither a big bass drum, or a Sousaphone. It looks grim, it all looks grim. I'm going to hang on, to the bitter end.

Though it's possible, it is all predetermined (all of it has been already). Or even we've already been sold out, as cruel that would be. 244 years, I won't give up that easy. Nor tarnish the legacy of millions of soldiers, on real battlefields, by blinking and surrendering first. Even though words are all I have. And they aren't hardly enough, for much of anything. 

It is all the most perfect storm of evil, in the last eighty years. And that evil, took more than five years to defeat. With the whole world united in that war. Brothers in arms. Literally, figuratively. January 6th, is the next to last stop, on this train. And if we don't pull it out of Felix's magic bag of tricks, on that day? A whole bunch of people, are going to disembark. And we will be riding a ghost train, to the Inauguration. Not knowing who will ultimately be sworn in?

Eight p.m.

Another Inversion of Reality 

Know when to hold em, know when to fold em. So, looks like Trump folded. Because the cannons were lined up. And he would have taken the brunt of the blame. For no one getting any money (per allahpundit, three days ago no less). [As well the blame, for yet another Government shutdown (run away run away)]. A 180° inversion of reality. That piece of filch Pelosi, has gleefully withheld the stimulus, since September. Loud and proud, and only the most disgusting childish politics. 

And not signing the bill, Loeffler and Perdue, would have been collaterally nicked as well. So a little falling on the sword too. The political realm both sordidly complex, and scummy beyond anything (think a bacteria laden Slip'n Slide). 

Like I said, these folks are batting a Thousand. It's really creepy. Disheartening and trying. It's like being on a sinking ship. And you are able to get onboard one of the survival craft, and launch. Into pitching roiling seas. Only to be tossed over by a towering wave, capsized. The hatches of the escape craft, are holding, but leaking. The radio works, and you've sent out a mayday. But the nearest vessel, won't reach you until January 6th, maybe. 

And I've got to keep everyone inside the inverted 18' capsule, calm. As we're taking inventory in the dark, and rationing supplies. And I'm doling out three crackers, per person, for dinner. As well as a half stick of nicotine gum, for dessert. But inside, inside I'm panicked and scared. And don't know if I myself, am going to make it. The weather report over the radio, is dismal. And January 6th, is so very far away.

Monday, December 28th. Seven a.m.

No Sympathy for the Devil 

(via Freep) 

Stockton Hair Salon Raided by Consumer Agency Cops

‘They burst into our salon and they treated it like a drug raid’

By Katy Grimes, California Globe 

A Stockton hair salon was raided last week by armed, body armor-wearing cops from the Department of Consumer Affairs, for being open and ignoring Governor Gavin Newsom’s statewide small business shutdown.

Did anyone know the California Department of Consumer Affairs has its own armed police force?


That f*cking disgusting little creep Newsom. Unbelievable. What a turd. And where were Newsom’s little pocket Gestapo, when Newsom and his Lobbyist BFF's. Were NOT practicing social distancing, or wearing masks, at the French Laundry restaurant? 

It's a wonder that anyone still remains living, in the state? What a little fascist piece of garbage. People aren't allowed to leave their homes to go get a cheeseburger or a pizza. But Gavin Newsom can go drop $20,000 for dinner (yeah, really) with his political cronies. I'd be very surprised if the recall effort fails. Very. 

No sympathy for the devil!


Masks add up to 6,240 metric tons of plastic pollution to oceans in 2020

The  widespread use of face masks due to the COVID-19 pandemic may result in unintended consequences, with one study showing that about 1.56 billion will end up polluting the ocean in 2020.


Fascist hippie scum. We can't have bags, to put our groceries in, at the supermarket. But you can pollute the oceans, with your idiotic face diapers. 

Monday, December 28th. 12 noon. 


So, our typeface gremlins have returned, big time. And in thus, appears as if my data. Is being bounced off another platform, for moderation. And in thus, I really don't know when the fascist filch Brin & Page, will pull the plug, on this blog?

So, I'll simply consider each post my last. And give my heartfelt goodbyes now. And as of this post? Does appear so. 

One p.m.

We'll try again. Try. For. One. More. Post? We haven't had much luck. Multiple attempts, at trying to get this one p.m post up. And failing. Over and over. We'll see? Here we go ... 

 What we need, is a counter-Kapo revolution. And the sooner the better. Because this is completely out of control. Beyond anything this Yid, would have ever (I mean ever) thought possible. 

I cringe mightily, with every fascist brain dropping. I am overwhelmed by the ugliness. By the evil rendered unto this Nation. By these G*dless secular Jews. And it's just so many of them. It's unreal. 

Six million Jews, were fed wholesale, into Satan's wood chipper. By the then fascists. Now? Far too many Jews (in name only), are trying to feed millions more. Into their (deadly fascist) Utopian wet dream. 

Bernie Sanders, a deranged socialist, extraordinaire. As well the Jews Mark Zuckerberg, Sergei Brin, and Larry Page. Conspiring together with (the non Jew) Jack Dorsey. To destroy the First Amendment (and they have pretty much already succeeded. Yes they have. Unbelievable it be). And Google, Facebook, and Twitter together in secret. Working to destroy free and fair elections (and we wait until January 20th, to see if they have succeeded?). 

But the totality of evil brought forth from Hell, by these scum and their associates? When I see Zuckermaggot, on the tele? All I can think of, is the K word. And he partners with Jack Dorsey, the two joined together at the cerebellum. 

"US Jewish leaders issued a stinging condemnation of Twitter boss Jack Dorsey on Thursday, following his statement the previous day to a US Senate committee that denial of the Holocaust did not violate the social media giant’s policy on misinformation"

So you have my permission, to hawk up a ginormous oyster. A big ole honkin greenie. And present it to any of those G*dless Jew's faces. Should the opportunity present. And if anyone questions your motive? Let alone your allegiance? You can tell them (the Yiddinsky) elmo sent you [with his very warmest wishes and blessings (that they die a slow, horrifically agonizing death. Of bone marrow cancer)] 

They say all politics are local? But I'll merely say, all politics are personal. And I take this Evil shite mighty personal. You bet. They get no special dispensation from this Heeb, no. Quite to the contrary.

Six p.m.

Sadistic and Cruel 

His Fraudulency, pretend president elect Biden (though CCP Biden, would be shorter and easier).

(from above link) 

"78-year-old Joe Biden on Monday delivered remarks from Wilmington, Delaware. Livestream of Biden’s remarks had only 4,500 viewers but we’re expected to believe he got more than 81 million votes in the 2020 election." 

Biden, complaining about not getting briefings or cooperation? At the podium, in front of his blue screen of authority [And it looked like he got his special IV shot, beforehand. He had his tough talk, big chief (ding dong), war bonnet on]. 

We are not knowingly or willingly, going to be surrendering anything. We are not going to be surrendering the Country. To a known Traitor (who was selling out the Country, for mere pocket change. Using his crackhead son. To shake down foreign governments!). Who won no election, other than by fraud, and a massive criminal enterprise devoted to same. 

(via Freep),-Certification-of-Presidential-Results-Premature-and-In-Error

"HARRISBURG – A group of state lawmakers performing extensive analysis of election data today revealed troubling discrepancies between the numbers of total votes counted and total number of voters who voted in the 2020 General Election, and as a result are questioning how the results of the presidential election could possibly have been certified by Secretary of the Commonwealth Kathy Boockvar and Governor Tom Wolf."

If somehow we fail, to overcome this attack on our Nation (from within. And from without). You will find the keys (to the White House). Under the front doormat, on January 20th. Until then? Sit down, shut up, and stay the f*ck out of our way. Perhaps, just like you did for the last six months of your "campaign." In your basement, Clown. And take Kommisar Kamel Hairris, with you (and the baby killers she works for, too). 

And the Senate Republicans? Possibly holding up (yeah, just like stage coach robbers, in the old west), the Stimulus bump (up to more realistic undoing, of so much damage). At long last, have you no dignity? 

I saw one well tanned senator, on the tele. Flapping his jowls, how indescriminate this bill is [which as written, simply excludes everyone over $75,000. I guess that is simply too humanitarian. For the skuzzy Senator (and his tan)?]. He taking pride, that HE gets to decide. Who does or does not, receive help. Does or does not, get a life preserver, and gets saved. Doesn't drown (hint: the people over $75,000? Already have at least one life preserver). 

Drown under the vast pandemic tidal wave, that still yet is rolling over our Country. I say toss all the unctuous, smiling, empty suited bums out! Including the ones with expensive haircuts. Especially those. Like that Calibum Newsom [whom I'm very confident, also has someone on the payroll. Who does his makeup (poorly)]. 

But through it all,  economy or election. You still have brain dead individuals. Who don't even know, that they are brain dead (Adam Kinzinger). And still we (the taxpayers) pay them.

(from above link) 

"The real issue is whether we have any senators who have done their homework and have studied what has transpired … that there has been massive voter fraud and election theft unlike anything we have seen in American history,” (Rep.) Brooks said.

Over the weekend, Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.), in comments widely publicized by news outlets, referred to Brooks’s effort as “a scam.”

“It is sad to the extent that we’ve got Republicans who are unwilling to do their homework or unwilling to make tough decisions,” Brooks said, referring to Kinzinger’s weekend comments. “If he would do his homework he would understand that the evidence is overwhelming and he can either surrender to the people who support voter fraud elections or he can fight for his country on this particular issue,” Brooks noted

And still we pay them. Congressmen and Senators, who really could care less. Could care less about a fraudulent election. Could care less about how many more people, fall under the water (no Senators, have missed a paycheck, during this ten month pandemic). Gasping for air, to stay existentially alive. After their world collapsed. And their lives in right along with.

It isn't free money. Simply put, it is nothing less than restoration of the Republic. Yeah, it really is. The last stimulus, now nearly half a year ago (?). Truly was, manna from heaven. It would be again. And it would be more than cruel. To do nothing, other than dangle it in front of them (and then yank it away). Sadistic, and cruel.



Thursday, December 24, 2020

We Answer to a Higher Power

I'm not a religious man, let alone deeply religious. I certainly did have some (formal) religious upbringing, as a boy. But that had to compete with, the then explosive arrival of the Beatles. Who were on every radio station, every minute, of every day (and we were mesmerized, transfixed. Sitting in front of the 19" black and white. Watching Ed Sullivan. When they were performing live). Gasoline was 29¢ a gallon. And a lot of my life was lived, in the back seat of the car (with the radio on, of course). Driving around the bright airy expanse, of a joyous city. That was lightyears away from the vile, overcrowded, apocalyptic wasteland it is today.


Hell, I read a really interesting piece, aways back. From an apparatchik. Maybe a colonel, even a general. In Russia. Who recounted pretty much the same thing. That the Beatles music. Was the driving force. Was responsible, for the fall of the Soviet Union. An insurmountable force. That all that Socialist propaganda, couldn't compete against (remind me to tell you about the time. That George Harrison, gave me a ride home. From a Formula One Grand Prix, in his limo). 

Never say never, right. Well, I've simply run out of options, in trying to move the ball forward, downfield. Further the discussion, bring light unto the darkness, that now envelops. Even though I've said, that's not my job anymore. That I was signing off. Hanging up my blogger badge (for the duration). Finished business. 

CNN this morning, mightily forcing my hand [and I'd like to say that I made it up (the below couple of paragraphs). But we all know, that just isn't true. Because truth, in the age of Google, Facebook, and Twitter. Isn't just stranger than fiction. It's rarer than free p*ssy (even tossing in the odd nymphomaniac. And if you've ever tossed one? Then you know how odd they are)]. 

CNN this morning, with their static underbanner: "Trump golfs in Florida, as Americans suffer" (on Christmas Eve). And employing a really looong lens (from at least one mile away). To spy on the President, as he was relaxing on the links, with friends. 

And of course, that's something that Obama NEVER did, not ever. Not even once [because he was busy, inside the tent, out on the fairway. Doing other things (wink, wink)]. And he never did it, around FIVE HUNDRED TIMES, in eight years [he was a busy little bee now, wasn't he (wink, wink)]. 

While your intrepid little blog host, has played exactly zero rounds [of golf (in this life)]. And now that this chassis is completely worn out, never will. 

And CNN (the Commie News Network), continues in this vein, firmly insisting that Trump stay in DC. And sign the Covid relief bill. Because while he Trump, is extravagantly luxuriating in Florida. People are starving to death (by the thousands, the implication be). And if you think I'm being hyperbolic? You are mistaken [because CNN, was all over that Gavin Newsom (like white on rice), and his $20,000 dinner. At the snoot snoot snooty French Laundry, restaurant. They must have devoted like at least .00000001 hours, to that story. Maybe more?)] 

On and on they go (their sweet, dear little fascist propaganda selves). Trump pardoning his personal friends, and political allies. Isn't that a crime. Certainly we can prosecute him for that? Doesn't Trump know, its a real crime to undo the Deep Fascist State's massive systemic, and systematic persecution. Of innocent civilians (using the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, and the IRS to do so). Where does Trump think he lives, in America? Jiminy. 

Something's up with this site, Blogspot (owned by Google. But it wasn't when I started). And it's never the same thing, two times in a row. Every time it is something different. Which makes it difficult ... if not nearly impossible to post. Hair pulling stuff (and as I write this, I have no idea, none. If it will in fact aggregate, into the blogosphere?). And in thus, I had thrown my hands up, in disgust. And at least temper my rage, by not being proximal to the source of. 

So I was resigned, to having been effectively shut down. Which actually included ALL of my outbound emails as well. Going to the recipient's spam folder. Regardless of content. And I thought? Well, I could at least post a comment, or two ... three. If I have something of import, to impart. Over at Ace's. The last great site on the web whole. But his platform, is now an even bigger source of frustration. In attempting to post anything there. Anything at all. 

I'm duty bound, to try and keep the ball moving (downfield). Ace's functionality, largely nonexistent (for me anyway). And attempting to post a comment there, just and only one? Like taking a hammer. And forcefully banging it upside my own head. And requiring fifteen minutes in the process (of the singular failed attempt). All you are left with, is a really large throbbing aching bump. And fifteen minutes, having been sliced off your life clock. That you are never going to get back. Just for one comment. After a couple of days of that nonsense. I could no longer muster the huss, to even try anymore. 

But, after actual exploration of other options. Evaluating different sites and different platforms, to call my own? They turn out to be not as advertised. And provide no help to me. In answering the call to duty. That call, that call which comes from on high. That call, which I do not have the option of not picking up, or not answering (at all). It's just the way I'm wired. Someone known to me, once called it pathological generosity. Well, so be it. 

It's how I ended up being the defacto co-editor, of Drudge. In 2013-2014. I found the site to be sorely lacking, when I first started to visit (previously, never having been my cup of tea). Embarrassing even. Never having spent much of any time there, before, I then asked of myself, what to do? Send them an email, and tell them how to run their site? Riiiiight. 

So, I rolled up my sleeves, and started sending them links. When one made its way into the next update? I said to myself, well ... what do you know, someone IS home. When my very next link, was immediately posted as the lede ("Death Train"). I was hooked. 

After three months, of banging out links. it was obvious, I had become the co-editor of the site. After six months? It was obvious, that I was setting the tone and direction of coverage. 

In fifteen years out here largely alone, on the blogosphere? I've never monetized this site. Never had ads of any kind, ever (and f*ck those sites with repeating pop-ups, click throughs, and floating interstitials. Or plastered all over with click bait. So that you can't navigate squat. Let alone the content. Without being directed to one of their sponsors). Let alone had a tip jar, here at Anechoic Room. All that sh*t just gets in the way, really in the way. In the way of the truth. 

Once you have lucre enter the picture? Then your performance not only suffers. But you are living a lie. Because if you bite the hand, any hand at all? Then you yourself, aren't going to get fed. Or your car isn't going to get fueled. Yes, sure, there are exceptions (Ace). But they are very few, and very far between. I could draw up a list, of examples. Of sites that have sold their soul to the devil. But why bother? It would be an incredibly long list. And I've only got so many years left. As much as I would dearly love to single a few out, you bet. 

So, we will put away the closed for (they've eaten my) lunch sign. And reopen for biz, put up the open (for biz) sign. And rededicate the site, and ourselves. To not giving up. To not giving up to the Traitors. To the Creepfilth Tech Overlords. Or to the Deranged Lunatic Left (DLL). For now. 

If somehow you feel cheated, by such a long, fraudulent, overblown, panty waisted Swan Dive? You can have your money back [yeah, a very sick joke. But then they don't all have to be funny, all the time. Like if I told you the following ..... NPR Lists Cardi B’s ‘Wet Ass Pu**y’ as ‘Best’ Song of 2020. You actually wouldn't know whether to laugh or not? (Or even of course, to cry)]. 

So we will wait. Wait until January 20th, at the very least. Which is a whole twenty seven days away. We will wait and see. President Donald J. Trump deserves nothing less. Certainly deserves a whole bunch more. As long as I draw breath. Here, I shall remain. Standing guard. Until that day, which will get here soon enough. But still not quick enough. I (as always) have her, Lady Liberty's back. Until then? 

Oh, don't let it kill you baby, don't let it get to you 

Don't let 'em kill you baby, don't let 'em get to you 

I'll be your breathin' heart, I'll be your cryin' fool 

Don't let this go to far, don't let it get to you

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

The waiting is the hardest part 

Every day you see one more card 

You take it on faith, you take it to the heart 

The waiting is the hardest part

Yeah, the waiting is the hardest part

[Tom Petty, whose gas I once pumped, in my late teens. When his very first single, had just broke on the airwaves, that week (and I thought ... a rock and roll cat, paying with a credit card? How Bourgeois!). Back when there weren't any self serve gas stations. Which for the longest time, was against the law (pumping your own gas)] 

Some links (it's what we do):


"Insane: 150 House Democrats sign letter backing Biden to reenter Iran nuclear deal" 

Follow the money! 

Reentering the Iran (pro, as opposed to non) proliferation deal? Simply follow the money. If you don't think, that John Kerry didn't bring back real actual cash money. In his (bursting at the seams) official Diplomatic valise (not subject to search). After Obama gave them (Iran) $150 Billion in cash? Then you are as high as a kite. Or you are a Liberal [and if you are (a Liberal)? Then likely, you are both].

Iran never stopped doing anything. To the contrary. Flush with one hundred fifty billion dollars. Their nuclear weapons program didn't continue apace, no. It picked up pace. 

More advanced centrifuges (spinning ever faster). More highly enriched materiel, stockpiled. More scientists, more engineers, more missile design and manufacture. More secret underground infrastructure. More, more, more. And if you try and tell me different? I will simply #&@%*/ your &$%@*@ face. Evil stops here. Right here. Is that simple enough for you? 

Epoch Times 

"Mask Mandates Seem to Make CCP Virus Infection Rates Climb, Study Says" 

Just follow the science (up your own wazoo). Power and control. They are beyond drunk on it. It's so creepy. And so evil. And the new, new normal. If we don't stop the steal. 

Merry Christmas 

[And, we would dearly love to open up comments. Yes we would. But we simply don't have the energy left, on tap anymore. To babysit the site. In case any of the chillins act up (look what the F they've done to Ace's). With comments off, we don't have to]

Friday, December 25th. Christmas day. Five a.m.

One Trick Ponies 

Static under banner ..... Stimulus stalemate, fate of bill unknown. Fox, latter part of the eight o'clock hour, last night. Three talking heads, tri-split screen (as if that even need be mentioned anymore), plus studio host. 

It seems that many of the politicians, all the politicos, the political class, the (tilted and stilted pontificating) political anylysts (spelled anal cysts), And all the loose marbles, that make up the rest of the overpaid professional chattering class. And all of the networks, upon which they appear. 

Seems all of their panties are all bunched up. Scrunched up real tight. Just opaquely blind, to Trump's brilliant political maneuving. And caught completely off guard [though I had presaged such, in comments, on another blog (but only $1,200)]. You would think, that after four years. They would know one DJT, by now.

But perhaps more sinister ... be the merely empty automatic, reflexive partisan politics. And caring not a whit, for millions of Americans. Who are suffering, suffering grievously. They are not even a second thought. They don't fit into the equation. And usually never do. And why they were caught off guard. 

They get paid for this idiotic nonsense, that they are now spewing. Some are paid, for being told what to say.. Like Eric Swalwell, or Joe Biden. From wherever the dark hand that guides them [comes from (China)]. Or like Kamala Harris, Planned Parenthood. 

Trump has taken hold the narrative. Which in this age, can be quite fleeting. The reins firmly in his hands. And now that he has them. He will take best advantage. While trying to hold onto them. And keep them from being yanked out of. 

But myself, am indeed surprised by the pushback. And more so, the firmament. After four years, they really don't know or understand one DJT. But of course, that doesn't stop the chattering. Or their jowls from flapping (though nothing can stop Jerry Nadler's). It's what they do. It's what they get paid to do (flap their jowls). 

Which of course, includes most of the rest of the politicians. Getting paid, And being told what to say. Or even how to vote. Getting paid salary, by the taxpayers. And not pocket change (with the most luxurious package of benefits). And then getting righteously paid, by the Creepfilth Tech Overlords. Getting paid Cubic Dollars. Directly or indirectly. 

But for some of the politicians, their motive is just that much more sinister. Empty, automatic, reflexive partisan politics. That no positive press, of any kind, whatsoever. Can accrue to Trump. Whether it is this stimulus. Or of course, the vaccine. 

Keep the Nation in despair. In stress and panic, and pain. And along will come our savior, Joseph Biden. After the coronation of course. 

It's all really pathetic, in the context of all that is going on. To so casually, and in thus viciously ... deny help. To millions, millions of Americans who really need it, like yesterday. That Pelosi swatted it around like a ping pong ball, or a pesky fly. Nearly four months ago, in September.  

To lord over us. To not care in the least. And when Donald Trump pushes back. On our behalf. Or puts them off their game. The more they lash out. American citizens. Less than political footballs. Not worthy of consideration, or any contemplation their lives in this pandemic Era. Unless there is an approaching election. But then they've now fixed that. By fixing the election. 

If only they could fix Donald Trump. And they won't stop trying.. Until they have. It's who they are. It's what they do. They do Evil. They are one trick ponies.

Eleven a.m.

More, More, More Evil  

The madness never stops, for evil, it never rests. Not ever. The deep state? They should all be lined up against a wall. Every last one of these traitors. It is so many, in so many different agencies. And THAT is Obama's legacy. Installing traitors EVERYWHERE. The most superficially obvious, the highest profile, were of course, NASA. 


"Few people realize that the Moderna vaccine against COVID-19—which the FDA has finally declared "highly effective," and which is now being distributed to Americans—has actually been available for nearly a year. But the government wouldn't let you take it."

That of course should read the CDC. And only, specifically. ONE agency, and however many traitors within. First reading, suggests the government, the whole government, as in the Trump administration. Which of course, is not the case. 

(via Freep. And of course, should be labeled, stuff you just can't make up) 

Biden Throwing a Conniption That Twitter Wouldn't Transfer Trump's Followers to Him

'Joe Biden, who had difficulty having anyone come to any of his events, whose “rallies” may have had those poor little social distancing circles, just not a lot of supporters, is now really upset that Twitter wouldn’t just turn over to him the presidential Twitter account with President Donald Trump’s massive number of followers'. 

So I'm guessing, Chief Twitteridiot Jackwad Dorsey. Figured out what a great embarrassment it would be. Ninety million Trump followers, all mercilessly haranguing Biden to virtual death, on Twitter. What they used to call comedy gold. 

But the towering idiocy, of CCP Biden. The derangement. Still rankles, still surprises. And in spite of the felonious efforts and Treason. Of the Creepfilth Tech Overlords. To destroy the First Amendment. And prop this turd up. People aren't stupid. They recognize a turd when they see one. Biden didn't win sh*t. And if the Fraud is overturned, expect some of the CTO. To face prison. Though I would expect them all to expatriate. They aren't man enough to do the time. 

"Stolen votes, and even wants to steal Twitter followers."

"But surely someone who supposedly got the most votes in history should be able to get more followers, right? Why is he so worried that he can’t? Is he worried that he’s going to be horribly embarrassed and that whole concept is going to be challenged by his abysmal number of followers?"

Ten p.m.

Give as a Gift or Purchase  for a Team or Group 

The length of time, and the amount of planning. That went into this subversion of the Constitution. This subversion of the election. And the toppling of the greatest Nation, on G*d's green earth (all taking place, right under our nose). 

The number of people involved. The totality of the resources employed. Truckloads of money. Truckloads of free media. Truckloads of judges (bought and paid for by Soros). All injected right into the invisible battlefield 

By the richest class,  the wealthiest individuals to ever assemble an army (thousands and thousands in the virtual). An army, not of a standing government. A standing army, for the Socialist government in exile (at least until they force their way into the White House). 

Their guy won, but strangely enough, their army is still at attention, awaiting orders. For where the next truckload of ballots, need to be delivered. Or bag of thumb drives. Or the next city leader needs to be intimidated. With the arrival of the shock troops, ANTIFA or BLM. 

Certainly the operatives, the soldiers, their commanders and their generals, all haven't given up. Neither have their nurses (Brian Stelter), or their Doctors (Wolf Blitzer), or their hospitals (Facebook). 

Even though their guy won. Won more votes than G*d. More votes than anyone in the entire history of the Galaxy. Since the Big Bang even. This attack? It's the Gang Rape of Lady Liberty. By Jack Dorsey, Sergei Brin & Page, Mark Zuckerberg, and George Soros. And like Ringo said, with a little help from their friends. And with that kind of money, you can buy a lot of friends. 

What has continued to keep them safe, in their destruction of the Constitution. What has kept their attack on Freedom, alive? Is the massively subverted Judiciary. One of so many different approaches, to storm of the castle. An attack ..... 

From the front.

From the back. 

From the side. 

From above. 

From below

In the atomic. 

In the virtual. 

In the present. 

In the future. 

In their vast, and infinitly multi pronged attack on America. They have throughly enjoyed, the most remarkable success. While we have been abused and tortured. By remarkable failure. Over and over we've been trounced and thrashed. Over and over, they celebrate the systematic, piece by piece dismantling. Of the Greatest Gift Ever Known. 

In thus, I believe they have met their match, in Donald Trump. I don't know if enough of the Nation, will rally around, in the atomic? Or be the bulwark against the second wave, should he fail. Between now and January 20th. The Washington Republicans, are lining up against him, as we speak. Playing politics, with the $2,000 direct payments, to the people of the Nation. There are snakes and vipers everywhere. It WILL be a miracle, if we defeat Satan, on this invisible battlefield. 

They've run simulations on this. And know where they stand. At each individual piece of America, torn asunder. While we have been stumbling around in the dark, on our hands and knees, trying to find our glasses. Nothing prepared us for this homicidal Frankenstein, in this year 2020. Only at promontory points. In days of consequence. Looking back over the last 244 years.. 

Whether it is the birth of the Republic, in 1776. Fighting to the last, for the beginning of the most glorious Nation. Or the War Between the States, in the 1860's. Or the birth, then growth of the National Socialists, in Germany, in the 1930's. And the subsequent, machine factory murder, of six million Jews. One at a time. Which began with a massive propaganda campaign. To inculcate hatred, against their fellow citizens. Via radio and newspapers. 

So, when the truly deranged, the truly evil return? You really need to pay attention. Real close attention. They mean what they say. It may look like lammykins? But inside is a ravenous wolf.

Remember peeps, Amazon is your friend. With the trillions Bezos' made? He bought the Washington Post. A newspaper. And they print nothing but propaganda. Amazon is your friend..... Amazon is your friend.... Amazon is your friend....

We aren't dealing with something out the past. We are dealing with savage lunacy, in the present. Now, today, not history out of a book. And not fiction, out of a movie. And the ONLY outcome, the only one possible now. Is violence. 

You cannot preach such vile intolerance for so long. You cannot endlessly inculcate hatred, for so long. Without people acting upon the dehumanization, you have imprinted upon an entire generation. With propaganda on every platform, every minute, of every hour (of every day). 

And dissemination of other information? Is strictly verboten. And attempts at same, will result in you having your (digital) tongue cut out. Or losing all your virtual friends. Even your atomic friends (if you are stupid enough to tell them, that the election was rigged. Or that Georgia Suitcases, is not a Country & Western song). 

Should Trump defeat this boundless, pan dimensional war  (doing so on or before January 20th). Their war will continue apace. They will not give up. And future forward, the only way we will know any peace. Is to keep winning the continuous, ongoing, relentless atomic war (fixing every broken window). After we win the first major battle, to keep the White House. Against the Obama/Hairris/CTO (Creepfilth Tech Overlords) forces [Biden might not even be Queen for an (entire) day]. 

War, real war. Not pretend or make believe. We won't be laying down arms, we will be picking them up. We are all Kyle Rittenhouse now. 

The question is, are there enough of us? Resolute enough. 244 years ago, Early Americans were a very hardy breed. It remains to be seen, what will transpire. And on what day (though Rudy sez, any moment now). Talk, especially mine, is pretty cheap. But even I am ready to throw down. In the blink of an eye. As the aggro ne'er do well on my doorstep, a year back found out. He kept talking, he kept threatening, but never advanced. Seeing that I wasn't going to back down or yield. Let alone blink. 

Be ready for anything. Be ready at any time. Be ready at any place. The lid is going to come off, all the way off. Of this jar of evil. I hope that we are ready. I hope that we are all ready. For evil is on the march. And thus far they have been triumphant. As their jackboots stomp on the heart, on the soul of this Nation. 

Up til now, none of this mattered. It was all conjecture. We now have more pieces of the puzzle. We have decoded their secret transmissions. We needn't have bothered. Others were also working right along side. Attempting to decode it, at the very same time. And making it the best selling book, in the world. Why you can even buy a copy of Mein Kampf, from our best friend, Amazon! And not only that, it's on sale, for only ten dollars! 

"Give as a gift or purchase for a team or group."