Friday, September 17, 2021

Cast Your Fate to the Wind

 No, our future is now set in stone. The deranged lunatic Left, and the IslammoCommieJunta have made it thus.

War and violence. That is our future. Their madness, their insanity, and their greed. Have led them to the precipice. And they believe the coup de grace of Lady Liberty, is at hand. Soon at hand.

Having no understanding of Freedom and Liberty. They cannot conceive the magnitude of events unfolding. 

They've micromanaged themselves a coup. Now they have to try and hold on, to their fraud. 

As we speak, I am confident forces unseen. Are picking their moment to shine, in History. This macabre masquerade has gone on far too long.

Benedict Biden, won't last his fraudulent term. And in order to keep control. They are plotting now. The manner and method. With which they steal another election. With whomever succeeds the aged, demented, CCP lackey pedophile (but he means well).

At very minimum, they will declare Martial Law. And suspend elections. Their fallback position. Should any of their other machinations, fail?

They now like vampires. Needing the blood of Lady Liberty. And the blood of her Citizens, in order to survive.

It is a growing, mounting death toll. Directly from the hand of the Junta. Tens of thousands of Seniors, in New York alone. 

And just a little while ago, thirteen in Kabul (in case anyone forgot about the six, in Benghazi?).

Now they are going after people in Florida. Who are Covid positive. AND seriously ill, from the virus.

Governor DeSantis, has formed a skirmish line. 

Expect more attacks on Whites, Conservatives, and the Unvaccinated. In the days to follow.

War has begun.


Tuesday, September 21, Eighth a.m.

Turn Out the Lights

Nothing prepared us for this. For so many Traitors, in so many different strata, so many elevations, so many depths.

In Government, Military, Intel, Corporations, Media, Universities, Entertainment. Everywhere.

Treason endless. Traitors like Faucci, are now an accepted part of normal everyday America. General Milley? He eats, sleeps and breathes Treason. It's dripping out of every single slimey pore, of his monobrow.

In the year 2021, no one can find even one single length, of prestressed hemp rope, anywhere in DC?

So many bugs. So many insects. Swarming …. blotting out the sun.

We were all Americans … once. All pulling in the same direction. United in defense of external threats. United in the glory of Freedom at home. United in harmony.

Now, we have an infestation of little buggering bugs. And rather than stomp these micro buzzards underfoot. Too many order yarn, and are knitting the damn fooking cockroaches … sweaters 
(it's like an evil knitting society).

And yet others, are baking them cakes. A Libturd concert of evil, blaring our Freedom away.

The whole of society has been remolded, reshaped into a page right out of Fallada's, Every Man Dies Alone. Which wasn't fiction. Wasn't a dream. And it was only 75 years ago.

Shelter From the Storm (you MUST take).

As the IslammoCommieJunta destroys everything … anything it dang pleases.

Among the insanity, there is a method to their madness. As sick in the head (and heart) they are.

As they destroy in the atomic. They are going after our hearts, our minds, our spirit. They truly are evil. 

For they believe that if they crush our spirit? They will more easily succeed … in their mission. To completely obliterate this gift of G*d, America. As well erase G*d, from all our thoughts. 

If they can dishearten the Angels, from ever taking flight? Then they won't have to worry about shooting them out of the sky, with anti-angel artillery.

So, if you can ... and when you can. Take appropriate measures, to deprogram. Relax, take a real break Driver 8. I mean it. It is VERY important. We've been on this road too long. We can't reach our destination. If we are overcome with stress, and anger, and depression. Which we have all earned.

It takes a clear mind to fight evil of this magnitude. The greatest evil I have witnessed, in my lifetime (killing seven Afghani children, in a remote drone strike? They call that … a Righteous Kill).

Though yes, rage is a response most appropriate. It serves us not. Reconnect with your inner zen.  We need cool calm collected Bruce Lee's. Not headless chickens, racing headlong into the sea. 

Whatever gives you a temporary reprieve from the savage madness. They have obliterated tranquility. Arm yourself against. I use recorded music … copious amounts of every higher fidelity.

Just yesterday, I unpackaged a brand new pair of ESS Heil's, for the very first time. That I had bought over two years ago, and then just stuffed in the closet. And assembled them into a working loudspeaker (two-way, ported box, with a 6" ceramic mid-bass unit. Crossed over to the Heil, at 2.8K).

What you use to slay the beast of rage and anxiety? But slay him you must. It's ok to take a break … Driver 8. To turn off the horror, even for just one day (it will still be here in the morning).

At this moment, I have never been more convinced of impending large scale bloodshed, War. War in the streets, real war. On American soil. Brother against Brother. In this war between the States (of Mind).

As I'm listening to the local propaganda vector, KNX1070. As they are castigating those who don't want to wear a mask. Or get the vaccine. Or give up their Freedom and Liberty, in order to "help save lives."

And those people who don't comply? Aren't just selfish and lazy. But they are a grievous threat to all of society [but that doesn't apply to Gavin Newsom, or London Breed, or Nancy Pelosi. Or everyone in attendance at Sunday night's Emmy awards show (not that I watched, tyvm). Nor of course does it apply, to the millions streaming across our wide open Southern border].

The deranged lunatic Left, are thoroughly, completely indoctrinated. There is no reaching them. There is no teaching them (truth, the Constitution). There is no reaching them E V E R.

They are convinced Conservatives are the root cause of all of the world's problems. As well any and all of their own personal woes. 

To them, citizens losing their First Amendment. And being required to carry an internal passport? Is a mere/slight inconvenience (so you better get used to it … for the common good … Comrade).

And if force is required to make you submit? So be it (just another Righteous Kill. Of many yet to come). The Zuckermaggot's, the Jackwad Dorsey's have their own private islands. Which they reach by their own private jet. They don't give a rat's ass … however much of our world is destroyed. 

And the General Milley's? Have a spontaneous emission, just thinking about killing their fellow Americans.

It's over people. After 245 years, it really is.

Sunday, September 05, 2021

This Is ... The Day That I Die

January 6 Rioter Returned to Jail After Listening to Mike Lindell Online

××××× A judge ordered the rearrest of Doug Jensen, one of the protesters charged with entering the Capitol on January 6, after “pretrial services officers” made an unannounced visit to his home in Des Moines, Iowa, and found him watching an online discussion featuring MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell. ×××××

Riiight … "unannounced visit."

What do I have to live for, if not to fight, to the last. To save my beloved America?

If you want to try and take away my First Ammendment?

If you want to try and inject me with some Frankenstein cocktail?

If you want to prevent me from traveling in public?

Then I have had enough. Yes I have. And no more will I take. I will fight you to my last breath. Even if it is today, this moment, this very one. If this be my last day on Earth, so be it. Then this will be …

The Day That I Die


Tuesday, September 7th, Eleven a.m.

Cock and Lock

This war on everything that is Holy? Lucifer is Winning. Total Chaos Fast Approaches.

I'm no economist. But two signposts to watch out for? Have just flown by … as we gaze out our car window. As we travel down this road to oblivion.

1)  (Of course) rampant, beyond runaway inflation.

2) And at the same time … deflation 

The cash economy, where the rubber meets the road? Is moribund. Gasping its last breath.

Some items, not only can you not sell. At the lowest of prices. But you can't give them away. No one has any money to spend, on discretionary items. Let alone any needed durable goods.

You can keep lowering the price, again and again … to nil. For all the good it will do you (in trying to make a sale).

With the current whackadoodle, domestic political clime. And the insane global political clime.

Add in the Junta's reckless financial tomfoolery (the Heidelberg's running 24/7). And you have a known recipe, for complete disaster. And that disaster is unspooling now. Right now … before our very eyes.

I really don't think anyone has any idea. How bad things are going to be. And how quickly that will manifest. Cherish today, this minute ... for tomorrow is a Freakshow unimaginable.

It ain't fiction, it is all too real. Hopefully, you've all made important preparation. Against the rising tide of madness, insanity, and greed. So as not to be swept away.

Your friends and neighbors, may not have been as prudent. And when hellfire comes a'knockin … on their front door? They will look to you … for their health, safety, and salvation. And they won't take no for an answer.

It's going to get nasty out there. You will have to dial back your anger, and your rage. In order to survive. For what is coming is the heat and fire of Hell. That will burn our world to the ground.

They have only just begun … to kill.

Kill this Country.

Kill its Citizens (of a different political stripe. Or ANYONE in their way).

Kill G*d himself.

Not pretend, not virtual. Not a video game. But real actual atomic death and destruction. Blood, guts, bone, grey matter (the Taliban just removed a Police Woman's brain. WITH A SCREWDRIVER! In front of her children).This is just the start. Satan arisen. No uniforms, no formal field of battle. But it is war, all too real .. War. On everything that is Holy. And Lucifer is winning.

Chaos is the only possible outcome. Yeah, it would truly be wonderful to be wrong. Man would it ever. But that is not the case. Murder is the case. And Lady Liberty is dying. From the dagger in her back.

I will see you all in Hell.

Cock and lock b*itches.

Cock and lock.


Friday, September 10th, Six-thirty p.m.

And a Cockroach Shall Lead Them

How does Joe Biden and the IslammoCommieJunta, commemorate the Twentieth Anniversary, of 9-11?

By arming the Taliban. With 

nearly a hundred billion dollars, in advanced weapons, and ammunition (one tenth of a Trillion$!). That's how.

After first surrendering Afghanistan, to the Taliban. And surrendering their mineral deposits, to the Chinese. We arm them, to the teeth (Happy 9-11!).

So who is the greatest threat to this Nation again? That ain't a trick question.

Traitors … all of 'em. Obama, Klain, Rice, Jarrett, Blinken, Pelosi, Schumer, Zuckermaggot, Jackwad Dorsey, evil 24/7 Brin-Page. The lot of 'em … filthy stanky bacteria in the bunghole, of a dung beetle.

And it looks like there is a good possibility, that they will try and defraud Larry Elder. Out of his win, in the Gubernatorial recall election.

They are already starting the propaganda battle. To explain away another anal rape, of the Country/citizenry.

I firmly believe, if they do. Do try and steal another election. Then they will have lit the fuse. And that open warfare will soon commence. How big the battle?

I was trying to figure out, which way to vote. What was the least likely method, of being cheated out of my vote?

I will NEVER vote by computer, again. I mailed my (unsolicited) ballot in (while crossing my fingers). With the hand selection of a candidate. Using a black felt tip marker. And my handwritten validation signature.

Do they really think they can f*ck us in the *ss, every single damn day. In perpetuity? And each day, we will then politely say: "Oh Thank You! May I have another please?" 

Their greed knows no limits. Their debauchery is unmatched. Something has gotta give. And I believe that will be soon.

Once upon a time, life was an adventure. Each day filled with joy and wonder.


There are no words. And if I'm stupid enough, to say what I feel? Then some six legged creatures, wearing panties. 

From the Ford Idea Bureau. Will pay me a visit. To remind me,  of the past. That it was real. Once upon a time, we really did have a First Amendment. Back when. Not now though.

Now, the insects are in charge. 

And just one of them, has damaged so much grain. The Foreign Born Mooselimb Traitor.

Now in his third term, in the Oval Office. Because he didn't do nearly enough damage. His first two.

Credit where due. Twenty years after 9-11. An Islamist. A terrorist sympathizer. King Hussein (in the Membrane) Obama. Heads the Government, of the United States of America

He is good at what he does. And evil is what the cockroach does. And the deranged lunatic Left, worship the ground it crawls on.


Wednesday, September 15th, Ten a.m.

I Have Nothing Left to Lose

"Deadly attack on the Nation's Capitol." (January 6th).

"Election fraud … Trump's big lie."

I'm listening to election coverage, during the seven p.m. hour, last night. On KNX1070. And that's what I hear.

And I ask myself, what chance does the Country have? Almost none. 

It isn't just the existence of propaganda. Or its size and scope. Its prevalence.

But how unquestioned it is. Believed, taken for gospel. They make this fiction up, out of thin air. And millions swallow it, whole. Gulp it down, as truth (Thank You Sir … can I have another big fat lie?).

And the discussion underway, on the "news"  radio station, last night. Is how to prevent any more recalls, in the future. What laws can be enacted? What legislative changes, can be made? To make it more difficult in the future. To recall a sitting Governor. To make sure that it never happens again.

I mean you can't have people (e s p e c i a l l y them Old White Guys), question the performance of their Government. Nooh. Let alone giving them the option, of changing it. When it is proven beyond incompetent, and corrupt.

Toss in the latest revelations about Treason Monkey Milley. And things seem well nigh hopeless.

Hopeless in that there are so many damn Traitors. In so many Government offices. Thousands. It never stops. Hopeless in that some are now touting Milley. As a hero, a savior of the Republic (most competent General ever!).

I'm not going to give up. I'm not going to surrender. Nor ever stop, fighting the Fascists. But it is posssible, this war is already lost? No matter the outcome of any battles. 

So, did they steal another election? Evil, moving with precision and overwhelming force. Devastating Evil. Slapping us right back to Hell.

Whatever actually transpired in this recall election? It is now lights out … here in California (yep, double entendre).

The truth of the matter? They could care less. About the Truth. They see what they want to see. Which intentionally excludes the truth (whatever that may be?).

For facing the truth. Means acknowledging that they aren't just wrong. But also that they aren't the smartest person in the room. Far from it.

They operate under a mass delusion. That they, the Libturd's, are the most sentient beings. In this or any other galaxy. But of course, when it comes to politics, ideology, and the Constitution. They are as dumb as a sack of hammers (though at least a hammer serves a useful purpose!).

And though I am not afraid of these bugs, these insects, individually or collectively. I am now afraid, of the future. For without my beloved America, I am nothing.

Even the L*rd weeps. As he gazes at the destruction wrought. To this once heavenly kingdom, on earth.

At 65%, to 35% on the recall election. They now believe that they have a mandate. For their vax mandate, mask mandate, inflation mandate, and school closure.

And those that don't surrender, and take the vax? Will be forced to. And some elderly nursing home residents, ALREADY ARE (after being sedated). Yet more elder abuse.

Go ahead … try. Try and stick a needle in my arm. And find out what happens?

The only mandates you have? Are the ones you personally find ... on Grindr.

You fascist filch, stay the f*ck away from me! This isn't a game, and I'm not playing. I may not be able to stop you from taking my Country, away from me. But I certainly can and will stop you. From trying to take my health.  

Try me. I have nothing left to lose.

2:00 p.m.

"The safest, most secure election, in our Nation's history." (2020)

Talking head, KNX1070 radio. 1:15 p.m.

There is no competing against the propaganda, of the Reich Ministry.

Unless national media platforms, of all kinds. Are nationalized. And basic tenets of journalism, reinstituted?

Then things will only worsen. As the state of society, degrades. As citizens resort to open violence. In support of the racial hatred, they have been taught (anything Trump. And his White racist followers. Are fair game, for any retribution, you want to exact. For spreading false election information).

The gentleman on the escalator, of the NYC subway. Who turned around, and kicked a woman backwards. Down the length of the escalator. Is just the beginning of Kill Whitey.

Or a couple of weeks back. Tamarius. Trying to kill a White baby child. Only to have his father take the bullet, instead. And Tamarius, afterwards ... does a Happy Dance.

This is the Hate.

The Hate the Left teaches.

The Hate that KNX1070, preaches.

This is the Hate.



Thursday, September 16th, Four p.m.

Don't Fear the Reaper

I was looking back, over the years of my life. And the great gift, of this Nation. Given to us, by so many. Its promise kept alive, by so many. Who gave their very lives, to preserve the air of Freedom, that we breathe. Freedom. The magic and wonder that is America.

And then these insects show up. And in the blink of an eye, a massive swarm destroys. Destroys it all, everything. With nary a thought, for the ultimate sacrifice that generations past, made. Let alone Thirteen in Kabul. 

Discarding their gift to you and me. Tossing their souls into a fire pit of Hell. That all these cockroaches bring. In the trunk of their crazy clown car.

It was so wondrous, so much joy. And now no more. As the bugs glory in the destructive storm they are.

Everything now is in failure mode. And it will only get worse. To those that gave, so that I could be free. I give Thanks.

To those who take these Gifts of G*d, from me? Dare not show your face to me.

The go-along get-alongs? Like those spineless jellyfish, who escorted the young Nurse, from her job at the hospital. After taking her badge. Because she would not take the vax.

You are agents of doom, too. Do not be deceived. Evil is you. The fascist coup, cannot continue … without you.

Will the fascists be stopped? Will Evil be turned back? Will Benedict Biden's DC jail, ever be emptied? I don't know. I do know not to turn my back on Satan. And under no circumstances, will He/they relinquish the White House. In 2024 … or ever again.

Where you draw your line in the sand? And how you respond to this Hell on earth? 

But unless we move Heaven and Earth, now. Then it is already over. For the deranged lunatic Left, are now in Clover.

Remember the (faux) Nakba? You know them evuhl Joo's, and the damage they do.

What's the opposite? You would think Joe Biden's birthday. Would be a national holiday, in Afghanistan. Marching bands and parades (yep, even by the Taliban).

The Father of Modern Afghanistan, Joe Biden! And now that rotting bag of bones, is bringing some of that third world sh*thole, here. Why not, we already have a third world judiciary.

And after a successful coup, we now have third world leadership too. The Junta is now controlling the supply/distribution. Of Monoclonal Antibodies!

And get this, appears that they have cut the amount that Florida receives, in half. Ron Desantis' Florida. Boggles the mind. Such a highly political move, to the detriment of people's health. Is a tell. And is telling. 

There are no more limits or constraints, on the Evil the Junta does. They are no longer concerned about optics. Or losing any votes. They are going in for the kill. On Lady Liberty. It's a kamikaze mission. And their airspeed is now approaching supersonic.

I'd tell you all to get to work. That we have a Country to save.   But you will all have to find your own paths. In whichever direction that you travel. 

Me, there is very little left. Lived fast, worked hard. And wore this machine out. Falling apart as I walk down the street. But what little is left. Will not surrender. Will not choose the easy path.

There is one road for me. Getting up in the morning, each day. Such that, should by chance, Satan show his face? I can rip his black heart out. With my bare hands.

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

We're Not in Kansas Anymore

Life … now more Ridley Scott, than F. Scott (Fitzgerald).

I mourn and grieve the death of this Nation. The loss unbearable. Overcome with sadness and pain.

And in this space so dark. This horror, this freak show continues. As a good portion of the populace, are rather unperturbed. Impervious even. Far too many.

Whether by choice? Bland indifference (9-5 … paying the bills). Or by the success of the Fourth Reich's nonstop blitzkrieg of propaganda?

This ignorance, selfishness, cowardice even … is difficult to bear. If too many can't even be bothered, to lift a finger to help save the Nation?

The totality of it all, defies comprehension. Its enormity, greater than I can wrap my mind around. I needn't repeat myself, and bore you … that things are only going to get worse (today I found mention ten years ago, in this blog. Of me yammering exactly that).

But the manner thereof? The size, the scale? What yet approaches? Will be more vile. More deranged. More evil. Which does not seem possible.

Yet no formal opposition has been mounted. Sure, Colonel Scheller, was a nice start. But it's all just talk.

While some, even many are confident, very. That pushback is at hand. I am not. I haven't seen anything that gives me that impression. Quite the opposite.

I'm not a fatalist, just a realist. Hope only gets you so far. I am confident that the Union won't hold. That some manner of bifurcation will take place. And yes, violence will be part of the tableau.

Where the lines are drawn? Or how? 

Likely cities will align, SD/LA/SF, Portland/Seattle, Chi/NYC/DC, Miami … blah blah. A transcontinental Confederation … of Libturd sh*tholes.

And of course, there is the virtual war. Which they are winning, quite handily. Pencil pushers, now wield the most enormous power. Chase Bank, just up and cancels General Flynn's credit cards ... like wtf?

How this all plays out … over time? They've destroyed a Nation, in the mere blink of an eye. They have established their Fourth Reich. We must deny them their Thousand Year Reign. I'm praying it's less than a thousand days! Though I gotta believe CCP Biden, will stroke out. Well before he reaches another thousand hours.

Yep, getting out of the cities is a start (looks like maybe one more month for me. Then adios California. After taking six freaking months of preparation!). And the common language of most everyone, that I randomly bump into and chat with? Is getting the heck out of California, as soon as possible.

But future forward, your language, in communication. Should be encrypted. When speaking about the restoration of the Constitution, and the prosecution of the Traitors? 

[Though with Obama appointed Judges, and Soros bought Prosecutors. I wouldn't count on the Judiciary hewing to the Constitution, ever again].

All of your communication need be done by encrypted communication. Everything. Saving this Country, doing the L*rd's work? Can cost you your Freedom. Your wealth and resources. Your family, and yes … even your life. So caution if you would please. Though I imagine the use of encrypted communication, will soon be outlawed. Very soon.

That's if you are sincere and earnest in your desire. To try and right this ship of (psycho) fools.

Blood won't spill, it will flow. In the streets of the Cities. As the mindless bots, of the deranged lunatic Left. Take it as their duty. To deliver us from Whitey. Or from the unvaccinated.

In the space of seven months? The Creepfilth Tech Overlords, together with the Junta, have transformed my visage into the most dangerous monster, to ever walk this Earth. More scary than T-Rex even (me … Elmo, rickety, middle aged, conswervo Joobrat … OMG run away!!!).

Like a few days ago … Tamarius, in Miami, and his happy dance. Moments after bagging himself Public Enemy Number One, a White Supremacist Insurrectionist. Who was enjoying an evening out, dining with his one year old son (I know, what nerve).

And upon first seeing the baby white child. Tamarius was irresistibly drawn … to immediately kill him. 

Has so much hate ever infected this planet before? Unfortunately … yes.

And now, now it has returned. Before Tamarius, there was Capitol Police Officer Byrd. Shooting a pint sized white gal, in the back. Because she deserved it (you know, if we don't stand up to these uppity white folk now?).

And courtesy of the Obama/Biden/Rice/Zuckerberg/Dorsey/Brin-Page administration. The kill whitey/Jews movement. Is now VERY well armed! With $85 BILLION, of the latest, even most exotic American military hardware and weaponry (plus the millions in cash payments for safe passage, of course).

But I'm pretty sure it's the fault of the manufacturer (of the weapon systems). Or at the very least, their regional sales rep. Because that's the first thought that comes to my mind. When I see the Taliban, flying low over Kabul.

In one of our US made Blackhawks. While some poor shmuck is dangling by his neck, from a rope tied to the helicopter's skids. That's what I'm asking myself, who  da'fook made that Blackhawk Helicopter!?!.

Biden and the Deranged Lunatic Left, are trying to take away every American's guns. And in the same moment, they give the Taliban $85 Billion in guns, weapons, aircraft, armored vehicles, grenades and ammunition. Pure insanity.

And in such, this global sh*t storm, that the IslammoCommieJunta has whupped up. IS ABOUT TO GET REAL.

T'ween the unknown, unseen million who have already streamed in,  after Inauguration Day. Over our wide open Southern border. 

And the more than a hundred thousand Afghans. Already airlifted out, of Kabul.

In amongst all those completely unvetted teaming masses? Is another horrific terror attack. Guaranteed. On Americans, on American soil. And not just one.

One of the Marines, killed in Kabul. His mother speaks out, against the chief turd who is responsible, Benedict Biden. And then Zuckermaggot promptly shuts her Facebook account down.

Yes, Zuckermaggot IS that stupid. Not knowing that in doing so, he has just signed his own Certificate. Directly inspiring thousands and thousands and thousands, to make sure that it happens (then you get to see this Joo's happy dance).

We're not in Kansas anymore. And the blood that will flow, the flesh torn asunder. Will not be fiction. Though in the unreal world that we now live in. It will be the (targeted white) victim's fault. Or at the very least, the Jews.

And look for the stats for rape, and sexual assault, to skyrocket.  In those towns that are the terminus, for the Junta's Kabul airlift.

We're not in Kansas, anymore ... we are now walking through Hell.


Wednesday, September 1, 10:00 a.m.

Divide (the Right) and conquer. The Left are masters of propaganda and disinformation. It will be the coldest day in Hell. Should they EVER utter anything truthful.

So I'm amused to see the rush (by Conservatives), to thoroughly discredit Ian Miles Cheong. For his tweet, about the Taliban. Hanging a human being, by the neck, from a helicopter in flight.

Me, won't even bother to double check? My recollection is the tweet was a question mark ... "Is this real?"

And not an unquestioned statement (of fact). So the ONLY person who is discredited, is me. For making the assumption.

If any of you don't think that the Taliban, will in fact do same? At a soon future date. Then you are an imbecile.

And YOU are just spouting Leftist propaganda. You know, none of the aircraft left behind, are airworthy (not a one). Nor do they have even one goatfrooger, who can pilot any of the aircraft.

Horror unimaginable is headed our way. And guess what, IT WILL BE THE TALIBAN THAT BRINGS IT! (F*ckheads).

If you want to sugg Taliban deek? That's your business.  But please if you would? Not in public.


Thursday, September 2nd, Six p.m.

Truth is so much stranger than fiction. This link (via Doug Ross, via Siraj Hashmi), has officially blown my mind. And yes, it's the Atlantic. Which demonstrates how stupid they really are. So read it, before they delete it, in 3 ... 2 ...

××××× Intrastate travel within Australia is also severely restricted. And the government of South Australia, one of the country’s six states, developed and is now testing an app as Orwellian as any in the free world to enforce its quarantine rules. People in South Australia will be forced to download an app that combines facial recognition and geolocation. The state will text them at random times, and thereafter they will have 15 minutes to take a picture of their face in the location where they are supposed to be. Should they fail, the local police department will be sent to follow up in person. “We don’t tell them how often or when, on a random basis they have to reply within 15 minutes,” Premier Steven Marshall explained. “I think every South Australian should feel pretty proud that we are the national pilot for the home-based quarantine app." ×××××

Friday, August 20, 2021

Living Inside a Science Fiction Novel

I'm watching Tucker tonight, he displaying a clip of Biden, at the podium. Saying it's rainbows and pink sparkle ponies, in Afghanistan.

And as I'm watching, with the sound off. I'm looking at Commissar Harris' eyes. And inside she is laughing. At Joe, at us, at everything. She cannot contain her emotion.

Afghanistan hasn't fallen. No.

The entire world has. 

Because of the Deranged Lunatic Left's utter, sheer depravity. Prideful. Taking selfies, with Satan. Just like the Taliban, now ensconced in the palace.

Here ... a coup. And now the Junta completely surrenders, to every malevolent global force. Including the Taliban.

And Cackling Pantsuit …. she cackles. To her it's a funny joke. Some sort of divine political retribution.

And I am awash with a flood of amazement. Surely this cannot be real. And yet it is. Fiction is now reality. And reality, is now fiction.

Monday, July 19, 2021

Let the Beast Fear Me

They Will Not Stop trying ... to destroy this Nation and its Constitution. Or destroying the lives of those who refuse to worship, at their Satanic altar (of Hate). Or take their vax. Or wear their (made in China) mask of submission. Or silently pay Biden's decimating, inflation tax (little Johnny: Mommie, what happened to all of those scabs that were on your arms? Mom to Johnny: shut up and eat your cornflakes!). 

Designed, planned, and engineered. Then later assembled, in D.C. .... on January 6th, into the (trumpet blare): 


Immediately followed by the arrival of the massive, armed convoy (of tanks, rocket launchers, and helicopter gunships) ... that then began its "Attack on the Capitol!" (with even greater trumpet fanfare). 

The amazing lengths with which they have gone. To create, manufacture and distribute propaganda. Propaganda of an unbelievably massive scale (ssssh ... back in the real world. That is known as a Big Lie ... ssssh), in order to guarantee a result (a successful diversion from their brutal assault, rape, and murder of Lady Liberty). 

That they would somehow be able to cover up a blatantly fraudulent Presidential election?? In the United States of America?? (formerly, a free, democratic, Constitutional Republic) A real actual coup d'etat. By Dem-maggots, Branch 4, and their digital henchmen, the Creepfilth Tech Overlords. 

So (the newly christened) Branch 4. A quarter of the now four, different US Government branches [and I'm inclined to label the CTO's (creepfilth tech overlords), Branch # 4.5. Though they work hand in glove with the other Four]. Really did not want Donald J Trump, to be reelected. And along with a multitude of other bad actors, had a hand in fabricating Biden's "historic" victory. And well, they even had some help from the Taco Bell Supremes!

Treason monkeys. All of 'em. And which (Treason) is no longer a crime, in Amerigone. Speaking out against the coup however? THAT is a capital crime. Punishable by imprisonment without charge, or arraignment, or even a trial. Amerigone. 

Or at absolute minimum, gleefully and pridefully cut off your virtual tongue [or just foog up your equity social merit card/account, for kicks. So you won't be able to buy yourself a jar of fancy salted nuts, from Amazon (you violent white supremacist, Insurrectionist you)].

Whether they all shared in planning. Or all together alone. But together in a parallel desire. A parallel deranged belief (it's a wonder General Milley can even dress himself?). A parallel longing to fulfill their own greed. Some for the money. Some for their moronic ideology. Sharing the same manufactured reality (run away! It's Whitey!!). Taking comfort in their shared lunacy (the planet is melting). Though they all certainly are of the belief, that their brains are museum quality specimens. 

And Branch 4? Because they could. For naked, absolute power's sake. And because he ... Donald, ticked them off no end. And you don't mess with Mother Nature/Big Intel. And now they have shown everyone, just who really is the boss. Just who really is in charge. Who swings the biggest Traitor deek (these people were all hand selected, and put in place by Obama. During his first two terms. Now, they are doing his bidding, while he occupies the White House, during his third term). 

Branch Four will do anything, everything to stay in power. They will not be subject to arrest or prosecution, for capital Treason. They aren't above the law. They write the law, and then rewrite it ... at whim [or blackmail those wearing the robes. Or give BJ's to the fisa robe wearers (who audits them?!)]. 

These are the Beasts most Evil. And they will kill, before allowing the Nation a return to Freedom. Anyone who stands in their way? Anyone who even thinks of Freedom. I fully expect these six legged lil (panty wearing) beasties, to bang my door down in the deadest of night. For daring to express my disrespect out loud (Obama: "the nerve of that damn Yid!?"). But then I'm nobody famous (if a tree falls in the woods?). 


I've watched a fair number of videos over the years. Displaying all kinds of atomic demons.They are real. They don't just and only take up space on a video screen. These reptiles ... they exist, in this atomic world. 

I won't unemerate them all, recounting them all here. But this (POV) video (from a number of days ago), of Antifa's attack on an individual. For some fictional made up thought crime. Is worth a watch. To see the view from inside one of their empty minds. And to hear Antifa's cackling depraved hate, in the words out of the host's pie hole. Which accompany the attack (they are ever so proud of their derangement).

Watching the above video, in the context of their collective mug shots (many hundreds in a photo montage). Gives you a real feel for their insect, hive mentality. Individually, they don't possess the brain power, to tie their own shoes (just like General Milley). They are being guided, led around by their pierced noses. As a paid group (textbook cowards, individually). 

The Hate on display, is authentic [just like the brown on white racism, that I got to experience today, (always a special treat)]. And this is just the start, the beginning. Of the end of a civil society. The end, of a fifty State Union. There are just so many bad actors, so many insects. So much evil, bum rushing G*d. And joyously reveling in their dark lord and master, Satan. When they swarm and attack another human being, they are worshipping in their house of darkness, in their Satanic Holy Place. And paying homage to Beelzebub, in the expression of their black on white, and brown on white Hate. 

I only link this very latest Antifa attack (below link) on (uniform LAPD) officers. In the same context, how small Antifa's brains are. They will do anything to keep their name at the top of the news cycle. That is their only existential valuation ... hits, clicks, eyeballs. Look at me. Mindless Insects, a swarm addicted to vanity. .... And our elected officials are beholden to them. As well titans of industry dropping to one knee and bowing before them (while kissing the ring). Do as we say, or you are next, White corporate America.

Financial donations to BLM and ANTIFA, fund attacks on those charged with the public safety (Antifa violently attack the LAPD, in above video link). Money for violence, and more violence. Money for anarchy. And yes, money to buy houses (plural) in Beverly Hills and other neighborhoods where pink monkeys congregate (houses for BLM's number one huckster, and big cheese). 


Looking at the smiles, on all the faces. Of the deranged lunatics (in linked pic of Cackling Pantsuit's staff appreciation party).

And the FBI telling citizens to report other citizens? For their (non fascist State approved) politics. Specifically report family members [ed: can I report myself? Umm maybe I should wait until the regime's reward program begins?! Uh hello ..... FBI? Yeah I wanna report myself (sh*t, what if two hundred million did it?)]. 

We ... here in 2021, are now there. Right inside the gates of Hell. As Satan waves his hand and says hello, come on in, make yourself at home, friend. Sit down and relax. Smiling all the while. Just like all of the faces of Cackling Pantsuit's staff [hey kids ... rat out a friend, they are "other." They are not one of us. You say you saw a red MAGA hat, in your classmate's backpack. Your suspicions were aroused when you saw an American flag, on his mother's car? And well the reward doesn't hurt now either aye, winky winky (as night follows day, THAT IS NEXT)].

Such lunatics. Such depraved minds. Such greed for power. And such lust for Hate. Hate of whites, Hate of Conservatives, and Hate of Jews. 

And while ultimately, it did end in 1945. It was at a very high cost. Much was sacrificed. Much was lost. I don't know when this will end. I don't know how it will end. We have seen what Evil is capable of. And here today in America, the Neo National Socialist's, are just getting underway. This excursion through Hell, is just getting started. 

My heart crushed so, but I haven't given up. I don't believe that things are hopeless. But the time is long and the hour is late. And I keep watching, waiting .... and it seems there are two hundred million who don't have all of my back, all of the time. Too often, I feel like an army of one (and I ain't Audie Murphy).

These demon's enterprise of havoc is robust. Great and grand is the scale of destruction. They are the greatest enemy America has ever seen. Or will ever know. The purest evil this Nation has been witness to. Satan is real, and you are watching him in action, right now. 

They squash 500 citizens as if mere bugs. In windowless DC dungeons. With the stamp, approval, and blessing of the (Traitor filch) Judiciary! Trying to squeeze G*d, right out of their very souls (it seems they aren't just proud of their fascism and G*dlessness. They are aroused by it. These days? It looks like Psaki has a stiffie!). Kind of like the McCarthy hearings ... Do you renounce Communism? Only change the word Commie, and supplant it with G*d. 

Yet more and greater horror will commence. They are moving at break neck speed, to destroy as much of this Nation, as they can. And they will not stop. Until they are stopped. Or until every last thing ... is ground into rust colored dust 

They will destroy society, the economy, privacy, you name it. You can beat me with wires, you can beat me with chains. But you will not take my heart or my soul. You will not rob me of the one true G*d. Like all the fascist filch that has come before, you shall  one day fail. You will never prevail through time. The L*rd G*d will one day receive his due. Promenade and parade while you insects can. This is your day. You six legged beasty's Hell, all upon the land. 

I have never been more convinced, that open violence in the streets, soon approaches. On a large scale. The only question is when, exactly how long before it arrives? Just like the video out a few days ago (I haven't checked to see if it is in the below link?), of the lawless boulevards, streets, and avenues of South Africa. Killing fields. Bullets flying like a battery powered toy, soap bubble dispenser. And as all those bullets are whizzing by every which way,  Bodies are dropping like a cartoon, or a Hollywood western. How quickly society descends into complete and total anarchy.

And as I'm listening to my local Commie Broadcasting System, a couple days ago (CBS "News Radio"). KNX1070. And they are talking about Bad Orange Man, Donald Trump, and his Big Lie (Election Fraud). 

And I'm filled with real nausea and revulsion. Fear even. Knowing what it was like. Exactly what it was like. To live in Nazi Germany, in the 1930's. As society crumbles, all around. Under the weight of the neo fascists, and their naked power grab. Including the airwaves (completely helpless to stop the Creepfilth Tech Overlord's assault, on the First Amendment). Filled with such dread and horror, witnessing the death of this Nation, today. 

And right along with, are the innumerable deaths, of those deemed "other." Funny how in 2021, I am now "other" (once again). Me and my big hook nose. But you can be damned sure, I won't be flying a Yid lid. I have no interest in inviting violence. Making myself a target, in 2021 America. Once again in the world, they are hunting Jews. 

Sad is the greed of those who should know better. Sad is the stupidity and ignorance of those who we normally extend the benefit of the doubt to. But whose minds have been turned into a bowl of chocolate Jello pudding. Through years of constantly spinning Propaganda blades. Though it is easier to just say, that they are as stupid as f*ck. 

And I'll be damned if I extend them any more courtesy. Courtesy will get you killed. To them, you are not human, you are other. And all of the Nation's problems past, present, and future? Were caused by YOU (and your kind). 

This is the end. The end of civil society. War at home, citizen against citizen. With one side enjoying the full backing of the Islammocommie Junta. And every intelligence agency, and military apparatus that they now control. Creepy stuff. 

Remember, you are not human. You will be disappeared. You will be gone. At night in your bed? Or in the light of day, walking around without your dreads (whitey). 

Sh*t, they are even importing culture war soldiers, via the wide open Southern border. By the MILLIONS. Advertising it to the world. And those that make it across? Are (get this) immediately flown on military transports, to all of the far reaches of the American continent. And then just dumped in your home town (Covid? Don't ask, we certainly didn't). Millions. They cannot destroy America, quick enough. Even if it includes Americans, killing other Americans, in order to do it. They couldn't be happier. As long as Whitey gets his. 

This is the end of all that came before. That cawksugging maggot Obama, when he was last in the White House. Gave Osama bin Laden, a full formal State funeral, at sea. Attended by many hundreds of American sailors in uniform. Ashley Babbitt? Obama shot her in the back, like a rabid dog (to celebrate his return to the White House). 

These Nation killers, collectively are more powerful than any weapon. That has ever been aimed in our direction before. More formidable than any enemy, of any war come before. More powerful than any weapon nuclear. 

Some ... will not be able to stomach war. Americans dead, and dying in the streets. That is of course, if any television network airs it. Or the Creepfilth Tech Overlords, are unable to shut down every single last site or channel, that plays it. 

Every WORD, every story from the FNIC (fake news industrial complex) and the CTO's (creepfilth tech overlords), is a lie. And in such, war among the righteous, G*d's children. And Beelzebub's brothers. Is inevitable. Guaranteed even. This is the path that they have chosen, destroy reality, while destroying a Nation. War is here, their assault is well underway. 

Matthew Holliday, Twitter (vis Doug Ross):


If they were truly worried about "new variants" the border would be closed.

And Glenn Greenwald, Twitter (also via Doug Ross) 

"Kamala Harris wouldn't trust a Trump vaccine, and neither should anyone else" (from the Daily Kos) 

(also Doug Ross)

'The New Orthodoxy: Jurisdiction over your Thoughts.

Question the government and the retaliation will be swift'

"They would make themselves as gods: they gave us a plague and strike us down for blasphemy" 

As these serpents slither, I feel alone in the Garden. As I rail against these beasts, they consume more and more of G*d's gift. 

I have no choice in the matter of surrender. Let them bring their army of panty wearing toy soldjahs. In support of those who teach and practice Hate. I will not surrender to them. Nor am I authorized to surrender this Nation. Come take. I ain't giving sh*t away, not to any of you six legged freaks. Sawry. 

I know not if we triumph, or if we fail. You can surrender to these insects, if any of you want? I will not. I will not live a single day upon my knees. I will stand and face Satan. I will not cower before the wrath of Lucifer. To the contrary. When looking in my eyes? 

Let the beast fear me.

Friday, July 23rd, Three p.m.

The more I think about it. The more it makes sense. That Chucklehead Odorama, King Hussein in the Membrane. Is the hand that guided Election night theft. Of an election, and a Republic whole. 

Who better to lead the Treason army, in the field? And to inspire all the Traitor filch, who eternally worship the water that he walks on. 

Obama spent eight years assembling his in situ Treason army. Into every single last branch of government. Every single nook and cranny. Together with today's revelation that Obama runs a commercial, offshore data mining enterprise (likely staffed with his own personal, former NSA underlings). Then it becomes just that much more obvious (his very own personal pocket Intel agency!). 

So many loyalists, to the greatest enemy this Nation has ever known. So many acolytes (on speed-dial on his mobile). Yearning to prove their worth to the messiah, in all his political endeavors. Whether they are in the private sector. Or currently drawing a paycheck, as a government employee. Or even of course in the military or Intel (or Justice or State). 

The audacity of the skuzzy mope. To destroy America, on the taxpayer's dime. Righting this ship, a seemingly impossible task. In the face of the vast army of thousands of Traitors. Ready and willing to do his Satanic bidding. 

It would have been beyond easy, to subpoena or investigate the cell phone records. Of those seen on security cameras. Feeding hidden, fraudulent ballots, into the counting machines. After counting had been stopped. And everyone was told to leave. 

It's more likely, the NSA even has actual recordings of actual conversations. Of those engaged in the destruction of a free, democratic Republic. And I now, would bet dollars to donuts. That one of those voices heard, is Obama himself. Or at the very least, someone personally known to him. 

Just because he left office. Does not mean he ceased being the greatest enemy this Nation has ever known. To the contrary. After installing his secret government, he now controls it from afar. They all to a person, are not deep thinkers. But deep is all their hate for America. As seen in every word, thought, and deed ... of the foreign born mooselimb Traitor, himself. The only thing that he hates more than America? Is Israel of course. 

He cares not for this Nation. Nor for the world. Just his own picayune view of politics. Raised to hate America. Raised to hate Jews (Obama's first official act, as President of the United States? After being inaugurated, and officially taking up residence in the Oval Office? Before ANYTHING else, was to call Mahmoud Abbas). 

Nor does he care for the dead and the dying. That his hate now brings. Zombie Apocalypse? Only an idiot would think it now not possible. And some of course would argue, it is already here. 

Warning. This video is beyond loathsome, it is vile and disgusting. It will make you nauseous. As a middle aged woman, walking down the street, using a walker. Is knocked to the ground, robbed, and repeatedly beaten in the face with a saucepan. By numerous individuals. Who after stealing twenty dollars. Take the woman's walker as well. 

I'm pretty sure CNN and MSNBC, and the rest of the fake news industrial complex. Would blame Trump. Whitey. Conservatives. And da Joo's (of course). We certainly know, without a doubt, that they will never air the footage. I mean ever. 

But I could care less about pointing fingers. I linked the vid so that you are forewarned. This sh*t is very real and it is happening. And they couldn't be happier. That citizens are attacking other citizens in the streets, with the most brazen, G*dless impunity. As long as they are killing each other? They may not even notice the Coup, that has taken place.