Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cooler than ambient ...

Via HD Wallpapers ...

OK ... well there's more on our plates than just/only Tuesday, November 6th. To be sure (the one megaton elephant in da desert tent). And as we count down seventy six days until then, people be getting a little antsy, a little too. Sure, yes ... times beyond extraordinary (we are now LIVING history. NOT reading it). And the fracturing torsional stress, the burden, the weight heavy [as we ever so slowly chug/grind our way up ... a ten percent grade (twenty five tons saddled), in the slow lane (ambient thermometer pinned well over a hundred [surface temps? Crack an egg ...])] is throwing more an a few fanbelts. Exploding holes in more than a few radiators. Blackening/sludgeing more than a few quarts of tranny fluid. And over the hill, on the other side of the grade?

More unbearable heat, more blistering steam, more misery. People, we're going to lose a few along the way. Yeah we are. And it won't be pretty [all I could do, all I could muster ... to take out the laptop, and tap/plink this spiel out (will take some mighty doin', for another post, before the election [my spirit's crushed, but I ain't giving up ... noooh fookin way])]. But you haven't seen nothing yet. No you haven't ... buraq Insane in the Membrane sure the f*ck ain't giving up. Nor the army of shape shifters, over at the Reich Ministry [swinging liplocked from his deek (thank u Barry, can I has anuther)]. More madness approaches. More bone chilling evil to befoul existence whole.

Neither Reid/Pelosi/(filthy RACIST) Holder, or any of the other toilet bugs. Are going to give up either. Treason is like that. It's what traitors do. Destroy nations. And it's what they are doing now. Hand in hand, with the Reich Ministry [like going back in a time machine ... to witness pure Nazi filth, in real atomic time: CNN/MSNBC/ABC/CBS/AP/NYT's (and all their well paid stanknasty ho's [kite] high on der Fuehrer's anal vapors)], together with the Muslim Brotherhood [infecting ALL levels of government. Islamists ... infecting all levels of media. They aren't Americans people. NO THEY AREN'T. Islam is completely/totally INCOMPATIBLE with the Constitution (well, at least back when ... when we usta have a Constitution)]. And zee guut leetle socialists/nihilists/anarchists around the globe [breaking windows/willy nilly assaulting peace officers (they are just getting started, the FRC shooter ... is just the beginning)].

And in the face of this madness. This pure f*ckin' evil, and endless treachery. As the forces of darkness converge from all vectors. What is on the top of the list? What's the agenda?

Knife throwing practice ... in Akin's back.

The big, mean, snarling, growling, teeth baring DNC dawg ... barks. One Time. And what does the entire conswervo broadcast elite do? Whine ... cry mommy ... and wet themselves. If this be what you guys are passing off as brass? Then yeah, it is over (summa ya sh*t on Christine O'Donnel too). Unless you've already gotts somebody beddah in the wings? Who can actually win. Tell me, what's the point of loading, aiming, AND firing the dems triple A for them?

Greedy f*cks [and all the backseat driving (of the Romney bus), pretty tiring as well, really (he got there without any TEA help [or mine])]. And showed his mettle, in the Veep pick. In the week where the united Reich Ministry (in locked goosestep) mouthed but two words the whole week (referendum/choice) over and over again. Was sad, embarasing, pathetic to see ALL the conswervo talking heads (over and over and over again), together (en toto) in behavioural mimicry (shouting at Romney: quick/fast/hard [response, to buraq hussein's campaign's daily lies]).

There are no guarantees (none). But if you're having problems distinguishing the enemy? Get the f*ck off the line. Now. Find you some r&r. The rest of you? Stay cool. Stay frosty. Stay cooler than ambient (even if it be only one degree cooler). If (?) you want to survive ... the next seventy six days. Of burning, raging hell. How we do in the election, how many seats makes no froogin diff. We f i r s t gotta get to the election. Actually make it there. Survive until.

THERE IS NOTHING ELSE (did ya hear me?).

It is the only chance we are going to have. It is the all. The everything. This is the last dying breath of Lady Liberty. A girl once so fetching, so warm and charming, so witty ... so gorgeous. And now ... now so fallow and pale, with nary a pulse.

[The global shooting war ... WW III. Will get here soon enough, on its own (what with THREE, distinct, individual tipping points [which shan't be enumerated here (public forum/mil-strat)]). And what with Buraq Hussein doing EVERYTHING he can to support and arm the "rebels" (with your tax dollars!!!). While at the same time doing everything he can, EVERYTHING ... to undermine, undercut, and eviscerate Israel (ya know that place ... where dem Joo's been hanging fur'bout THREE THOUSAND YEARS [in Jerusalem])].

Don't be gramma, please.

Dig deep, show some courage, some resolve. Don't lose your cool (stay cooler than ambient). And pretty please (wit sugah), don't lose your mind. Like the mentally ill (in da libturd nation) ... hard wired to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, (and) the Reich Ministry. Blogging via tripwire, in the virtual blog tunnel (the Reichstag's on fire!). Living their lives entirely in a faux/virtual construct, upon 5"-7"-10" led screens. Devoid of truth or fact. No connection to reality. No thought. No thinking. No tether to the atomic, morality, or reason [Rosie O'Donnel: "use Google" (to learn about how Jews/Israel. And not Muslims/Islamists/Terrorists/Bugs/Insects. Brought down the Twin Towers ["steel doesn't melt"])].

One faceless anonymous, after another, after another ... plugged into the (mooselimb propaganda) matrix ["One laptop per child" !!!! (don't even get me started on Zoidberg/Futurama [hint: look at Japanese caricatures of Jews, circa 1940])].

This all encompassing mental illness, pervading too much of the youth populace, and pretty much all of MSM. THAT is killing my country. And will continue. Day after day, pounding these uncivil thoughts into the wee widdle libturd craniums, unceasing. Guaranteeing a future that is anything but bright (yes, even after the twelfth mahdi buraq hussein, is impeached on November 6th). A future where the libturd nation's only mission is to sh*t upon everyone else. And you better freakin' believe ... the King of the Sfippy's [translation: six foot (tall) pieces of porcine excrement], buraq hussein. Will still be around, flinging doo. He won't be going away quietly. No. It's a given, the scum guzzling toilet bugs WILL litigate any close result [here's hoping Mitt plays Gotye/just somebody that we usta know. While Chucklehead departs the South Lawn, on his final flight on Marine One [can you mofo's dig that dance party? (Yeah Baby!)].

And even though I'm of the firm belief the election won't even be close (yeah, landslide ... no if's, and's, or bbbbbutt's). I (even more firmly) believe he will continue to work his destruction, upon this Nation. Each and every day, each and every minute. Each and every second (he'll have nothing else to do, nothing to keep him busy, the campaign'll be over). Until he (and the smelly maggots in the junta) are finally removed from office [stay sharp/watch your six/danger Will Robinson (I'll breathe a whole lot easier, after Inauguration Day/TYVM)].

So even though Mitt (and Paul) will perform CPR on Lady Liberty, seventy six days hence (however many seats we pickup, or don't). And she will awaken, and breathe on her own [even twinkle an eye (pray G*d)]. The parasites/OWS/N.O.I will still be furiously biting. Feasting mercilessly (no one ever said any of this will be easy. No).

Let the final battle be joined. As we await the one true apocalypse [it is here. It is here now. This is the real thing. This IS it. There will be No other [one and a half billion twisted & twitchy ... Moe, Ham, and Ed's are just raring to go (could be mere months)].

And Chucklehead Odorama? Why he's still got that gleam in his eye, for your bum (or maybe ... maybe he's just hungry. And he's really casting his glance towards Spot/Rover?). Be not afraid (though the entire land is in fact now a f r a i d, of being butt slammed yet again/one more time, by the smiling deviant buraq hussein. Fearful. Quite so. Families crippled by R E A L fear ... of the economy, the dollar, oil, business, and mostly ... Beelzebub's wingman, the caliphate's pointman ... Barry Soetoro (unconvicted FELON/perjury/Illinois Bar application).

And Charlie, you really, REALLY need to get out of the Beltway there ... Mr. Krauthammer [there's a whole nuther country out there, Sir. And it will be at full stop. With anchor. Until the votes are counted. And, they, are, going, to, vote, the, filthy, excremental, TRAITORS, out, of, office (see, I said it slow, so you can understand. I mean like uh .. uh .. Newsweek's now a bigger Romney cheerleader than you are, Sir ... helloooo [take a break driver 8])].

Stand tall. As the ramparts explode all around. Do not flinch. Do not cower.

Do not even f*cking blink (a tear's ok). As you watch your skin peel, save your powder ..... for Satan. Not for one man (nor any man or woman). Who stands WITH us [even if my view on abortion, be diff from his (imagine that [or yours (or the other ninety percent, under the big tent)]. No matter how schtupit his remarks (and how out of touch he may seem).

I vote heart. I vote soul. And even after Hannity did a T.J. Holmes on him, yesterday (revolting it was). He didn't shrivel. He didn't wither. Calmly stood his ground. Didn't yield ONE f*cking millimeter. WE are going the save the country. You .... Me (NOT the clowns getting twenny mil a year, for crepitating over the airwaves).

So, go 'head ... paint him with the brush of opportunity lost. Go on ... and how HE, and he alone lost the country [aren't MSM's pornographic lies enough? (Akin = Ryan. James Holmes = TEA party)]. As I ALREADY told you ("guaranteed"), there is going to be a Reichstag Fire ... every week or two, until the election. Buck up wussies. You ain't seen sh*t yet [trust me ... they could still toss Biden underdabuss (you think the "chain" speech was an accident ... huh?)]. Real F*cking Evil Is Headed Our Way (tha'd be called a clue). Keep your heads, and we'll keep our country. Lose 'em, and the syphilitic goat f*ckers/caliphate
... are waiting in the wings ... to surgically remove them

Me, I kinda sorta want my country back. Like more than anything. And I'm going to extend myself the courtesy. Of waiting. Until Tuesday evening, November sixth. Seventy six days. Mebbe ... just mebbe ... you can do same?