Sunday, August 28, 2011

I've changed my mind ... I'm voting for Obama after all


Obama cutting vacation short

"Urging everyone in Hurricane Irene's path to prepare, President Barack Obama decided to cut his vacation short Friday and return to the White House for a storm he described as potentially historic. White House spokesman Josh Earnest said the president would leave Martha's Vineyard a day early."

That he would do that for us? Man ... what a guy ... what a president! And in honor of his holiness (we're not worthy), I'm going to nominate him for the Nobel Prize! I mean what are those poh peeps on Martha's Vineyard gunna do, without the Great and Powerful Chucklehead around?

And who's going to protect the Hamptons ... huh?

Along some of the area's fanciest streets, such as Meadow Lane where celebrities such as Calvin Klein live, mansions appeared empty and their windows boarded up. "There's no parties going on, that's for sure," said John Rist, owner of a local liquor store.

But, well ... the Reich Ministry knows best ... yeppers ... Mayor Michael Bloomberg: "Staying behind is dangerous, staying behind is foolish, and it's against the law," he said in a news conference from Coney Island.

Of course, not everyone listens to filthy Kapo Klowns: 'Entire Atlantic City seniors home refuse evacuation orders'. No. But of late, it seems far too many conswervos are in fact of the opinion, that Buraq Hussein might/could be reelected [and why we need to unite behind some Brylcreem Pepsodent RINO (man or woman)]. Peeps ... please ... Stop Sipping the F*cking KoolAid! It's real simple people. Yes, it is. You do not f*ck with people's families, their jobs, or their homes.
Buraq Hussein, and his butt buddy Bloomie, do it as a matter of course (even in their sleep). And why he has zero chance. ZERO. Of being reelected.

Maybe you're thinking 85 mph winds, or 33 mph winds ... wtf's the difference? Well, without the 85 mph winds, Buraq Hussein doesn't get his triumphal media blitz (CNBC: "Continuous coverage all day") ... I saved America, while Bush diddled Norlinz:

US President Barack Obama warned the US east coast was in for a "long 72 hours" as he led (we're really presidentin' now baby!) his government's response to Hurricane Irene at a disaster command center in Washington.

Obama on Saturday chaired a meeting [wow, he chaired a meeting! (Holy bat guano)] at the National Response Coordination Center set up at the Federal Emergency Management Agency's headquarters in Washington.

Saturday evening Obama convened a conference call with members of his senior emergency response team [he even picked up the phone! (It boggles the freakin mind)].

'Course, without Irene's charms, we wouldn't be witness (Sunday, 3:40 a.m. PST), to CNN's leel Andy, and Donnie. In some wild split screen action, both wearing rubbers (no bareback tyvm). Tag teaming Irene. Or, at 5:45 a.m. (PST), some other reporter in (wet) field, as the ginormous (one foot) surf/surge rolls in, and she gets her tootsies wet (OMG/the horror!). Screaming to her cameraman: "grab the mic, let's get out of here!" As she drop tosses the mic, and misses, into the water.

And just in case, y'all ain' fig'rd out today's (blog post title) theme (it could happen)? Apwil Foos!

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Triggering sequence initiated, T minus nine and counting ...

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There are lots of theories, 'bout what's going on. In the Middle East, North Africa, and around the world. Even here at home (and London as well). What we're dealing with. Some are interesting, some absurd. Others (most of it anyway), Pure Unadulterated Propaganda.

Back in the day, I read/consumed/devoured on average, one to three books, fifteen to twenty periodicals, and three to six weeklies ... per week. And, each day, one daily (as well). It was a time I call my Walden. I stopped buying books, a number of years back, when I noticed I wasn't reading them. Yeah, I still read. But tis now nearly all virtual (save for the atomic daily at breakfast, an atomic weekly, and the occasional periodical).

Now, near six years in, and over seven hundred blog posts here ... of my musings and scribblings. I've accidentally stumbled upon (while perusing said same atomic weekly), a rather large gleaming diamond. I mean a big hunkin' rock ... already faceted. The stone cold crystalline distillation. Reality. Naked. And just wanted to share. If you take only one thing from me, only one from this blog, let it be thus:

Handsome and self-assured, Viharo speaks with authority in a digital dialect
as he connects the dots between memes and the sacred 'plant spirits' of the Peruvian Amazon.

"In the talk I play with the idea of intelligent plants discussed amongst the curanderos of Peru and the idea of intelligent computer networks discussed amongst western philosophers today. We created a meme onstage live at the TED Talk."

His meme explored plant and Internet sentience as a way to support the idea of social media replacing government as we know it. "It essentially refers to an idea that spreads virally called Google Consciousness that plays with the idea that the Internet could become sentient."

"The Google algorithm, especially the way we use it, is now actually a contender for being conscious. We use it as a metaphor for a collective intelligence or a collective consciousness with the participation between technology and people using the Web. There's a very credible argument to that. What is more bizarre to consider: intelligent plants or intelligent computers?"

His geek philosophy leans liberally into the work of American philosopher Daniel Denet, whose book Consciousness Explained, published in 1991, predated social media. Denet asserts that consciousness is a function of the brain and that Search and Wikis describe the process 'flow' in the brain as remarkably identical to how you could map search, SEO and PageRank on Google. "The way he [Denet] describes how the brain produces consciousness was a perfect description of the way the Google algorithm works."

Let me spell it out for you (if I may?).

Yes, virulent Islamism (and attendant anti-semtism), concurrent with sharia, and the requisite fascism. Kill, dead ... dee eee ay dee. And the baby raping moong*d deathcult employs all manner of method. In order to kill. Using blades [how many Jews have left this mortal coil, in front of an operating pocket video camera, while having their head sawn off? (Gurgling their last, for the entertainment of goat f*ckers [souveneir DVD's available at many mosques throughout the caliphate (no joke that)])]. Using bullets. And bombs. Lots of bombs. Bombs everywhere. Bombs ... everyday [be amazed, search YouTube for any (or combination thereof) of the following: Israel + missile/Grad/rocket/Katyusha/Qassam/Sderot/Ashkelon].

But now, we are in the new millennia. And as the ravenous insect horde devises ever more devious, and disgusting ways to slaughter Jews (bombs impregnated with both shrapnel AND blood thinning components). It is no longer the bombs, which are bringing the devastation. It's the bits. The bits of information. Zipping along through the virtual realm. That initiates the triggering sequence, for all the bombs. Is the primer cord, the fuse, the detonator. Texting the reaper.

As the libturd nation's brainless little bots [search YouTube for any combination: London or tube (subway) + chavs/hoodies/punks/gangs/bullies]. Decry those awful evuhl Israeli's: "The peace process! The peace process!" (in a voice by Hervé Villechaize). They blithely unaware, supremely ignorant (f*cking clueless) ... of the pillars of Islamism: taqiya/hudna. And as the Azan deafeningly bleats throughout the Middle East, and now much of Europe. Five times a day, sounding reveille: get your but back to the mosque (or at least pointed to the sky). All the while, it is Facebook that blaringly trumpets the global attack. Calling the ranks to arms. How, when, where to go, from which they rain death.

Bits. Data. Just one's and zero's, that's it. Nothing. And yet fully lethal as any bomb. One and a half billion empty vessels. Plugged in, hardwired to the data stream. Their nourishment, their replenishment. Their raison d'être. Their all. Facebook, replacing the Koran/imams/mosques Spinning out virtual hadith's by the second. Now, the colony's singular form of communication. Their only form. Infinitely powerful electronic pheromones. Commanding: Kill the Jew!

There is no peace process. And there is no peace coming. Gird you loins b*tches. Git rid of the dead weight. Get tight (but stay loose). Things are going to get unreal.

YouTube direct link/URL

And ... we're never coming home, we're never going to get the earth back. Sorry. And you better f*cking believe, I miss her, really miss her ... already.

Monday, August 22, 2011

the beginning of ....

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Watching Neville Chamberlain (David Cameron), this morning on al Jizz (it happens, sorry). Happy he was. Oh so. Brimming, beaming with pride at the fall of Libya ... to the caliphate (all thanks to the 12th mahdi/all hail the mooselimb messiah ... Buraq Hussein). Cameron radiant, glowing. Peace in our time. As if in that moment, he actually was bathing in the light of G*d.

Pure f*cking evil. He, like the T.I.C. (Traitor in Chief), cannot give al Qaeda in North Africa, $30,000,000,000 quick enough. You gotta be deef if you couldn't hear the concurrent rumbling, the deafening waves ... of Beelzebub's laughter pounding the earth. Y'all think positive thoughts, go 'head ... hold hands, sing kumbaya.

As the Reich Ministry now goes throttles full (locked). Cranking out that Islamist propaganda (like they were born goat foogers). T'would appear more an a thousand people are dead this week (1,300?). Trampled under foot. Tossed aside. On the run up to Tripoli. Discarded. With nary a thought, let alone even bother of a mention [(for violent extremists) you Tea Party people sure are touchy/feely].

All hail NATO's mission. To protect innocent civilian life. Yaye! Now, now it's just the Jews who are left. Who stand in the way of the Islamist caliphate. But of course my sweet dear realist ... the Reich Ministry is on the jay oh bee. Carolina Garcia, 'editor' of the L.A. Daily News: "Deaths threaten Egypt-Israel treaty". While EVERY other editor on the planet, used the word "test" [instead of "threaten" (and the Muslim Brotherhood have ALREADY abrogated the non-agression pact ... ain't worth the goat skin it's printed on [and the Sinai's now just a wide open lawless region. A staging area for direct attacks on Israel])].

See peeps, it weren't them filthy Islamist TERRORISTS [as in not protesters, nor militants (tyvm)]. Who slaughtered this side of a dozen human beings in Israel. Just the other day. With their very latest orgy of blood [and bits of brain, and pieces of guts (with near fifty more casualties)]. No Sirree Bob. It was them fookin Joo's (again). Having the freakin nerve, the unmitigated gall. The audacity ... to defend themselves against yet another barrage. Of hundreds of rockets into Israeli cities, towns, homes, and schools, that is the cause. Of all the troubles in the Middle East.

How stupid do you have to be? How f*cking deranged, disconnected from reality whole? Maybe it's some sort of contest (I dunno). To see who can be the biggest piece of filth on the planet? Or which member of MSM/Reich Ministry, has the most Jew blood on their hands?. Maybe they give out prizes? Carolina's certainly in the top fifty. A willing participant, beyond cowardice or treason.

Many (those that won't come right out and call Jews ... baby killers, to their face) do attempt to rationalize their disgusting, inexcusable behavior, yes they do. But not Carolina, she just keeps proudly publishing Islamist lie. After Islamist lie (Reich Ministry as Energizer Bunny). And Hollywood? Don't even ask (you already know).

And the IslamoCommieJunta, not merely content to give succor to Islamist terrorists/al Qaeda in North Africa. No. They ACTIVELY seek to destroy America, in the same lovely flourish of (Arab Spring) flowers. Destroy its citizenry, their health, spirit and will.

Destroy freedom of the press ... obliterate it. Because really, all we want is more pictures of the messiah frolicking in the waves, shirtless (Sir Larry weeps). Yeah. And then ice cream (I scream, you scream ... for picy's of the six foot tall Islamist cockroach stuffing ice cream, down its snout).

While everyone seems to be sitting on their hands, on the sidelines, waiting. Breathlessly, for Palin (on her magic sparkle pony). To save us. She, now like many, watching from her perch, atop the edge of the ice shelf. Waiting to see whether or not there are any polar bears in the water (look, Bachmann's still alive. Dive in, the waters fine!)

Save us from the vanishing dollar, free falling interest rates, quantitative easing, market volatility/instability, unemployment, inflation, biz climate/consumer confidence, runaway commodity prices, the UN's unilateral declaration of a Palestinian State (i.e. ... a declaration of war on Israel), Japan/Fukushima, and of course .. the exalted Arab spring:

YouTube direct link/URL

For anyone with harf a brain, and one eye that sees ... tis only Springtime for Hitler. No one except the Islamists are dancing. Soon enough, they'll be dancing ... here at home.

In cities America. Beware.

The orc's now roam the earth.

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Addendum, 12 noon

Encore maestro .... Springtime ... for Hitler ... and Libya ...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fifty years ago ....


This week, up went the first bricks and blocks. Concrete and rebar, barbed wire and razor ribbon. Of the Berlin Wall's barricades and death zones. Unable to control the thoughts of the residents, of Eastern Germany. Their Russian overlords sought instead, to contain their minds. By simply imprisoning the vessels which carry them, their person. Behind a wall. Their minds ever free, but their bodies now trapped. For decades.

We ... the West, love Freedom, absolutely adore Liberty. But now ever so strangely, the Dems, libs, sweet nihilists, cute little anarchists (and yes those dear commies/socialists). Want to go back. Behind a new wall. Of thought. Locked in a mad embrace of fascism and Islamism.

Sadly, the generation upon has never even been taught to think. And ... unable to think, are unwilling to even try. They find it easier, to simply let others do their thinking for them. Drinking up every word, ravenously savoring every morsel, that the Reich Ministry toss' their way. Walling themselves off. Completely. From the Constitution. From America itself. Dividing us. Dividing this nation.

Together with MSM (in service to the caliphate), and the 6' tall magic Islamist cockroach Buraq Hussein, they are building an idiotlogical Berlin Wall, across America (as we speak). Their mobile 4G/dual-core microprocessors, have now become implant (rather than mere tether). Acting as actual atomic life, teleprompters ... where to go. What to do. Doing ALL of their thinking for them. Every last bit, every single little detail ... tweet, tweet (hey mate, there's another riot tonight, I'll swing by 'round eight an' pick you up).

The ties that bind ... that united us as Americans, have been broken. Severed. The larger part of the libturd nation, are now knocking back sulfur shots (one after the other), at Beelezebub's Brew Pub (say tarbender!). Then, after becoming incoherent, and passing out. They are carried away. Into a deep, bizarre IslamoCommie wet dream. A desperately welcomed respite, from having to think. Incarceration of the mind. Never to awaken. Now, derelect life forms, zombies. Worthless pieces of sh*t. Traitors.

Beyond strange, beyond frightening. A Berlin Wall of the mind is now going up across America. Across its entirety. Across the whole of its width, across the whole of its breadth. The beautiful, finely crafted die that once was. Is now broken. This great experiment, that the L*rd entrusted to us, some 235 glorious years ago. Shattered. Into countless bits and pieces. One precious wondrous nation ... no more. Where once we controlled our own individual destiny. Our shared destinies. No longer. We stand disbelieving, among this insanity. Against these delusional forces of darkness, who are destroying America.

Youtube direct link/URL

Dig in. Batten down the hatches. It is time for everyone, to get their house in order. Hell is coming (the sick, deranged pieces of excrement, are trying to figure out how to pull out the pin, now). How it all ends? You got me there. But some things, some things require eyes nought ...


As one side becomes more confused, more delusional, more deranged. The other? The other becomes enraged. You do the math.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wheels on the bus .....


The wheels on the bus go round and round.
round and round.
round and round.
The wheels on the bus go round and round,
all through the town!

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The partisans on the bus pull their puds up and down.
up and down.
up and down.
The partisans on the bus pull their puds up and down,
all through the town!

YouTube direct link/URL

The horned toads on the bus go gleep, gleep, gleep.
gleep, gleep, gleep.
gleep, gleep, gleep.
The horned toads on the bus go gleep, gleep, gleep.
all through the town!

YouTube direct link/URL

The buttwipes on the bus go swish, swish, swish.
swish, swish, swish.
swish, swish, swish .....


jpeg (Photo via WhiteRabbitCult).

Friday, August 12, 2011

Riot(s) 101

The rich must pay their fair share.

Don't want to hold myself out, as some sort of riot expert, no. Here (@Anechoic Room), I write merely about what I know, what I have experienced. In the atomic. Or what I think/feel/see (when synthesizing/crafting all the disparate virtual bits, together, into a gleaming cube). Among the vaaaast infinity of life that I have experienced? Being front and center, of a real true firestorm. It, traveling at 3 mph, with hyper-heated sundowner winds (creating fuel air explosions in advance) hitting eighty mph, at peak.

Whoa elmo, three miles per hour? That doesn't sound very fast. Well, seeing a city wide swath of the earth, and EVERYTHING upon, for three miles running. Destroyed. Consumed. En toto. No houses, no trees, no engine blocks (in their place: congealed puddles of molten aluminum). Desolate, barren, smouldering. A freakin' moonscape. In a matter of minutes. Is Truly Biblical.

A) And during such, guess what? Water pressure, more often than not ... is non-existent (now you know !!!). As everyone draws on, draws down, the available fire fighting resource. At the same time. In the same place/neighborhood [as opposed to NO fire units rolling/responding. To any locale. While looting or rioting is still uncontained (either way, you are f*cked)].

So chillin's, get YOU some of those commercial grade fire extinguishers. One in the garage, one in the bedroom, one in the kitchen, one in the attic, one in the yard/patio. Won't stop a major conflagration. But it will shut down the handiwork of some piece of dirt, doing Buraq the messiah's work (kill the rich/whitey).

B) Got a swimming pool? A gasoline powered pump (and hose), are absolutely C R I T I C A L if you reside in a brush/chaparral covered hilly canyon. Timing is equally important. Do NOT wet down roofs and walls before the fire arrives. It will dry out way too fast. And, you'll be out of water. Wait. When the fire is upon, when it has arrived, when the flames are licking, go for it.

C) The cause of the Rodney King riots? During which I was out and about (not as a participant, tyvm). Lots of finger pointing is underway this minute, regards London. The cause(s) meaningless. And some/many think they know the cause of the L.A. riots as well [you know underlying societal events (poverty/racism/the man/blah blah). And you can weight them in any fashion/scale you please]. There were two reasons/events, two triggers.

One, the price of a police uniform.

That was the first event on the horizon. Rodney wasn't beat because he was black. NO Sir. NO Maam. Nor because he was high (out of his mind) on juice/chem/bottle/Sherm/(elephant) tranq/PCP. No. Nor even zipping around on most every street and freeway in L.A., at 85 (in his Hyundai). With a dozen cherry tops in hot pursuit. No.

But simply, only because he was a quite sizable galoot. Who was tripping henry's, during a felony evasion traffic stop. And in turn, he refused to comply. With any, with all commands, during his arrest. Rather than physically engage this model citizen? And ripping, tearing, destroying their uniforms? (Paid from out their very own pocket/their family's pocket). At a then cost of a yard and a half. They merely took a hands off approach. It no more complex than that.

And two, the corner of Florence and Normandie.

Continuous live video going out, uninterrupted, for hours. Showing complete, total, and absolute abdication. A non-existent police response, to the violence (snuff television: Reginald Denny .... that mofo was on his own). It was only after the torch had been lit, the city already ablaze, people dead and dying. That a response was even begun (too late).

D) I have never been more convinced, summer's gunna get warmer. Real f*cking warm. They are preparing the ground now [Tea party/whitey ... run away (no, no ... I gotta better idea, let's burn their houses, their cars, and their business'!)]. Pay attention to events. Please. Any possible triggers. Pay attention to the time of day, and what part of town you are in. Leave yourself an out ... on the bus/train, sit next to the door/exit or pop out window. Leave a gap/space in front, when stopped in traffic, a place to go, an out. Don't travel late, or alone. Unless you really, really are ready (and able) to throw down (don't so much as blink). Stay away from crowds, large public gatherings, or popular spots. When it goes down, and you're in the middle?

Keep any eye on your home and family, and your neighbor's [and your business if you must (Korean businessmen stationed themselves on the roofs of their business', and they weren't holding their puds)]. Stay off the streets. Leave the streets to the filth (and the National Guard really does have better things to do than have a lil chat with you). The Arab Spring is now morphing into the deranged Libturd Summer. The Nihilist Fall. And the Anarchist Winter.

E) (Let's just call it ...) Global Warming.

YouTube direct link/URL

Addendum, Saturday, 10 a.m.

YouTube direct link/URL

Via Right Scoop (via Breitbart). And more, via Kelly himself.

Things really are worse, much. Than anyone will admit. A failure, an epic failure. An extraordinary failure, of a scale unequaled. Of thought. Of imagination. Of vision. Watching the first minute or two of the vid? My G*d, that is really truly disturbing. Sickening. Revolting. Ugly. And things are only going to get worse. There are no other options. Pure madness, the stench of sulfur, choking evil, have taken refuge here. In America. And the exorcist? Well ... he's stuck. On the 405. With a leaking radiator (did I mention he forgot to charge his cell?).

Get ready people. This sh*t IS going down. And it's gunna take some of us with it. The Cleave Has Begun. 2012? Good f*cking luck even getting there.

All bets are now off.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fear ...

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Walking the street with her naked feet,
So full of rhythm but I can't find the beat.
Snapping her heels, clicking her toes,
Everybody knows just where she goes.

Fear, Fear, she's the mother of Violence,
Making me tense to watch the way she breed.
Fear, she's the mother of Violence,
You know self-defense is all you need.
It's getting hard to breathe,
It's getting so hard to believe,
To believe in anything at all.

Mouth all dry, eyes bloodshot,
Data stored on a microdot.
Kicking the cloud with my moccasin shoes,
TV dinner, TV news.

Fear, Fear, she's the mother of Violence,
Don't make any sense to watch the way she breed.
Fear, she's the mother of Violence,
Making me tense to watch the way she feed.
The only way you know she's there
Is the subtle flavor in the air.
Getting hard to breathe,
Getting hard to believe in anything at all
But Fear.

What are you afraid of ... huh? Yes, IT IS COMING. It is. There is no stopping it (no if's, no and's, nor butt's). How? When? What method? Which locus, via which nexus?

I don't know. Dealing in specifics, exactitude? How could one possibly know. We can guess, yes we can ... we do have more an a few clues (to be sure). But exactly what is it? Why bother. Really (and does it make any difference). It WILL get here. And we're all fairly certain, that it won't be very long now. Not very long at all.

So, why worry, there is no stopping it. Hopefully, y'all have been preparing, getting ready for the party. Right. Doing your part, for the safety and security of you and your family. And in thus, you are calm, you are cool, are collected. Headless chickens? They're for eating. Don't be a meal.

Lose your head? And we lose our country. Keep it tight. Stay sharp. But maybe .... relax your sphincters, say a twitch or two? There isn't anything to be afraid of, if you've done what needs be done. Really. Let's use our diesel pusher bus, to lend hand, and save. Not to target. Nor in the panic ... run over the confused, over stragglers (though yes, there will be lots of em. Lots and lots of them. In the smoke, in the fire, in the melee that approaches).

When it does hit, stay home. Stay off the streets. STAY. Just sit yourself the f*ck down, and stay. Stay in touch [not just friends/family/neighbors (can you say walkie talkie?)]. But with yourself as well, connected to the absolute. G*d and Country. Do not surrender your principles. Nor your faith (getting harder to do by the second). For in doing so, you have already given up. And America ... well, she dies.

Yes, most days now, I do in fact shed a tear (not proud). Gripped in fear. Not who may break in, or who may burst through the front door [the first six inches are free (just the kind of guy I am)]. Nor even how many. No.

But seeing America die? Scares me, frightens me. Chills me to my marrow. I won't give in to fear. It will not dictate. It will not command. And it will not destroy me. I'll not let it. Left foot, right foot. One foot, in front of the other. March. Stand tall. Slings ... arrows? Bring it the f*ck on. Kill me? I could care less. Really (no braggadocio that). But my country? Well good f*cking luck with that.

I'd say fear me, but ... we are all too well aware ... they're too stupid. It's not gunna be pretty. No. It's not even going to be sensical. It's just gunna be. Take a break driver 8's, go on, have a beer (Miller time in 3, 2 ...). The worst is yet to be.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Last Clear Chance ...

Hope and Change

In legalese, a term. Describing ... say two vehicles, approaching a blind intersection. One, zipping along at warp speed (Scotty). The other, traveling at a normal rate, and with the green. But just before enterring the intersection, the second vehicle becomes aware of the first. And even though it has the green, can stop, can avoid the accident. Last clear chance (like the Repub's in the House, pushing the debt ceiling raise through. Instead of quashing it).

Yes, people are afraid, angry, upset. Seething. Watching our world being destroyed. Right before our very eyes. Everyone gathering, with raised sticks at hand. And in the unease, now some are beginning to poke ... their own eyes out (some movie patron, to another: "cracker"). I can't stop them. Merely ask, plead ... please reconsider the preoccupation with one craggy, deformed misshapen tree. People, the whole freakin' tinderbox forest's 'bout to go up. 'Bout to explode. Boom. Into global conflagration. The likes of which we, and the world, have never seen before.

Race? Discussions thereof. F*ck that ... f*ck it ... f*ck those who purvey it. Who live it, who fling that excrement [with wild abandon (liberal turdmonkeys)]. Don't buy into it. Not even a freakin' nickel's worth. Race is the left's entire playbook. Empty minds, filled with pure sh*t. Leave all discussions of race, to them. Let them wallow in their own filth. Do NOT play along. Cede the entire field to them. To enjoy alone. It is their game. Tis a race ... to the bottom. The left is consumed by its own mindless (hyperventilated/blue faced) hatred of (fiscally conservative) Repubs/gramma/whitey [and their terrorist babies (in strollers at Tea Party gatherings)]. It is their all, their everything.

Let them eat their odious lies [on November 6, 2012, we're gunna shove 'em ... all the way down their f*cking throats (yeah we are)]. Scummy lie after scummy lie ... and then some more (I said eat b*tch!) Chucklehead's ginormous birthday bash? In (the fetid swamps of) Chicago, never even took place ['cordin to MSM (go ahead ... ignore the 75 year old, silver haired lady pilot [in the balsa wood special], the F-16's nearly vaporized over Illinois)]. Absurd. All those lovely, kumbaya singing freedom fighters, taking over the whole of the Middle East? Nothin' to worry about, cuz the Islamists, why they've simply disappeared (poof). Ludicrous lies. A giant mountain, every day [the messiah will be reelected, cuz everyteeng's still Boosh's fault, yes Sir (or is it the seismograph's in Japan?)]. Filth. Real, felonious corruption [new (fantasy) C.A.F.E. standards]. Real Treason.

Roll with pigs people, and you will get slopped. I guarantee. Stay the f*ck away from these stanky squealers. Leave the canned worms on the shelf (let your nose guide you). This is our last clear chance, before impact. We might not get another. This is it. I mean it. Do NOT be distracted. WE 've got a country to save (yeah ... we do). Yes, keep your eye on the trigger (any and all triggers, all 'round the globe).

Do. But please (wit sugah on top), don't forget about the BIG bomb that it is wired to (sparky). Just might save our country's life. Quit your cryin' [and your rubber/glue finger pointing (that mean man called me a cracker). Buck up. Lace your boots (tight ... real f*cking tight). And get'a marching (hey elmo, there's a call on line two, some cat in Montana. Sez his name's Custer ... and he could use a little help).


Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Panic ...

YouTube direct link/URL

People are now panicking. The fear is real ... palpable ... you can cut it with a knife. Seniors, who once felt safe, are freaking out. People now know, they fully understand ... we might not get our country back. Restored to some measure of health. And the faux, supra-constitutional (IslamoCommieTraitor) "President". Is just/only a congenital liar. And many (most?) of our Representatives and Senators, are the same. And more people do see, that most all "news" now, is also the same (all f*cking lies).

Our world, will never be the same. Repeat ... our world, will NEVER be the same. Sorry ... I really am (but hey ... don't listen to me).
Normal, everyday average citizens are starting to lose their mellow groove. Snipping at one another (even snapping). And the left's bizarre, scary cognitive dissonance (complete, total, and absolute). Is only making the situation worse (CBS: "dirt soup"). Yes, the totality does make me feel like a belly gunner in a B-17 .... headed for Nazi Germany, in the daytime. And ... I only have twenty four more daylight missions yet to go.

You? Don't panic. Keep YOUR cool. Stay in pocket (if you can). Your life, your family's lives depend on it. I don't know if we're going to make. I really don't. But I'm not throwing in the towel. I'm not quitting, and I'm not giving up. Check yourselves peeps. DO NOT allow yourself to become part of the problem. We rise together. Or we fall apart. Go 'head, and head on over to your local church, congregation, or temple. Or of course, hang with some locals at one of Beck's upcoming viewing parties (for you early morning types). Do. Stay connected. IN THE ATOMIC.

To the libturd nation, the IslamoCommieJunta in DC, Mooselimb State Media, and the buzzing insect horde [now pollinating all those lovely flowers in the Middle East (nee Arab Spring)].

Addendum, 3:00 p.m.

Via Drudge

Stocks in U.S. Rise on Bets of More Stimulus by Fed

"U.S. stocks climbed, erasing earlier losses and preventing the longest Dow Jones Industrial Average slump since 1978, as investors speculated the Federal Reserve will start another stimulus program. Treasuries 10-year notes erased gains and the dollar slid."

GHUA ...

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Bread is extra ....


Over 20 trillion excreted!

Monday, August 01, 2011

R.I.P. America


So long girl, I'm really, really gunna miss you (more Dems voted their conscience, on the debt ceiling bill, than Repubs).

YouTube direct link/URL

Addendum, 6:15 p.m.

Debt-Limit Vote Breaks GOP Pledge to Post Bills Online for 3 Days Before Vote

( - When the House of Representatives voted this evening on legislation to increase the limit on the federal debt by as much as $2.4 trillion, House Republicans broke a promise included in their 2010 Pledge to America to post the text of bills online “for at least three days” before bringing them up for a vote. (Via Drudge)

You have shamed us. You have shamed us all.