Monday, June 29, 2009


Sorry ..... there is no easy switch.

Just us
No store you can go to.

WE have been tasked by the L*rd, with saving the Republic. Us.
Without rhyme or reason, inexplicably ... we find ourselves standing in a pit, filled with vipers. With nothing other than our bare hands, our uneasy spat upon spirit to crush these serpents. And render them back unto Gehenna. America cries out, trampled underfoot by Mephistopheles' agents. We cannot fail her. We must not. We shall find a way. For us, for our beloved Republic. She who lives in all our hearts, dwells in all our minds. The very idea, America being capriciously shat upon by Obama, Axelrod, and Emmanuel. Even proudly, as if a worthless nothing, a disposable undergarment.

We shall save her, we shall restore her honor, her dignity. Her rightful place as the most glorious idea. That will never die. A treasure to never be squandered. And certainly not by foreign born Obama, or his agents of misfortune. These miscreant bugs, these harbingers of darkness, this evil ... it shall be dispatched.

Bring it on.

While the left and MSM see one Barack Hussein Obama, from Mombasa Kenya. As Abe Lincoln/Martin Luther King/Gandhi/Tony Hawk/the Tooth Fairy/Father Knows Best/the Messiah/Tinkerbell/(I Dream of) Jeannie (w or w.o. teeties). Projecting all of their socialist/utopian hopes ideals and dreams upon, The One. Abandoning all thought, or even the tiniest smidge of reason. We cannot turn away from the evil which now envelops the land. We will not run. We will not hide. We will not be deterred.

This is not a game.

This is not a joke.

This is not a drill.

Tell everyone you know, everyone you see. That Barrack Hussein Obama's days as President, of the United States of America, are numbered. He is not American born. He is not a citizen. He is a traitor, an errand boy for the Muslim Brotherhood.

When they ask, gently smile, gently say no, you're not joking (though you wish you were). It be reality ... tell em. Serious (as a heart attack). They can put that in their pipe, and smoke it. For us, there is no panic button, no easy switch. Do not fear, there is still you, there is still me. US, WE, AMERICA. We can save her, it is not too late. We are going to get through this. Each day, it will rain sh*t. Each day it will be a trial. A test of our will, a test of our spirit. Make no mistake, though they try, the Obama administration's daily media onslaugtht will not crush us. We shall arise. This nightmare will end. For they have yet to witness the fury that they have unleashed.

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

OBAMA 'O8: Israel a constant sore ... an infection.

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Obama's mask slips even further: Interviewed in The Atlantic, Barack Obama tells us that Israel is a "constant wound... a constant sore..." and an infection.

Infection or bacteria... I wish these guys would make up their minds!

So. I'm going round the net this morn, clicking links, reading links, gathering links, saving links. About Barack Hussein Obama's birth, in Mombasa (that would be Kenya, for anyone taking notes). And I wonder, how is it possible. How could we have so easily missed the obvious? Willful indifference? Doubt? Laziness? Uncertainty? Fear. Fear of being called .... oh no, please no ... a racist! Prolly a whole bunch of reasons. We can certainly put MSM at or near the top. For/of this act of treason. But we are here now, in this minute. In this moment. And in this moment ... THERE IS A TRAITOR IN THE WHITE HOUSE. Our lives are in real jeopardy. Our world, our world entire, is completely upside down. This is not a game. This is not a joke. This is not a drill. This sh*tstorm is all to real. It will not end in a day, it will not end in a week. But mark my words, the Obama adminstration will end. And the bugs who have crawled up from the depths of hell. Will be given free passage back. Our country is under attack. Stand fast. Stand tall. Stand proud. Do not yield.

Direct link/url/vid three

Smoke em if ya gottz.

Barry? No ... he can go f*ck himself (as always).

P.S. Barky

Don't be afraid ya little bunny rabbit ... for all you have done is to awaken a sleeping giant, and filled it with a terrible resolve.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

He was a child molester

He was a child molester!

A serial child molester, who preyed upon the young with methodical premeditation. Sure, we all know and understand the mechanisms. Which transform a victim, to a victimizer. None the less, we never were able ... after the mask was ripped off. To listen to the music of the man again. We still do however keep a couple of albums of the youngster, Michael. Listening to the innocence, and enjoying those wonderful pipes.

All too often, in the pantheon of famous Hollywood shooting stars. They explode. Some ever so spectacularly in the night sky. Others never attaining much of a rise in their trajectory. Not leaving the horizon before shattering upon the earth. Having been chewed up and spit out, by their enormous fame and success. Leaving nothing but a bedraggled, drugged, demonic mess for Mephistopheles to claim. Entirely predictable. No one stepping in. Forcefully stopping the loading ... of the rocket's liquid fuel. Part and party to the launch. Queitly standing to the side, idly, hands in pocket. Or of course ... hands in the star's money making machine. While watching the emminent destruction, perhaps indifferently enabling it. Some merely caught up in the potent prideful hipness that comes with money, power, and illicit drug use.

A celebrated star, one that shone ever so bright so brilliant, is no more. A tragic, epic, yet timely stage play. From this story, we can pick up some of the small pieces. We can analyze the hallowed particles. Still see, still know that wrong doing must be stopped. Evil must be confronted. When self destruction obviously is near (if we care?). But more importantly, the safety of any potential victims.

The toady Barrack Hussein Obama, the lackey, the errand boy for the Muslim Brotherhood (and his growing army of retainers, handlers and enablers, who are complicit in the cover up of his crimes). We WILL stop him. We will turn him back. We will turn him out. If you think that I will remain silent, while he rapes America in the ass. Think again.

I like you elmo ... you really crack me up.

Friday, June 26, 2009




TRAITOR in the White House!.

How to file an indictment, presentment or criminal complaint ...

Most of America KNOWS (beyond any reasonable doubt) that Barry Soetoro (aka Barack Hussein Obama) is not Constitutionally eligible to hold the office of President of the United States (POTUS) and Commander in Chief (CinC) (per Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution of the U.S.).

Can the US Constitution Survive Dictator Obama?

Presidential Impeachment: The Legal Standard and Procedure

Duel Citizenship Makes Obama Ineligible for POTUS

L.A. Times withholds the Khalidi tape.

Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General, Sheikh Naim Qassem revealed on Thursday that US officials close to the Obama administration have reached out to Hezbollah and have sought to initiate a dialog with the terrorist organization.

State Department Says it Met With Jimmy Carter Prior to His Meeting With Hamas....

Stand tall America. Do not be dissauaded. Do not be deterred. We will turn out the Muslim usurper. WE WILL reclaim this great nation America. Of that I have no doubt. Your America, my America, our America.

You can run Obie, but you can't hide.
Run and hide Obie ... (ya skeer'd little bunny rabbit)].

So long, don't let the door kick ya in the ass, on the way out, bitch!
And don't let the door kick ya in the ass on the way out, Sweetie.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sound the F*cking Alarm!

Sound the f*cking alarm!
This is not a game. This is not a joke. This is not a drill.

Audio clip, (select) number eight. (59 seconds/wav).

Or crank it by hand? (21 seconds/wav).

Or simply just click the (external) link. (7 seconds).



Evening news: Missing South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford. Geebus. Network ninnies, not even able to get their zipper open, while trying to take it out their pants. Just dribblin' ... all over themselves. Happy happy happy they be, goooooofy happy. Delirious warm and fuzzy love. They have found their story, the one that pushes Iran off the front page. Pulling the curtains down on Obama's fealty to narcissism and Allah. Masking the Emperor's disgusting weakness. And his now officially sanctified pathetic ... naked nothingness.

The one day stark contrast, had me rubbing my disbelieving eyes. WTF? Seems most outlets led with the Guv. As if Iran never happened. At all. Isn't happening (the sound you hear is a ginormous herd of sword swallowers, gulping. Gulping. Obie's blade).

4:30 p.m. Going from channel to channel. It is as if Iran has disappeared from the planet. The Guv is like some space alien, who has just landed (having stepped directly off the surface of the sun). Like uh .... what's the attention span of MSM ... three seconds? All eyes on the Guv. All hands on the REPUBLICAN Governor deck (media battle stations. We got us a live one).

Apparently ... the Governor's (big) little walk, on the stoopid side. Has been the week's comedy fodder. For he who has a really bad haircut, Colbert (who steals my three year old material/tyvm). And everyone's favorite cutey patootey weasel, John Stewart (oh you so funny). And the missing guv's return? BINGO! (Progressive slots) DING DING DING! Comedy paydirt (confetti, sparklers, stupid hats).

Turning channels, spinning the dial (as it once were). Iran wasn't even the second or third story. The joy so palpable that something had come along. To push Iran from the top spot (and of course ... Obie's magic disappearing act).

4:45 p.m. Fox/Major Garrett: (Me, loosely quoting/paraphrasing) Garrett, who is quoting either the Prez, or his flacks: "America believes the President." The flacks it seems were talking about health care (and or the Prez's program/initiative). And in turn referencing some poll (about same). So this is what it has come down to people. The President (of these United States), one Barrack Hussein Obama. Reading his own press releases. And believing them.

The vaunted new media master, the great and powerful Messiah? No speeches about Iran. Barely a lil mouse squeak. Though all his lackeys and boot lickers, say this has been Chucklehead's plan all along [though you had to listen very closely (in order to hear). While they were swinging ... with their lips still superglued to his schlong].

And doubles as a git, for impromptu kumbaya breakouts.
That was fantastic Mr. President. Encore!

This isn't just a government takeover by a Muslim usurper. Or even an all too real atomic version, of the Manchurian Candidate. Imperilling America, and the world entire. No. This is a complete breakdown of the fourth estate. Complicit in the crime. Not only carrying his water during the campaign. But now his Royal Highness' suit of armor. The One's shield and protectors.

No, you're not dreaming. Obama is detroying America!
You ain't dreaming people. (With MSM's help) Obama IS destroying America.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

You can run Bambi, but you can't hide.

Don't panic ... Obama will be gone November 6, 2012
Keep tryin.

Stay Tuned for More of 'The Obama Show'
By Dana Milbank

After the obligatory first question from the Associated Press, Obama treated the overflowing White House briefing room to a surprise. "I know Nico Pitney is here from the Huffington Post," he announced.

When Obama prominently exposed the soles of his shoes, toward Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He Obama, officially legitimized Jew hatred. And now Cap'n Clueless keeps his heil hitler going smooth, going steady, going strong. V e r y prominently calling on the current virtual bastion/repository of anti-semitism ... the HuffPost, during his presser. Coinky dinky? Hardly. This man ain't proud. He is gunna try and take America down with him. By crazed, demented, Islamist narcississt plan ... you know ... kinda like Ahmadinejad. Just like Ahmadinejad.

Obama knew this because White House aides had called Pitney the day before to invite him, and they had escorted him into the room. They told him the president was likely to call on him, with the understanding that he would ask a question ...

The use of planted questioners is a no-no at presidential news conferences, because it sends a message to the world -- Iran included -- that the American press isn't as free as advertised.

And this is news Dana? Bug Killa Barry's campaign/election coverage wasn't a clue? (A really big one).

But yesterday wasn't so much a news conference as it was a taping of a new daytime drama, "The Obama Show." Missed yesterday's show? Don't worry: On Wednesday, ABC News will be broadcasting "Good Morning America" from the South Lawn (guest stars: the president and first lady), "World News Tonight" from the Blue Room, and a prime-time feature with Obama from the East Room.

Careful there Dana, slow down. Unemployed newspapermen really are a dime a dozen.

"As a former smoker, I understand the frustration and the fear that comes with quitting," McClatchy News's Margaret Talev empathized with the president before asking him how much he smokes. Obama indulged the question from the studio audience. "I would say that I am 95 percent cured. But there are times where I mess up"

Is it just me, or is this OFFICIALLY the very first time. That Obama has (actually) admitted to being a liar? In front of the TV cameras [or of course thusly exposing MSM, as being complicit in his smokery subterfuge (perty much the whole world new)].
The ease with which Obama lies, the constancy, the quantity.
Maybe it is just me? But I'd tend to think that that makes the whale sized whoppers, just a whole lot easier to free (Willy).

But yesterday's daytime drama belonged primarily to Pitney, of the Huffington Post Web site. During the eight years of the Bush administration, liberal outlets such as the Huffington Post often accused the White House of planting questioners in news conferences to ask preplanned questions. But here was Obama fielding a preplanned question asked by a planted questioner -- from the Huffington Post.

Orwell's corpse, surely must be a pile of itsy bitsy dust molecules, by now. From sustained spinning, at the speed of light.

Pitney said the White House, though not aware of the question's wording, asked him to come up with a question about Iran proposed by an Iranian. And, as it turned out, he was not the only prearranged questioner at yesterday's show.

Can we change Mohammed Chucklehead Obama's middle name from Hussein to taqiya now? Huh ... can we?

Of course, I was rather taken aback by Kommandant Sitzpinkler's authoritative declaration, towards the end of the presser: (only) "I'm the President" (of the United States). Yeah, keep reminding yourself there, Obie. Maybe it will actually make it true? That you indeed are a President. Sure ... hard (very) for us to believe (the fear is real). And we'll need to do a hell of a lot more (than simply being scared), to get your nasty stinkbut out the door. You (not the gov of SC), have been Missing in Action. For more than a week (you can run Bambi, but you cannot hide). Call that Presidentin do ya, sh*thead? And f*ck me, MSM is still walking three steps behind your Pharoah/Mahdi ass, smiling like idjits, toting a four pack of Charmin. Now calling your response to events in Iran ... forceful (!!!).

Ooops, sorry (thought you forgot your hat). My mistake.
The Obamanation crowns their new Pharoah, Mohammed Chucklehead Obama.

And seems Taranto also, was watching some of the same broadcasts
, as your intrepid blog host.

To wit ...

Journalism Without Reporters

On Saturday we tuned in and watched some of CNN's Iran coverage, and we were astonished to see that the network was relying almost entirely on "social media"--specifically Twitter, Facebook and YouTube--for information .... Later we switched to Fox News Channel, which also had a reporter, in the studio with a laptop, monitoring Twitter and other sites.

In the world of communication, it's hard to overstate how much has changed since the Iranian regime came to power in 1979. Even CNN didn't exist back then (it debuted in 1980).

While James alludes to the reg'lar normal ... everyday new millenium meme .... rapidly changing tech/comm (blah blah). I kinda think .. maybe .. he missed the true significance, of what he was watching/seeing? That being, that we no longer need the networks. At all. Why would we watch someone else surfing the net? That's stupid. We can simply do it ourselves. If something appears on the evening news, likely we've already seen it, in the morning. And investigated, and commented at various blogs. Lending a kind of deja vu vu/Alice looking glass veneer, to the whole deal. We certainly don't need their imprimatur, or directive. Let alone their "news."

Seems Obie bin bizzy lately, penning love letters to his Dear Supreme Leader (what's Michelle gunna do ... divorce him?)

Prior to this month's disputed presidential election in Iran, the Obama administration sent a letter to the country's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei ...

Get a f*ckin room already Obie, fur cryin out loud ("I've made it clear that the United States respects the sovereignty of the Islamic Republic of Iran and is not interfering with Iran's affairs"). Right. Sure. Whatever. And the back door communications with Hamas? This freak cannot be trusted. At all. This is some truly scary sh*t peeps.

Caught Axelrod, on Campbell Brown/CNN, round 5:15 p.m, yesterdee as well (could only watch his vile filthy mug, for only a minute): "let's see what happens in the next couple of days?"

Pretty much the total and complete foreign policy response, of the vaunted Obama administration. Pathetic. Near celebratory craptastic ... nothingness.

"They're going through their process" Rather Mengele of him [maybe that's just me (snarf)].

That was it, that was all I could watch.

Next to final note: since this be either the Twitter Revolution, or the Lipstick (revolution). Does that make all the courageous women in the streets of Tehran, pigs?

Final note: The L.A.Daily News (finally), after more than a week (just like their Messiah). Put Iran on the front page, above the fold (kinda). Secondly, with an article still conceptually reveling in a "disputed vote." And first, with a pic/story straddling the fold (didn't read past the front page/tyvm) about local/ized tributes to Neda.

Her eyes have been shut forever, but the haunting, graphic amateur video released over the weekend of 26-year-old Neda Agha-Soltan dying on a Tehran street, will live on as an iconic symbol of brewing discontent and deep seated desire for change.

Wrong. A symbol of Islamist terror, fascism, murder. She ain't just another Hopey McChange lapel pin. Sorry. She was a human being. Slaughtered by Militant Radical Islam.


Seems I ain't the only one with a mancrush on the Great and Powerful Ozama.

Via Atlas


Also via Atlas (you go Girl)

"the number of Jewish births."


Big decision (dddddon't sprain your brain there Obie).

Via Allah


It's about the women

It took the tragic killing of Neda Soltan in Iran for the world to realize that the lives - and deaths - of women are at the center of the struggle for human rights against religious extremism.

The astounding protests taking place in Iran over the past week, since the fraudulent victory of Islamic extremist Mahmoud Ahmadinejad over Mir Hossein Mousavi, is really a story about women. According to an article in last weekend's Yediot Aharonot, written in collaboration with a journalist inside Iran, the protests were started not by supporters of Mousavi but rather by supporters of his wife Zahra Rahnavard ...

For Ahmadinejad, the ideal woman is not only covered from head to toe, literally, but is not to be seen in public - ever. Iranians have no idea what his wife looks like because, as per his wishes, she is never seen. Ahmadinejad's vision of an ideal society is not just Israel-less but also women-less. I believe that women's oppression is the symbol of radical Islamic rule around the world ...

So now women are finally protesting in a way that the world can see and hear. And lots of men are joining as well. It took the leadership of a powerful woman to bring them out, but once the truth begins to emerge, there is no turning back ...

That's why there is really no such thing as neutrality, especially not when a terrorist regime is systematically and brutally killing those who fight for human rights. Neutrality in the face of aggression by definition empowers the aggressor. The only ones to benefit from this false stance of neutrality are the brutal attackers. The victims - in this case, women - are crying out for help.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

F*ck the L.A. Daily News

Monday, June 22, 2009, front page: L.A. Daily News.

A whole week now. Bare, scant front page mention. Of the brutal violence, and cold blooded murder, in Tehran (if at all). Instead ... running a series of American pop culture feature articles on the front page. And Iran? ... we get crappola by Obozo's most trusted water carriers, the AP. And of course ... it gets buried. Well inside. And that shite, being nothing more than Iran state/regime propaganda. As if the events roiling the country, being mere trifles or scuffles. NOT REPORTING ANY OTHER SOURCES of the death toll. In complete exclusion. The hundreds murdered around the country. Only the lone (still quite firmly pegged/rusted/stuck at) seventeen, that the Ayatollahs keep trumpeting. And that the L.A. Daily News, keeps sycophantically repeating. Just like always. When the AP, and the mindless turds who pass themselves off, as newspaper editors. Happily rubber stamp. Without confirmation. As truth, whole. Islamist claims of the premeditated murder of civilians, by Israelis (saying 'genocide' over and over again. Until the fourth estate/fifth column achieve a glorious, I'll show them Jews, orgasm). Sickening, truly.

On Monday's page seven though, we did (of course) get: "British controlling agents." As AP parrotted, regime propaganda (said agents being the cause of the unrest). As well Bambi's MIA performance, being ever so proudly, shamelessly characterized as: "carefully tailored response." [Ya can't make that sh*t up. And yet, the AP does. And the Daily News? Slurps it up, at the same time they slop it out. Neda being "fatally shot" (ya know, by the amorphous, anonymous, invisible bad powers that be). Instead of being cut down, slaughtered. Murderded in cold blood, in broad daylight. By the Islamist regime. Without any compunction or regret. Life destroyed, discarded].

The proud, beaming sorts, who sit atop the steaming pile'o excrement, that is the L.A. Daily News? Ain't done [no Sir, Maam (or hermaphroditic Senators)]. Nope. On Monday's front page (sans one single iotaic mention, blurb, or notice of the goings on in Iran). We get an attack, by Carolina Garcia, on bloggers. Inferring a lack of integrity. Sliming them as corrupt:

Disclosing Freebies
Many bloggers vary in how they disclose any freebies they receive, if they do so at all.
And now the FTC is looking to go after bloggers for failure to disclose conflicts of interest.
[and then links to their ONLINE story (brilliant that)].

Scum. Highest order. First rank stank.

When the lights go out, and the presses are powered down, for the very last time at the Daily News, they will not be missed. Which shouldn't be too long (from now), judging by the paper's inverse logarithmic shrinkage. Diminishing in size with each second, the weight, section count, page count, and ratio of copy to advert [whole sections now given over to advertorials (do they really believe people enjoy shelling out cold hard cash, for such crap?).

Me? I'm guessing no one at the L.A. Daily News EVER got a:

Free lunch
Coffee mug
Tickets to a: movie
stage play
amusement park
special event
or sporting event

(hint: will a movie review by the average Joe, who shells out their own cold hard cash, from out one's own pocket. Be different from one by say by a reviewer, who has been given a free pass to said same movie?).

Absolutely worthless political toadies. Who with abject abandon, have tossed aside ALL journalistic ETHICS, standards, creeds, and practices. And have wholeheartedly embraced lies, distortions, and ENEMY PROPAGANDA. As their mantra. And yet ... they have the gall. To take a swipe at, attack, (proudly) on the FRONT PAGE. Those who would still dare champion truth, and grasp integrity for dear life.


[And yeah, I'm still waiting .... for the L.A. Daily News, to print a list, by name, of each of their employees. And the amount of their salaries. Just like they did a ways back. To every single DWP employee].


Yesterday afternoon/liveblogjamming (snarf):

1:10 p.m. C-Span: Mark Garlasco/Human Rights Watch. Still sh*tting on Jews (just like Mohammed Chucklehead Obama). Perpetrating (in repetiton), yet more [old (but still new again)] blood libels: "white phosphorous shells." Unf*ckingbelievable. Bugs, f*cking bugs.

Another channnel ... the new JibJab video? Geebus ... what derangement/slavish idolarity/mental illness. These people scare me.

1:30 p.m. CNN/Leel Wolfie/in the Sitz Bath: 'reporters risking their lives.' No Wolfie, no .... sorry. The people of Iran are risking their lives (it an't about you). Then .... everyone's favorite slurptress of muzzy salami, Christiane Anmanpour: "distressing." Re: the crushing, pulverizing, calous wanton destruction, of the life that was Neda [if you say so Christiane, if you say so (distressing ... JFC)].

Then Chariman Zero barks: "foil". Yo Obie, better a foil, than a fool.

1:35 P.M. Wolf revisits "Katrina". Seeing/hearing was believing [if there is a G*d, a heaven, and a hell. Best believe that one day, it (hell) will be positively overflowing with CNN/MSNBC/ABC/NBC/AP employees].

1:55 p.m. Paul Begala ... see, staying out of Iran's affairs, and not "meddling". Saves lives. Umm Paul, hundreds have been slaughtered (where you been man?)

2:00 p.m. C-Span: Paul Kelly/State Dept. spokesdildo: "strong statements on our part," "monitoring," "monitoring" (word of the day), "I'll just leave it at that." [Laugh? Cry? (call it an option play)].

3:25 p.m. C-Span: Robert Gibbs ... Iran is breaking some infractions [or some such similar (a veddy loosey goosey paraphrase)]. No Gibbs, PEOPLE ARE BEING MURDERED (pass it on).

And then a little later, of course caught some/much of the Son of Shah's presser. Hey Obie? Yeah you dipsh*t ... taking notes? That is what is called leadership. Ya pinhead. Lemme know if ya want any pointers/explanation (did I say I'm always here for ya?).

The first, major, international crisis of Bambi's Presidency. And his response? Complete, total and rapid retreat, from the international stage. Monolithic disengagement. Sheer malfeasance (can we dock his pay?). Weenie ..... Wagger. But mark my words (and take it to da bank), if things in Iran move towards a better place? For them (and of course, one would hope ... for the world entire). I'm a guessing MSM will bake Barry a cake. For serving up at his award ceremony. For President of the Year!


Can't we all, all us weedle libwuhls just get along? Huh ....

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Tehran air lift gets underway ....

From America with love, Signed Pwezidunce Obama

(AP) Washington - Yesterday 'President' Obama broke his silence, and spoke [yeah I know, the quiet was indeed nice (while it lasted)]. From on high, atop his imaginary mountaintop (cue sum mo Martin Luther King/Obama hagiography), duh Meassiah spake these words: "the world is watching" (cue Peter Gabriel's Biko). Such basso profundity, rocking the neoconjooblogging community, right off its very foundation. Administration offeceals, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that Kommandant Sitzpinkler (AKA Bug Killah Barry) had placed Iran, on double (super) secret probation. But added: don't tell anyone (unless they're gay).

Prez Bambi (the Preedy), further said that he had watched his Supreme Leader's speech. And while he understood that many on the right, think the Ayatollah is a spayshul nutter (myself included). That he (the Great and Powerful Ozama), still needed the peanut butter. Karaoke Jesus went on to reference his now legendary (in his own mind), Cairo speech [no, I ain't kidding (would I lie to you)]. And in the very same breath (taking our's away), referencing (uh huh ...) one Martin Luther King [man am I ever grateful that I voted for Chairman Zero (what's that? I didn't? Boy duzz I feel embarassed)].

"Watching"? No Obie, everyone isn't planted in front of their tele's, enjoying the Laker's, or Tiger (or Susan Boyle's meltdown). Or playing a top level game of CYA, like you. No. The whole world is standing up, and being counted (sans thumb up posterior). While observing the brutal deaths and cold blooded murders, of citizens on the streets of the city, in which they live. You, Captain Craptastic, are the only one sitting and spinning on their nubbie. You Sir, Mr. President.

So, while you indeed have given a green light to the military. And planes are now finally arriving, right now ... as we speak. To help the people's uprising in Iran. We're not a hundred percent sure, that dropping a half million flyswatters, into downtown Tehran. Will help [but hey whadda we know (we're only a neconjooblogger [who everybody knows, would very much like to send John Wayne (cepting of course .... he's dead)])].


See what happens when you're mean to the Ayatollah's?

What's that Obie? You were nice to them, why ya even sugged their deek? Sh*t, you really weren't mean to them? Well now, I really am confused, Meester President.


Anne Gearan and the AP, get their usual craptasticness on again, as usual (just think of her as the Energizer Bunny. But with really baaad intellectual diarrhea).

The United States accidentally killed an estimated 26 Afghan civilians last month when a warplane did not strictly adhere to rules for bombing, the U.S. military concluded in a report that recommends even tighter controls to limit deaths that risk turning Afghans against the U.S war effort.

[See if you can find the hidden word? Raise your hand if you need a clue? (rhymes with your mama)].


Maybe there really is something to all this conflated Obama/Lincoln hagiography after all? Could be, could be ....

CHICAGO — President Obama launched his campaign from Abraham Lincoln’s hometown, used his Bible to be sworn in and quotes Lincoln at the drop of a stovepipe hat. Now it seems the two share something else: an encounter with a fly.

Bug Killa Barry ... kicking it at Madame Tussauds, London
Bug Killa Barry, kicking it at Madame Tussauds, London.


Word Obie ... (hey, I'm always here for ya).


F*cking great job Obie. From one clown to another.
Great f*cking job Obie! (from one clown, to another)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Moral cowardice

Say what you will bout Dubya. An more an a few on the right, ripped him a new one on occasion ... for this policy, or that action (or of course inaction). Me, I never doubted what was in his heart. His mind. There was never a question.

Politics is indeed a nasty biz. International politics ... a dangerous affair. Quite so. But silence, in the face of a clear choice? Not standing, not being counted. For that which is right, that which is just? You know, something that leaders of nations do. LEADERS. Even Presidents of these United States. America sadly, is now helmed by a moral coward. A do nothing, creeptastic pusillanimous pussy. Who would busy himself with sliming our allies, and crapping on America, while standing atop foreign soil. Than to take a stand, for people yearning to determine their own destinies. COWARD.

Show 44 the Door
D-Day/November 6, 2012

More cowards here:

The AP, under-reporting the murders, and violent deaths, in Iran.

And of course, duzz we need add, Obama's most trusted water carrier:

President Barack Obama’s name has become shorthand for a black man with integrity, character and spirituality, one who loves and values his wife and makes his family a priority — in other words, the kind of man that many black women had despaired of finding ... probably every single woman ... is looking for her “Barack.”

Or of course, our most dearly beloved skankasaur ... the L.A. Daily News/Editor Carolina Garcia: plastering coverage of Prop 8, all over the front page, repeatedly (ya know, good heavens them racist, biggoted, neanderthal conservatives). But buries coverage of Chairman Zero, stabbing gays in the back. On page 12. Repeatedly.

Never done the mosh pit thing [raised on disco .... a whole diff goal/priority/raison d'etre (wink wink)]. Still, do rather adore the snarky sentiment on display (even though yeah Pastis, and Conley, are all too often full of Libwuhl doo doo). But hey, a laugh IS a laugh (far too few of them I say, in Bug Killah Barry's America).

Pearls Before Swine

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The torch has been passed ...


... to a new generation of leaders. (Goooood Mornin' Obie ... Dubya sez hi!).

"I know it's going to be the private sector that leads this country out of the current economic times we're in," ...


"You can spend your money better than the government can spend your money."

"Government does not create wealth. The major role for the government is to create an environment where people take risks to expand the job rate in the United States,"

suck it Obie
Suck it Obie ....

"use every technique and tool within the law to bring terrorists to justice before they strike again ... the country needs to stay on offense, not defense."

"there are people at Gitmo that will kill American people at a drop of a hat and I don't believe that persuasion isn't going to work. Therapy isn't going to cause terrorists to change their mind."

"We tried to reform" mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, "but couldn't get it through the vested interests on Capitol Hill."

"There are a lot of ways to remedy the situation without nationalizing health care" ... "I worry about encouraging the government to replace the private sector when it comes to providing insurance for health care."

"When I look in the mirror, I say, 'He did not sell his soul for short-term politics'."

suck it hard ... bitch
Suck it hard.

.... are you f*cking hard of hearing, Chucklehead?

Listen up .... I said stick it where the sun don't shine. Bumbles.

D-Day ... November 6, 2012 [that is if they don't impeach your sorry ass first. Or of course, try you for treason (talk about a religious experience [yeppers, I'd pay to see/watch that])].

So while yurr bizzy Presidentin, and diplomating, an sh*t. Takin care of Iran (I run, you run, all us libs run. From Iran).

We're planning for the upcoming election.

and of course, the post election .....

Counting the minutes till then ...

And just to show you there are no hard feelings Twinkletoes? We're giving you a splendid going away present. A wardrobe addition, to cherish and wear for many a year.


OK Barky .... sing it with me, sing it now .... kumbaya kumbaya (not bad there Chief, not bad. Ever think of trying out for American Idol? Excuse me .... you say you're already a G*d in Hollywood? Oops, Sorry, please forgive my ignorance).

See you and your moose limb buds ....

in hell.



Exactly which side of the Iranian uprising, are you on again? (Do you even know Bambi?).

No worries, just trying to get the seating chart ready, before your arrival (which ring of fire).

So cheer up there punkin .... look on the bright side.

have fun bambi
At least you won't have to worry bout those chilly DC winters anymore.

Besides, if Baradei is onboard? That pretty much leaves just you Kommandant Sitzpinkler. As the only one with their thumb, still all the way up their butt. So go 'head an keep it there (I don't mind). Sir (we now have come to expect nothing less). Besides, it'll keep you busy. While you sit and spin (call it a tiny little distraction from the warm weather. As it were).

[Then agin ...the Reuters' link just more disinfo?]

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dueling Banjos



Mohammed Bambi Valentino Obama?


Hear that? The phone's ringing ... pick up the damn phone Obie! (It's 3 a.m.). We'll actually title the link: My Pet Goat (smiley face here).


Let's hear em clank Barry. Let's hear em clank.

Who's bad? Thazz rite, uh huh, Barry Chucklehead Hussein .... the killer clown (you just can't make this sh*t up).


How we duzzit in America, my America, your America, our America ...

Dennis McCarthy

Selfless act frees kidney patients from dialysis

Harry Damon is a Michigan firefighter who wanted to honor the memory of his 24-year-old son, killed in a snowmobile accident. Nicole Lanstrum is an Air Force intelligence officer who simply wanted to do something nice for someone else. Last week at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, they each donated a kidney - a selfless act that started two rare transplant chains and freed six kidney patients from lives on dialysis.

How they duzzit in Islam

Pakistan: Christian Man Beaten to Death for Failing to Disclose His Religion Before Drinking Tea From Cup Meant for Muslims Only.....

Radical Muslims running a tea stall beat a Christian man to death for using a cup designated for Muslims on May 9.The young man, Ishtiaq Masih, had ordered tea at a roadside stall in Machharkay village, Punjab, Pakistan, after his bus stopped to allow passengers to relieve themselves.

When Ishtiaq went to pay for his tea, the owner noticed that he was wearing a necklace with a cross and grabbed him, calling for his employees to bring anything available to beat him for violating a sign posted on the stall warning non-Muslims to declare their religion before being served. Ishtiaq had not noticed the warning sign before ordering his tea


How the scuzzy, old gray streetwalker duzzit

Neither Real Nor Free
Published: June 14, 2009

There is no transparency or accountability in Iran ... When protesters took to the streets in the fiercest demonstrations in a decade, the police beat them with batons. The government closed universities, blocked cellphones, text messaging and cut access to the Web ... After four years of Mr. Ahmadinejad’s failed policies and ceaseless confrontations with the West ... The elections are another potent reminder that there can be no illusions about Iran’s government and its malign intent. That is a hard political fact. Iran’s centrifuges are still spinning and its nuclear program is advancing at an alarming rate. That is an even harder scientific fact.

An attack would only feed Iran’s nuclear ambitions and spur it to take even greater efforts to hide its program. The only choice is negotiations backed by credible incentives and tough sanctions.

No, we certainly wouldn't want to do anything (anything at all). Ya know ... like getting the Mullahs mad, or something. No Sir Ee. Weenies, fookin weenies. Sans nutsacks. Not unique (just look towards 1600 Pennsylvania Ave). Eunuchs. Mebbe we should bake em a cake? Oh oh I know ... even bedda, we'll send our President over to Cairo, to make a speech!


How the Iranian's duzzit ... via me spyashul pals, duh AP

Massive unrest fills streets of Tehran
One man killed as gunmen fire on crowd

Specific content? Not really important, only as ref per: this being what the rulers of Iran do. To their own people, their own citizens. To their own nation. In order to maintain their sainted Islamist gunthugocracy. And somehow ... someway ... we aren't supposed to believe them. When they they threaten to wipe Israel off the map? (and are actually builing an atomic bomb, in order to complete the task). Jeez.


How the AP duzzit, normal style (disinfo/suck Obie's deek).

3 foreign women dead in Yemen, al-Qaida suspected

Shepherds found the mutilated bodies on Monday of two German nurses and a South Korean teacher who were kidnapped while picnicking in an area of Yemen known as a hideout for al-Qaida.

Experts said the killings bore the hallmarks not of local tribesmen but of jihadist militants who had returned home after fighting in conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere.

Yeppers, that very same su-weet Yemen. Ya know duh place, where they just named a hospital. After a Palestinian suicide bomber.


How do you keep a libturd bizzy, for a whole forty eight seconds?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Home run Bibi ....

You da man Bibi


to infinity and beyond
Thumbs up

Thank You Mr. Prime Minister. Such hard work. Dedication, commitment, skill, daring, vision, insight, knowledge, experience. Pursuing nothing more than a better world. Enjoyed the grace, the poise .... the calm purposeful sure and steady as she goes. Stroll along the high wire. I held my breath throughout (the Lakers' third quarter can wait). But gained a measure of true comfort. Magnificent Sir, absolutely magnificent.

Shame the impetus for such a display, is the dire need for some emotionless international housekeeping. But bearing crosses is like that. Leadership, true leadership is what was required. And what was delivered. From the heart, from a place of real unmistakable moral high ground. Water for the oasis. Not just more (hopeless) dust blown around the desert.

I got hope .... never lost it. It's what keeps us going. That bump in the road (Dopey McChange), who tries in vain to rob us of hope. Will soon be paved over. And then we all can get to the promised land. Sure, we first have to sit/suffer through the Great and Powerful Ozama dropping trow. Pulling his pud. Smiling, waving, idiotically passing out invitations. To a billion and a half, five foot tall bugs with attitude. To come infest, come destroy the Western World. Though no doubt Mohammed Chucklehead Obama is imbued with the belief that this be what passes for statesmanship, leadership. It merely and only be the planting of the flag of the global caliphate.

Sorry Kommandant Sitzpinkler .... we reject the Mahdi. Go back to hell. F*cking run. And take your proud bug compadres with you. We now only trust you to lie, to prevaricate. To destroy America. We do however politely request that you stop pissing on our country, and her citizens. If you would please? At least until such time as a Special Master is appointed, to verify that you are in fact American, by birthright. Islam is not the light, is not the way. AMERICA is the ember, is the glow, the warm hearth, the joyous heart. Unto other nations. In spite of what dribbles and spews out your stanky pie hole [wouldn't it be great if ya kept it shut? (a girl can dream)].

We'll not surrender to the caliphate. Sorry. Will not bow unto Allah. Will not be a permanent underclass of kafirs and dhimmis. How dare you! Get the f*ck out of Dodge, and take all your anti-semitic, Jew hating socialist, fascist, dipsh*t libturds. And other assorted f*cktards with you [and watch what's left of the country doan shuvvabootupyurrass on the way out].

Saturday, June 13, 2009

President Mohammed Chucklehead Obama

President Mohammed Chucklehead Obama

AKA Kommandant Sitzpinkler

By JIM ABRAMS - Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON -- The Senate struck a historic blow against stroking it in America Thursday, voting overwhelmingly to give regulators new power to limit monkey spanking. That kills nearly a half-trillion spermatozoa a year, and to drastically curtail pics of a beskirted Sarah Palin, that may glorify whacking it. And to ban lubricants aimed at spreading the habit to young people.

President Barack Obama, who has spoken of his own struggle to quit choking the chicken, said he was eager to sign the legislation, and the House planned a vote for Friday. Pocket pool foes said the measure would not only cut asymetrical forearm development but reduce the $100 billion in annual health care costs linked to autosexuality.

Fierce opposition by the industry and whackingit-state lawmakers had prevented massage for years, along with voodo threats by the George W. Bush White House. In the end, the nation's biggest bonedaddy company propped up the measure, though rivals suggested that was because it could liplock Philip Morris' share of the market.

Salami stretching kills about 400,000,000 motile gametes in the United States every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. About 45 million U.S. adults are wankers, though the prevalence has fallen since the U.S. surgeon general's warning 45 years ago that spankin' it causes hyperventilation.

The 79-17 Senate vote sent the measure back to the House, which in April passed a similar but not identical version. House acceptance of the Senate bill would send it directly to Obama, who said Thursday that final passage "will make history by giving the scientists and medical experts at the FDA the power to take smooth brass polishing steps."

"At any given moment, millions are struggling with their habit or worrying about loved ones who stroke," said Obama.

His signature would then add to-whacko to other huge, nationally important areas that have come under greater government supervision since his presidency began. Those include banking, housing and autos. Still to come, if Congress can agree: health care.

Costs of the new program would be paid for through a fee imposed on to-whacko companies.

"This is a bill that will protect children and will protect America," said Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., a leading athletic supporter. "Every day that we don't act, 3,500 American kids - children - will choke it for the first time. That is enough to fill 70 school buses." President Mohammed Obama further added: The Jizya on jizz will be a dollah when you hollah.


More Hope and Change

"the Obama administration has released Ahmed Zuhair from Guanatanamo Bay’s prison ... sending him back to Saudi Arabia ... where officials will review his case before sending him to a rehabilitation program. Zuhair was convicted in absentia by a Bosnian court in a 1997 car bombing in the town of Mostar ....

Allah adds: The Obama administration has all but surrendered to al-Qaeda with these releases. If the murderer of an American UN worker and a participant in the USS Cole bombing can get set free, then who would Obama keep in custody?


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Paypas ... vee need tu see zee paypas

Your papers please mein herr
(Spoken like a gut Joonaughtsy).

Barry is a whelp. He ain't got no papers. He cannot prove his birthright. He cannot wrap himself in the protection of the constitution. And unless he can. Prove, that he in fact was born on American soil? Is actually a citizen of these United States. Then we will rail against him. For he is not one of us.

We are no longer amused by the Obamanation, and their muzzy chieftan.

He Who Won
duh Messiah
Hopey McChange
The Great Divider
Commander in Knee Pads
President Duh-zaster
Liar in Chief
The Great Bamboozler
Expiration date: 11-6-12
Colonel Mustard
(Welcome back) Carter
(The Great and Powerful) Ozama
Bumblin Barry
Chi-town douche bag
Karaoke Jesus
Chairman Zero
Chucklehead Hussein
Barry Valentino

[feel free to take/assume credit for any the monikers listed (I'll only own a handful)].

Nope Obie, we ain't gunna pull your finger. You're not funny. In fact, you frighten us. You're a craptastic, skeery creep. America, her citizens, Israel, and the world whole.... are now in quite serious. Unmistakable. Jeopardy.

The stuff you been layin down? While MSM merrily ladels, and the left merrily slurps. We, the non-reality challenged, we got your Islamist number.

You, your administration. Your whole being.

Nein herr Obama, your papers are not in order
And until you really can prove that you are an American citizen, by birth Obie? You had better believe twinkletoes, that we are going to try. Try to shove a large boot up your smarmy, sick, deranged, narcissist, Islamist, political ass.

Pray G*d it's not too late.

The war at home is now joined. November 6, 2012, from this time forward ... shall be known as D-Day.

So quit your crying there peeps. Buck up. We have work to do. This is not a joke. This is not a game. This is not a drill. I repeat ....


Now if you conservatives don't like my new sharia law? The hijab? Or my Islamist brothers in Iran, threatening Israel with nuclear weapons? Then go take a f*cking hike. Cuzz us Muslims, we won (ya freakin k*kes).

And if the King of the hook nosed bagel eaters, that Netanyahu wants to f*ck with me? Then I'll just push this little red button here ... and I'll take all ya shimeys with me.

Allahu Akbar ....

What's that? No no, come on now please. Me, urinating on this (once) great nation (America)? And all the people who cherish and adore her? It's just lemonade people. Yeah ... lemonade from heaven.