Saturday, December 31, 2005

I've never had a virgin. And no, I'm not knocking those who have, or even virgins themselves.

But even if you offered me one a day for the next seventy two days. I won't be murdering people. I will not be slaughtering them. So, them whiney lil butch/beeotch libs can look away, deny, sign up for and even proudly serve in the fifth column. It will not change that which is. Militant radical Islam is here. And it kills. Murders. Maims. Slaughters. Destroys. I don't know what part about evil the left does not understand. And I think the term useful idiots is rather antiquated. I don't see fighting for ideas as something bad. But exposing the lies, preserving the truth. Will be a struggle all our days.

Eight killed, 48 injured in Indonesia market bombing

PALU, Indonesia (AFP)- Eight people have been killed and dozens injured when a bomb tore through a Christian market stall selling pork in Indonesia's province of Central Sulawesi ..... security forces across the archipelago nation were on high alert for potential Islamic extremist attacks during the New Year period.

..... hospitals where victims were ferried gave individual tolls that tallied to eight, with the latest victim being a 13-year-old boy who died after massive blood loss. The number of injured in the blast was 48, police said.

Reuters ..... A bomb packed with nails exploded in a crowded Christian market in eastern Indonesia on Saturday, killing at least seven people and wounding 53. Bystanders carried bleeding shoppers from the makeshift market to a road, putting them in passing cars to be taken to hospital. One man screamed as he held up his bloodied arms.

"I saw many buyers who had lost their legs. We just tried to save ourselves by fleeing the market." "It was a homemade bomb. It was full of nails," said police spokesman Major-General Paulus Purwoko in Jakarta.

The funny thing about Microsoft stomping on other browsers (and media players) ......

Is that we now have two superior browsers. I.E. is still pretty much kwap. As is most every other thing that is from Redmond. And the only thing Microsoft can do? Is to come out with a better product. Uh huh, good luck with that. So, while I think rather poorly of Microsoft's past anti-competitive business practices. Both the lab and the market change so rapidly, that dislike fades to ambivalence and can often be replaced with total indifference. Linux still seems rather moribund, while Apple still holds onto it's crag. And then along comes Google to really stink the joint up. Only the most angered and well funded will be able to spit back into their evil eye. We will all wish them luck.

Google sued over Internet call technology

Jerry Weinberger, of Rates Technology Inc. (RTI) ..... inventor of software programming that allows telephone calls to be placed over the Internet ..... said 120 companies, including Lucent, Cisco, IBM, Yahoo and Microsoft, have paid RTI to use the technology for "Voice over Internet Protocol" (VoIP) calls.

RTI filed suit in a Long Island federal court against Google two months ago because the search engine was using the technology without authorisation ..... "They told us to go to hell," the RTI boss told AFP. "They are the most arrogant company in the world."

Friday, December 30, 2005

Mr. Blackwell's top ten worst dressed terrorist list, for 2005

Image hosted by
The dreaded liberal, with the even more feared raised quotation mark fingers.

Image hosted by
We lied .... Best (not worst) dressed, honorable mention, for not forgetting the passel of steel ball bearings embedded in this murderer's plastic explosives vest.
Image hosted by

Image hosted by
Not a lot of color, but the new look, the now look. Of mindless conformity (Bush evil/Jooish plot).

Image hosted by
A dash of color and presto chango, I'm a candidate in an election (no longer a terrorist). [Hamas doesn't just mean the random slaughter of Israelis, no Sir].

Image hosted by
The complete ensemble.
Image hosted by

Image hosted by
O.K. .... it's not a green sash. They said I had to kill a Jooo first to get the green one. That's not fair (I mean they really don't let women particpate in third world terror societies). I'm pissed, maybe John Kerry can help me?

Image hosted by
Dangit, he looks kinda busy .....

Image hosted by
I actually voted for the green sash ...... before I voted against it.

Image hosted by
Rallies are just sooo cool.

Image hosted by
Speeches, banners and flags.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
Ladies and Gentlemen ..... can it be? A three way tie? Goodness gracious, oh my. Seen here one of the three who tied for first place. Valerie Plame of the CIA's political wing (in black, with olive sash).

Image hosted by
Co-first place whiner, Tony Pierce .... here cutting a dashing figure in lib fashion. With a white on black silk screened t-shirt. Ooh la la.

Image hosted by
And finally, our number three co-wiener ..... Eurotrash everyperson. For their stylish and all knowing personas. Seen here bringing you the learned Euro way to display the flag of the United States (in manure).

Yet even more fashion sense from Anechoic Room:

Fascist Bush! You are the terrorist!" And ..... It's time once again for funny riot photos .... Hong Kong edition.

Outside the Beltway linked with: Happy New Years/OTB Caption Jam/Other Humor.

Ancient Egyptians Held Dwarves in High Esteem

"There were several elite dwarves, who worked for the pharaohs and had lavish burials," Kozma told LiveScience. One dwarf, named Seneb, was one such "elite." Praise and honor (were) heaped upon an army general Harkhufm, when he returned from an African expedition with ..... a pygmy who performed exotic dances.

Ancient Egyptians worshipped several dwarf gods. Ptah, a deity ..... was also worshipped as the creator of the universe, was sometimes portrayed as a dwarf. Another god, Bes, was associated with ..... childbirth. "Women during birth would shout to [Bes] to help them with delivery," Kozma said.

In addition to dwarfism, the ancient Egyptians were tolerant of other genetic and medical disorders, Kozma said. The tomb of Tutankhamun, for example, contained a funeral gift depicting a female dwarf who also had bowed legs and clubbed feet.

Because we are all just terrorists at heart .....

"Google Founders Help Finance Indie Film." The Internet moguls are the executive producers of "Broken Arrows," the story of a man who loses his pregnant wife in a terrorist attack and then takes a job as a hit man.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Went for a walk in the rain yesterday.

Image hosted by

The market is only a few blocks away, and it was just barely sprinkling. Halfway there it picked up a bit, and I questioned whether or not I would get wet. Once finished shopping and heading back, the rain was gone. Something so simple, yet so priceless, walking in the rain.

Yesterday's LP Playlist:

1) Let's all sing with the Chipmunks ('61 Liberty, Heliotrope foil cover).

2) Cocteau's. Blue Bell Knoll (regular domestic Capitol).
Least pretentious/most accessible Cocteau Twins album (ignoring Heaven or Las Vegas). Maybe not overtly commercial (?), but not as emotive/artsy/opaque as all of their previous offerings. Kind of Cocteau's lite. Still, Liz on her second worst day performing, is more charming than 98% of what one can buy at current retail today (even if it's 50% of normal Cocteau delivery).

3) Thomas Dolby. Blinded by Science (12" domestic EP).
Instinctive understanding of a drum machine's strengths and weakness'.

4) The Hope Blister .... smile's ok (Brit heavy 4ad).
The passage of time did not deter Ivo in bringing voice to This Mortal Coil, one last time. Even if ten years after the fact. Louise is the only individual and voice to return from the previous large loose collective (different participants on .... violin, viola, cello, bass, drum etc.). Time's passage is what gives this the most interest to me. Not as visceral, as wondrous as that which came before. But simply as an answer to all those who asked, begged and pleaded of Ivo, for something, anything that whispered This Mortal Coil just one more time.

5) Shinehead. Reggae Christmas Medley (12" white label promo single).

6) Keely Smith. I Wish You Love (turquoise back Capitol. No cover/jacket, album only).

Getting your panties in a bunch. European Union style.

Adult theme/image, readers are advised.

From The Brussels Journal

In an effort to make the EU more sexy the Austrian authorities decided to subsidize a publicity campaign with a series of 150 posters. 75 artists from various places in Europe were asked to each make two posters, but some of them apparently took the request to present the EU in a sexy fashion too literally.

The adult content advisory applies to these two links as well, containing photos of two submitted posters (group sex).

Image hosted by
One of eleven shown online as a jpeg.

The Tookie Williams Eight Tre Crips' Stadion Graz-Liebenau .......

Another thing we learn is that one of the ideas in circulation was to name the stadium after the Crips, the gang that Mr. Williams founded.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Pennies from heaven.

Image hosted by

An Israeli army officer and a Rabbi, look at damaged house after it was hit by rockets fired from southern Lebanon in the Israeli town of Kiryat Shmona, late Tuesday, Dec. 27, 2005. Although Lebanon's Hezbollah group and the Palestinian Fatah denied involvement in the attack, Israeli jets, in response, attacked a militant group's training base near Beirut on Wednesday, slightly wounding two guerrillas.

a P.E.T.A spokesperson was not available for comment. And well rather quaint (as usual). On the one hand, AP actually states that the rockets came from Southern Lebanon. But on the other, implies that Hezbollah would never, could never do such (those mean Israelis).

Addendum; 9:30 a.m.

Was taking a peek at the JPost, and found this photo in the weekly slideshow. There's at least two ways of looking at the woman's countenance. Myself, see it as the longing for home, the spirit that resides in our hearts.

Image hosted by
Deportation down 60% in 2005. Foreign workers from China and Moldavia wait at the Jerusalem Immigration Police station after being arrested for working illegally.

Myself, try not to take too much for granted, much to be grateful for. And while things may never be the detached model of perfection we like to hold in hand, and marvel at. This photo gave me quite serious pause.

In an effort to keep you abreast of major political, social, and technological changes.

Anechoic Room brings you the absolute latest in more hopeless knowledge:

Britney Spears' Husband Launches Web Site.

Kevin Federline, aspiring rapper and husband of Britney Spears, has unveiled his own Web site. Federline, whose new hip-hop album, "The Truth," is due out in 2006, appears to expect big things in the coming year. The Web site begins with an introduction of Federline rapping.

Of course, it wouldn't be an article from a major purveyor (AP), titled: Web Site. If they actually included the url of the web site, now would it? Search actually took a little effort, and I haven't actually been there yet to report back (heavy traffic?). Don't say I never gave you nothing .....

Yesterday's LP Playlist:

1) Foster Brooks Roasts ... Dean Martin, Joe Namath .... (Roast Records).
Cutting political, sports, television humor (bring bandaids).

2) Neil Diamond. Gold (live at the Troubador). (Uni).
Comfortable now barnacled album.

3) Jessi Colter. I'm Jessi Colter (I'm not Lisa).

4) Be-Bop Deluxe. Modern Music.

5) Miles. Sketches (six eye, stereo).
Yes, the mono mix is less complex, possibly/maybe even more hypnotic (?). I prefer the little extra space of the stereo, even if it is a little more cluttered. A rich, driven tone poem that I was able to enjoy for the very first time this year. Miles previously always exceeded my comprehension/grasp. I never forced myself, but I did try every five or so years.

6) Ramsey Lewis trio. Sounds of Christmas ('61 Cadet, stereo).
A rollicking good time. I have lots of Christmas LP's. I sometimes, occasionally spin one or two in June or July.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Elmo gets cheeky.

Does My Bum Look Big?

Experts are launching what is thought to be the world's first scientific study into how clothing can affect the appearance of the female rear.
The team from Heriot Watt University's School of Textiles and Design in Scotland believes the study could have major implications for retailers.

Female volunteers wearing hundreds of different types of clothing will have their rears photographed for the study.
Participants will then be asked to look at the pictures to assess how big or small each model's backside appears.

Yesterday's LP playlist.

I don't spin platters everyday. A good month would be twenty to twenty five days, out of the thirty total. Occasionally I'll power up and change my mind (sometimes just not in a mellow mood).

1) Leona Anderson. "Music to Suffer By." (on Unique/RKO).
What's not to like? The World's Worst Voice has a special charm all her own. How can one take themselves, or even a particular day seriously after giving this sublime earslpitting romp a spin?

2) Django. Djangologie 8, 1938-39 (EMI/Pathe re-issue).
Xln't sounding 78 transcriptions. I've got five or six of the eight (there maybe more total in the series?). I don't recognize any of his major or familiar works here. But I haven't gotten through the others on a regular basis to say how this one compares. We'll call it passable?

3) Frank. In the Wee Small Hours (early grayback Capitol).
Nakedly honest painting of the Chairman, on the cover. Frank is just plain cool. Maybe not the very first Superstar ..... but he defines the term. And yes, he had some less than stellar musical periods. Strange to listen to the music your folks listened to when you were a toddler. Hey, who cares .....

4) Waits/Gayle. One From the Heart/Soundtrack.

5) Brothers Gibb. Odessa (non velvet jacket).

6) Paul Simon. 1st solo/'Parka' (goldback SQ Columbia).

7) Squeeze. Eastside Story.
The 80's wouldn't have been unbearable without 'em. But it sure was a nice way to start the decade off. Almost saccharine pop rock, with enough hooks and turned phrases to open a fishing tackle shop. But now a chestnut.

A particularly disgusting political cartoon.

Mike Lester, Rome News-Tribune, Rome, GA 12/22/05. The dingleberries at Cagle's site allow no direct linking, period (so, you'll get the page, but not the image). Why? Who knows .... so try this semi-main page for today? (scroll down, second cartoon) The cartoon will probably be gone soon enough anyway.

And these ink slinging b*tches are complaining about falling circulation? Job cuts? What f*cking planet are you on? Stopping terrorists, catching terrorists. Is not the same thing as being one.

Image hosted by

Hey Lester, yes ..... it really is O.K. if you quit your day job. Honest.

4:40 a.m.

Up is down, down is up (what else is new in 2005?).
'My kidnappers were not criminals.' A former German hostage who spent 24 days in the hands of unknown captors in Iraq has said that her kidnappers were not criminals and had demanded humanitarian aid for Arab(s).

Monday, December 26, 2005

Are we Not Men? We are Devo!

Image hosted by

No, the name of Gerald Casale's new band is Jihad Jerry and the Evildoers. And no, I'm not making that one up. And, I don't know if he is making a political statement with the band name either (of whichever stripe?).

Largely ignorable article about his new online music launch. Never cared for Devo, so I'm not going to go online and test drive a song from Casale's new offering. I just thought it sad/strange that he is A) Still playing dress-up. And B) Desperately clinging to tiny remnants of past fame (though seeing Butch Patrick at the L.A. County Fair, year before last, selling autographs was more so).

Image hosted by

I will however give Casale credit, for being able to wear that suit twice in one lifetime.

Yesterday's LP playlist:

1) Nat, the Christmas Song (later blue Capitol).
2) The Waynester, Danke Schoen (orange Capitol).
3) Elvis is Back! (33/box logo). Who needs the latest Manchester sound? "Fever" has nothing but a well mic'ed stand up bass, with a tiny smattering of drum occasionally tossed in. Atmospherics in spades.
4) Elvis' Christmas Album (early mono as well). Elvis lays down a fetching blues rock groove. Both albums have tight production values, but Elvis enjoys impressive freedom on both.
5) Hoagy Carmichael (an 80's MCA collection). Sometimes scary and intense. Almost always masterful.
6) Mahalia, Silent Night (red back Columbia). Solemnity, power, dignity, magnitude.

Friday, December 23, 2005

An Anechoic Room Christmas.

Image hosted by
Santa .... the early years

Image hosted by
Rudolph looks ok

Image hosted by
How bout a little nip at the bar before we get started? What's that ..... sing a song for us Santa? Oh, it's Karaoke night. Ok, sure why not.

Image hosted by
Some one skeedadled with a few of my reindeer, dangit. Hey Rudolph, what gives?

Image hosted by
Well, we just won't tell anyone will we now, our little secret.

Image hosted by
Now this is more like it ...... still, I'm running a litle behind.

Image hosted by
Now were talkin'.

Image hosted by
Coal for you Blair.

Image hosted by
Coal for you Axis of Arsehole folks too!

Image hosted by
What's that Zarqawi? Yeah sure, of course I've got something for you too. Santa brings presents for everyone.

Image hosted by
I actually voted for Santa Claus, before I voted against him

Well, certainly not my best post (no kidding), and I wanted to do something more warm and fuzzy. But, I had this one in the can, and wanted to take a couple of days off. And don't have the energy to give it a little more heft. So, Merry Christmas one and All. Happy Hannukah. And a doo wah diddy New Year.

G*d Bless You and Yours, Elmo.

Call Amnesty International, quick!

Pickpocket seized at German police Christmas party

BERLIN (Reuters) - Police in Berlin made their easiest arrest of the year at their annual Christmas party, after spotting a man rummaging through the pockets of their coats in the cloakroom.

Officers of the Federal Police criminal investigations unit said the unlucky pickpocket had not known that the revellers in a Berlin brewery were law enforcers. "He was definitely surprised,"

F*ck Google.

This is a really cute post/fun thread that I found by searching (MSN Search), for: "F*ck Google." See, a couple of days ago, I was completely delisted from the main Google search engine. Gone. Invisible. Never even existed. Searching for: "Anechoic Room." And, also Googling for any of the topics that used to bring me ten to twenty percent of my daily site traffic (Tookie Williams, Cause of the French Riots, etc.). No longer shows the links to the posts that brought those hits. Gone.

Now Googling the url: shows links to sites that have previously linked to a post of mine. But, in order to go/get to Anechoic Room via Google. One has to click on the site, that contains the link. Then find the link, then click. In that fashion, "via" Google. One can eventually get to Anechoic Room. Pretty cute aye?

Of course, when I first discovered this little quirk, I was ..... shall we say a tad miffed. I mean wtf? Poking around the web showed that some commercial sites indeed are delisted for page rank alteration. O.K., fine. But what about me? One could easily predict that an e-mail inquiry would go unanswered. Sh*t, why even bother writing? Well of course the prediction is factual. $140B market cap, and they sh*t on the very people who not only use their site, like it, but had integrated it into their computing/desktop. Finding it quicker/faster/easier to google a site by name, than to open the bookmarks tab, and hunt for it's url.

No more. Elmo now lives in a Google-less world. F*ck Google.

Addendum; Tuesday, December 27, 6:20 a.m.

Once-brotherly image turns Big Brotherly

USA TODAY - SAN FRANCISCO — Opponents long ago painted Wal-Mart, Microsoft and a handful of other behemoths into a rogue's gallery of too-powerful corporations needing government restraint. Now, a brash upstart with a "don't be evil" mantra may soon join them: online search giant Google.

The above is a fairly good current overview of Gaggleme with a spoon. Not a short instant read, but balanced and worthwhile. And lead to Google Watch which was worth a visit also.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

It's a Saddam Hussein Christmas!

Image hosted by
And those beeches wouldn't give me any aftershave or cologne. Animals, freakin' animals I tell ya!

Image hosted by
I have very sensitive skin.

Image hosted by
I'm a sensitive flower child.

Image hosted by
And another thing .... that one ply toilet paper is bullsh*t. I have a sensitive tushy too.

Image hosted by
Don't bring me none of that Starbucks coffee either, I hear Jooos run the company, you hear?

Image hosted by
O.K. ..... so where was I ?

Image hosted by
Oh right, I Saddam Hussein am a ......

Image hosted by
... am a delicate flower.

Image hosted by
And another thing ....

Image hosted by
Could you at least give me a better looking beotch? I mean come on, going back to my cell to Ramsey Clark? Someone else ..... anybody, Janine Garofalo even. I hear she thinks I'm really hot. What's that .... you'll need a day? O.K. ......

Image hosted by
Hey lookie there, Christiane Amanpour. Hey girl, whatcha doin' later?

Image hosted by
Oh goodie goodie. I'm gonna get me some. Yeah baby!

Image hosted by
A hummina ..... a hummina .....

Image hosted by
It's almost Saddam time!

Image hosted by
Question: can I still beat her if she is not my wife?

Image hosted by
No, no ..... wait. I'm still bidding. Two hundred, I bid two hundred for that CNN harlot.

Image hosted by
Whew .... that was close. Another day with Ramsey, that would have killed me. This is pure torture.

Image hosted by
I am like so out of here.

Image hosted by
Who's your Daddy? Uh huh ..... that's right. Bond ....... Saddam Hussein Bond.

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